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We are always seeking to ensure the communication across the school community is optimal. Our primary ways of communicating are via the school newsletter, email and via Facebook. Please note how user friendly our format is. I ask all parents to please consider now subscribing to our newsletter and email via the school website

Happy Lunar New Year of the Dog

We wish all families in our community, who celebrated the Lunar New Year last weekend, a very HAPPY New Year.

Invoice Statements

Invoice statements have now been sent to homes three weeks ago. The cost was $30 for the year including texts and stationery. So far, the payment response has been fair. Please consider weekly part payments of $5 for the remainder of term 1.


Last Tuesday 20 February 2018 the Annual General Meeting of the P&C was held. Congratulations to the new and old P&C committee who work very hard to ensure the students in this school are being supported. The committee for 2018 consists of:

President- Lisa Waters

Secretary- Leah Speirs

Treasurer- Sonia Deakin

Vice-President- Cassandra McClelland

Vice-President- Karla Morrison

All parents and carers are welcome to attend, become a member of the P&C ($1) and have your say in P&C activities and events for 2018. The next meeting is on Tuesday 13 March at 7.00 pm.


PSSA sport (cricket) begins on Thursday 8 March against Chatsworth Is. Students who have been successful in gaining selection in the team have received a note this week. Notes must be returned to Mr Bradmore ASAP.

NB: If your child has a musical lesson/tennis practice that clashes with PSSA training then the musical/tennis practice takes precedence. PSSA Netball in 2018 will also be soon under way. Mrs Cunningham will soon be encouraging girls to attend trials.

Tuck shop

Karla, Sandy and Mark are doing a wonderful job in the tuckshop. Please come and visit them at tuckshop or send us an email if you are interested in finding out how you can assist as a volunteer. Tuck shop relies on its volunteers!

Circus For Life

Last week the students from years K-6 went to the library to watch a performance called ‘Circus for life”. The

performer, Linda shared lots of strategies on how to cope with anxiety and negative thoughts. Many students and teachers had an opportunity to assist on stage and be a part of the show. The students enjoyed the show and had lots of fun! Below are some student comments;

I liked it when she juggled the ball on the umbrella. It looked really hard to do. Malaki - Yr 4/5

I thought when she juggled all those hoops...there were the same time. It was amazing. She didn’t drop any of them! Rex and Bailey - Kindergarten

Coles Sports For Schools is Back!

Iluka Public School are still participating so please collect the vouchers when you shop and deposit them into the Collection Box in the office. (Thank you Xavier for the biggest bag of vouchers I have ever seen!) We have also had some Iluka Community members who do not have children at the school call in and drop them off. We thank them very much for their efforts and for thinking of us!

Zone Swimming Carnival

Tomorrow the Zone Swimming Carnival will be held in Lismore. We wish our squad all the very best. Any student requiring assistance can meet with Miss Lisa who is attending.

Permission Notes

Two weeks ago parents received requests for permission for students to walk around the local area, including to Iluka Oval, to be published in local media if needed and to update important medical and emergency numbers. There was also our internet agreement to be signed. Could all parents please return these to the class teacher as soon as possible.

Kiss and Drop Zone.

Yesterday, along with a member of the P&C, I met Alex from the Clarence Valley Council. We discussed the

improved road works, which was originally planned for 2014. It was also in regard for a Kiss and Drop Zone to be used during the morning and afternoon pick up. We are hopeful that work will finally commence this year.

International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS)

Iluka Public School will again be registering for the ICAS competitions. Payment is needed and entries will close on Friday 9 March. Late entries are unable to be accepted. Students from Year 2 and up are able to participate in the Science, Spelling, English and Mathematics papers. These are a valuable source of information for your child and their progress. The dates and costs are listed below:

Digital Technologies (Years 3-6 only) – 8 May 2018 ($10.00)

Science (Years 2-6) – 29 May 2018 ($10.00)

Writing (Years 3-6 only) – 13 June 2018 ($20.00)

Spelling (Years 2-6) – 14 June 2018 ($13.00)

English (Years 2-6) – 31 July 2018 ($10.00)

Mathematics (Years 2-6) – 14 August 2018 ($10.00)

NB: A minimum of three students is needed for each subject to be tested.

Staff Car Park

I again take this opportunity to remind parents to avoid using the staff car park for dropping off and picking up

children from school. At no time should the staff car park be used as a drop off zone or used as a walkway to access the school grounds. I urge all parents to help ensure the safety of our students by avoiding the staff car park at all times.

For the new families to IPS I would like to introduce our school Chaplin Mrs Lisa Waters. Lisa can be contacted on 66466149 and is present at the school Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Have a wonderful week. Phil


School Uniform-Just a reminder that jewelry is not part of our school uniform. Watches, stud and small hoop earrings, traditional/cultural/medical jewelry is fine for students to wear.

Reading-There are many components to our class reading program - Modelled and guided reading where students are taught the skills to improve their reading in class, independent reading where students practise reading familiar books in class, home reading where parents help their child to practise the skills being taught in class and library reading where parents get to read and share a book with their child to create a love of reading. Each component is important in helping your child to become a successful reader.

Home Reading-What a great start to home reading this year! Students take home class books on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Parents may use their own books for their child to read on Saturday and Sunday or parents may read their child’s library books to them on Saturday and Sunday and this can be recorded in your child’s yellow reading journal as two nights of reading. Our class/school target is for each child to have read for 50 nights by the end of the term.


