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It is great to be back at Iluka Public School after being away last week. Thank you so much to the staff, parents and students who sent me kind words for a speedy recovery after my recent scares.

Mrs Cunningham while in charge, had the privilege of seeing first-hand just what an exciting place it is to work as the Principal. She noted how exciting it is to move about the school and witness some of the wonderful learning activities in place in our classrooms. The powerful learning and the high levels of engagement in reading groups; the hands on delivery and discovery of mathematical concepts; the highly supportive QuickSmart program, where SLSO’s support students in learning their number facts; students engaging with calming mindfulness breathing techniques while transitioning from playground to classroom; the vitality of the music and guitar programs as students consider timing, dynamics, and creativity as they engage in performing musical pieces; the rhythm and percussion in drama with Mandy as students synchronise the use of their bodies to respond to music in body percussion; and our daily PE programs. Iluka Public School is a place where every aspect of learning is touched by the enthusiasm of staff and our students as learners, in every avenue of learning.

students holding award from Lower Clarence Music Eisteddfod

As we now progress through the latter half of this term and while the teachers are working hard on this semester’s reports in readiness to go home on Friday, I would like to take the opportunity to emphasise once again, the importance of our parents and carers as our partners in the education of their children.

Our parent/teacher meetings, interviews, individual education or personal learning plans, our shared phone calls and informal chats in the playground are all important times when we touch base with parents and family members so that we can plan for improved student outcomes and successes in many areas of their growth and development.

Most of our parent and carer contact is to report on and discuss areas of student strength; however, there are times when we need to focus on the challenging conversations about areas of student need and support, or on some occasions, incidents that have occurred. It is during these conversations that it is most important for both our school staff and our parent/carer community to work collaboratively. In particular we like to focus on being responsible, respectful and owning our behaviours. Thankfully, on most occasions, our students are honest and respectful when sharing their perspectives of occurrences.

students holding award from Lower Clarence Music Eisteddfod

In working together, we can support our students to take positive steps forward, to improve in all areas of school and to generalise appropriate behaviours across all environments. It is this commitment and partnership between parents and school that will stand our students in good stead to develop lifelong skills for both learning and living.

Whether it be the choir, a PSSA team or a school walk to the CWA Hall, our students are most often fine ambassadors for our school, showing respectful practices and expressing themselves with courtesy and manners. Whether in the classroom, on the playground or out in the public arena, we are proud of the students of our school and their demeanour. Often, visiting members of other schools and the general community comment favourably on the behaviour of our students—for which you, our parent body, can be proud and certainly we, as staff, are too.

Please note that when students move about in community in their school uniform, before and after school hours, they remain ambassadors for our school. There are many times when a call is made to comment on the favourable manner in which our children present.

We ask that families remind their children of the need to maintain their high standards at all times, as the people around them may be future members of our school community, and we always want their best to be on show.

Have a great week,Phil


Just quickly in other news;

CWA Projects

This Friday morning the CWA ladies will be collecting the Poland Projects. All projects have to be in by this time to be eligible for marking. All students who submit a project are invited to afternoon tea and the presentation of certificates at the CWA Hall on Friday 6 July. Students who do not submit a project will remain at school. Permission notes to walk to the CWA Hall have been sent home.

Athletics Practice

This week the whole school are preparing themselves for the upcoming Athletics Carnival. We are going over the techniques required for long jump, high jump, shot put, relays and discuss. I think it would be a great idea if children in the holidays (under parent supervision) could practice or maintain their fitness in readiness for the sprints and longer endurance runs. The IPS Athletics Carnival is on Thursday and Friday 26 and 27 July. (Week 1 Term 3)


CWA Projects-All students in Kindergarten and Year One have completed their Poland project and will be attending the CWA presentation on Friday 6th July. The variety and quality in the Year One projects is outstanding. Thank you parents/carers for all your assistance with this research project.

Professional Development-This Thursday 28th and Friday 29th June, I will be travelling to Coffs Harbour to attend a professional development course relating to “Effective Reading in the Early Years”. Miss Anderson will be on class during my absence and is very familiar with the students and class routines.

Semester One Reports-Kindergarten and Year One students will take home their Semester One report this Friday. Just a reminder that a C for academic achievement means your child is working within their expected grade level and a for effort means your child is working at a satisfactory level.

Parent-Teacher Meeting-If you would like to discuss your child’s report, please see me to arrange a day and time to meet in the last week of this term.

Health Screening-On Wednesday 4th July the school health nurse will be at our school to conduct hearing and eye sight tests. Unfortunately not every student will be able to be assessed, due to number restrictions. A note will be sent home in your child’s folder informing you as to whether your child will be participating in this screening session. Consent forms were sent out and returned in Term One.


*Please return CWA Poland presentation permission notes by Monday 2nd July.



Hello and welcome to Week 9.

Speaking Topics - This week’s speaking topic is ‘what I do in my spare time’ and next week’s topic is ‘my dream holiday’.

Reports and Interviews - Semester 1 reports will be sent home this Friday. If you would like to discuss your child’s report, please see me to arrange an interview time for Week 10.

Poland Projects - Poland projects are due this Friday 29th June. Some have already started to come in and the quality of the work is outstanding. Every student who brings in a project is then invited to attend the presentation and afternoon tea on the last day of term. A permission note has been sent home. If students do not complete a project, they will remain at school with a supervising teacher.

Class Novel - Students have been listening to a novel in the ‘Totally Twins’ series written by Aleesah Darlison. I selected this book from our library as Aleesah will be visiting our school later this year for an author visit. The class is enjoying the humour in the text so far and is looking forward to her visit.


* Poland projects are due on Friday 29th June

* Permission note to attend Poland presentation and afternoon tea

* Homework, home readers and library bags need to come in on Friday

Have a great week.



Hi everyone,

I was out of class last week for a few days and was very impressed with the feedback from Miss Anderson, on how the class have been working. All students are currently focusing on self regulation.

Reports: will be sent home this Friday. If you would like to discuss your child’s report with me could you please arrange an interview time with myself or with the staff in the office.

CWA projects: are due this week. All students who complete a project are invited to the afternoon tea and presentation held on the last day of term. Any students who do not wish to participate in completing a project will remain at school with a supervising teacher.

World Class Party: Year 3 will be having a world class party on the last Thursday of the term. Each student has been asked to prepare a traditional dish from the country of which they have studied. Separate notes regarding suggestions will be sent home on Friday.

Mathematics: This week we are focusing on division. The students will relate division facts from multiplication tables.

Revision: The students are reminded to revise their Qu