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Welcome back to school!

I hope you have all enjoyed the holiday break and that your children are ready for another great term of learning and growing together. 109 children are currently in attendance in our 5 classes. We are particularly excited to welcome our new Year 1 student, Lucas who started today. Lucas has come along to share in the IPS magic. We are delighted that he has joined us!

I look forward to seeing all the children settling into routines with their teachers, the classrooms and playgrounds remaining lovely and friendly, the children happy and the teachers keen to get another exciting 10 weeks underway.

Term 3 will be a busy and productive one at Iluka Public School, starting with our athletics carnival in Week 1. (Please see program attached.) Permission notes for the Carnival were sent home last term and are due to be returned by next Wednesday 25 July. Briefly;

Thursday 27 July - 12 noon.- Students will walk to and from school to the oval. Races include the 200m, minors 400m and 8 years and older 800m races. Students are to wear their school sport uniform.

Friday 28 July - Students will walk to and from this event. All age track 50m and 100m races. Field events also including high jump, long jump, and shot put. Students may wear normal sports uniform OR the house colours green (HICKEY) and yellow (RUSH).

Students on this day should bring:

Lunch, drinking water and snacks for the day (food purchasing will also be available at the oval);

suitable running shoes, a hat and sunscreen;

a jumper or warm jacket, in the event of bad weather;

asthma medication if asthmatic;

Again this term our whole school will continue with weekly Bounce Back sessions. This term children will be participating in a new module which focuses on core and social values. The experiences in this module help children to identify their qualities and strengths, develop skills, respond with a range of strategies and seek support when faced with challenges. During the term I will keep you informed about what is happening with Bounce Back and give you ideas for what you might like to discuss with your child about this.

As well, children will continue to eat their lunch under the COLA before heading outside to play. Please ensure that your child has their broad brim hat , a healthy lunch and a bottle of water to drink.

Education Week is also fast approaching and will be officially celebrated on our Open Day Wednesday 8 August . At Iluka we will be celebrating and taking part in the following events ;

  • 11.00 - Join your child for recess on the grass

  • 11.30 - Classroom visits

  • 11.45 - Library and school grounds

  • 12.00- Choir

  • 12.10 - Class items

  • 12.30- Whole School Assembly

  • 1.00pm - Lunch

A reminder about Camp dates for next term as well:

Year 5 and Year 6 – starts Monday, October 22 to Friday, October 26 at Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre. COST $395

Year 3 and Year 4 – starts Wednesday, October 31 to Friday, 2 November to Coffs Harbour.

COST $195

Just quickly, students are reminded that teacher supervision starts from 8.30 am. Unless it is necessary and has been discussed with the Principal students are not to arrive before this time. Students are to sit at the brown tables and read their books if they arrive before 8.30 am.

All students who arrive late and/or leave early must be signed in/out by parents at the front office where they will be given an attendance slip to take to the teachers.

Bus students are reminded to carry their bus pass each time they travel.The process to update student details (including applying for a new card) can be done online at There have been changes to the regular bus route. Please call Busways if you have any questions or concerns about the school buses.

The school banking program will this term be coordinated by Tracey Johnson. Tracey is volunteering her time on Tuesday mornings to enable this valuable program to continue. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jess and Shane Eddie for their efforts in running this program for our students over the past five years. You will be missed!


We welcome Lucas to our Year One class. Lucas comes to us from Forbes Public School.

CWA Poland Projects-Congratulations to the following students for their winning projects: Kindergarten students 1st prize Jack, 2nd prize Bailey and Year One students 1st Prize Navara, 2nd prize Alby and Highly Commended to Indigo and Kirra-Leigh.

Library Day-This term our library day moves to a Friday. Presently our class rate for returning and borrowing books is 86%. This term we are aiming for 100% each week.To achieve this goal, all students would need to return and borrow library books consistently each week.

K-2 Excursion-An information sheet and permission note relating to our class excursion to the Macadamia Castle Animal Park on Thursday 23rd August was sent home today. The excursion cost is $25 per student.


*Athletics Carnival permission notes are due back at school before Thursday.



Welcome back. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and is ready for the busy term ahead.

K-2 Excursion - Accompanying today’s newsletter is an information sheet and permission note relating to our class excursion to the Macadamia Castle Animal Park on Thursday 23rd August. The excursion cost is $25 per student.

CWA Poland Projects - Congratulations to the following students for their winning projects: 1st place Makenna, Runner Up - Kye and Highly Commended to both Macy and Bryson.


* Athletics Carnival permission notes are due back at school before Thursday.

See you at the Athletics Carnival on Thursday and Friday.

* No homework this week, but let’s get back into good home reading routines.



Hello and welcome back. I hope you all had a rejuvenating holiday.

