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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

“You're never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.” (Dr. Seuss)


What is the message of Harmony Day? For the IPS students it is that everyone belongs. It is a day that we can celebrate the cultural diversity of our country and a day of cultural respect for all who call Australia home. During last week students participated in a variety of activities which highlighted what diversity means and how they can learn to embrace a culture that may be foreign to their own. As climax to the week’s happenings we held our annual Harmony Day Feast. There were some wonderful smells wafting from the banquet tables, with delicacies ranging from chilli con carne, mini pizza, Chinese fried rice, mini quiche, homemade pies, hot dogs, sushi, tacos and much more. The children were also offered a range of fruits and desserts including handmade Italian Crostoli, Scottish shortbread, cheesecake and delicious Pavlova. The children had a marvelous feast with many trying foods they normally wouldn’t select. We wish to thank the families for being so generous and creative with their dishes. We congratulate the children for working together last week to learn the importance of Harmony Day and hope they will continue to carry those lessons into their future lives.


This coming Thursday, 29th March, at 10 am Mrs Howard will be conducting a thirty minute environmental tour within the school grounds. She will be showing some of the good work the students have recently been involved in, how the Native garden has established and the greater horticultural area. It is quite impressive what has been happening in our school grounds. Please come along and see what we have been up to. Coffee & cake will be served after.

While on this topic….Mr Tom Howard, husband of Mrs Howard has spent most of his weekends at school in the horticultural area. He has tended the vegetable beds, kept the orchard free from weeds and looked after the dozen chickens. He has truly made that part of the school a very special place. Teachers and students recognise the effort you have made Mr Howard and appreciate your hard work and energy.


At the end of this term we farewell Mr Melrose who commences leave. Mr Melrose has brought extensive experience to our teaching staff. His work with the students has been greatly appreciated by the community. From the beginning of Term 2 Mr Speirs will be the Year 4/5 teacher and coordinator of the LaST team.


Congratulations to Iluka Public School’s PSSA Cricket team after their convincing win yesterday against Harwood PS. Iluka won with 113 runs, bowling out Harwood PS for 67. It was an excellent team effort and I congratulate each of the players for their hard work on a rather hot day. It is with great pleasure that Iluka Public School wishes to congratulate our Year 6 student James Lobb on his selection into the NSW PSSA North Coast Cricket team. The team are to play in the NSW PSSA Boys Cricket Championships at Barooga, Riverina NSW in October. We wish James and his fellow team mates all the best for the training that lies ahead and the very best for the Championship. Well done James, your school and peers could not be prouder.

School Accounts

Thank you to all families who have finalised term one accounts for students. Your one off fee of $30 was very much appreciated and will go towards school resources and textbook purchases. Regular part payments as little just $5 can be made online. Please call the office if you have any questions. If You Need Support If you ever need to discuss anything regarding your child or family situation we have a great team of teachers, School Counsellor, the Chaplain or myself here to support you. Just leave a message at the office and we will get back to you. If it is urgent, tell the office when you call. We are only too happy to help.

Parent/ Teacher Interviews

Term One Parent/Teacher Interviews will be held from the 3rd to 6th April. These interviews provide a valuable opportunity for parents/carers to sit down with their child’s teacher and discuss their progress. Interviews are scheduled for around 10–15 minutes. See your class teacher or return their information note for a time.

School Assembly

Our next Whole School Assembly is on this Thursday 29 March at 2.15pm. It will be hosted by our school leaders. Students will be recognised with class awards and any special awards will be presented by the Principal, Mr. Bradmore. Parents and carers may attend and are welcome to do so.

Have a great week.

Phil Bradmore



Harmony Day - What a wonderful selection of foods that our students had to eat at our Harmony Day celebration last Thursday. Parents/carers your support of this school event was awesome. A big thank you to Mr Speirs for organising our Harmony Day lunch this year.

Mosquitoes - Currently there are lots of mosquitoes around. It might be helpful if some insect repellant could be applied before students arrive at school in the morning.

Home Reading - Students who have reached our class/school target of 50 nights of reading this term, will be receiving their certificate at our whole school assembly this Thursday 29th March at 2:15pm.


- Confirmation notices for parent/carer meetings were sent home last week. A reminder that meetings

commence next week after the Easter holiday break.

- Year One Maths Mental homework sheets are due back at school on Friday 6th April.

Hope you have a happy and safe Easter holiday.



Harmony Day - Thank you to families for all of the delicious foods that were sent in for Harmony Day. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to try something new and learn about other cultures at the same time.

Interviews - Thank you parents for requesting an interview time. Confirmation notes were sent home yesterday in home reader pouches.

Home Readers - Students are starting to reach their first major milestone of 50 nights. Please send in journals so that certificates can be awarded at the whole school assembly this Thursday at 2.15pm.

