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Kindergarten Transition Information

Thursday November 8

Thursday November 15

Thursday November 22

Time: 8.55am – 1.30pm.

What a fantastic (yet very tiring) excursion the Year 5 and 6 students have had at Lake Ainsworth. Having been there for the first two days myself and by the student’s accounts on their arrival home, it sounds like the location, staff, accommodation and food were all outstanding. I know that the Lake Ainsworth staff thought our students were respectful and courteous. I know our teaching staff saw our students helping others around them, maintaining high standards of behaviour and personal presentation and students showing pride in representing their school. You can view all of the images through this link

Thank you to Mr Jones for his daily photo updates. They were brilliant and kept us all up to date. Thank you to our wonderful staff who attended making sure all students were looked after. We appreciate giving up your time away from your own family.

Meanwhile, back at school I was so impressed by the number of students who stepped up into many varied different leadership roles. Students have been calm, friendly and very helpful. Please keep up the great work.

Iluka Public School have started making robots from the STEM KITS. This term students are experimenting by making our robots move following our coded given instructions. This has required our students to remain resilient as one false step means starting all over again.


Our students will be partaking in a ‘Bike Education’ morning on Friday the 9th of November. This morning is designed to further develop riding skills and reinforce road safety rules. Students will need to bring their bike and helmet to school on this day.


Statements of Account have been sent home to families. Payments should be finalised before 30th November 2018. Thank you.


While most of his mates were at camp, James Lobb competed in the Primary School Boys Cricket Championships. What an outstanding achievement and an experience I'm sure he will never forget. Congratulations James! Speaking of, today our PSSA cricket team has again returned to Lennox Head to play against Kingscliff PS. The results will be in next week’s newsletter.


HSIE-The Kindergarten and Year One students have a home task of designing, creating and making a model of a park. Students will be invited to present an oral report about their project. The students will speak about how the model was made, explain the special features of their park, how people use and care for this environment. Projects are due on Friday 23rd November.

Library-At the end of this term, all library books need to be returned to the library. Lost or damaged books may incur a fee. Please search for any overdue books that may still be at home and return them this week.

Bike Education-This year, on Friday 9th November, our school will be holding bike education activities to further develop student’s riding skills and to reinforce road safety rules. Students will need to bring their bike and helmet to school on this day, and bikes will need to be road worthy to participate in the activities.


*The Colour Run will take place at school on Friday afternoon of the 9th November. Thank you for returning your child’s permission note so quickly.



DEAR and Speaking Tasks - Year 2 students are enjoying their daily DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time and have commenced their speaking tasks about the book read during this time. While there is no need to prepare at home, students may wish to bring in a book of their interest for this activity.

Child Protection Lessons - This week we are commencing our child protection lessons. Over the coming weeks, students will learn about their rights and responsibilities, develop the skills to recognise safe and unsafe situations and identify trusted adults.

Bike Day - On Friday 9th November we will be holding a bike safety and education day to assist students in further developing their riding skills. Students will require a bike and helmet to participate in the activities on the day.


* Permission note for Colour Fun Run (held on Friday 9th November)

* Homework is due on Friday

* Library books and home readers are due every Monday

* Banking is on Tuesday

Have a lovely week.



Hi everyone!

The students are very excited about camp tomorrow. I am sure that most of the students are already packed and ready to go. The bus will be leaving school tomorrow morning at 8:00am. The students should start arriving at 7:30am. Upon arrival at school all medications should be clearly labelled and presented to myself (Mrs Cunningham). Spending money needs to be sealed in an envelope (maximum of $20) for souvenirs at Dolphin Marine Magic clearly labelled and given to Mr Speirs. Mr Jones will be collecting the treats the students have brought to share.

Please ensure that your child has a day bag or a backpack. The students are to bring water and pack their lunch and recess for the first day. Please note: Recess and lunch is not provided by staff for the first day only. The back packs will be used daily as the students will need to pack different things ie costumes and towel to take on our adventures.

Bike Day - On Friday 9th November we will be holding a bike safety and education day to assist students in further developing their riding skills. Students will require a bike and helmet to participate in the activities on the day.

Please ensure your child has returned their permission notes for the Colour Fun Run (held on Friday 9th November)

No Homework this week.

The students are to continue Home Reading each night. It is a good idea to pack a book to take to camp.

Have a great week



Hello everyone. Welcome home to our Year 5 classmates and what an amazing time they had at camp. The activities were engaging, challenging and fun. There was a big focus on teamwork and collaboration. Bon Voyage to our Year 4 students who head off tomorrow for Coffs Harbour. A couple of reminders: pillow, sleeping bag and sheet please. Recess and lunch for the first day. Backpack is essential. Swimmers and a maximum of $20 spending money. Please hand all monies and medications to the teachers before we get on the bus. Departure time is 8am sharp - please be at school at 7.30am. I ask that you do not contact the teachers by phone. If there is an emergency please call the school on 66466149. Thanks! Camp is an opportunity for both carers and kids to build some resilience.

Bike Day is next Friday. Please bring your bike and helmet to school. Colour Run also Friday.

Keep encouraging your child to write and draw in their Journal. Ideas may include feelings, goals, school and family issues or upcoming events. Anything is ok.

Cheers for now, Chris.


Wow! What an amazing week we had last week. The students and I experienced all that lake Ainsworth had to offer, from kayaking on the lake to taking aim at the archery target. Each activity encouraged the students to build their social skills, resilience, independence and self-esteem. Many memories were created throughout the camp and I am sure they will be fondly remembered for years to come.

I was very proud of the way the students conducted themselves over the duration of the camp. They displayed a positive attitude and good manners in all they did. Well done girls and boys!

Year 6 Transition Day-

The Year 6 students will travel to Maclean High tomorrow for their final transition day. Permission notes and money need to be returned to me tomorrow morning.

Bike Education- On Friday the 9th of November, our school will be holding a bike education morning in order to further develop student’s riding skills and to reinforce road safety rules. Students will need to bring their bike and helmet to school on this day. We are all looking forward to this fun and informative event.


  • Permission note for Colour Fun Run

  • Homework is due on Friday

  • Home reading journals will be collected on Friday

Have a great week



Wow what a massive week it was last week. Five days of 7:00am starts to 10:00pm finishes with 36 energetic students sure does take it out of you and I am about to do it all over again come Wednesday. So if you happen to find me curled up in the corner of the library over the next few weeks you may have to give me a nudge to wake me up as I will be in recovery mode.


I am extremely excited to announce that our Book Fair containers will be arriving this week and our Official opening day will be next Monday. This is a great chance for parents, carers and even students to buy some early Christmas presents.


If you would like to view all of the adventures students got up to on camp please head over to our schools website and go to our galleries page. There are over 300 images of Lake Ainsworth activities. Furthermore, the stage 2 photos will also be uploaded to there when we return.


Every year I create an excursion video for students to look back on their camp experiences and enjoy. I will be doing the for the stage 2 and 3 excursions, however these may take some time. This term is already starting to fly away from me so once I get on top of everything I will put these videos together.


In previous years I have submitted a Year 5/6 video to the BRFF in Grafton, however this year it will be the Year 3 students who will be entering the competition. The Year 5/6 students have been concentrating on Lego Robotics this term meaning that they have not been creating films. Mrs Cunningham will be creating a very special Grammar music video that will be submitted to the festival. Fingers crossed we can come home again with a win for our category.