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Last week was a magnificent week for the students of Iluka. They were all involved in both a number of important and fun events.


On Friday morning at 10.45, all students attended a school Remembrance Day ceremony to reflect on this important day in our history. I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Year 4/5 students on successfully hosting the ceremony so seriously and respectfully. It was a very moving ceremony with a very local content recognising those Iluka men and women who gave their lives in service, to secure peace. Well done all students.

I would also like to recognise the efforts of Millie, Dakota, Imogen and Eddie who participated in the RSL Community Remembrance Day Ceremony. Our students spoke with emotion, feeling and sincerity. You all did an outstanding job which was recognised by the wider community. Thank you to Miss Anderson and parents for your support and encouragement.


Students then transitioned to Bicycle Safety. They took part in a program designed to educate students in safe road behaviour and bicycle skills appropriate to their age and ability. Mr Paul Mitchell and Col from Col’s Bike Repairs accompanied Mr Speirs’ group. It was a great opportunity to highlight the importance of being a safe bike user and to encourage an increase in physical activity. Students participated in a range of fun activities including riding for enjoyment, riding through and around an obstacle course, making a U turn and riding in a figure of 8. All teachers promoted students to be alert, aware and to ride safely. Importantly one of the activities involved bike maintenance. Many students were riding bikes that were NOT ROADWORTHY or arrived at school poorly maintained including broken brake cables, bald tyres and loose fittings. Actually, it was kind of worrying and I ask that parents and carers please take some time to get your child’s bikes serviced.


Finally, the Colour Fun Run, the major P&C fundraising event for 2018 was held Friday afternoon. Students completed a short PE activity before running between two benches whereby a rainbow of colours awaited them. It was so much fun and I thank the many parents who came along to watch and or assist. We now kindly ask that you support your child /children in returning any money raised together with sponsorship booklets by Friday.

P & C assists in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for our children at Iluka Public School. So far this year the P&C have donated $2,000. for ongoing transportation costs, $1,000. for home readers and books in library, and $5,000. for STEM and technology equipment. The Colour Fun Run aims to raise funds to further support the Teaching and Learning Programs at Iluka Public School. As always thank you for support.


Kindergarten 2019 commenced their transition to school on Thursday 8 November. It will now run for the next two Thursdays and finish on Thursday 22 November. It was great to see so many parents meet and greet teacher Miss Essery and myself. Being interested in your child’s education is one of the greatest gifts you could give your child. Again this Thursday, enrolments for Kindergarten 2019 will continue to be accepted. Children born between 1st August 2013 and 31st July 2014 are eligible to enrol. Parents wishing to enrol a child for school next year should contact myself or ladies in the school office in order to receive the Application for Enrolment package.


Help your child to ‘refuel’ and ‘rehydrate’ by packing a fruit or vegetable snack and a water bottle for the daily Crunch & Sip break at school. Encouraging children to sip water in class throughout the day and eat fruit and veggies during a morning or afternoon break is a simple and cost-effective strategy to promote good health. To keep your Crunch & Sip snack interesting, try packing it in little boxes or bags. This is a great way to increase the range of fruit and veg they eat, plus it’s quick and simple.

Crunch & Sip does not have to be limited to school days. Encourage your children to crunch on fruit & vegetables and drink plenty of water over the weekend and during holidays. Don’t forget to join in! Be a positive role model by enjoying Crunch & Sip with your kids as you set them up for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.


Statements of Account have been emailed to families. Payments should be finalised before 30th November 2018. Thank you.


If you have changed your mobile phone number or email address recently, please contact the school office to update your details. It is very important that we have up to date information. Thank you.


Last week swim school permission notes were sent home. Swim School is a Year 2-4 school program run at Iluka Public School commencing in Week 6 and runs to Friday 7 December. Swimming is an invaluable, life saving skill that all students benefit from. Please ensure that you send the signed permission notes back to school by Friday 23 November 2018. If you have any queries about the swimming program please see Mrs Cunningham.


Thank you to everyone who supported our final book fair for 2018. A percentage of our sales are donated back to our school library so that we can purchase new resources for our students. Our school community has very generously supported all of our book fairs this year and for this, we thank you!

This term in the library we will be completing a full stocktake. To help make this process as smooth as possible the last week of borrowing will be Week 6. All student loans will need to be returned by Week 7.


The school currently has a website which contains valuable infor­mation, current photos and videos about certain programs and events. The address is and I encourage all readers to visit the site.



Iluka Public School has an established tradition of student leadership excellence. At our school, student leadership is expected and practiced on a daily basis. The quality of this leadership, demonstrated by the Captain, Vice-captain and Prefects are critical in creating a positive culture within our school. With this in mind, the speeches for School Prefects (2019) will be held during a special morning assembly on Friday November 30. Following the assembly, all students in K-6 and staff will vote on a prepared ballot paper by indicating student’s candidate choices 1-6. The successful candidates will be the six students receiving the most votes. Successful candidates for Captain, Vice-captain and Prefects will be announced during our Presentation Day. All parents, carers and community members are invited to attend the Prefect speeches.


Tuesday 11 DECEMBER 11.00am - 12.30pm

This year, Iluka Public School will be holding our Presentation Day assembly on Tuesday 11 December. The venue for this assembly will be the Iluka Community Hall. The awards will cover both the academic and sporting achievements. Each classroom teacher, with the help of a community member will present their three special awards to selected students. All community based awards presented in previous years will remain the same at this year’s ceremony.



This year’s Year 6 Graduation dinner will be held at the Iluka Golf Club’s Fairway Restaurant. The students can arrive from 6.00 pm for photo opportunities. The restaurant is booked for 6.30pm. A Chinese meal will be served. The P&C will be paying for the meal of the Year 6 students however students should bring a little money should they wish to purchase a drink. The night will conclude at 8.00pm. The night is for Year 6 students and Iluka Public School staff only.


