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Updated: Jul 21, 2020


Dear Parents/Carers,

Research shows that children tend to do better in their primary school years if their parents participate in activities within the school, maintain interest in their children’s progress and develop relationships with their teachers. A 15 year research study shows that the combination of parental engagement and high expectations for students could amount to the equivalent of an additional two years’ schooling for a child; a huge addition to their overall achievement. Basically parental engagement is defined as: setting goals together; displaying enthusiasm for learning; encouraging good study habits; asking questions; valuing experimentation and learning new things and enjoying reading. The net result of all this was greater success in school – higher grades, better attendance and more homework done. It also resulted in more positive attitudes and behaviour, higher graduation rates, increased enrolment in post secondary education and greater achievement in life generally. With this in mind I would like to reiterate that my door is always open. We welcome parents and carers to visit and interact with IPS when they can.

A number of families are planning holidays outside of school time due to work commitments or availability of cruises or flights. If this is you then please come to the office and fill out an Extended Leave Travel application form so that we know what is happening and your child is marked appropriately on the class roll.

As a result of a car accident in a Sydney school last year I have had a directive from the Department of Education asking parents to not park their cars in the staff car park from now on. It is out of bounds. Cars should be parked in Charles St or Spenser St (below the gate and footpath).

As you may be aware the school holds drills in the case of an emergency. These must be held as a minimum every 6 months so students and teachers know what to do. We will be holding an evacuation drill in the next few weeks, so if your child comes home and tells you there were lots of bells and they had to leave the classroom and stand out on the playground, you will know what it is about.

The P&C would like to welcome back the students and parents for the 2018 year. The P&C are holding their AGM tonight, Tuesday 20 February and are inviting current members or any new families to come along and join in. The P & C would welcome any new volunteers to assist in their fundraising. Any money raised goes back to supporting our school. The P&C are currently planning their fundraising activities for the year, so if you have any ideas, they are happy to hear from you.

Our administration department are now accepting school contributions. This fee has been set at $30 per student. If you would like to make a payment, please visit the office at your earliest convenience. The office can receive this payment via EFTPOS, cash or the online POP payment. All families as part of our school community have received an invoice note during the past weeks requesting this school contribution. School contributions are allocated

towards school stationery, technology texts and other resources. The school does have the capacity to arrange a school payment system, especially when there are mounting bills and costs associated with running a family. Please come and talk to me earlier rather than later if you need assistance, especially with upcoming major


Looking for somewhere peaceful to go, somewhere to hang out with your friends or to meet some new ones? Well, consider the air conditioned comfort of our school library! Lunch time activities are a big draw card for the library with all students welcome to come and participate. The program for the coming weeks is as follows:

- Funday Monday - Board games, drawing, colouring, building blocks

- Tinker Tuesday - Hands on creation with lego, blocks and other materials

- Wicked Wednesday - Storytime and Board games

- Techy Thursday - iPads, Laptops and other resources found within the library

- Minecraft Friday - Minecraft Club and iPad coding in the computer room

It’s always a timely reminder in Term 1 to talk about student and parent behaviour and about our expectations. All people on the site at Iluka Public School need to display considerate and respectful behaviour at all times. Please be reminded that parents are not to approach other students if dealing with a concern. This can be very distressing for students and it is the class teachers, playground teachers, executive teachers who should approach the student. Unfortunately we have had some parents demonstrating disrespectful behaviour to students and parents. Please show self discipline, self control and take responsibility for your behaviour in a positive way.

Thank you to all our wonderful parents who make our school a positive experience on a daily basis. We value you immensely.

Have a wonderful week. Phil


‘News’ Time-Last week the Kindergarten and Year One students practised sharing ‘news’ in their talking circles. Formal ‘news’ sessions begin this week in class.

Handwriting-Each year students are shown and reminded about how to hold their pencil correctly when working in class. It would be appreciated if parents and carers could ensure that the correct pencil grip is being used by your child when drawing, colouring in and writing at home. I have sent home today a diagram of how students are expected to hold their pencil and copies of how students in NSW are taught to write the letters of the alphabet.


*Best Start meeting confirmation notes were sent home yesterday.

