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Updated: Jul 21, 2020


Well the school holidays are now officially over. I welcome all students, staff and parents back to Iluka Public School. It is great to see everyone’s familiar faces excited and ready for another ten weeks. I certainly hope that you had the chance to refresh and recharge your batteries and are well prepared for another busy term.

Over the two week holiday period the school has seen a hive of different activities completed. This has included:

Clarence Valley Council Thanks to the past and present P&C teams persistence, work was completed to the entrance of the school. Road work has made crossing Charles Street safer, a dedicated ‘Kiss and Drop zone’ has been established and an even and extended footpath, turf, kerbing and guttering has also been installed.

Soul Survivor Youth Group During week 2 of the holidays, youth groups travelled from Sydney volunteering their time to work on the school grounds. The school is now looking great with new gardens, murals, fresh paint, colourful clock designs on the concrete, clean windows and general tidying, making the school even more appealing.

Department of Education contractors You may or may not have noticed a school demountable building was taken away last term. Well, turf and soil has now been laid making the area once again attractive and safe.

Mr and Mrs Howard Thank you once again to team Howard who worked daily in the horticultural area ensuring the chickens were well fed and that the magnificent crops are continuing to thrive.

Ian Austin Waste Removal Carted away a truck load of green waste.

RAAF representatives & ANZAC Day Activities

RAAF representatives from the Amberley Air Base in Brisbane and most importantly, dedicated staff and proud, enthusiastic students gave up their time and holidays to attend ANZAC Eve and ANZAC Day functions. Thank you so much to the parents, grandparents, carers and visitors for your support in attending ANZAC service/morning tea or the ANZAC evening BBQ. Thank you to Shannon and Trent on the BBQ and to Leah, Linda and Roxi for the home made ANZAC biscuits and to Roxi and Oliver for supplying sprigs of rosemary to our teachers and students.


Just a last word about our involvement on ANZAC Day. We, (all the staff) are very proud of our school and the students, with the wonderful support of the parents and carers. Many people from communities far and wide commented positively on the presentations during the formalities, the students’ behaviour and the way they conducted themselves during the morning. I am very proud and privileged to be working at this school.

Staff Update

First of all I welcome Ms Lynette Rankin. Miss Lyn will be the Senior Administration Manager. She has come to our school with glowing recommendations. She has a wealth of experience using the new finance and student management systems and brings much expertise to our school. We are delighted to welcome Miss Lyn in Week 5 to Iluka Public School.

Mr Chris Speirs is a calm, enthusiastic and passionate teacher and I’m sure will work hard to make a difference to each student he teaches in Year 4/5. Mr Speirs will also continue working as the LaST support teacher every Tuesday. Mr Jones will be their classroom teacher every Tuesday and will also continue Library and STEM.

We thank Mr Melrose for his work and efforts while he has been at Iluka Public School particularly in the area of curriculum planning and policy.

Mrs Leah Speirs will return to her role as a Learning Support Officer. I know the students will benefit tremendously from your return as the Office Assistant.

Finally, thank you Linda for your assistance in the office in what was at times a challenging and difficult role. Linda was thrown into the deep end and yet remained professional, positive and worked hard to learn many new skills. Linda remains at Iluka Public School as the Senior Administration Officer.

To conclude, we have had many visitors, special guests and workers through our gates. I now look forward to the term ahead.


Welcome back to what is shaping up to be another busy but exciting term. Now that routines, procedures and expectations have been established, this term is an important term for learning. Therefore daily attendance is vital, as learning opportunities can be missed and impact on student progress.

ANZAC Day-The Kindergarten and Year One students represented our school well as they proudly participated in the ANZAC Day march and displayed exemplar behaviour throughout the ceremony. Thank you so much parents and carers for your support, as over 18 students out of a class of 24 students attended this important event. A big thank you to Leonie Hill and Roxi Dean for kindly supplying sprigs of rosemary for the students and staff to wear. Also I would like to thank Leah Speirs, Roxi Dean and Linda Meyers for making ANZAC biscuits for our morning tea.


*Library day this term is Thursday.

*This term our class/school home reading target is 100 nights of reading.



Welcome back for another busy term at Iluka Public School. I hope everyone had an enjoyable break!

Speaking Topics - Our speaking topics/news commenced today. Our topic for this week is a recount of an exciting event from the holidays. Next week’s topic is ‘A book I enjoy’.

News days are as follows:

Monday: Pige, Olivia, Macy, Beau and Kobi

Tuesday: Tessa, Scott, Jess and Lahna

Wednesday: Taya, Lexi, Bella and Bryson

Thursday: Eli, Kye, Finn and Makenna

Library - Year 2 students will attend the library every Friday this term with Mr Jones.

ANZAC Day - Thank you to all of the students who participated in the ANZAC Day march and represented our school with pride.

Home reading - Congratulations to all students who reached 50 nights of reading either before or during the holidays. Our next target is 100 nights by the end of this term. Stay on track and read consistently every day.


* Homework, library books and home reading journals are all due on Friday this term.




Hi everyone and welcome back! Unfortunately, I am away sick today. I am trying to keep my germs to myself. As usual we have a very busy term scheduled.

Our Integrated unit this Term is ‘The World’. CWA Country of study is Poland and our focus in writing is Information Reports.

The school Spelling Bee is also coming up this term.

Library day is Monday and home reading journals are also to be submitted on Mondays.

I am looking forward to reading their journals and hearing about their adventures in the holidays.

We are starting a whole school program for Personal Development this term “Bounce Back”. I am looking forward to working with them again this term. Parents can help their children develop into emotionally stable people by giving them a supportive environment, positive feedback, role model healthy behaviours and interactions, and someone to talk to about their emotional reactions to their experiences

If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to come in and see me!

Have a great week! Bek


Welcome back everyone for Term 2.

Firstly, congratulations to all students and families who attended the ANZAC Day talk and ceremony in the holidays. It was fantastic to meet and enjoy a sausage sandwich with the three RAAF Personnel on ANZAC Day eve. But it was even better to see more than half of our whole school student population marching during the ceremony the next day. Well done, your family and community are very proud of you!

There is a lot of information to take in so let’s go: Homework will go home and is also due back on Mondays. There is no set homework this week other than the students finding a good book to read and keeping it at school. All students are expected to have a book of their choice to keep at their desk at all times. Home Reading is highly valued and Journals will be checked every Monday. Library and STEM this term is Monday and students may also borrow at second lunch if pre-arranged with Mr Jones. Book Fair begins next Friday. Mother’s Day stall is next Wednesday May 9.

My timetable this term sees me off class every Tuesday doing Learning and Support. We are lucky enough to have Mr Jones taking our class on Tuesdays. Scripture remains on Tuesday afternoons. Sport on Friday. NAPLAN begins for Year 5 students in Week 3. Don’t stress, it is