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The final Whole School Assembly for the term will be held on Friday 28 September starting at the special time of 9.00 am. After the assembly I invite any parents, grandparents or carers to join me for a cup of tea, or coffee under the COLA.

Last week proved to be another fun and exciting week at Iluka Public School. It was wonderful to walk around the school and see our students engaging in so many varied learning opportunities. From ukulele and singing, to writing workshops and PSSA sport in between, Iluka Public School certainly had a great feel to it. We are extremely lucky to have such dedicated and committed staff who organise wonderful learning activities for our students. We are also grateful for our school community who continually get behind our initiatives.

The tuckshop on Monday had wonderful donations supplied by Year 2 families and arrived ready to sell. When the roller doors opened delicious smells wafted on to the COLA. Thank you so much parents and carers for your support. This is another way which exemplifies the caring parents we have at our school. A special mention must go to Karla and her team who do a fantastic job in the kitchen week in and week out.

On the Tuesday as part of the school’s Creative Arts Program, Miss Couper completed wonderful work for all classes. Under her guidance, students are learning the chords and singing songs using the ukulele. We would like thank her for the opportunity we have been given.

Thank you also to the year 5 and 6 parents and year 3 and 4 parents for contributing regular payments for the upcoming excursions. The Lake Ainsworth excursion and Coffs Harbour trip are in the first three weeks of Term 4. We appreciate your payment for the activities and for the cost of buses. On Friday, camp information including required medical details went home for the Lake Ainsworth excursion. Please ensure you read and complete this online requirement. If you require any assistance in completing the form please come in to school and we will help you.

Over the past few weeks students have been enjoying using more and more sport equipment. As you are aware, we recently received our Coles Sports equipment. This equipment has been put to good use by our Junior and Senior students during Daily PE and at lunch times.

Thank you also to Mrs Cunningham who has graciously given up her lunchtime to run coaching sessions for our up and coming touch gala day teams. Again, permission notes and all the details about this day was sent home last Thursday.

Last month our families put in a huge effort for the Book Week Parade. I know our students and teachers very much appreciated the variety of costumes that were on parade that Tuesday morning. We loved the fact that their choices reflected their deep love of reading. With this in mind, we remind again and ask that each parent or caregiver consistently give just 10 minutes of their time each night to listen to their child read (aloud) and to complete the Home Reading Journal. Reading and listening will enable you to share with in your child’s experiences. We are aiming for your child to achieve 200 nights and for some students even closer to 300.

Have a great week, Phil


Congratulations to our 4 students who represented the Small Schools at the PSSA North Coast Zone Athletics Championships held at Lismore. What a fantastic meet it was for Emma. Emma for a 9 year old, stepped up against older students (which may have been daunting in itself), but then placed first in the shot put event which was brilliant. Emma prepared herself well giving up time after school to regularly practice and was rewarded for her efforts with a blue ribbon. Congratulations also to other Iluka Public School athletes who also had outstanding performances; Mia placed seventh in the shotput James who narrowly missed a ribbon in the discus and Eddie jumped a very commendable 3.75 metres. GARDENING CLUB

The Gardening Club, last week coordinated by Mrs Cunningham and Mrs Meyers from the office, met at lunchtime with about six students keen to keep the good work started by Mrs Howard. Together, they picked the vegetables that were ready for eating, prepared some new beds ready for planting and tidied and weeded the patches. The coordinators spent time teaching the students how to take care of our gardens and the seasons that we plant different types of vegetables. We will soon be planting a variety of different plants and vegetables. This will include snow peas, flowers, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, beetroot, carrots and mint. The school thanks Mrs Cunningham and Mrs Meyers very much. We are lucky enough at our school to have staff willing to give up their lunch time to keep this area looking great.


On behalf of the P&C we thank you so much for the funds raised so far towards our Colour Run. Could I please remind parents and students collecting funds that parents should accompany students when going door to door to gather sponsorships.Thank you for your support.


Thursday the 27th of September, the whole school will travel by bus to Shark Bay for NAIDOC Day. During the day students will participate in a variety of activities and will have a picnic lunch. Each family is asked to supply a savoury or sweet plate of food for the students to share at lunch time. Some popular ideas from past years have included: croissants, rice paper rolls, sandwiches and wraps, rice and pasta dishes, mini quiches, chicken wings, crepes, cookies, fruit, lamingtons, cakes and tarts. As we will be out at Shark Bay, we will not be able to heat any food so please only send food items that can be eaten cold. There will be large eskies with ice provided in order to keep all food cold until lunch time. Each student will also need to bring a plate or bowl and a fork and spoon in a plastic bag. There is no water supply at Shark Bay so please ensure your child has enough water for the entire day. They do get quite thirsty while participating in the games and activities that are planned. All permission notes and $3 bus fee need to be returned as soon as possible to ensure your child can attend. There will be no staff at school on this day.


Assessments-Student assessments in various curriculum areas will be conducted in class this week and next week. It is important that students are at school to participate in these assessment tasks, unless sick.

