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Hi everyone,

There is a great opportunity to be part of your child’s education this week.

As indicated previously, Iluka Public School will have its Open Day on Wednesday 8 August (tomorrow). The itinerary for the day is as follows:

11.00 – 11.30

Please arrive at this time if you wish to share recess with your child on the grass or join the staff for morning tea under the set up marquees.

11:30 am – 12.00 Classroom Visits

During this time parents will be able to visit classrooms, the Library, the Computer Lab, the Learning and Support Room, Music Room and the Horticultural Area. Students may accompany their parents or visitors on walking around the school to look at these areas.

12.00 – Whole School Assembly

Each class will present an item or a performance on the school stage during the Whole School Assembly. Seating will be available for parents and visitors. Students will be seated at the front of the stage.The Choir will perform as well as CWA Polish Dancers.

1.15 – Conclusion

Parents and community members are encouraged to complete a short survey about the school. Your honest feedback and comments would be most appreciated. We look forward to many of our parents helping to celebrate Open Day with us.

Last Friday, fifty students represented our school at the Small School Athletics Carnival again on one of those smokey, warm winter days that we have been having. What a great day was had.Thank you to all our hard working teachers, parent helpers, Mark, Tom and supporters. Your presence was greatly appreciated. The day ran smoothly and it was wonderful to see so many children participating and maybe surprising themselves on the results achieved.

Results - Thomas E. – Junior Boy Champion, Emma K.- Junior Girls Runner Up, Eddie C. - 11Yr Boys Runner Up, Ella O’Keefe - 11Yr Girls Runner Up and Luke G. – Senior Boys Runner Up.

We are delighted that Jackson R has rejoined his Year 4/5 classmates.

Last Tuesday marked just over 107 days of Kindergarten and it also marked the first of our Kindy Orientation days. It was amazing to see just how far all the Kindy students had progressed in such a short time as they stood alongside the excited group of 13 preschoolers. Congratulations to all our kinder students! You are certainly going very well. Well done to the preschoolers also. I had the privilege of saying hello and you all are amazing.

This leads on…

This term we have commenced the organisation for next year. I am asking that if you have not already done so and intend to enrol a student for 2019, please do so as soon as possible. If you know of someone who is not part of our Iluka Preschool community, but intends to enrol a child, ask them to do so as well.

Yesterday, the boys PSSA Touch team played against the Yamba PS. Students had lots of fun playing and enjoyed the contest. Iluka fought competitively and have made solid progress having only played for a season. We tried really hard but Yamba were too strong on the day.Thank you Mrs Cunningham for your coaching and for giving up your time at lunchtime for training and to Miss Lisa for your assistance in transportation.Goodluck to the girls PSSA Touch Team when they head to Alstonville to play on Monday.

Please remember that School Banking is completed at school by Tracey Johnson.Thank you for volunteering your time in helping students at Iluka PS

Thank you to Jess and Shane Edie and the boys for your help over the past five years as the banking coordinator.

Thank you to the parents and carers who are making great use of the morning Kiss and Drop Zone outside the school front gate. Traffic is now much safer and a little quicker too. Well done.

Due to Open Day a Whole School Assembly will not be held this Friday.

See you tomorrow. Phil


Open Day-Come along and view the array of curriculum work samples on display and see first hand how Kindergarten / Year One learning is differentiated. Music-Last Friday, during our “Music Alive” lesson, we commenced our learning about percussion instruments and began exploring how to make different sounds on various percussion instruments. In the coming weeks, students will be learning to play a variety of percussion instruments as well as learning to read a music score and create their own music.

Homework-Year One students re-commence their maths mental work this week. Maths homework will be handed out on Monday and will be due back at school on Friday.

Macadamia Castle Animal Park Excursion-The program selected for our students to participate in at the animal park is ‘Hair, Hair Everywhere’. This program is a unique opportunity for our students to explore animal body coverings and animal groups through a range of interactive and multi-sensory experiences.


*Banking day is Tuesday. We thank Tracey (Kirra-Leigh’s mum) for taking on the role of our new student banking coordinator.

*Please return permission note and $25 per student for Macadamia Castle Animal Park excursion.



Speaking Topics - News has re-commenced for the term. Students are required to deliver a speech on the weekly topic that goes for no longer than 2 minutes. They may bring along props or digital presentations to make their speech more interesting. This week’s topic is ‘ a bird I like’ and next week’s topic is ‘something from the environment/natural object’.

Open Day - Please join us in our Education Week celebrations on Wednesday for Open Day. Festivities commence at 11am. There will be the opportunity to visit classrooms and other locations around the school, followed by an assembly with students showcasing their talents.

Macadamia Castle - Thank you to the parents who have returned the permission note and $25 for the Macadamia Castle excursion. The program selected for our students to participate in at the animal park is ‘Hair, Hair Everywhere’. This program is a unique opportunity for our students to explore animal body coverings and animal groups through a range of interactive and multi-sensory experiences.

Library - Students will again attend the library on Monday next week rather than Friday. This is to accommodate staffing changes and extracurricular activities involving other classes the school. The library day should return to the usual day of Friday in Week 5.


