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Welcome back. I hope you all enjoyed the QUEEN’S BIRTHDAY LONG WEEKEND.

We are now well into term 2 and teachers and students have settled into the busy term.

Week 7 already! It is amazing to think that we are over half way through the term. These past few weeks have been extremely busy with in-school and external activities.

Staff Professional Learning

Our school has a major focus on Staff Professional Learning. At times this will cause some variations to routine with teachers away from their normal duties and casual staff teaching classes. While this is not ideal, it is essential for our teachers to continually update and refresh their skills and knowledge which ultimately benefits students in the long run. We also have many dedicated casual teachers to call on when the regular teacher is absent. So far this term our staff have done training in areas such as literacy and numeracy planning, programming and web page data analysis and innovative use of technology including iPAD apps. We also had staff attend PSSA Winter Sports events which have been very high quality matches. Our office staff are also regularly required to do mandatory training around new systems. I would like to thank our staff for their commitment to their own professional learning, their extra curricula responsibilities and ongoing school improvement.

‘Promoting Personal Wellbeing’

One of our other school strategic directions is ‘Promoting Personal Wellbeing’ and we will be prioritising this over the next 3 years. There is endless evidence that improved student wellbeing leads to improved academic performance. Likewise staff wellbeing has a great impact on staff performance. With this in mind, the staff are constantly monitoring the behaviour and attitude of students playing at recess and lunchtime. There is a ‘hands-off’ policy and students are always being encouraged to treat and talk to their peers and teachers with respect. Currently, we are encouraging students to play other games besides handball. It is wonderful to see highly creative and imaginative play once again returning to the playgrounds, singing and dancing on the stage as well as old fashioned skipping games returning.

Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee, with thanks to Mrs Cunningham and Mr Jones, was introduced in 2016 as a fun and educational way for primary school students to engage in spelling. The program includes activities to encourage all students to engage with spelling and to promote improved literacy in combination with the English K-6 Syllabus. Congratulations to our four students, Oceane Mitchell, Kianni Thwaites, Layla Smith and Eddie Cok who all did a mighty job remaining deep into the final rounds of the contest. The Spelling Bee was open to all NSW government schools from the Clarence Valley. The competition comprised of two divisions – Junior for Years 3&4 and Senior for Years 5&6. Thank you to the Iluka P&C for their work in the canteen, to our judges, Mr and Mrs Dennis and to our town librarian, Ms Jacqui Hinshaw as the pronouncer.

Sports News

Congratulations to the students who participated in the Zone Cross Country at Corndale last week. Mrs Speirs was thrilled with the excellent effort and out-standing behaviour from all students. It was exciting to hear that many had made personal best efforts in what is a particularly challenging course. Thank you to the parents for your assistance and support on this day.

On Tuesday 5 June, 10 Iluka Public students headed to Yamba for the PSSA Netball Knockout event. The team played 2 games. The first was a fast paced game against Evans Head and the girls were very determined. However, they fell away towards the end of the game .The second game the girls faced a stronger and more experienced Yamba team. Iluka made a lot of progress as a team and began putting plays together. The game was very evenly matched until after half time when again our fitness levels fell away.

I would like to extend a thank you to the Iluka Bowling Club for the use of the courtesy bus and to Mr Speirs and Mrs Cunningham for your coaching efforts. I know the children are grateful for you time and effort in this area as they are aware that we cannot do these things without teacher support.

Again, on Friday 8 June Mr Speirs and Mrs Cunningham took a girls and boys Soccer team to compete in the PSSA Soccer Knockout competition. The event was held at Yamba Public School under a cloudy sky. Both boys and girls teams showed great enthusiasm on the field and all the players learnt a lot about playing soccer. A special thank you also to Mr Jones, our Assistant Coach, for passing on some soccer wisdom and advice.

We have our Athletics Carnival fast approaching (Week 1, Term 3 Thursday and Friday ) Iluka Public School will soon be doing a little training in preparing our students for the big days. Sport will be based on a variety of athletic skills including running, jumping and throwing.