CWA projects were impressive! Well done to all the students that submitted a project. Congratulations to the two runners up Kobe and Kiani and the first place recipient Tandia.

Library Day has now moved to Mondays this term.

Miss Anderson I am happy to announce that Miss Anderson will be joining the class on Thursdays. She will be showcasing her skills in Art and Science, while I concentrate on working with small groups.

Home Reading needs to be completed each night. We are aiming for 150 nights this term. Journals are to be submitted on Mondays.

Prepared Please ensure that your child has all the necessary stationery.

Athletics Carnival permission notes are due back at school before Thursday.

Deposit for the Coffs Harbour excursion is required, as we are finalising numbers. If you have any concerns please come in and see myself or Mr Bradmore.

Home work will commence next week.

Have a great week Bek


Hello everyone and welcome back for Term 3.

Athletics carnival is this week. On Thursday we walk to the oval at approximately 12:30pm. Our class compete in the 200m and 800m. Friday is the whole school all day carnival. Students can wear their house colours on Friday. Notes must be returned please.

Homework this week is getting back into the routine of Home Reading AND filling out Journals every night. Homework is due back on Friday this term.

Miss Anderson will be Team Teaching with me every Wednesday. This is a fabulous opportunity to focus on areas of need in smaller groups. We are very lucky to have this opportunity.

Library and STEM continue on Monday with Mr Jones. Tuesdays also continue with Mr Jones.

Our class theme for this term is Australian History with a focus on Exploration.

Camp is coming up quickly in Term 4. Notes went home last term. Please return these asap (or get a new one from the office) as we need confirmed numbers. If there are any concerns regarding camp please speak to me or Mr Bradmore now.

It has been awesome to hear of families using the language of the Bounce Back Program introduced at school last term. This term the program focus is Core Values and Social Values.

CWA Projects - Well done to all the students that submitted a project. Congratulations to the following students for their winning projects: Year 4 students, 1st prize -Thomas, Runner up - Hudson and Year Five students, Runner up Mythias and Highly Commended to Caitlyn.

Cheers, Chris.


Welcome back to Term 3! I trust that you had time to spend with your children doing some important life skills. It would have been a lovely time to catch up and chat about things happening in the present. Communication is very important.

Miss Anderson: will be working in the 5/6 room on a Monday and Tuesday in conjunction with me. We will be team teaching and with a large class this will improve the teacher/pupil ratio.

Homework: will commence today. It is minimal homework that is manageable for everyone and is due back in class next Friday.

Home Reading: logs need to be filled out nightly… or in the morning. We are aiming for 150 nights / 200 nights. Keep up the really consistent effort.

New Class Novel: will commence this week. It is called ‘Hitler’s Daughter’.

Maths: work will consist of looking at fractions, decimals and percentages and how they relate to one another. We will find percentages of amounts as well as fractions of groups.

Essential Class Items: are very important. Please check to see that your child has all the necessary stationery.

CWA Projects: Congratulations to the following students for their winning projects: Year 5 - 1st prize Akaysha, and Year Six students, 1st Prize Shahla, Runner up, Layla and Highly commended to Millie.

Looking forward to a productive term. Di


Welcome back to school, I hope everyone had a well deserved mid year break. Looking at the calendar it is very clear that it is going to be another very busy term. If you would like to know about upcoming events in the school it is all accessible on our school's website. There is a calendar on the home page or you can navigate to the calendar page to view the upcoming events.

Book Club will be handed out to student’s this week if you would like to purchase a new book for your child. There have been many parents and carers using LOOP which is fantastic. LOOP, the Linked Online Ordering & Payment platform, allows parents to order and pay for your child's Book Club requirements in one simple online process. LOOP orders are linked to our school and our Book Club Ordering Group. Orders sit pending until I submit the final school order to us. If parents want to pay by credit card for online Book Club orders, LOOP makes it easy! Orders will be submitted safe and sound to schools, eliminating the need for paper order forms.


MONDAY - Yr 3 and Yr 4/5


FRIDAY - K/1 and Yr 2

iPad Expressions of Interest

The school is currently looking into upgrading our set of 30 class iPads to the newest version. If this occurs, we will be possibly selling our older model iPads to members of the community for around about $50 per device. The current ipads we have at the school are the iPad 2 model and they limit us from running the newest iOS 11 software on them. Whilst majority of the apps in the App store still are compatible with the iPads we have at school, there are some that will not work such as specific coding and robotics apps. This is the reason for the upgrades.

The school is hoping that there may be enough expressions of interest for the sale of our older iPads. Each iPad will be restored back to their factory settings and will also come with the bumper cases which are valued at around $30. The iPads have never been removed from their cases and are in full working order. The iPads also come with a charger.

If you would be interested in the opportunity to purchase one of these iPads from the school could you please let Mr Bradmore, Mr Jones or the office know of your interest.

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