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Iluka Public School staff are committed to ensuring that every child receives the very best education we are able to deliver. I am proud to say that we have a great team of teachers and support officers whose focus is on the education and well-being of each and every child. However, it is important that parents and teachers work together to provide the best possible learning experiences for the children. Teachers are most willing to speak with you about your child but please understand that they cannot always stop what they are doing to give you their full attention – playground duty and moving the class from the assembly lines must take priority. It is for this reason I ask all parents to make appointments if they would like to talk with a teacher about their child’s progress, concerns that may arise, ideas or clarification about coming events.Furthermore, I continue to be impressed by the way in which our students have started the year. In classrooms across the school children are busy with learning – in the playground they are active and playing well together. Again, the teachers and I stress the importance of good manners, paying attention in class, doing as asked and trying one’s best.


Premier’s Reading Challenge provides a wonderful opportunity to read the vast range of specially selected books and to be recognised for such commitment. I urge all students to participate in the 2018 Premier’s Reading Challenge as a great way to encourage and develop a love of reading. Over the period of the challenge, students simply have to read a number of books that can be selected from a recommended reading list. The Challenge is divided into three sections: Kinder to Year 2, Years 3 and 4 and Years 5 and 6. Many of the books on the list are probably already in your home. However, the school library does have the majority of the listed books available for students to borrow. Children will need to start reading as the challenge began on 5 March and ends on 10 August.Over the years Iluka Public School continues to support the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Over the years we have had numerous students awarded beautiful gold embossed certificates from the Premier, recognising participation in the Challenge.


Sport and more sport …. When it comes to sport there is no shortage of children willing to try out for various school PSSA teams. As with any selection process some children make the team and others may not be ready for the particular level. While parents should encourage their child’s participation they should also prepare them for the possibility that they may miss out. As always, our school has entered a number of PSSA competitions throughout the year. When children are required to play, we provide parents with as much notice as possible. Sometimes however, the timeframe provided is short. In the knockout competitions we do not always have control over this as the opposing school may be organising the match or there may be delays in playing the previous round. Your understanding of this and your support in returning permission notes as soon as possible will be greatly appreciated.

Congratulations to our cricket team. The players’ dedication and enthusiasm at training has been wonderful to see over the past month and their efforts last Thursday against Chatsworth Island were terrific. Well done Iluka.


Regular attendance at school is a vital element in every child’s education. Frequent absences from school can have serious academic and social implications for students. Iluka Public School has set a clear target to improve attendance by 1% this year. We ask for parent support in achieving this target by making sure that your child attends every day. If your child is going to be absent for a significant period of time please contact the school. You may be eligible to claim an exemption from school. Parents are reminded that if your child is absent from school an explanation is required. Please ensure that you inform the school in writing of the reason for your child’s absence from school. Your note should:• explain why your child missed school;• include how many days your child was away; and• include the date or dates.Every school is required to check irregular attendance and report it to the appropriate personnel in the Department of Education for follow up by the Home School Liaison Officer. Of course, arriving at school prior to the 8.55 am bell does ensure that children are prepared and understand what events may be happening throughout the day. Remember, being ten minutes late each day, often means a child misses much of the vital reading lesson and over the course of a term this can be a loss of five or six hours of learning time. A similar equation for missing one day a fortnight creates an alarming scenario – 20 days per year or almost a whole school year by the end of Year 6. No one can afford to lose such time from their schooling or later, in their career.

HARMONY DAY Harmony Day this year at IPS will be celebrated next Thursday 22 March. Our diversity makes Australia a great place to live. Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. This year we are asking all students to bring in a plate of food for everyone to share at lunch. You may want to make a yummy plate that specifically represents a country or culture! The children really enjoy this time of sharing their food with their friends. If you are able to help out with the serving of food please contact the office to let them know. The students will receive an orange ribbon to wear on their wrist for the day. School Prefects will be handing these out as the children arrive at school. Everyone’s delicious lunch will be served at the usual time of 1pm. Happy Harmony Day!


A reminder to all parents that if your phone numbers, address or email changes, please let us know as soon as possible. It is upsetting to the children when they are unwell and we can’t reach mum or dad as phone numbers have changed. Changing your address with us is particularly important if you are applying for a bus pass at your new address. Our school cannot approve your new bus pass unless the address we hold matches the one on the bus pass application.

PS. A more detailed update…Iluka Public School was one of 292 schools across NSW to take part in 'Veggie Week'. 47,920 students crunched at 10am last fortnight as part of NSW Health initiative to get children to eat vegetables. Students K to 6 had a great time crunching and munching.


Year 6 Buddy Program: The Year 6 students have taken on the role of being a ‘buddy’ to their Kindergarten student very seriously. They have carried out their responsibilities in a respectful and caring manner at all times. With their support, the Kindergarten students have learnt the correct procedures for recess/lunch and are aware of all the playground rules for safe play. Presently the Year 6 students are allowing our youngest students the freedom to play with their own friends, while still maintaining a watchful eye on their buddy from a distance. Thank you Year 6. Job well done!

