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Congratulations Iluka Public School! All students, last week settled quickly into routines and displayed a positive behaviour and had ability to organise themselves after a long break. Their efforts were outstanding. Standing in front of the assembly was a privilege. Our students looked great in their uniforms and their lovely smiles were wonderful to see. It was also lovely to hear comments from parents on how much their children wanted to come back to school. Well done girls and boys!

I’d also like to pay a special mention to our Kinders. What a wonderful start they have had. They are so settled and enthusiastic about “BIG” school. Their smiles were a joy to see! It was also lovely to catch up with many new parents over a cup of tea. I look forward to building and strengthening new partnerships.

On the morning assembly today, we congratulated the new captains and vice captains of the House teams, Hickey and Rush for 2018. Congratulations to our new leaders! I am positive all will do a great job assisting the teachers during the sporting carnivals.

Swimming Carnival: Thursday 8th February

All primary students (who will or who have turned 8) have received a permission note for our swimming carnival this Thursday. Please ensure the note and bus fare are returned as soon as possible. We look forward to an enjoyable day with hopefully enjoyable weather too. We also appreciate the support provided by parent volunteers on this day to time keep. Thank you in anticipation.

7.00pm P & C Meeting – Annual General Meeting – Election of 2018 Executive Team – 7pm, followed immediately by the normal P & C Meeting

Our first P & C meeting for 2018 will be in Week 4 on Tuesday 20th February. It will be held in our staff room which is at the end of our admin building. Please note that this meeting is our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and new executive will be voted in. It starts at 7.00pm. Our normal P & C meeting will immediately follow after this meeting and I would like to extend a welcome to all parents, particularly our new Kindergarten parents and new families to our school. Please come and join us as the P & C play a very important role in our school. I look forward to catching up with you all and looking at planning for 2018.

School Contribution / School Fees

Schools fees for 2018 will be $30 per child. Payments can be made at the school office and via Parent Online Payment (POP). School fees are used to support the purchase of resources and textbooks for students. Thank you for your support. Please support us with this important funding for our school.

Attendance: Early Leavers/Late Arrivals

Parents wishing to pick up their children before normal school finishing time must sign their students out from the office. This note is then given to the class teacher when a parent collects their child from the classroom. Children will not be released from class without this note. Alternately, all students who arrive late for school must report to the front office to collect a late note. This note is then taken to the class teacher.

Late arrivals and early departures are marked as partial student absences in our roll marking system. Prompt arrival at school is encouraged to ensure the best start to the learning day.

Money Collection Procedure

For all new families, students are to present all money and notes to their class teacher each morning. Parents can utilise the office at any time during the day. Each class teacher retains the permission notes and the receipts will be returned to parents. To ensure efficient processing of money, please ensure that envelopes are clearly labelled with the following: Student Name, Class, Excursion Name, Amount Enclosed. Unfortunately change cannot be given at the office and money is not kept on the office premises. Thanks for your support with this ongoing procedure. We now also have POP—Parent Online Processing.

Combined Assemblies

Whole school assemblies are held each fortnight. Parents are welcome to attend to celebrate student achievements. The first assembly of the year will be held at 12:15 on Friday the 16th.

Family Evening BBQ

On Monday 12 February Iluka PS will hold a Family evening BBQ. This will be the perfect opportunity to come and say hello to your child’s class teacher, the P&C, myself and to meet other parents, carers and grandparents. The BBQ will take place under the school COLA. The BBQ aims to improve our communication on what, how and why we do things the way we do. I will discuss some aspects from a school perspective and then the teachers (including the LaST) will be available to discuss everything you need to know about what is happening in each classroom. We will also be sending home a short note as part of this session, which will provide further information. Please note that Family Evening BBQ is an informal event and is not intended to be an opportunity for you to discuss your child and their needs. As always we are interested in your feedback on this structure. Please make the effort to come along, as it is in your child’s best interest..

