• Iluka Public School


Well after many hours of planning and organising our fantastic staff at Iluka Public School have completed all of our classes end of year excursions.

The first excursion to occur was our Stage 2 student's, who packed their bags, kissed their pets goodbye and travelled down the coast and up over the hills to visit Armidale. Cooking for 44 hungry kids tested the teachers, however they pulled it off with flying colours and no child went to bed hungry.

We then saw our Kindys and Year 1 and 2 student's make their way up to Byron Bay to visit the historical Lighthouse. Since then the lighthouse keeper books have been very popular for some strange reason.

Finally the stage 3 students travelled up the coast to Lennox Head to stay at NSW Sport and Recreation Camp, Lake Ainsworth. Wow, what an amazing camp. They run an amazing show up their and the students got to participate in a wide range of memorable activities. A lot of these activities involved large amounts of teamwork and the students worked so well together it was a very proud moment for all teachers.

Below are links to the Photo Galleries for all the excursions and also videos for each excursion to allow you to gain a greater insight into what all students got up to on their camps.

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