*Library day is Tuesday.

*’Clean Up Australia Day’ for schools is this Friday 2nd March. Please supply gloves for your child to wear.



Writing - Students have been focusing on recount writing. This involves writing about events both in school and at home in recent times. Students thoroughly enjoyed the Circus of Life performance recently and this was highlighted in their recounts of the show.

Maths - We have been looking at a variety of strategies to solve addition and subtraction questions.

Home reading - Many students are starting to reach 25 nights of reading. Congratulations on this first milestone and keep up the consistent reading in order to achieve the final goal of 200 nights for the year.

Reminders -

* Clean Up Australia Day notes

* Library, banking and home readers are all on Tuesday

* Homework is due on Friday

Have a lovely week.



Hi everyone,

We have been working hard in class and the students have been very creative in their writing and literacy tasks. I am very impressed with the knowledge gained and the enthusiasm shared in their efforts. Fantastic teamwork is becoming visible in the classroom and outside in the playground. I am happy with the response to their journals and I thank you for your support. I can see that most students are beginning to write and reflect more each week. Journal writing is a powerful form of reflection and a well-established method for examining our lives. Reflection is the process whereby we construct and make meaning of our experience (Stevens & Cooper, 2009).

In maths we are looking at measurement and in particular 2d and 3D shapes. For personal development we are looking at optimism and pessimism. Clean up Australia is on Friday, please ensure your child has returned their permission note.

Have a great week Bek


Good Morning all,

The class is settling into a very productive routine.

The students are working on exciting introductions to their narratives. I am pleased with the results.

In Maths we have been working on basic numeration and are now moving on to fractions and decimals.

A reminder that Science, Library and Sport is on friday. Please come prepared.

Reading Journals to be returned on fridays and Homework on Tuesdays.

Clean Up Australia Day is this Friday.

Have a great week. John


Hi everyone,

The children are settling into some really nice routines.

Reading: in groups occurs every second week and then the associated comprehension activities are worked through. We use a program called Bookweb and the class completed their first lot of work last week. It was done quite well.

Reading Journals are going really well. They were checked by me this week with a short comment. Please feel free to write a comment in as well. A lot of the class will be reaching 25 nights of home reading this week. Keep up the super effort. We are enjoying our books and sharing them.

Maths: work over the last week has involved 24 hour time, place value and number pattern solving.

Writing: seems to be strengthening every week. We are working on developing strong arguments to support a point of view. This week we are expressing the value and benefits from a particular sport or hobby.

HSIE: studies at the moment are connected with becoming confident with our world: oceans, continents, countries and capitals. Mapping work is being undertaken.

Clean Up: day is this Friday.

We want to keep our little bit of paradise beautiful! Di


Library / STEM

All classes are still impressing me with the amount of on time returning and borrowing that is occurring. As I have explained to the classes, if they forget their library bag and books on their library day they are allowed to borrow and return at lunch time as the library is open 5 days a week at lunch. The first Book Club edition should be out in the next few weeks so students can place an order if they would like to. It is important to remember the more book orders our school gets the more points we earn that we can spend towards new resources for the library.


Have you seen our newsletter in its new format on our website? Well if you haven’t, you are missing out. The weekly newsletter on our website is completely mobile friendly and filled with galleries of students work and activities that have occurred throughout the previous week. Not to mention if you view our newsletter online you are helping contribute to a sustainable future by saving our valuable resources. If you would like to opt out of paper newsletters please see the ladies in the office and let them know. You can even subscribe to our mailing list so you can get the link to our online version directly to your inbox.

Minecraft Club

Last Friday was our first day of Minecraft Club during second half of lunch. There are still a few logging on issues that the students need to practice as it is not a simple process. The students who did manage to log on and play enjoyed themselves very much and are excited to connect with multiple peers on this free digital platform. If you have a computer that is running Windows 10 at home your child can download the Minecraft Education Edition for free to use at home if it is allowed. They will need to sign in with their school email which is as follows .

P&C News

Last Tuesday night we held our AGM and a new committee was formed. I like to thank our outgoing committee, especially former Treasurer Aleisha McEwen. The position of treasurer is probably the most involved, and Aleisha has held the position for a number years. Also a big welcome to our new incoming committee, I look forward to working with you this year. I was very pleased to see some new families at our P&C and I hope to see many more in the coming months. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of the month, and our meetings are very informal and new ideas are always welcome.

After the success of the 5 cent challenge last year, we are holding a similar fundraiser this term to kick off our 2018 fundraising effort. This time it’s the 10 cent challenge and it will be running throughout the month of March. So start saving those 10 cent coins as there will once again be a prize for the class who raises the most amount of money.

Have a great week

Lisa Waters


Clean Up Australia Day

Since 1992, schools across Australia have got stuck in and made a real difference to their environment and local communities through participating in Schools Clean Up Day. Last year alone, over 2000 schools participated in our Clean Up Australia Day events, making an immense contribution to the 14,139 tonnes of rubbish removed in 2017. Schools Clean Up Australia Day is a fun and engaging way to teach young Australians about the responsible disposal of rubbish, resource recovery and the reprecussions of rubbish dumped irresponsibly in the local environment. Each student participating will be required to bring along a plastic bag. This nation wide activity will be happening on Friday 2nd March. We thank our young students for caring for their environment.