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Congratulations on a very successful second term at our excellent school. We have once again shone on many occasions and we should all be very proud and celebrate our student, staff and community achievements.

Student reports were sent home last Friday. The report gives you the opportunity to view and discuss with your child how Semester 1 has gone. I spent some time last week reading through the reports and analysing the students’ results. Overall, I was pleased with the academic progress that most students have made this semester.

As always, our teachers spend a large number of hours not only writing these but also meeting and discussing assessment data on all students.

Our report format complies with these departmental guidelines. It describes student achievement in each of the subjects taught in all NSW schools. Student achievement in Years 1-6 is reported consistently on a five-point Board of Studies scale, using the A-E descriptions: outstanding, high, sound, basic and limited. The grades tell you how your child is achieving against the material taught in each subject. They are not a pass/fail scale and do not rank your child in their class – there is no predetermined number of students who will achieve any of the achievement levels.

It is very important to remember that these grades are only part of the picture of what your child can do. Your child’s report will also include information about how hard your child has tried, and the teacher’s comments about progress in each subject will add a great deal to your understanding. This variety of information will help you discuss with your child how to provide encouragement and improve progress. Assessment data is collated in an ongoing manner across the Semester.

Please note:

It is widely known that students who attend school regularly are likely to benefit more from their schooling. Department of Education's expectation for attendance is 95% or higher. Below 85% is considered unsatisfactory. Absences were recorded as of Week 8 Term 2 due to printing deadlines.

From Term 3, Miss Anderson will be returning four days a week in team teaching capacity with 5/6, 4/5 and Year 3.

The past two weeks our students in Years K-6 have been busy with Athletics practice. Practice has been a great opportunity for students to be involved in sports they are not usually involved in and we were extremely impressed at the level of participation and the sportsmanship shown throughout the past ten days.

In Week 1 of Term 3 (Thursday and Friday) we will be holding our Primary Athletics Carnival at the Ken Leeson Oval, Iluka. Permission notes are attached to this newsletter. Please return them asap to their classroom teachers. We have also attached the program to the Newsletter. This year, due to class numbers we will once again be combining the infants and primary students for the one carnival. We are looking forward to a very successful carnival which will be an exciting activity to start Term 3.

Our Year 6 students are starting to form connections with staff from their local Maclean High School. Last week Year 6 enjoyed their second transition day. By all accounts it was a big success. The Maclean High School offers wonderful programs including enrichment classes and programs for students requiring additional support.

EARLY NOTICE FOR YOUR DIARIES: Our school’s Open Day during Education Week will be Wednesday August 8. Classrooms will be open for visitors between 11.30 and 12 noon. There will be student displays and a whole school assembly for all grades under our COLA from 12pm to 1.45pm. More details to come next term!

Early next term we have the opportunity to begin meeting and talking with some of our families regarding their kindergarten enrolment for 2019. Our Kinder transition program dates for 2019 are as follows;

Term 3

Orientation Day 1 - Thursday 2 August (Students) 9.00 am - 12.00 noon

Orientation Day 2 - Thursday 16 August (Students) 9.00 am - 12.00 noon

Kindy Expo Evening (Parents only) - Thursday 16 August 4.30 pm Tour of School (optional)

5.00 pm - 6.00 pm Expo

This evening is directed towards parents who do not have children currently at school or are unsure if their child is ready to attend school next year. All parents of 2019 Kindergarten students are welcome to attend and we look forward to seeing you there.

Orientation Day 3 - Thursday 30 August (Students) 9.00 am - 12.00 noon

Term 4

Orientation Day 1 – Thursday 8 November (Students) 9.00 am - 1.30 pm

Orientation Day 2 - Thursday 15 November (Students) 9.00 am - 1.30 pm

Orientation Day 3 - Thursday 22 November (Students) 9.00am - 1.30pm

This year Iluka Public School has once again registered to participate in the NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge.The purpose of the Challenge is to encourage students to participate in sport and physical activity to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Over a ten week period from week one this term we have been monitoring physical activity levels during class time, at recess and lunch as well as during sport lessons. Physical activity outside school hours also counts towards the Challenge award. The aim is to work towards an average at least 60 minutes of activity a day for ten weeks. Each student will record their daily physical activity working towards a Gold class award level. Students completing the Challenge will receive a personalised certificate (Diamond, Gold, Silver or Bronze), signed by the Premier of New South Wales. Physical activity is valued for its physical, social and emotional benefits. It also helps young people to develop communication skills, confidence and resilience. A big thank you to Mrs Cunningham for organising this wonderful opportunity.

Have a happy holiday. I look forward to seeing all students on Tuesday, 24th July.


What a lot of events we have been involved in this term. Enjoy the holidays!

Year One-The holidays is a great time for students to prepare for next term. Students in Year One need to have their own pencil case, coloured pencils, 4 lead pencils and a sharpener on a daily basis.

