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THAT'S A WRAP FOR TERM 3 - Week 10 Newsletter


Celebrate the successes!

Today we will see NAPLAN reports going home to Year 3 and Year 5 students. It is important to recognise the effort and progress that has been displayed towards our student’s learning. The NAPLAN report time is a time to reflect on the last nine months of learning, celebrate successes and plan for the future. It is the conversations you have with your child (rather than the ones held outside of this,) that will help shape your understanding of your child’s progress over the past three terms. I encourage all families to contact their child’s teacher or myself if any clarification or support is needed regarding your child’s NAPLAN report. We are proud to be partners in your child’s learning, alongside you as your child’s teacher.

We have high expectations of each and every one of our students and we will always challenge them to achieve beyond their best. We thank you for your support in this journey and are humbled to be partners in learning with you, your child and your family.

Thank you again for your trust and support.

This week is our final week of Term 3. We will have a special whole school assembly on Friday morning, 28 September commencing at 9.05 am. During the whole school assembly I will give all our students their ‘homework’ for the holidays. Homework for everyone will be to have a rest and have at least one day at home. Another part of the homework will be that each and every one of us will help at home by doing at least five extra things a day for Mum, Dad or our Carers. It might be setting the table, perhaps unpacking the dishwasher, washing or drying the dishes, walking the dog, or helping to cook dinner. Also, please make sure you supervise screen time and try to keep it to a minimum. There is overwhelming evidence now of the detrimental effect of unsupervised screen time on young developing minds and eyes. Please be aware of what your child is doing online and how long they are spending on a screen each day. Try to have some screen free days.

Thank you to all those families who have given us such great support this term. Teachers and myself have met with many parents and our most successful outcomes are achieved when we all work together with a common goal – our students! Next term we are looking forward to even more productive and positive working relationships.


Just a reminder that Naidoc Day will be this Thursday 27th of September. All students will travel by bus to Shark Bay to be involved in a variety of Indigenous inspired activities throughout the day. Students will be involved in Gunyah building, beach games and Aboriginal art and craft. To add to the excitement of this enjoyable day all the students will be part of a whole school picnic lunch. Each family is asked to supply a savoury or sweet plate of food for the students to share at lunch time. Some popular ideas from past years have included: croissants, rice paper rolls, sandwiches and wraps, rice and pasta dishes, mini quiches, chicken wings, crepes, cookies, fruit, lamingtons, cakes and tarts. As we will be out at Shark Bay, we will not be able to heat any food so please only send food items that can be eaten cold. There will be large eskies with ice provided in order to keep all food cold until lunch time. Each student will also need to bring a plate or bowl and a fork and spoon in a plastic bag. There is no water supply at Shark Bay so please ensure your child has enough water for the entire day. They do get quite thirsty while participating in the games and activities that are planned. All permission notes and $3 bus fee need to be returned as soon as possible to ensure your child can attend. There will be no staff at school on this day.

Please be aware that Monday 15 October IS NOT a pupil free day. School will commence for all students on this day.


The students have worked extremely hard this term, with great academic results being achieved. Enjoy the holidays, the break is well deserved. Have fun and stay safe.

Farewell Chickens-Last Friday we said ‘goodbye’ to our class chickens. The students have had a wonderful opportunity to experience seeing baby chicks hatch and then grow into young chickens.They have gained knowledge about the development process and growth of chickens, as well as taking on the responsibility of caring for the chicks. I would like to again thank Emma Mills for providing all the necessary components for this program and for the in depth class talks. The students and I have learnt lots!

Year One-Students in Year One need to have on a daily basis, their own pencil case with a small selection of coloured pencils, x4 lead pencils and a pencil sharpener. The holidays is the perfect time for the students to refill their pencil cases with the required items and to sharpen their pencils.


*NAIDOC Day is this Thursday. Students need to bring their own food/drink of water for Crunch and Sip/Recess and a plate of food to share for lunch. Picnic lunch food will need to be given to either Mr Speirs or Mr Jones on arrival at school on Thursday morning. Each student needs to also have their own plastic plate/bowl and plastic cutlery packed in their school bag. Students are not required to bring their Communication Folders or home readers on this day.

*Last week for P&C 10c donation collection. Thank you for all your contributions.

*Thank you for sending in your feedback notes about ‘filling up my bucket’. Keep them coming in.

*Unfortunately the consistency of returning and borrowing library books has decreased. Hopefully this week our class will get ‘back on track’, with all students returning and borrowing this Friday.



Speaking topics - Week 10: favourite music

Homework - There is no homework this week. However, students can focus on their home reading this week. I will be handing out 150 nights of home reading certificates on Friday morning at the whole school assembly.

Ukulele: Year 2 students showed an enormous effort when learning to play the ukulele over the last few weeks. It was a pleasure to see them working together to showcase their new skills.


* NAIDOC notes and $3 for the bus.

