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Welcome to Week 6

Thank you for taking the time to read through the information in this newsletter . Please remember that we value your partnership in the education of your child. All, of the staff at Iluka Public School and I are excited to be working with your child this year. We are enthusiastic and passionate about education and about making a difference to every child. Please trust that we have your child’s best interests at the forefront of what we do.

New Families

A special welcome to two new families who joined our community this week. We welcome Finn in Year 2 and Matilda in Year 5. We are looking forward to learning together as a strong collaborative team to provide a learning environment that provides a balance of encouragement and support.

Zone Swimming Carnival

I was most impressed by the wonderful efforts of our small squad at the Zone Swimming Carnival. I would like to thank our chaplain, Miss Lisa, for attending on the day ensuring things went very smoothly with our team of 9 students appearing to have a wonderful time. I would also like to thank the parents who attended the day and showed their support throughout the day

Emergency Contact Details

Again I remind parents that from time to time we need to contact a parent in relation to their child. On some of these occasions it is an emergency. Too often we are unable to make contact because the information given to us by a parent is out of date or missing. Please, a few minutes in ensuring that the school has current contact information can save a lot of heartache later on. Please make sure the school has current information. Updated medical and contact notes went home three weeks ago and yet the school has only received 60 per cent of the forms. It seems like I am doing a lot of whinging in the newsletters about this issue but the concerns of the safety and wellbeing of your child are of the utmost importance to me.

Year 6 into Year 7 2019 High School Information

Expression of Interest Forms were sent home to all Year 6 children about enrolling into Year 7 in a NSW Government school in 2019. These forms need to be returned asap. Even if your child will not be attending a NSW Government school in 2019, the forms still need to be returned to the school office.The first transition program for Year 6 students into Year 7 will be held on Wednesday 21 March 2018. Detailed information will be sent out shortly.

Schools Clean Up Day

Schools Clean Up Day was held last Friday. It was very successful. The event aims to inspire students to learn about their environment and to contribute to their local community. It is a day when students and teachers work together to clean up various sites around the town and school. Teachers also educate school students about environmental sustainability using our curriculum resources. Lessons are themed during the year around Water, Energy, Climate Change, Packaging and Waste and Recycling. Thank you to all teachers for your efforts.

School Contributions

Thank you to those families that have already paid for Term 1 School Contributions.

Just a reminder that all families recently received an invoice outlining some of the costs incurred for 2018. Included in this invoice was a request for a school contribution ($30 per student). These contributions go a long way towards helping us fund a variety of educational resources including stationery, technology and art supplies. Please visit the office at your earliest convenience to make a payment.

COLES Sport for Schools

We are continuing to participate in the Coles Sports for Schools program where we will be able to order sporting equipment for our school to the value of our vouchers collected.

Coles Supermarkets and Coles online are handing out 1 sports vouchers for every $10 spent.

We have a collection box in the school office where vouchers can be placed at any time.

Please encourage friends, family and neighbours to also collect the vouchers and bring them in to school


NAPLAN is moving online. This means moving NAPLAN from the current paper-based tests to computer based assessments. The transition to NAPLAN online will commence with a practice test on Thursday March 22. Our school was chosen as one of a small number of schools transitioning this year.

PSSA Cricket

This Thursday 8 March at 10.00 am, we will be playing Round 1 of the PSSA Cricket Knockout competition. Iluka will be playing Chatsworth Island on the Ken Leeson Oval. The team are training well and we wish them all the best.


Just a reminder check your child’s hair regularly. Head lice infestations are a common occurrence and are easily transmitted. More information is available on the NSW health website

Parent/Teacher Interviews

At Iluka Public School formal parent/teacher interviews will take place during Week 9 and 10, Term 1. We strongly believe that this interview will help build strong parent/teacher relationships, along with identifying student needs, abilities and interests paving the way for a smooth and productive year. Further information and appointment times will be communicated at a later date. Please note that teachers are extremely busy preparing lessons from 8.30 am. This is not the time to have an unannounced in depth talk about your child’s progress. Instead, all parents are most welcome to request a more suitable time with your child’s teacher throughout the year.

Breakfast Program

Last week I believe 9 students participated in the first ‘Breakfast Program’ of the year. All students, requiring breakfast or just a top up are welcome to join Miss Essery on the brown tables from 8.30 am each Wednesday and Thursday. Our continued thanks to Miss Essery for her time and organisation, our local IGA store and to St Vincent De Paul who are supplying the cereals, fruit and milk.

The Big Veggie Crunch

Well done to the Iluka Public School students who last Thursday joined the promotion and participated in the Big Veggie Crunch. All students sat together for their fruit break joining many other schools in a record attempt to have as many students as possible eating vegetables at the same time.

In Conclusion

It looks like being another great week at Iluka. Time flies when you’re having fun with learning! As always, If you would like to talk please give me a call on 66466149.

Thank you.


‘News’ Time-Kindergarten students have been keen to ‘show and talk’ about their items from home in their talking circle. Thank you parents for the wonderful array of interesting items being brought in for Kindergarten ‘news’ time. Year One students commenced presenting their oral recounts last week in ‘news’ time. I was so impressed with their book work and the manner in which they presented their report to the whole class. Great start Year One. Keep up the great work!

Clean Up Australia School Day-Last Friday Kindergarten students helped to make sure that our school playground was free from rubbish, while the Year One students worked to clean up the outside area along the school fences. Well done to all the students. Our school and local areas are looking a lot cleaner due to our efforts.

Clear Minded For Life Workshop-Yesterday our class participated in a workshop to develop our breathing skills, so that when we are faced with difficult situations we can use our breathing skills to remain calm and relaxed. Have a chat to your child about the breathing exercises and ask them to demonstrate them to you - eg rainbow breathing, brain hugs.


*Year One ‘news’ recounts are due on Wednesday.

*Year One maths mentals are due on Friday.

*Library day is Tuesday.



Welcome - We extend a warm welcome to Finn and his family. We hope you enjoy our lovely little school and wonderful community.

Clear Minded for Life - Yesterday the class attended a breathing workshop to assist students in remaining calm during difficult situations. Students were commended on their excellent behaviour and willingness to participate in a new activity.

Home reading - I am so impressed with the effort students are putting into their home reading. Keep up the great work! Remember these are checked every Tuesday.

Clean Up Australia Day - Thank you to all students who participated in this community event last Friday. I can safely say the boat ramp and Scout Hall area were thoroughly cleaned as was the path along the way.

Have a lovely week.



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