Change of your Details / Permission notes

With the new year beginning and changes to the school year, Iluka Public School is often concerned about not having the important details needed should we need to contact parents. Attached to this newsletter are several forms that allow you to update phone numbers etc., Similarly, we have sent home permission notes to ensure parents are aware of what may happen at school throughout the year. Please read carefully and return all notes signed.


Kinder-The Kindergarten students have all settled well and are currently learning class routines, as well as expected classroom behaviours. A big thank you parents for your support in getting the Kindergarten students off to such a great start.

Year One-The Year One students have made a positive start to the year and are keen to assume extra responsibilities within our class. Year One work standards and expectations have been set.

Family BBQ-Monday 12th February is our free evening family BBQ, commencing at 4:00pm and finishing at 6:00pm. This gives us plenty of time to eat and have a chat. I look forward to catching up with you at this special school event.

Special Religious Education (SRE)-Scripture is provided by a non-denominational teacher to students in K-6. Parents may chose to exempt their child/ren from these lessons by notifying the school in writing, simply stating you do not wish your child to attend Scripture. Kindergarten and Year One students will commence scripture lessons next Thursday 15th February at 12:30pm with Caryn Bricknell.

Home Reading-Kindergarten will commence our home reading program next Monday, after Best Start assessments have been completed. Year One students have taken home their readers and yellow journals today. It is important that students read every night and return their readers/journals to school each day. Our class/school target is for every student in Kindergarten and Year One to have achieved 50 nights of reading by the end of this term.


*Best Start Assessment for Kindergarten students has commenced and will continue until Thursday.

*Infants Swimming Carnival this Friday at the Iluka Anchorage Caravan Park. Students need to be at the pool by 9:00am. Carnival commences at 9:15am sharp.



Students have settled into Year 2 routines very quickly. They have been working very hard and displaying excellent behaviour. Well done girls and boys!

Homework - A homework sheet and book were sent home yesterday and this is due back on Friday. Students might like to practise their spelling words daily in the book and complete a little section of the worksheet each day.

Library - Year 2 attend the library every Tuesday. Please ensure your child has a library bag so that they are able to borrow a book from our wonderful library.

Home readers - I am so impressed with the effort everyone in our class is making with their home reading. Journals are due every Tuesday, so I can check them while students attend the library. I like to write a little note of encouragement, add a sticker and keep track of the number of nights of reading. Keep up the great effort!

Scripture - Scripture (religious education) will commence next week with a new teacher, Caryn Bricknell. If you prefer that your child does not participate in scripture, please send along a note.

Family BBQ - Come along next Monday afternoon between 4pm-6pm to enjoy a sausage sandwich and have a chat about the class and the year ahead.

Swimming Carnivals - The majority of the class (all students aged 8 and over this year) will be attending Maclean Pool on Thursday for the IPS Swimming Carnival. Please ensure the permission note and $6 for the bus is returned by tomorrow. A small number of students, who are only 7 this year, will attend the Infants Swimming Carnival on Friday at the Anchorage Caravan Park swimming pool. Students will need to arrive at the pool by 9am where they will meet Miss Essery and Miss Anderson.

Have a lovely week.



Hi everyone! It was great to see the students ready and focused for the start of the year. They are really settled and eager to learn. We have a very busy term scheduled. Year 3 is a big step up from year 2. The key focus is independence. I am working towards the students being accountable for their own learning. They are to complete their home reading journals each day and submit a journal entry each night, reflecting upon what they have learnt at school that day. I have discussed this with the students and it shouldn’t be a hassle to complete as it gives them a choice.

Good luck to the students participating in the swimming carnival on Thursday. Any outstanding permission notes need to be returned tomorrow. Our focus in writing is Narratives and in maths we are working on metalanguage and subtraction.

Library day is usually on Mondays however this week the students will be able to borrow on Wednesday. I encourage all students to borrow books they have a genuine interest in. Home reading journals and journals are to be submitted on Mondays. If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to come in and see me. I look forward to meeting with you at the family BBQ next Monday.

