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2018 IS UPON US - Week 1 News

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

I hope that all of our families had a wonderful break, holidaying, sharing time with family and just relaxing.

Welcome back to the new school year and a special welcome to those students and parents who are joining us for the first time. Also welcome to our newest staff member, Support Learning Staff Officer, Mrs Aliesha McEwen. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Kaye Grayson for her dedication and commitment to Iluka PS and acknowledge the contribution she has made to the lives of many students during her career in Public Education. I know you will join me in wishing her all the very best in her retirement. From Friday Mrs Linda Meyers our current Administrative Officer will temporarily fill Kaye’s Managerial role until the Department finds a replacement. (photo)

As I have often stated our staff allocation is based directly on our student numbers and late last year we farewelled Miss Anderson and welcome back in 2018, Mr Melrose. Over the holiday period we have had few new families move into the area and families move out of the area. At present we have 5 classes on our books. At this stage, all students in Years K-6 have been placed in these 5 classes for the year and I anticipate a very happy and productive year for all students and staff. (photo)

Thank you for your support ensuring your children wears their Iluka Public School uniform each day. The students today at the assembly looked wonderful. It was great to see the children return to school refreshed and with renewed enthusiasm after the break. I hoped you remembered to take a photo for keeps sake. (photo)

The Office Hours are 8.30am-3.15pm Monday to Friday. The newsletter will continue to go out weekly with attached permission notes. I encourage everyone to read our weekly newsletter as it contains up to date information and highlights upcoming events and activities. There are numerous permission notes being sent home with this newsletter including The Primary Swimming Carnival note for Years 2-6. Please sign and return these consent forms with any monies due to your child’s classroom teacher.

As always, if you are unable to make payment for an excursion and require student assistance or an extension to pay, please see the Office to organise.

It is important to update student information, contact details and emergency contacts each year. Importantly, student medical records also need to be updated, especially if students have a health care plan such as anaphylaxis, allergy, asthma, diabetes and other health concerns. Return all 2018 health plans to the office.

Our Kindergarten students are participating in the Best Start Assessment prior to commencing on Monday 5 February. I look forward to getting to know all our new students and their families.

Over the holidays Mr and Mrs Howard continued to work hard in maintaining the orchards, watering the gardens and generally tidying and up keeping of the school grounds. I would like to thank Tom for his efforts and for the amount of time he has volunteered at our school. I really appreciate it and it was amiss of me not to mention this at last year’s presentation day.

Details of Meet the Teacher BBQ evening will be sent out very soon. Please keep Tuesday 22nd February aside if you wish to attend.

Presently we are experiencing days of extreme heat. This will continue over the next 6 – 8 weeks .As a school we have processes in place for these types of days. We ask for your support by:

1. ensuring your child has water available to them at all times;

2. encouraging them to go to the bubblers to grab a drink during their play time; and

3. encouraging them to stop playing running games if they begin to feel hot.

Whole School Assembly

There will be no Assembly this week. Our first Whole School Assembly for the year will be Friday February 16 at the earlier time of 12.15 pm.

Iluka Public School Swimming Carnivals

On Thursday and Friday (February 8 and 9) the school will be holding their swimming carnivals. The Primary school’s carnival will be held on the Thursday at the Maclean Swimming Pool while the Kindy and Year 1 carnival will be held at the Anchorage Caravan Park. Please check permission notes for details.

P&C Meeting

We look forward to the P&C’s AGM evening which will be held on Tuesday 20 February at 7.00 pm. Further information will be sent home in the near future.

Road Safety

Yesterday I noticed that students riding their bikes home from school at the corner of Micalo and Spencer Streets were not doing as they were expected to. Students need to stop at the stop sign. If possible students also need to ride in the bike lane up Micalo Street rather than the narrow Riverview Street if heading towards Duke Street.

Tuck Shop

Please note that there is no tuck shop this week.

Tuck shop will resume on Friday 2 February. to be confirmed…….

School Program Fees

Invoices will be emailed home next week detailing fees for the year which covers teaching/learning materials and a handwriting text book. Payments may be made in full or instalments if you wish. All students will pay fees of $30 for the year.

SRE. Coming Soon!

SRE stands for Special Religious Education, or is often just called ‘Scripture’. At Iluka Public School we offer one lesson per week that lasts for 30 minutes. Christian SRE teaches the basic essentials of the Christian faith and their significance for life. Classes are taught by trained, accredited volunteer teachers. They use government approved curriculum materials. Christian SRE isn’t just for families who go to Church. Times are; …. Not this week.

I look forward to a productive and successful year.