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What a wonderful week last week was! We began on Monday night with all teaching staff and Teacher aids staying back late into the evening to attend an excellent meeting with Trauma Informed Education Specialist, Michelle Montgomery. At the meeting we discussed many of our programs running at the moment including Mindfulness, the importance of an Active Lifestyle, Children’s’ Wellbeing, Anxiety and how we as staff can support all children and their families.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Mandy did an outstanding job taking the whole school (teaching staff included) in a delightful frenzy of fitness and fun. All students had their blood pumping, as they completed a 10-15 minute routine of jumping, stretching and exercising to inspiring and meaningful music. Each class then had a separate 20 minute session with Mandy completing various circus skills, and coordination activities.

Friday was all about Walk Safely to School (thank you Mrs Cunningham for your organisation) and the Small Schools Cross Country. Moving the venue back on to the Ken Leeson Oval proved a winner with students finding the track an excellent and achievable challenge. Thank you to Mr Speirs who set the course up and well done to our 44 students who competed. Many thanks to our P&C / Tuckshop group who did a brilliant job on the day. Finally, thank you also to the many parents who supported the tuckshop by providing both sweet and savoury goodies.

Oh, and did I mention;

The River For Life Art competition in Year 5/6. Thank you to Mrs Howard for organising such a wide range of Creative Arts. The RFL art will soon be displayed at Maclean High School. It was amazing to see the quality of work produced by the Year 6 students.

As well, the Scholastic Book Fair, which was held in the library, finished today. The fair did particularly well thanks to Mr Jones. During the past weeks each class has had the opportunity to purchase a wide range of books and colourful knick knacks. Thank you to those parents who supported the fair.

If you are wondering whether students had time for the basics to be learnt amongst all this fun, yes they did! Mr Jones did a great job strategically timetabling the NAPLAN online ‘3 R’s’ which took place during the quieter times of the week.

No wonder Iluka Public School students love attending their school each day.

Great students, great staff and a great school!


Questacon Is Coming; A Science Circus experience is designed to stimulate and challenge students to explore science and technology for themselves and is an ideal basis for follow-on activities. The Primary School show is a one hour interactive show that uses demonstrations and volunteer involvement to explore two of the following topics: flight sound, collisions, structures or bubbles. June 13 in library. Cost $5.00 ( a note to come home in the coming weeks.)

Uniform; When students wear precious things to school there is the chance that these items may be lost which can be distressing for children. Jewellery, headwear, brightly coloured hair, makeup and finger nail polish (other than a school hat or ribbons) is not part of Iluka Public School uniform. We thank you in advance for ensuring your child comes to school appropriately dressed in full school uniform (red or grey Jumpers) leaving the accessories and brand names for weekend wear. Many thanks for your support.


Spelling Bee-Our class has been busy over the last three weeks with spelling bee practice. The students have been learning the correct procedures (say the word, spell the word using the letter names, say the word again) for the competition next week. Kindergarten students have taken home today the words we have been learning in class and the Year One students have already taken home their spelling word sheet at the end of last term. Some home practice is recommended. To make it a fair process for all, only the spelling bee co-ordinators are aware of the actual words to be used in the competition.


*This Wednesday the Kindergarten and Year One students will be participating in the Simultaneous Storytime event at the town library.

*Home reading target to be reached by the end of this term is 100 nights of reading.



Cross Country - Congratulations to Taya, Olivia, Tessah, Finn and Scott, who attended the Small School’s Cross Country on Friday. You all gave your very best effort and are all winners just for being involved!

Speaking Topics - This week’s topic is ‘an animal I like’ and next week will be ‘a new toy I have’.

CWA Projects - This year the country of study for the annual CWA project is Poland. This week, students will be given various items such as cardboard, a heading, map, flag and some pictures to get them started, but it might be an idea to start thinking about this project that will be undertaken at home. Projects will be collected towards the end of term. All students who create a project will be invited to the CWA hall for the awards presentation and afternoon tea at the end of the term.

Family Tree - Accompanying today’s newsletter is a family tree template for students to complete at home with the help of their family. We have been learning about a variety of family structures in class and have discussed how all families are different and are valued. Students (and parents) are asked just to complete the parts that they feel comfortable with and are welcome to leave parts blank if they wish. The family tree is due back next Monday.


* Dentist permission notes need to be returned

* Homework, home readers and library books are due on Friday

* Banking is Tuesday

Have a lovely week.



Hi everyone!

The students are very settled and are working hard in class. One of the key areas for Personal Development this week is being KIND and speaking nicely to each other.

Final Naplan testing for year 3 is on tomorrow Wednesday 23rd May (Conventions of Language) and Thursday 24th May (Numeracy).

Maths sheets went home yesterday and they are to be returned on Friday. Stage 2 Spelling Bee is on next Tuesday and I hope that all the students are revising the Stage 2 words.

This year the country of study for CWA is Poland. The students will be given a sheet of cardboard to complete their project at home. The projects are due at the end of this term and all students who create a project will be invited to the CWA hall for the awards presentation and afternoon tea at the end of the term.

Have a great week



Bounce Back is a wonderful wellbeing program with a whole school approach. If we all talk the talk it will help us all walk the walk. Change your words - change your world. Phrases from the Bounce Back acronym can really help if used regularly and broken down into context. Bad times don’t last; Other people can help; Unhelpful thoughts won't help; Nobody is perfect; Concentrate on the positives; Everybody goes through tough times - not just you.

Well done to those competing at the X-country last Friday. A few athletes from our class made it on to compete at Corndale - good luck on the mountain and in the cow patties! Thank you also to the students who remained at school and spent the day with Mrs Howard - changes in routine can be tricky but you worked hard all day and your Teacher’s were proud of you too. The Spelling Bee begins next week. Keep training hard - it is great fun and improvements will follow. Some students are not bringing back Homework every Monday. C’mon kids - you can do it. Everyone has homework and is expected to complete it, along with home reading. Parents and Carers, if you could please follow this up with your child at home, thank you. Chris.


Hello everyone,

It looks like winter is slowly trying to creep in.

Well done: to the girls and boys that ran the small schools cross country last Friday. Taking part you are already a winner!

Working Mathematically: is one of the more difficult components of the maths curriculum. Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at strategies to try and work these more complex problems out. The students were also given a test to see how well they can implement these strategies.

Year 5: students have been working on the Naplan tests. We wish you well and ask only that you apply your best efforts to these assessment tasks.

Bounce Back: program is being introduced into the classroom. Lessons involve looking at different situations we find ourselves in during the running of a day and realising that life isn't always ‘smooth sailing’. The Bounce Back program offers positive approaches to confronting problems and improved strategies to utilise when the going gets tough.

History: work this term will involve studying how Australia has grown as a nation. We are a proud country but had to learn some lessons along the way.

Enjoy the beautiful May sunshine! Di