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The Iluka school community warmly welcomes Ms Lyn Rankin to Iluka Public School. Ms Rankin was the successful applicant for the position of Senior Administration Manager. We wish her all the best in her new role and I know, she will enjoy her time working with our amazing staff, parents, carers and beautiful students at our school. Can I also thank once again, Linda and Leah who have both done brilliantly while a replacement could be found. Please drop by the office and say hello.

Our Year 3 and Year 5 students have now completed their NAPLAN assessments. Well done to all the boys and girls for their efforts. There are always great letters doing the rounds on social media at this time – reminding students that whilst it is important to try our best in all that we do (including our NAPLAN test), these tests do not measure all that each students is capable of, or has achieved. We recognise that each and every child is unique and brings their own special gifts, skills and experiences to their learning. Our goal is to nurture each child to achieve their very best across all areas. As parents, it is important to remember that whilst NAPLAN assessments provide us with some valuable information about both school and student performance, they are certainly not the only measures we use at school. Teachers and students are involved in ongoing assessment throughout the year, and this data ensures that our teaching and learning programs are always adapted to meet the learning needs of our students. Thank you to Mrs Cunningham and Mr Jones for timetabling and assisting with the NAPLAN preparation.

Last week, on the morning assemblies I have focused on the importance of our Bounce Back Program. Bounce Back is about the students’ ability to succeed and prosper after facing setbacks and hardships. It is especially important during the tween years when children face new academic challenges, pressure and rejection from peers, and have an increasing awareness of their own limitations. Children who can ‘bounce back’ are less likely to develop depression, anxiety or unhealthy coping mechanisms like aggression, eating issues and substance problems.

Tip #1. Watching TV and playing video games does not aid language development. TV, computers and video games are for entertainment. They are fun and engaging for children to play and there are some appropriate and great educational / video games that will not do any harm. However, 10 minutes of your total attention with them, talking to them is more beneficial than 10 minutes of passively watching TV or using the computer. Please turn the TV off during meal times, and use this time to talk with your children instead. Encourage your child to do other things after school, like art work or going outside. Ask them to help prepare dinner or give them something else to do! Good luck!

Don’t forget – School Photo Day is on Wednesday 20 June.

Excursion payment roster - Please refer to the payment plans in the newsletter for the payment instalment dates for both the Stage 2 -Coffs Harbour excursion and the Stage 3 - Lake Ainsworth excursion.

It was lovely to attend and participate along with our Kindy/Year 1 students in the National Reading Hour Event last week. Students participated with the local preschool in reading Hickory Dickory Dash. Thank you to Jacqui at the town library for your story reading and activities. It was highly interactive and entertaining. To see the two groups reading together showed an atmosphere of nurturing peer support, calm attentiveness and comradery. We are now looking forward to participating in this event again next year. Well done students on being able to leave the school and walk so sensibly to the library and back. Thank you to Miss Essery for your organisation.

Kindy enrolments for 2019- It may be early in the year to begin thinking about Kindy 2019 but that is exactly what we are doing. If you have a child who will enter Kindy next year, or you know of a family who will have a student for 2019, can you please encourage them to come to the office to begin completing paperwork for enrolment.

Parents and friends are invited to join us for the Iluka Public School Spelling Bee to be held on the stage. Tomorrow it is the Year 1, Year 2 and Kindy turn. The Spelling Bee will begin after the morning assembly from 9:10am. The winners of Stage 2 and 3 will go on to compete in the Clarence Valley Spelling Bee which will be held at the Iluka Community Hall on Thursday, 7th June, commencing at 9.30, all parents and community members are very welcome to come along to support our students. Light refreshments will be available.

Our next assembly will be held this Friday, from 2.15-3.00pm. See you there.

Good luck to all the Iluka Public School students attending the Zone Cross Country Carnival this Friday. The carnival is being held at Corndale Public School. We will have results published in next week’s newsletter.

Anti-Bullying Policy- Please find attached to this newsletter a draft copy of the IPS Anti-Bullying Policy. Should you wish to comment on this policy please call or write to me . My email address is:


Responsible Pet Program-Last Friday we had a visit from Gina and her teaching dog Mr Cruze. The students learnt some important information about how to keep safe around their own pet dogs and those owned by other people.

Spelling Bee-This Wednesday the Early Stage One (Kindergarten) students and Stage One (Year One and Year Two) students will participate in their Spelling Bee competition. All students are winners for being a ‘risk taker’, for getting up on stage, ‘having a go’ and for ‘doing their best’.


*Please return photograph envelopes and money as soon as possible.



Speaking Topics - This week’s topic is ‘a new toy I have’. All toys must remain in bags and will only come out for the purpose of news to ensure they are not lost or broken and to follow IPS’s strict no toys at school policy.

Spelling Bee - Year 2 students have their Spelling Bee this Wednesday morning just after the morning assembly. Good luck girls and boys!

Emporium Art - Students worked on an oil pastel artwork with the theme of ‘In my backyard’ over the last fortnight and some of the artworks have been selected to go on exhibition at the Emporium from June 10th.

CWA Projects - All students have now received a heading, maps, flag, coloured pictures and cardboard to commence their CWA project on Poland. Additional research will need to be undertaken at home. Projects will be collected towards the end of term. All students who create a project will be invited to the CWA hall for the awards presentation and afternoon tea at the end of the term.