Cheers Bek.

YEAR 4/5

Good Morning All,

It's great to see how quickly the children have settled into the new school year.

Home Reading Journals have gone home and are due back each Friday to be marked. Homework will be sent home on Tuesdays and due back on the following Tuesday.

The class has drawing lessons on Mondays between 12.00 and 1.00pm. The special program comes from the Grafton Art Gallery, is presented by Kerrie Howland and will be held every second week. It started this week and the children really enjoyed the activities.

Sport, Science and Library will be held on Fridays this term. The students are encouraged to borrow books from the library and come prepared.

The School Swimming Carnival will be held this Thursday at the Maclean Pool.

Scripture this term will once again be held on Tuesdays.

Family BBQ will be held next Monday 12th February. Please come along between 4pm and 6pm and enjoy a sausage sandwich and a chat.

Have a great week. Cheers John

YEAR 5/6

Hello everyone,

I hope you survived the extreme humidity at the beginning of last week. What a lovely surprise with the needed rain and cool change. It has given us all the chance to catch our breath and regroup.

We have 26 students in our room. Very nice students I should say as well. There are 18 Year 6 pupils and 8 Year 5 students. We all have our own personalities and strengths and weaknesses but will learn to work together cooperatively and harmoniously as the 5/6 team within our school context. I’m really looking forward to 2018 and all it has to offer.

Routines: are slowly starting to be established. We all like our routines and knowing what is expected of us. Over the next couple of weeks these routines shall unravel.

Homework: is always given out on a Monday and returned on a Friday. It will start off gradually. It is a positive discipline being able to complete the assigned homework and return it to school. This week it is reading comprehension and some maths work. Nightly reading should also be occurring.

Home Reading Journals: The covers were fabulous. Well done 5/6! Being covered in contact will help protect them as well. We are all aiming for that 200 night target and that wonderful giant water slide at the end of the year. Mrs Howard isn’t missing out this year! I will be collecting the journals on Monday to support each child in their home reading journey. I will write a comment and would ask you to encourage and monitor the progress that your child is making with their nightly reading.

Scripture: will start next week. Sr Lynne is a beautiful person and outstanding Scripture teacher. The children gain a great deal from her lessons. If your child is not participating your child will require a note stating this


Swimming Carnival: is Thursday. Congratulations to the Year 6 students that were voted as sporting house leaders. All permission notes for the carnival should be back and I encourage all students to get involved.

Library day: for this term is a Monday. I encourage all children to borrow from our school library.

Family BBQ: is on Monday. I will look forward to catching up with you then and having a friendly chat.

Have a great week. Di


Welcome to week 2. Library borrowing has got off to a flying start. I would say 99% of students in each class that had library last week borrowed a book. It is important to keep this type of pattern so we can see who comes out on top as the best borrowers of 2018. I have promised best library borrowing a special reward at the end of the year. This week the students will begin to dive into the processes involved in their learning when doing STEM. The process all classes will be taking is a 6 part approach: Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, Improve, Share. The students will be starting out simple and as the year progresses will dive into more deeper and complex projects.

Minecraft for Education

Our school has been selected to be part of the Minecraft Education Edition Early Access Program (MEE EAP). Out of hundreds of applicants our school stood out as having an awesome learning intention and a solid plan to make Minecraft an integral part of our students’ and school community’s learning experience! Minecraft Education Edition is a virtual educational platform, that provides an opportunity for students and teachers to collaborate and create in an immersive environment. It is also a platform where students can safely demonstrate their learning and competence in a scaffolded, simulated real world experience.

I hope everyone has a great week. Matt.

Coles Sports for Schools Program

Commencing on the 7th February, Coles supermarkets will give shoppers a ‘Sports for Schools’ voucher for every $10 spent in store. Iluka Public School will be collecting these vouchers which will be used to purchase sporting equipment and other resources for our school later in the year. A collection box has been placed in the office. Thank you for supporting our school.