Physical Education: During our sport time each week, the Kindergarten and Year one students are learning the fundamental movement skills necessary for successful participation in various sports. Over the last several years, nsw teachers have noticed a decline in the basic movement skills of students. Each Tuesday I will send home information about our focus skill and the activities we have practiced in class. I encourage parents/carers to supplement this learning with some practice time at home.

Parent-Teacher Meetings: In the last two weeks of this term, I will be available to speak to Kindergarten and Year One parents/carers about your child’s learning and social progress in 2018. Information sheets regarding this meeting were sent home today in your child’s communication folder.


*School banking Tuesday.



Another busy week is underway.

Home Reading - Students are continuing to impress with their effort in staying current with their home reading journals. Well done everyone! Just a reminder they are due in on Tuesdays.

Writing - This week will see our class finishing off their recounts, which have focused on past weekend activities. Next week we will be working on information reports regarding animals.

Have a lovely week. Kristy


Hi everyone,

This week we are starting our history unit “first contacts”. We are focusing on: Perspectives: people from the past will have different views and experiences, eg views on the arrival of the British in Australia from a British and an Aboriginal point of view. Empathetic understanding: developing an understanding of another's views, life and decisions made, eg developing an understanding of the life and attitudes of an early colonist or convict. Significance: importance of an event, development or individual/group, eg the significance/importance of national days/holidays; the significance of the contributions of an early settler.

Yesterday I sent home a few things for the students to enhance their learning ( a deck of playing cards, with some games and a spelling list) I have not set homework as such, however the emphasis all year has been the student’s engaging and being accountable for their own learning. I believe that 10 minutes a day is sufficient and as I have I stated before it shouldn’t be a battle. The deck of playing cards is a tool to consolidate learning. The students are taught games in the classroom that relate to the topic. This week we are looking at place value.The game is “ Make the largest number” the focus is on saying the numbers. The spelling list is a list of words that the students should know in year 3. Today I will be sending home a sheet with 72 different strategies to practice spelling. The students have seven words a week to practice for the remainder of the term.I have encouraged them to choose one activity daily and log it into their journal. Journals are due on Monday’s.

Interviews will be held at the end of this term during week 10. More information will come home about days and times next week.

Have a great week Bek


Good Morning All,

The students welcome Matilda to the class. We hope you have a very happy time at Iluka Public School. A reminder that Homework is given out on Tuesdays and returned to school on Tuesdays. Home Reading Journals are returned to school each Friday and hopefully returned same day. Library, Science and Sport are on Fridays this term. Please come to school prepared.

Congratulations to the School Cricket Team who played Chatsworth Island last Thursday and did us all proud. In Maths we have been exploring division. We have used concrete material and all the students have tried very hard and are beginning to develop the concept. Well done.

The School Cross Country will be held in week 10. The children will be practicing beforehand.

Interviews for year 4/5 will be held on week 10. More information will follow in the coming weeks.

Have a great week. Cheers John.


Good afternoon/evening,

Hopefully you are catching your breath and having a read over the newsletter with a nice relaxing cuppa. What wonderful rain we have had. Great nutrients. So nice to have the days cooling down a little as well.

Writing: focus over the next three weeks will be narratives. We are also working on publishing some of our other writing and putting them into our scrap books.

Maths: last week involved revision and a test. The test concentrated on number work. The students received their results yesterday. We are working on perimeter, area and volume over the coming week.

Speaking Topic: has been given to the class. A roster has been drawn up and presentations will commence next Monday- Week 8.

Yr 6 High School Transition: notes went home yesterday. The transition to high school is next Wednesday, week 8. Please return the permission notes and the $4 for the bus.

Cross Country: is coming up in week 10. Practice will be happening on most days in preparation for this event.

Interviews: will be held during week 10. This is a short catch up to exchange information. More details will come home about days and times.

Have a pleasant week. Di


The term is flying along and we are almost at Easter. This week I will be sending home Book Club Catalogues. If you wish to order something for your child through Book Club return your form and monies to me or use the LOOP payment option online at The more we order the more points we earn towards new resources for the library. Just this week I purchased a variety of new Minecraft story books using some points from last year. The current Minecraft story books have students lining up out the door to borrow them. It is very impressive, the amount of students borrowing this term already. I really hope they keep this pattern going. I would like to encourage all students to participate in the Premiers Reading Challenge this year and would appreciate if parents and carers would get behind this great challenge for all students.


In technology news we have started to get a huge list of students who want to join the Minecraft club. I currently only received a grant for 60 student accounts so their may be some disappointed students coming home. I currently run the Minecraft club every Friday during lunch in the computer lab and this limits me to 30 users as we only have 30 computers in the lab. I will be working hard this week to try and get Minecraft downloaded onto the laptops I have in the library so we can use them on Minecraft Fridays.


Our STEM bridge projects are now being finished and students are reporting back to their peers about their groups creation. They are explaining to their peers the good things they did with their creation and the things they had to improve on to create a successful project. The K-1 students tested their rafts in water and had to get the tiny teddy across the river without their raft sinking. If they did this successfully they were allowed to eat it. If the boat sunk and the teddy got wet, they had to go and improve their design.

The upper stages of primary will be moving onto creating catapults to shoot a cotton ball through a hoop.

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