We welcome all parents, carers and community members to attend our next Whole School Assembly being held this Friday at 2.15pm


Fun Friday-Last Friday was fun time at Iluka Public School. What a wonderful time the students had riding their bikes and learning the road rules. A big thank you to Mr Bradmore for organising this whole school event. The next exciting item of the day was our P&C Colour Run. The students had a fabulous time being active and getting splashed with lots of coloured powder. A big shout out to Miss Lisa for providing this opportunity for our students.

Assessments/Reports-Over the next three weeks, final assessments will be implemented in class and the results used to aid my writing of your child’s Semester Two report. It is important that students are in attendance for the whole day, as assessments will be occurring at different times of the day and delivered in different formats - whole class, small groups and individually.

School Hats-It has come to my notice that some students are arriving at school without their school hat and are then borrowing a hat from the office to wear. The spare office hats are shared hats and your child is putting themselves at risk of ending up with nits. Please ensure that your child has their school hat daily, as our school has a sun safety rule of ‘No hat, no play’.


*Swimming permission notes are now due back at school. *Remember to keep up the home reading. Target for the end of this term is 200 nights of reading.

*HSIE park project due on Friday 23rd November.



Colour Run and Bike Day - What a fantastic day we had on Friday! Students thoroughly enjoyed the range of activities for both bike safety and the Colour Run. Please remember to bring in Colour Run money by this Friday 16th November.

Homework - This week marks the final week for homework as students will have completed all 32 homework contracts. Congratulations to students (and families) who have completed this challenge throughout the year. Students are now encouraged to direct all of their attention to completing their home reading goal of 200 nights.


* Swim School note and $40 for the bus

* Colour Run money by Friday 16th November

* Homework due on Friday

* Home reading journals are due on Monday



Hi everyone!

Bike Day and Colour run Well done to all the students for a fantastic day last Friday. You were all very sensible and safe with your bikes. The colour run was a big success there were plenty of smiles and lots of colourful people..

Assessment and reports The children have been working well in class. They are finishing off some final assessments for reporting. Reports will be sent home in Week 9.

Sustainability The students have been working hard on their sustainability projects with Mrs Milne and will be presenting their projects to the class over the next two weeks.

Intensive swimming program commences in Week 7. Please ensure that you have returned the permission note and bus money.

Home Reading goal for the year was to reach 200 nights. Most of the children are nearly there. It is important to keep up the consistency. It is fantastic to see that some of the students have already achieved this and are continuing to read every night. Please remember that Home Readers are collected on Mondays.

Have a great week. Bek


Hello everyone. Well done to all involved last Friday - what a great day it was! Firstly our Year 5 students proudly ran our school Remembrance Day Ceremony. Special mention to Thomas the Flag Bearer and the Catafalque Party consisting of Malaki, Micah, Jackson and Ky. Also the heartfelt readings by Holly, Isla and Izzy, and lastly our MC’s and music/wreath assistant Angela, Maddison and Caitlyn.

Swim School is fast approaching for our Year 4 kids. Please return notes asap. School will be as usual from 9am -11am then we are off to Maclean Pool. Mr Bradmore will be working with our Year 5 students during swim school. Remember - 2019 Leadership Speeches are set for 30 November at 9am.

Our class warmly welcomes another new student - Chaise. We wish you well Chaise!

Assessments are occurring over the next 2 weeks - early to bed please kids. Journal writing is progressing well for some and average for others. Please encourage your child to write their ideas, thoughts and feelings down. Cheers for now and enjoy the week, regards Chris. (ps Boardriders is on again this Sunday for the kids. All welcome, non-competitive - just fun in the sun and surf!)


Hello everyone and welcome to Week 5.

BIke Day and Colour Fun Run- We all had a fabulous day on Friday. The students thoroughly enjoyed the bike activities and the colour run, as did the staff. Thank you to everyone for participating and displaying positive behaviour throughout the day.

Remembrance Day Ceremony- I would like to congratulate Imogen, Millie, Eddie and Dakota for giving up their time on Sunday to attend the Remembrance Day Ceremony. They each did an outstanding job and should be proud of their efforts. However, I was a little disappointed to see that no other students from the class attended the ceremony.

Home Reading Journals- Although the end of the school year is drawing close and some students have already reached 200 nights reading, it is still important to keep reading each night. I will be collecting journals on Friday morning and I expect to see all students returning their home reading journals.


  • Homework and home reading journals are due on Friday.

  • Colour run sponsorship money is due.

Have a great week.



Hello all. Only a few more days till the halfway mark to the end of Term 4, but who’s counting.


Thank you to Mrs Meyers in the office for covering a stack of new books for me that have been sitting there for a few weeks now. These new books are the ones I managed to snatch up for a bargain when the Book Warehouse in Yamba had their closing down sale.

BOOK FAIR Don’t forget that the last chance to purchase something from the Book Fair will be Thursday morning as I will need to pack it up Thursday day for pick up Thursday afternoon.


Another resource we have been lucky to have this term that also needs to be returned in a few weeks is all of our PC robotics part of the StemShare project. The kids have loved using the robotics and creating digital stories with the Ozobots. The Lego Mindstorms are beginning to be programmed by the older students which has been a long time coming due to many interruptions.


The Big River Film Festival is next week and Mr Bradmore will take the Year 3 class to South Grafton High School to view other schools videos from around the Northern Rivers. We have entered our music video “Grammar Dilemma” into the music video category with a hope that we may come home with a win.

I hope everyone has a great week. Matt.