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Updated: Jul 21, 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,

Staff Development Day Saturday 17 March

I would like to thank the teaching staff (and our casual teachers) who attended the Staff Development Day on Saturday 17 March. On behalf of the parents and carers of Iluka Public School I would like to thank the staff for their continued pursuit for excellence, their continued efforts to develop as truly professional teachers and for their commitment to the students of Iluka Public School.

Harmony Day at Iluka PS

The message of Harmony Day is everyone belongs. IPS will be celebrating Harmony Day on Thursday 22 March. Each student will be involved in classroom based activities centred on the theme ’Harmony’. The school is asking all students to contribute on the day by supplying a plate of food that originated from another country. Our diverse country makes Australia a great place to live. Harmony Day is a celebration of our cultural diversity – a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home. Some ideas of plates to share include; Sushi from Japan, Meatballs and spaghetti from Italy, Hot dogs from the USA, Goulash from Hungry, Lamb Koftas from Greece, Tacos from Mexico. Children are also required to bring along a plastic plate/bowl and cutlery.


Mrs Howard’s Garden Tour

Thursday 29th March at 10am Mrs Howard will be running a thirty minute environmental tour within the school grounds. It would be wonderful to see lots of parents come along and get a first-hand glimpse of this fantastic school program. Afterwards morning tea will be served for those in attendance.

Sports for Schools

Thank you to everyone for collecting the Coles Sports for Schools vouchers. Our boxes are getting full. Remember the more vouchers we have the more we will be able to redeem on sports equipment. As we love our sport at Iluka we are really excited with the prospect of new gear. When you shop at Coles simply ask for the Sports for Schools vouchers and place them in the box in our foyer. Here is Sister Lynne dropping in those collected by her parishioners. Thank you all. Keep collecting!

Stewart House

Every year 1,800 public school children attend a safe haven next to Curl Curl Beach at no cost to their parents or carers. It is called Stewart House. During a 12 day stay they are provided with dental, optical, hearing and medical screening and treatment. Children participate in educational programs and excursions designed to develop their social and emotional skills, build self-esteem and improve their overall wellbeing. This experience provides children with a much needed break from their current circumstance. Children in the care of Stewart House attend a specific purpose school onsite for 8 days of their 12-day stay. The NSW Department of Education provides infrastructure and staffing support for this school. All other costs associated with the children’s stay are met from charitable donations. Some Iluka Public School students have visited with Stewart House – it is indeed a great asset and worthy of support. If you would like to make a donation of $2 or more an attached envelope is included with this newsletter. Please return these to the office.

Positive Behaviour and Bounce Back

What is the focus this week?

This week our school focus is on Whole School Assemblies. That is, what should an assembly, look, feel and sound like. If you are at school for drop off, please feel free to stay and see how we are delivering this message.


Online Readiness Training. On Thursday 22 March, students in Years 3 and 5 will be participating in a practice NAPLAN test. The idea of the test is for students to gain further understanding of what they need to do and understand during the more formal tests in Term 2.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Class information letter regarding Parent/Teacher interviews and is attached at the end of this newsletter for your convenience. I cannot stress the importance of attending this valuable interview.

PSSA Summer Sport

The PSSA Knock Out Boys Cricket competition continues. A date for Round 2 has been selected. We play Harwood Public School on the Harwood Cricket Oval, Monday 26 March. Permission notes have been sent home today. Private transport will be required.

Year 6 to 7 Transition Day

Year 6 will head off to Maclean High School for their first transition day tomorrow, Wednesday 21 March. High School Expression of Interest forms are due back to the school by tomorrow. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher, Mrs Howard.

Book Fees 2018

The cost of resources to support student learning is on the increase. As a school, we work hard to ensure that our students have the best resources. This year, we have deliberately chosen to not have so many text books for students schoolwork as this would directly affect the finances of families to provide each student with books. The school therefore purchases resources, including devices to support student learning. However, each year many of these devices need to be replaced due to age or damage. This year we have decided to use some the school fees to support the purchase of technology resources.

The 2018 fee is only $30.00. If you are experiencing financial difficulties please do not hesitate to contact the school to discuss how we can be of assistance. We are happy to support a payment plan.


Have a productive week.



Bounce Back Program-Last Saturday I attended a professional development course called ‘Bounce Back’. ‘Bounce Back’ is a positive education approach to wellbeing, resilience and social-emotional learning for all students from Kindergarten to Year Six. This week we will be implementing ‘Circle Time’, where students get to share how they are feeling and any worries/concerns they may have with others.

Harmony Day-Our school will be celebrating Harmony Day this Thursday 22nd March. Students have been asked to bring a plate of food representing another country/culture to share at lunch. Students will also need to bring their own plastic plate/bowl and plastic fork/spoon on the day.

Australian Early Development Census (AEDC)-Every three years schools are asked to participate in a census relating to the early years of schooling. The last census was conducted in 2015 and will again be implemented this year. A letter has been sent home today explaining the purpose of the census and the data that is to be collected.The census only involves the students in Kindergarten. Please contact me if you require further information.


*Year One maths homework is due on Friday.

*Please return Semester One meeting notes by Monday 26th March. Confirmation notes sent home on Wednesday 28th March.



Bounce Back Program - IPS staff attended a professional learning course on Saturday about the ‘Bounce Back’ program. Bounce Back is a whole school approach towards social-emotional learning, wellbeing and resilience. We are beginning to implement the program into classrooms this week by learning the ‘Bounce Back’ song and with the introduction of ‘circle time’, where students share their feelings about the day and express any concerns they may have.

Library - Due to unforeseen circumstances, Year 2 students will be attending the school library on Friday this week only. Please ensure students have their library books and bag this Friday.

Harmony Day - IPS will be celebrating Harmony Day this Thursday 22nd March. Students have been asked to bring a plate of multicultural food to share for lunch. Students will still need to bring along their recess and also need to bring their own plastic plate/bowl and plastic fork/spoon on the day.