This term, Mr Jones has been giving up some lunchtime to run clubs. The clubs are held during the second half of lunch each day in the library and are aimed at providing students will a range of settings in which to interact with other students. The timetable for activities is as follows:

Monday – Activities in the library

Tuesday – Chess Club

Wednesday – Closed

Thursday – Art

Friday – Minecraft

All students are welcome to attend.

Morning Supervision

I have noticed recently many students are arriving well before our scheduled school start time of 8.30am. We provide no supervision prior to this time. If students arrive a minute or two early, they can sit on the brown seats under the COLA, reading their books and awaiting teacher supervision. They should not be playing in this time.

Kindergarten Enrolments for 2019

Iluka Public School is now taking names of children who will be enrolling in Kindergarten in 2019. At this stage we are taking basic details – name, Gender, Date of Birth, Parent/Guardian names, contact numbers and address, pre-school attended and sibling details.

Later in the year you will be given an enrolment form. Please be aware that you will be required to submit original documents (as per the following list) at the time you hand in your child’s enrolment form.

We cannot accept enrolments without these documents.

1. Proof of student’s residential address

2. Birth Certificate or identity documents.

3. Australian childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) Immunisation History Statement.

In addition, if your child is the subject of family law matters you will need to provide copies of any family law or relevant court orders.

Also, if your child has health, disability or other support needs you will need to provide:

1. Copies of medical/healthcare or emergency plans

2. Evidence of any disability or other support needs, including any learning and support plans.

When we give/send you your enrolment form, we will also include a form for you to provide permission for your child/ren to go on walking excursions outside the school grounds and a yellow scripture note for you to indicate SRE preferences.

We just wanted to give you advance notice of documentation requirements so you can have everything ready when the time comes for you to hand in your child’s enrolment form. It is a legal requirement to have the relevant documents before we can accept the enrolment.


Attendance is always a focus for us at Iluka Public School. The link between school outcomes and regular attendance is incredibly strong. Parents of children from Kindergarten to Year 12 must ensure their children attend school every day. On occasion, your child may need to be absent from school.

Parents must provide an explanation for absences to the school within 7 days from the first day of any period of absence.

Book Fee Contribution 2018

Our school again requests its need to be supported and encouraged by parental commitment to paying their child’s 2018 book fee. We truly value your support and encourage you to support our school through the payment of this small fee of $30 for each child.

P and C

On Tuesday evening the P and C met for the first time with a new executive group for 2018. Each time I attend these meetings I am filled with gratitude for the support of our community and the pride it has in our school. I thank each member of the community for their attendance, input and efforts. Our next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 26th, and I encourage anyone with a passion for our school to join us.


Home Reading-Please ensure your child has their yellow home reading journal at school this Thursday, as I will be checking all books. A reminder that our target is 100 nights of reading by the end of this term.

School Uniform-Finally our winter weather has arrived! Students are now arriving at school wearing their jumpers and jackets to keep warm. Have you written your child’s name inside their jumper/jacket? It is difficult to return a jumper/jacket to its rightful owner without a name.

Emporium Exhibition-Congratulations to the following students for having their artwork exhibited at the Iluka Emporium - Reed, Rex, Zoe, Eli, Jack, Claire, Alby, Lacey, Charlie R and Kirra-Leigh. Your garden drawings are fantastic. Well done!


*Library day is Thursday.

*Please return photograph envelopes and money by Monday 18th June.

*Year One students need to return their Lower Clarence Music Eisteddfod permission note/$5 bus money.

*Year One CWA Poland project due on Friday 22nd June.



Verse Speaking - All Year 2 students are members of the Stage 1 verse speaking group and will be attending the Maclean Eisteddfod next Tuesday. All students have the words for the poems and need to rehearse these at home. They can even be included in the home reading journal. Additionally, a number of

Year 2 students are members of the school choir and will contest in that category at the Maclean Eisteddfod also. Please ensure notes and $5 for the bus is returned.