  • Banking on Tuesdays

  • Homework is due on Friday

  • Library will be on Monday next week

  • Macadamia Castle note and money

Have a lovely week.



Hi everyone,

The class is absolutely humming along!

English:The students are excited as we start our first whole class text ‘The Twits’. They are also doing some fantastic work using Onomatopoeia words.

Homework: Most of the students were enthusiastic about completing their homework and overall the majority submitted their work. If at any time your child does not know how to complete a given task, they are to come and talk to me so I can help them. I definitely do not want homework to be a dilemma or struggle. Homework was revised and sent home yesterday. It needs to be completed and returned on Friday.

Library: Due to extra curricular activities with PSSA Touch Football. Library and STEM with Mr Jones will be on Friday’s for the next two weeks.We will return to Monday Library on the 20th of August. Students did get the opportunity to change their Library books yesterday.

Open Day: Tomorrow is Education Day and it is a great opportunity for you to come in and see how our class works. You can have a look at some work samples and also interact with some of our daily activities. You will also be entertained when they perform some impromptu Drama with Mandy.

Have a great week. Bek


G’day everyone and firstly apologies for our class news missing last week - gremlins in the system!

Congratulations to all participants at both the school and the small schools carnivals. Also to the boys PSSA Touch yesterday in Yamba - well done to all for having a go.

CAMP notes are due back now. If you need a new one please collect it from the office. Part payment is most welcome.

HOMEWORK this term goes out on Monday and due back on Friday please.

Home Reading is essential - I cannot stress enough how beneficial this activity is for children. If your child is not reading at home please see me and I will help them find a novel they might enjoy.

Library and STEM on Monday. Please encourage your child to borrow from the library. Mr Jones has been steadily restocking the shelves with some fantastic books for all ages and abilities.

Bounce Back this term focuses on values: what are they and how can we instill them in our own and our children’s life. Our first Core Value is Acceptance of Difference.

Open Day is tomorrow from 11:15am. Please join your child and encourage them to show you around at recess, in the classroom, library, sustainability area, watch their performance and stay on for the assembly - if you can.

Thank you, Chris.


Hello Everyone,

What a dry winter we are having. Our poor farmers are not doing it very easy!

PSSA Boys Touch: well done on your efforts yesterday. You did the best job that you could do on the day.

Homework: is an expected part of our weekly routine that we must attend to. It is very reasonable the work that I give and is due at the end of the week.

Maths: over the last week has involved finding fractions of amounts, working out missing numbers in number sentences, volume and identifying parts of the circle.

Writing: has concentrated on explanations. This text type is directly connected to science and is utilised quite a bit at high school.

Class novel: time is always enjoyable. We are well into our new text: “Hitler’s Daughter” and have started some exercises in conjunction with the text.

Open Day: is tomorrow and I’m hoping that lots of parents will be able to visit our classroom and join our assembly and presentation of items.

See you tomorrow, Di.


Hello everyone. I really hope everyone's home reading is going well. Lucy is very happy with her progress in her reading, she made the 190 nights reading milestone yesterday. She is loving her stories and is constantly walking over with new books from her collection to read.


Book Club will be ordered next week so f you plan on ordering a book for your child either drop your order into the office or get your child to drop it to me in the library. Alternatively you can use the online LOOP system which is very straightforward and easy.


As mentioned in the previous newsletter, the response for the purchasing of our older model iPads has been overwhelming. Many families have requested more than one iPad and this has pushed the number of interests past the 30 iPad mark. After an executive meeting we have decided on what we think is the fairest way to sell the iPads. Here is the process in clear and concise steps:

  1. The first round of iPads will be sold in the order of when you requested them. We have been recording the order number as you have called in your interest.

  2. Each family will receive one iPad per family for the first round.

  3. If there are still iPads left after round 1 we will then go back to the top of the list if you requested more than one.

  4. We will continue this process until all iPads are sold.

  5. iPads will only be sold when new iPads arrive and are on school system.

Conditions of sale

  • $50 cash must be handed over when iPad is picked up.

  • No laybys will be accepted at all.

  • The school will not provide technical support.

  • The first round of iPads will come with a charger, however following rounds may not.

  • The iPad will be restored back to factory settings. This means there will be no apps on the iPad and you will need to set the iPad up with your own iTunes account.


Monday of Week 5 this term will see the commencement of “Book Week”. During Book Week students will be visiting the town library on Wednesday 22nd August and the whole school will be involved in the Book Parade on Tuesday 21st August between 9:00am - 10:00am. Students are encouraged to come to school dressed as their favourite book character. You may want to start thinking about some characters your child may be interested in dressing up us. Each child that dresses up or attempts to dress up for the parade will be given a ticket into the lucky door prize that will be drawn at the conclusion of the parade.


The Poppa platoon in world war chew

Major Poppa, Abbie, and her little brother Flynn are on a mission at the Royal Show. They must enter The Showbag Pavilion, fight their way through crowds, defeat powerful enemies, and somehow get to the other side to buy a Chunky Choco Cherry Chew Showbag. Will The Poppa Platoon win this battle?