* A plate of food to share on NAIDOC Day and also a plate/bowl and cutlery to eat the delicious foods.

* Home readers and library books are due on Friday.

* The P&C 10c coin collection concludes this week. Thank you for your generosity.

I hope all families have an enjoyable and restful holiday. I look forward to seeing you all again next term!



Hi everyone! The students have been working well and are in the process of finishing their final units for the term. I am very impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Ukulele: Well done on a fantastic effort learning to play the ukulele. You all tried hard to learn a new skill and worked well together in showcasing your work.

Home Readers are due this week and the students should be nearing their goal of 150 nights reading by the end of this term. I will be handing out certificates to the students who have reached their goal at Friday mornings assembly.

Naidoc Day is on Thursday and the students need to ensure they have returned their permission note and money. They are encouraged to wear white, black, red or yellow on the day. There will be a picnic lunch and the students have been asked to provide a plate of food to share on the day. Students will also need to pack their recess, water and hat.

I hope everyone enjoys their holiday and gets the opportunity to spend some quality time together.

Cheers Bek


Hi everyone. NAIDOC celebrations is the big one for this week. On Thursday we will travel by bus to Shark Bay. Please prepare a plate of food to share for the kids. A bowl and cutlery is handy too. Note and $3 due also, thank you.

This Friday we are having a whole school assembly at 9am. 150 night reading awards will be given at this time. Congratulations to those students who have achieved this milestone. Try and keep up some reading in the holidays - reading is the key to success.

Thank you to everyone for participating in the 10c challenge. I realise there have been a lot of monies asked of parents lately - thank you again for your support.

I hope all families have a safe and enjoyable holiday time. See you at the beach, Chris.


Hello everyone and welcome to the last week of Term 3.

Naidoc Day: Each family is required to provide a dish of food to share on Thursday. Students can bring the dish to school on Thursday morning and put it into the esky or box. Each student also needs a plate and cutlery to use.

Home reading Journals: I will be checking the journals on Wednesday in order to write the 150 nights reading awards. These awards will be handed out at the whole school assembly on Friday morning.

Stationery: School holidays are the perfect time to check if your child needs any new stationery items for next term. Every day in class there are students who do not have a lead pencil or blue pen to complete their work with. Please ensure that your child has the necessary supplies before the first day of term.


  • Naidoc permission note and $3 payment

I hope you all have an enjoyable break.




We are slowly selling off the old iPads the school has replaced with the latest models. As mentioned before there has been a limit of one per family. The parents and carers that have a child at the school will be contacted by text for the iPad purchase. If possible, we are hoping for all iPads to be picked up and paid for before the holidays begin at the end of this week.


This weeks STEM challenge across the stages was the Lego Marble Maze Challenge. Students were given a lego base plate and had to create a lego maze that allowed a passage wide enough for a marble to roll through. They had to make the maze so it was to difficult to complete in 10 seconds. If the maze was completed under 10 seconds they had to at obstacles to make it more challenging.

I hope everyone has a great holiday. Matt.


Our lost property box is overflowing with jumpers/jackets worn when the weather was cooler. Unfortunately I am unable to return the jumpers/jackets to their rightful owners, as they have no names. Please come and have a look through the lost property box before the holidays for any misplaced belongings. As there are too many jumpers/jackets to store at school, during the holidays all unclaimed jumpers/jackets will be cleaned and donated to the Iluka Op shop. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.



Well done to all the students that participated in the Touch football Gala Day last Friday at Yamba. I was very proud of you all. I could see significant improvement in your fundamental movements especially dodging and passing. It was a brilliant day and your efforts were appreciated. You all did a fantastic job demonstrating your skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Thank you to all the parents that came and showed their support on the day and a very special mention to coaches for the day Trent Lobb, Christine Kerr, Kylie Kerr, Lisa Waters, Mr Speirs and Mr Jones. The students had a wonderful day and particularly enjoyed playing and sliding in the mud!

Bek Cunningham


It’s been a busy few weeks for the kids raising lots of money. Our 10 cent challenge has been a great success with almost $400 raised in the first 3 weeks, what an awesome effort. It’s been a tight competition but this week we saw the Kindy/Year 1 class take the lead. This is our last week of the challenge and the winning class will be announced on Friday. Just a reminder that while all donations are appreciated and accepted, only 10 cent coins count towards class totals.

We have also made a fantastic start to our fundraising for the Colour Explosion Fun Run. Over $800 has been raised already, with lots of kids creating online fundraising profiles. Keep up the great fundraising efforts over the holidays kids. Please ensure students do not go door knocking without an adult to supervise. The Colour Explosion Fun Run will take place on Friday 9th November 2018. We have a fun day planned with lots of opportunity for families and the community to get involved. More details next term.

Thank you to all our families for their ongoing support. All funds raised go straight back into the school to help our students.

Lisa Waters