Cross Country - Students have been training very hard for the Cross Country to be held at the end of the term. A number of times per week students are running the track and building their fitness and stamina.


* Homework is due on Thursday this week due to Good Friday

* Library books, home reading journals and bank books are due every Tuesday

Have a safe and happy Easter break.




I am very pleased and grateful for the student’s attitude and enthusiasm towards learning. They are all working hard, striving and trying their best. The students are definitely getting fitter. They have been running every morning in preparation for the school cross country. I have sent home a sheet with some cool maths game ideas. Dice-based and card math games are a wonderful way for kids to learn addition, subtraction, and multiplication, as well as practice other mathematical skills. Last week I sent home a sheet with 72 simple strategies for spelling. They need to try one daily and record it in their journal. Spelling words: families, drawing, took, board, machine, first, wrote. Interviews will be held next week. Thank you to all the parents who have responded. I have sent home notification of your appointment today and I look forward to catching up with you.

Have happy and safe Easter Bek


Good Morning All,

Thank you to all those that participated in the Harmony Day Celebrations. It was a great success. Well done to the School Cricket Team who won against Harwood Island and did us all proud. Homework will go out today and is due back in week 10. Cross Country Training is going well for the School Cross Country which is fast approaching Home Reading targets are being met. Please continue with your current enthusiasm and energy. Well done.Leave: I will be going on leave from Term 2 indefinitely and Mr Speirs will be taking over the 4/5 class. A smooth transition is expected. I thank all families for your support and it has been a delight to have taught your children. I wish them every success in their future endeavours.

Interviews: I will be holding interviews in week 10 and 11. If you are interested, please contact the office or myself for a suitable time.

Have a great week and safe Easter.

Cheers John


Hello everyone,

I must say I will be looking forward to the clocks going back an hour this Sunday. Our poor old body clocks get pushed to the limit in March!

Congratulations: to our cricket team. What a great effort and super game.

Homework: is going over weeks 9 & 10 due to the shorter time frame. Our class spelling test will be Friday of week 10.

Cross Country: training is proving to be very beneficial. Some students are really improving with their endurance and stamina. Well done boys and girls.

Interviews: will be next week. I will send home a note letting you know your day and time this week.

Home Reading: targets are starting to be reached this week. The first milestone is 50 nights.

Year 6 High School Transition: went well last week. All the children spoke positively about their experiences.

Don't eat too much chocolate over Easter! Di

PS Hope you can make it to my little environmental tour around our school grounds on Thursday morning at 10am.


Slowly the library is changing and morphing into a flexible learning space for the school. I would like to thank the P & C for allowing me to purchase lego for the school and also Mrs Howard and other parents that have donated lego to the library. Every lunchtime I have multiple students coming into the library to build unique and exciting creations with the lego. It is great that the school has a large lego collection for all students to enjoy.


Last Thursday we conducted our NAPLAN online practice test. Everything went great and the statewide servers and network held strong while 500 schools participated in the trial run. It was evident that the students were engaged with the way NAPLAN was delivered online.

I am currently looking into enrolling our schools iPads onto a Mobile Device Management provider named Zulu Desk. Currently if a teacher requires an app to be added to their class set of iPads they need myself to collect the iPads and plug them into a computer to do the upload. With Zulu Desk I will be able to do the software updates and app installs over the schools WiFi. This will save time for myself and allow the teachers to have their class set of iPads in their classroom at all times. This Thursday I will be participating in a self guided course to get our iPads onto this system for a 30 day trial. If parents or carers have any suggested apps that you think could be beneficial to students learning please see me or leave the name of the app at the office.


Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have reflected on their bridge building project they completed over the term. It was great to see that 99% of the student’s enjoyed building, working as a team and being creative with their projects. The reflection responses provided evidence of deep engagement during the activities they were apart of. All groups should be commended on their efforts and it was great to see so many different creations. It was impressive to see that not one bridge was the same and all students used their own ideas and imagination to create something unique to their group.

The upper stage student’s will now move onto the catapult creation task. They will be required to make a catapult with the materials in the library to shoot a marshmallow into a container or through a hoop. The lower grades have been working on creating balloon powered lego cars. We have had one lesson on this task, however we were unsuccessful with the set task. Therefore they will be required to modify their plan from last week.


Coles Sports for Schools Program

Iluka Public School is collecting ‘Coles Sports for Schools’ vouchers, which will be used to purchase sporting equipment for our school. This program is soon coming to an end, so please sent along any vouchers you may have. A collection box has been placed in the office. If you or someone you know purchases groceries online and has them delivered, there is an option to select Iluka Public School and vouchers will be automatically added to the school account. Thank you for supporting our school. A special thanks to Coles Yamba for providing a collection box outside the store for our school.