Personal Development/Health-This term our class has been learning about the core value of honesty and the social value of kindness, in our ‘Bounce Back’ program. The students have been set tasks to show kindness to others through compliments and acts of kindness, both at home and at school. We are currently talking about ‘filling up our own and other people’s buckets’ - how to make ourselves and others feel good about themselves. We are creating a ‘fill up my bucket’ display in the classroom. I would be appreciative of any feedback from parents and carers of compliments/acts of kindness your child may have shown at home. Just write a short note explaining how your child ‘filled up your bucket’. This note will then be added to our classroom display.


*Return permission note and $3 for NAIDOC Day.

*P&C 10c coin collection continues. Thank you for your contributions and support in this class challenge.



Welcome - We extend a warm welcome to Tyrone and his family. We all hope you settle into our wonderful little school and community quickly.

Speaking topics - Week 9: favourite foods and Week 10: favourite music

Narrative Writing - Students thoroughly enjoyed the writing workshop with author Aleesah Darlison last week and have now been applying their newly acquired knowledge to strengthen their writing skills. Thank you for supporting this worthwhile visit.

Head lice - A number of families have reported that head lice have been detected in their child’s hair. Please be vigilant in checking and treating your child’s hair on a regular basis.Thank you.


* NAIDOC notes and $3 for the bus

* Homework, home readers and library books are due on Friday

* Bank books are collected on Tuesday

* The P&C 10c coin collection continues this week.

Have a great week!



Hi everyone! I am really happy with the overall progress the students are making particularly in reading. I can see the effort they are putting in at home, practising reading aloud. They are very enthusiastic in sharing their accomplishments in class. Keep up the great work.

Homework- There has also been a significant improvement with the submission of homework last week. I am delighted that the students are able to complete the set tasks independently. If they are unsure how to complete the homework, I encourage them to come and see me for assistance.

Touch Football- The class have learnt the rules of Touch Football and practised the skills. They are now looking forward to participating in their first Touch Football Gala Day this Friday at Yamba. I wish them all the best.

Literacy- We have started a new class text “Sadako” . The students are thoroughly enjoying learning the journey of this brave little Japanese girl.

NAIDOC Day- Permission notes went home last week for our traditional Naidoc Day at Shark Bay. Please ensure that the note and money is returned to school ASAP.

Have a great week!



Hi everyone, I hope you are keeping well. Firstly a big congratulations to Mia who made the Final and came 7th overall in shot put at Regionals! Well done Mia!

The Writing Workshop last week was very valuable on many fronts: meeting a professional in their field, listening to someone who has followed their passion since school and now gets paid to keep doing it, and participating in a workshop which gave the kids expert tips on planning and preparing their own creative writing. Thank you Aleesah Darlison for coming to our school.

Homework this week is a bit different - creative writing! I look forward to reading your stories on Friday kids, good luck. Keep up the Home Reading - it is singularly the most important thing to do at home (other than eat, sleep and be kind to each other.)

Most students are attending Touch Football in Yamba this Friday. The bus is leaving school at 9:00am - participation and sportsmanship are the goals for the day.

NAIDOC Day celebration is next Thursday at Shark Bay. All students must bring a plate of food to share for lunch. Notes and $3 for bus due back, thank you. Cheers for now, Chris.


Hello everyone and welcome to Week 9.

Speaking Topic- This week all students will be presenting their ‘My Favourite Place’ piece of writing to the class. This is an assessment that all students are required to complete. I have been impressed with the quality of work thus far.

Class Text- We have finished reading ‘My Place’ by Nadia Wheatley. Students will now complete a variety of associated tasks over the next week and a half.

Touch Gala Day- The Touch Football Gala Day is on this Friday. Please ensure your child has returned their permission note and payment in order for them to attend. Any students not participating in the gala day will spend the day with one of the other classes.


  • NAIDOC notes and $3 payment for the bus

  • Home readers are due this Thursday

  • Bank books are collected on Tuesday

  • The P&C 10c coin collection continues this week.

Have a great week


LIBRARY / TECHNOLOGY Library Makeover Progress The new look library is still coming along slowly. I am hoping to purchase some new furniture within the next few weeks with possibly some help from the P & C. Reserving Books from Home I have been teaching students across the classes how they can view, reserve and review books from our library online through their student portal. This has got many students excited to borrow more books from the library and also discover books they may not be aware of. Below is a breakdown of the instructions that students need to follow if they wish to use this service from their home computer or tablet. 1. Go to the website and in the top right corner log into the student portal 2. The student will put in their username and password that they use to log onto a computer at school 3. Once you are in the student portal you then go to the learning header and under that locate the option which says My School Library (Oliver) 4. The schools library system will then load and they can then browse, reserve, rate and review books from within the system. iPad Sale Update The good news is that the new iPad cases have arrived and I have begun cleaning and wiping all data off the old iPads. This means if you were one of the 30 people that put their name down for an iPad, you will be getting a phone call before the end of the term to come and collect your iPad. The goal is to have all new iPads on the system before the start of the holidays and all the old iPads in the hands of their new owners. New WiFi All of our new Wifi upgrade equipment has been delivered to the school which means that the installation should commence soon to the schools WiFi upgrade. This will allow students to use WiFi in our outdoor learning spaces such as under the Cola and also down on the oval when film making or using augmented reality apps on the iPads. The current schools Wifi system has been somewhat frustrating over the years as it has its limitations to its speed and usability. I am hoping this new upgrade fixes these issues and makes using wireless devices a more pleasant experience for the students and the teachers.