Emporium Exhibition - Congratulations to Eli, Tessah, Taya, Paige and Macy for having their oil pastel artworks exhibited at the Iluka Emporium.

Speaking topics - All peers and I were very impressed with the variety of objects made by students that were brought in last week for news. This week’s topic is - ‘things that are my favourite colour’. Next week’s topic is ‘a game I like to play’.


* Questacon Science Circus is tomorrow. Please return permission notes and $5 tomorrow.

* Homework, home reading journals and library bags are all due on Friday.

* Maclean Eisteddfod note and $5 for the bus

* School photographs envelope and money. School photos are next Wednesday 20th June.

* School banking is every Tuesday

Have a lovely week.



Hi everyone,

It was great to receive the positive feedback from the casual teachers in regards to the students learning and behaviour during my absences last week. The students are working really well in class and are striving to achieve the set outcomes.

Assessment tasks are being completed in class and reports are being written.

Expression of interest notes and deposits are coming in for the stage two excursion/camp. Please ensure your child has returned their notes as it is essential for planning.

There will be no Library this week however the students will have an opportunity to return and borrow books on Friday.

Please note: There has been an outbreak of head lice. I am asking that all parents inspect their child’s hair and treat if necessary. Head lice are a common problem in all schools and with vigilance from all families it can be kept under control. If you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to come in and see me! Cheers Bek.


POLAND projects are due next Friday 22 June. This is a HOME PROJECT, however if the students need something printed out let me know. Project cardboard went home last week.

QUESTACON SCIENCE CIRCUS is tomorrow. Please return notes and $5 tomorrow if not done so already. No note and money means the student cannot attend.

Congratulations to some of our students who had their artworks selected to appear in the Emporium Exhibition. Everyone is welcome to pop down and have a look.

Assessments have started and will continue over the next 2 weeks. Class talks begin this week - Bounce Back is our topic. Fitness and sports skills have been a big focus this term. The kids are showing vast improvements. The increase in outdoor physical activity is creating a calmer atmosphere in the classroom.

Head Lice are present in our class. Be vigilant, hair tied back, no sharing of hats, regular checking etc. A quick spray with a spray bottle each morning containing a mix of water and lavender or water and eucalyptus is an excellent natural prevention. BB tip for the week - Others can help. If you have a problem you cannot solve alone talk to someone. Cheers, Chris.


Hello everyone,

I trust you enjoyed the long weekend. Nice to see some winter showers on the gardens and lawns last week.

Well done: to Alice Kerr for receiving the random act of kindness last week from the Quota club. Well deserved.

Congratulations: to Eddie and Layla competing in the Clarence Valley Schools Spelling Bee. There were some very challenging words.

Great work: to the girls PSSA netball team who gave all their effort to their game last Tuesday.

Top effort: to the PSSA girls and boys soccer teams who competed very well.

Clay Work: will be happening tomorrow with Melissa Stanford and some Year 9 students from the high school. We look forward to working with this medium.

Reports: are being worked on at present.

Assessment Tasks: are also being conducted in class.

Homework: has been reduced a little this week due to the shorter week.

Cardboard: has been handed out for Poland projects. CWA ladies would like them the end of week 9.

Have a good week. Di



Welcome to week 7 everyone. As you may be aware Book Club is upon us again and you will have the opportunity to purchase a book for your child. All Book Club orders need to be handed to me before Friday 22nd of June. That gives you almost two weeks from now.


This Friday will see the beginning of the schools new WiFi system roll out. There will be technicians coming to our school to view our current WiFi system and wiring so they can map out what work needs to be carried out to install the new system. The new system will bring the school improved internet speeds, extra WiFi routers and also outdoor WiFi points. This will allow students to use iPads and Laptops whilst working on projects in the great outdoors around the school.