Excursion-Next term K-2 students will be travelling by bus to the Macadamia Castle at Knockrow for our annual school excursion. Information notes and permission notes will be sent home at the beginning of next term. The cost of the excursion is $25 per child. ($15 entry fee into the Animal Park and $10 for the bus). The school is also subsiding this excursion to keep costs down.



Welcome to Week 10. What a busy term it has been!

Speaking topic - This week’s topic is ‘my dream holiday’.

Poland projects - Well done to all of the students who completed a Poland project. I was impressed by the effort of students and the standard of presentation. We look forward to the presentation and afternoon tea at the hall on Friday.

Excursion - Next term K-2 students will be travelling by bus to the Macadamia Castle at Knockrow for our annual school excursion. Information and permission notes will be sent home at the beginning of next term. The cost of the excursion is $25 per child. ($15 entry fee into the Animal Park and $10 for the bus). The school is also subsiding this excursion to keep costs down.

Reports - Semester One reports went home last Friday. If you would like to meet with me to discuss, please see me to make an appointment.

Home reading - Home reading has been attended to very well this term with many students reaching 100 nights. Any students who have fallen short of this mark can use the holidays as an opportunity to get back on track.

Athletics training - Students have been training hard for a variety of events for the Athletics Carnival to be held in Week 1 next term.


* No homework this week

* Permission note to attend Poland presentation and afternoon tea

* Home readers and library bags need to come in on Friday

Have an enjoyable, restful and safe holiday, so we are all ready for another busy term after the break.



Hi everyone! The students have been working well and are in the process of finishing their final units for the term and I am very impressed with the efforts thus far.

Geography: The students will be presenting their powerpoint presentations on Thursday. They will then experience different cuisines from around the world. A note was sent home last week asking each child to bring in a small plate of food that represents their chosen country of study. I will be providing the cutlery and utensils required for the day. Please note: you do not have to provide enough food for the whole class. They are just going to sample the food. Also it is not a class party activity so please do not send students with chocolate biscuits, chips, lollies etc.

Reports were sent home last Friday. If you would like to meet with me to discuss anything, please feel free to see me to make an appointment.

Poland Projects:Well done to all the students that completed a Poland project. We will be going down to the presentation at the hall on Friday.

Home Reading: Well done to the students who have reached the target of 100 nights reading.Please ensure that home reading continues over the school holidays.

Have a safe and happy holiday. I look forward to working with you all again next term. Bek


Half Yearly Reports went home last Friday. I am readily available to discuss your child’s progress - don’t hesitate to see me to make an appointment or alternatively leave a phone message at the office and I will call you back.

Two of the big ideas this term have been the Bounce Back Program and Physical Activity/Fitness. Both are aimed directly at improving your child’s wellbeing. A quick google search or a look in the dictionary tells us that wellbeing may be described as ‘the state of being comfortable, happy and healthy’. BB is a wide ranging program but does have a specific goal of improving resilience. Fitness this year has included various programs such as cross country running, mixed-age skill development training, aerobics, circus (incorporating gymnastics/dance, fine and gross motor activities) and athletics practice (sprints, starts, discuss, high jump, shot-put, long jump, relays, 800m running).

Congratulations to all students who submitted a Poland project. We will attend the presentation this Friday afternoon at the CWA hall. Well done also to those class members who achieved their 100 nights reading. Don’t despair if you have not made 100 yet - keep reading every night and you can still make it. Stay positive, find books you enjoy - you can do it!

I have enjoyed getting to know your children this term. I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday, Chris.


Hello everyone,

Reports: were sent home on Friday. If you would like an interview to discuss reports please see me.

Athletics Practice: has been occurring to prepare the students for the carnival early next term.

Poland: projects were collected by the CWA ladies last Friday and the presentation will happen at the hall this Friday at 2pm. Permission notes were handed out.

Class Novel: is nearly finished and we have really enjoyed it. We hope to watch it on DVD and compare the differences.

Maths this week: will involve place value and looking at larger numbers and dissecting them to see the value of digits.

Home Reading: has gone extremely well this term. 95% of the class reached the 100 night target which is very commendable. The sharing of individual books has been a real positive. Maintain the great reading over the holidays.

We have had a very productive second term. Now it's time to have a break and recharge the batteries. Stay safe, well and happy! Di


I would like to thank all of the parents and carers who ordered through Book Club again this term. The purchases you made allowed to me buy 15 new books for the library. The new books our library earned from the Book Fair have been flying off the shelves and their have been more students than ever reserving books online at home. I have given students a refresher on how to reserve through their student portal so they should all be capable of doing it either at school or at home,

The STEM projects have almost been competed in the upper grades and they are now creating a stop motion video based around their creations. I recently purchased a new stop motion app that has a huge range of features in it. Many students have even gone home and downloaded the free version to start creating their own videos at home.

I hope everyone has a great 2 weeks off and hopefully all of the students come back to school refreshed, energised and motivated to commit to their learning and growth. Matt.


Is your child missing their lunch box, drink bottle, jumper? Then it may be in our lost property box. Please take the time over the remaining days of this term to reclaim missing items.