• Iluka Public School

Welcome back to School for 2016

On behalf of all the staff at Iluka Public School I welcome all past and new students to Iluka Public School. The first two days have gone extremely smoothly with the children straight back into classroom learning and positive playground behaviour.

I would like to especially thank and welcome our new families for enrolling at the school. I am sure that you will enjoy the school and community.

This year as always will be extremely busy with many activities planned. We try to advertise upcoming events in the "Dates to Remember" section of each newsletter and also on this website, so please keep an eye on this section. We will also have a term planner available with information and events outlined on our website.

Events which need to be highlighted are the Best Start dates for kindergarten, our two swimming carnivals, class meetings in week 4, Harmony Day, cross country carnival and our end of term interviews during week 10. From time to time some families may need financial support to participate in some of the opportunities planned. If this is the case please contact myself as we have a small amount of money to ensure all students have the opportunity to participate.

As always the strength in our school and your child's enjoyment of it lies within the positive partnerships we have and continue to develop with you as parents. Our teachers want to hear from you if you have any concerns or questions so please feel free to contact the teachers if there are any matters which you require information on.