*Please return green ‘Clean Up Australia’ permission note.

*Keep up the home reading every night.



Swimming Carnival - Congratulations to Kobi Ensbey who has been selected to attend the Zone Swimming Carnival in the junior boys relay team. Well done to all who attended the carnival last week. Your efforts and behaviour are to be commended.

Homework and home reading - I am very impressed with the consistent efforts shown by students with their homework and home reading. Keep it up girls and boys.


* Clean Up Australia Day green note needs to be returned

* Bank books on Tuesday

* Homework is due on Friday



Hi everyone. Hi everyone! I am very impressed with the majority of student’s attitude towards learning. They are engaged and enthusiastic. I have enjoyed reading their journals and am happy with the overall submissions. I want them to become more independent and self disciplined in regards to home work (journaling)and home reading. It really shouldn’t be a battle. It should be something that they want to do. They thoroughly enjoyed the Circus performance.

Maths this week we are working with money and subtraction.. Keep the up good work with home reading and journals. Don’t forget to bring in your Clean up Australia Day notes.

Have a great week Bek


Good Morning All,

The great start to the term continues. Home Reading Journals are coming back to school in impressive numbers. And the students enjoyed the Circus last week.

Congratulations to Kye and Hudson who have made it to Lismore to represent the school in swimming. We wish you all the best. The cricket side will be announced this week. Good luck.

The class had an art lesson again yesterday from the Grafton Art Gallery and participated with gusto and seemed to enjoy it immensely. Kerrie Howland will return in two weeks, to again teach art to the students in 4/5. The children are beginning the award winning novel ‘Ash Road’, this week. They should enjoy the experience. In maths the class is continuing with numeration……...covering Factors, Multiples, Roman Numerals, Prime and Composite numbers, expanded notation and much more.

Homework will be sent home today and expected back next Tuesday.

Science, Sport and Library continues on Fridays.

Remember to bring in your clean up Australia notes. Thank you.

Have a great week. John


Hi all. What a difficult week we had with the high temperatures and extreme humidity last week. Hope you got through it OK.

Homework: was very good last week. Keep the consistency going.

Home Reading: is progressing very nicely as well. The children read first up in the morning. They have been talking about books they have been enjoying reading. We now have a shared reading box in the class. Everyone seems to really like it.

Writing: last week we worked on strengthening our sentence structure. This week we will have our first attempt at writing persuasively.

Maths: lessons have involved multiplication strategies, addition and subtraction algorithms, division work, length exercises and time problems.

Bookweb: commenced last week with shared reading in groups. The associated reading activities are being worked on.

Year 6: children were sent home with important information regarding high school enrollment. Please complete this form and return it ASAP.

Have a pleasurable week. Di



Library borrowing and returning is going fantastic across all classes. If the students forget to return their books on their library day I have told them they can return them the next day and borrow during lunchtime as the library is open 5 days a week.


Our STEM classes are going fantastic so far this term. All groups are working well together and students are engaged throughout the STEM lesson. STEM projects are often very student directed with a strong emphasis on collaboration and creative thinking. It is great to see the students take control of their learning and share their knowledge, creativity and ideas with their peers. Below are some images of our bridge projects we have been working on over the last few weeks. It is great to see how many different designs and ideas that are being created.


Unfortunately the Minecraft club is still on hold because of a download problem for Minecraft Education Edition. The department are currently in talks with Microsoft to rectify the problem and hopefully we will be able to have our first Minecraft club day this Friday.


Thank you for supporting the visiting performance ‘Circus of Life’ last Friday. Students and teachers were enthralled by the juggling skills and circus tricks presented by the performer while also learning important messages about resilience and courage to stand up to bullies. Mrs Gardner.

Tuckshop Updates

Tuckshop has been rolling along well this term, though in such hot weather it has been unfortunate to have had air-conditioning issues. With the Air-con man visiting yesterday we should be cool as cucumbers (pardon the pun!) again soon. Thanks again to our wonderful Volunteers and the parents and carers who made donations this week. This upcoming week’s class donations will be Year 3. For anyone wishing to join our band of merry helpers and not sure how please see the attached flyer. We appreciate your

assistance and continued support.