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SAS Staff Recognition Week

This week we officially celebrate and recognise the work of our SAS staff. The SAS staff are the staff that work hard in the office, in the school grounds and supporting the teachers in the classroom setting. Recognition Week is an opportunity to show these valuable staff members that they are appreciated for the important roles they play within the school. On your behalf I say thank you for all the work you do at Iluka Public School.

Principal News

I cannot believe that we have passed the halfway mark of the term already! With all the activities, events, work and learning going on at Iluka Public School time certainly is rushing by.

This week we have had many students away with sickness, colds and coughs. I am hoping that you are soon on the ‘mend’. Nevertheless, here is how the week grew wings.

Monday Morning started off with our four tennis superstars heading into Maclean. Our students played very well and were placed fifth overall. This is a fantastic achievement and I congratulate the team. Mr Jurd was also impressed by the quality of the tennis our students played both in the singles and doubles. Well done to Tom, Emma, Eddie and Decoda.

Then on Tuesday we had two teachers and an executive member travel to Ballina to attend a Professional Learning Literacy and Numeracy workshop. I am always impressed by our staff who continually wish to update their skills, knowledge and teaching pedagogy. I am also always pleased to hear great stories coming from our casual teachers who report on what a wonderful school we have.

On Wednesday our small but active P & C organised a Fathers’ Day stall. The stall allowed all students a chance to buy something for their special dad, grandfather, pop, step-dad or whoever the father figure is in their lives!

Prices of gift items ranged from $1 to $5. Thank you Lisa, Tanika and Karla for your help.

A big thank you must go to all our 2019 Kindergarten class who attended our third Orientation morning on Thursday. This is undoubtedly an exciting time for our new students and it was great to again welcome them to ‘big school’ and to see bright, new happy faces. If you missed the day and are looking for information about enrolment for your child please see the friendly office staff in the office. Our 2019 Kinder enrolments have been open for the past two months and it is essential that we have knowledge of who will be attending our school. The Transition program will again operate in Weeks 2, 4 and 6 of Term 4. Thank you Miss Essery for your thorough organisation.

Fathers’ Day celebrations continued on Friday when the school hosted a Breakfast BBQ at Iluka. Staff celebrated with our Dads, Daddys, Granddads, Pappas, Guardians. Families also came along for delicious Egg and Bacon rolls or BBQ mushrooms on a roll. Coffee and Tea was also served followed by games of tennis. A big thank you to Chris , Matt and Lisa for cooking and serving. Thank you to Lyn R for organising and catering for the event. Again we all stepped up to help make our morning a success.

And finally… (while we catch our breath),

Yesterday, we wished good luck to our spelling champions as they headed into Maclean to participate in the Premier’s Spelling Bee. All our students did an exceptional job as it is a very difficult task spelling unknown words in front of an audience. Congratulations to Oceane and Kiani from Stage 2, and Eddie and Layla from Stage 3. Please join with me in congratulating them for their efforts. We are very proud of your hard work in preparing for the contest. Thank you to Miss Lisa for transporting students to and from the event.

Then tomorrow, our boys cricket team play Westlawn PS in the 5th round of the PSSA State Knockout at Iluka. Our thanks to Mr Newman for coaching and our parents for their support. Good luck to our team who have prepared to the best of our time and ability. The winner of this game will progress to the Regional finals.

Phew … what a week! Before I sign off can I please thank Mr Jones. Mr Jones has been thinking thoughtfully and carefully about how he sees the library operating to its full potential. Mr Jones has quietly gone about making subtle changes that have made it more appealing and easier to borrow. New furniture and a computer kiosk into the future will add further interest in the library. Please stop by and check it out.

Last but not least, can I please congratulate Karla Morrison and her small team in the tuck shop. On Friday I received a letter from Department Of Premier and Cabinet congratulating the school on becoming a certified “Healthy School Canteen’. A lot of hard work has gone on in achieving such an important milestone. Hopefully, a healthy canteen means that our students are more likely to develop healthy eating habits that will have a long-term impact on improving their lives.By the way, the school is very grateful to all those parents who have assisted over the year on our tuck shop. Helpers are also still required and appreciated. Karla is often seeking parents who might be available to assist at short notice. If you can spare a Monday or Friday between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm you would be made most welcome.

Have a great week.



New Class Members Arrive-After two weeks of taking care of the eggs in the incubator, the students arrived at school this morning to chirping sounds coming from the incubator. It is with great joy that our class can announce the safe arrival of our baby chickens. The students will now have the opportunity to care for the baby chicks over the coming weeks.

Independent Skills-It is always pleasing to see students in Kindergarten and Year One walking through the school gates by themselves, organising their personal belongings without prompting or assistance. This gaining of independence flows back into the classroom in terms of confidence, development of independent thinking skills and the ability to work on set tasks without constant adult support. Developing independent skills is important for all student learning from Kindergarten to Year Six, and beyond.


*Permission note and money ($5) for the author (Aleesah Darlison) visit on Wednesday 12th September are now due.

*Please return all notes, permission notes and money in your child’s communication folder.



Speaking topics - Week 7: a famous artist and Week 8: an interesting picture (It could be a drawing, photo, artwork, something created by the student or created by someone else).

Writing focus - From now until the end of term we are focusing on writing narratives, which are fiction/made up stories. Our spelling words this week relate to this focus also and include the names of the necessary components of a narrative. Feel free to ask your child what the orientation, complication and resolution are, but keep in mind it is early days. Next week, we have an award-winning author, Aleesah Darlison, visiting our school and she will be conducting a narrative writing workshop with the class.

Ukulele lessons - Today we commenced our ukulele lessons with Mrs Couper. I look forward to seeing the students progress over the following weeks.


* Aleesah Darlison author visit - note and $5

* Homework, home readers and library books are due on Friday

* Bank books are collected on Tuesday

Have a great week!



Hi everyone,

Premier’s Spelling Bee- Congratulations to Kiani and Oceane for participating in the Premier’s Spelling Bee. You both did a terrific job progressing to the third and fourth rounds. Well done!

Ukulele Lessons- The students commenced ukulele lessons this afternoon with Mrs Couper. These lessons will continue each Tuesday.

Homework- is sent home every Monday and needs to be returned on Friday. We revise the homework before it goes home to ensure understanding. If your child is having difficulties, I encourage them to seek my assistance.

Reading- The whole class text over the next few weeks is “Tashi” written by Anna Fienberg. I am really impressed with the students progress in reading. It is evident that they are becoming more fluent and confident when reading aloud in front of the class.

Buzzers- As I am sure most of you are aware that I have purchased some buzzers for the classroom. The students really enjoy using them and it has given me great insight in their learning allowing a quick assessment of what information they have obtained during a lesson.

Aleesah Darlison- the author is visiting the school next week, the students will have the opportunity to participate in an explicit narrative writing workshop. The school has subsidised the visit and reduced the cost to $5 per student. Please ensure notes and money are returned as soon as possible.

Have a great week!



Hi everyone. Today is so exciting as the kids begin to learn the ukulele with Mrs Couper! They will no longer have to suffer Mr Speirs and his inferior recorder skills.

A few reminders: Next week we have our Author Visit. This includes a creative writing workshop. Notes and money due now please. Touch Gala Day note and money also due. Thank you.

It is great to see more students regularly completing homework. Keep it up. (Reading at home should be the priority). Bounce Back this week moves onto Kindness: this unit focuses on what we can do for others including support, encourage, care, listen and be patient. Discussion continued in class yesterday about last week’s topic - Fairness. The take home point from the unit is we have a choice about getting stressed and upset when something is unfair. One strategy to reduce these negative feelings is to think of the issue from the other person’s perspective. Not easy to do - but helpful nonetheless. Bye for now, Chris.


Hello everyone and welcome to Week 7.

Premier’s Spelling Bee - Congratulations to Eddie and Layla for participating in the Premier’s Spelling Bee. You both did a terrific job. Well done!

Ukulele Lessons - The students participated in their first ukulele lesson this afternoon with Mrs Couper. These lessons will continue each Tuesday.

Aleesah Darlison - Next week, award winning author, Aleesah Darlison, will be visiting Iluka Public School. This is an excellent opportunity and all students are expected to attend. Students will participate in a narrative writing workshop with Aleesah Darlison.


  • Homework due on Friday

  • Home reading journals due on Thursday

  • Author Visit note and $5 payment

  • Touch Football note and $5 payment

Have a great week.



The new look library is slowly getting there and should be completed by the end of the term. Library borrowing and returning has picked up over the last few weeks which is great to see.


Last week the K, 1 and 2 students were given the opportunity to be involved in a STEM activity called pasta towers built with marshmallows. They were very creative in their designs and all the students worked well with their partners to achieve the desired outcome.

This week the year 4,5,6 students will begin construction on their early settlers hut. Photos of their completed huts will be posted the website.


We are still waiting for the delivery of the cases for our new iPads. This is why it is taking so long to get the old iPads to families that have put their name down for one. The entire 30 iPads have been assigned to families so we will not be taking any more names for iPads. We apologise for the delay.