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Swimming Scheme

We are now at the halfway mark of the swimming scheme. It is just amazing to see the self confidence and progress many of the students are making. I have been spending time with Kindy/Year 1 and they are thoroughly making the most of the opportunity. Some of the students will almost be ready to swim a length of the pool. Well done. Let’s keep practicing to be ready for the school holidays.

Helpers’ Morning Tea

We look forward to thanking our parent helpers at our morning tea tomorrow at 10.45am. We couldn’t run fantastic programs throughout the school year without the input from our helpers. Thank you from all the staff and students at Iluka Public School.

Get Hooked Fishing Program

This morning Year 5 and 6 students are participating in the Get Hooked Fishing Program in Yamba. It is conducted by NSW Fisheries. The fun but also educational program teaches children all the aspects to fishing safely whilst at the same time caring for the environment and to learning about ‘bag limits’. I thank Mr Speirs, Mrs Howard and Mr Jones for attending.

High School

With the end of this school year fast approaching, here are a few tips from parenting educator, Michael Grose, for those of you with children starting high school. Beginning high school is a huge time of change, which often coincides with the onset of puberty, so it can be quite a roller-coaster ride! Organisation is crucial to helping your child cope well with entering high school. Those students that are well organised have a much better chance of settling in those first few weeks of secondary school.

Here are 6 tips for preparing your child for high school:

1.Ensure your child has everything they need for high school well before school starts for the year

2.Practise using public transport if your child is using it for the first time

3.Set up a designated study space in the home

4.Set up a high school parent folder

5.Encourage healthy sleeping patterns at least one week before starting high school

6.Keep your child’s high school in the loop

Former Students of Iluka Public School

We always enjoy seeing our ex‐students return and come and say hello to the staff and students. They seem to look back at their time at this school with fondness and good memories. Following on from Mr Battese we have had such wonderful presentations and received valued advice from Reminy Holmes, Cassie Wesiner and Jazmyn Adey. It was just great catching up with you.

2019 Numbers

Our enrolment numbers seem to be similar (or maybe slightly lower than) the last two years. If your child will not be returning to Iluka Public School in 2019, please let the office know, as soon as possible. Likewise, if you know of families moving into Iluka please ask them to contact the school.

Year 6 Fundraising Efforts

Thank you to our Year 6 students and Miss Anderson who are busy preparing for a fabulous mini market morning for all students on Friday 14 December. All funds raised will contribute to the Year 6 gift to the school. I would like to thank the children from Year 6 for their efforts.

Christmas Carols

Be sure to add Carols in the Park on Wednesday 12 December to your diaries. The students of Iluka Public School will be performing two songs on the night.

Presentation Day

Our annual Presentation Day is fast approaching. We invite all parents and friends to attend. It will be held at the Iluka Community Hall on Tuesday 11 December commencing at 11.00am. We invite all parents and friends to attend. Awards, Certificates and Medals will be handed out and the announcement of the School Captains and Prefects will be made.

At the conclusion of the presentations children may go home with their parents. They made need to have a big rest before the Year 6 Disco commences at 6.00pm. This year the theme is “Beach Party”. However Club restrictions prevent children from wearing thongs or swimming costumes. The cost for the entry to the disco is $5.00 which includes a packet of chips and a bottle of water upon entry. Extra Chips and drinks can be purchased from inside the venue. Pre-school children must be under the supervision of parents. No high school students thank you.

Final Kindergarten Orientation

Thanks to all of our new Kindergarten parents for ensuring their children’s involvement in our three formal Kindergarten Orientation sessions which concluded on November 22. Whilst the children enjoyed the learning activities, the parents had the opportunity to speak to myself or to Miss Essery about what to expect from their children’s first year of school. It was great to meet our latest students - they all seem so ready for big school! Thanks Miss Leanne from the Iluka Preschool and Miss Essery and all our parent volunteers for their contributions to this important program.

Library Stocktake

The school library has now been closed for borrowing. I am now asking parents and carers to ensure we get all our books back for the end of year stocktake. Please help your children to remember to return their library books to Mr Jones.

Stage 3 Canberra Excursion 2019

Just in case you’re thinking of 2019 - for the last few years the school has been participating in an excursion to Canberra and the Selwyn Snowfields. Next year this major excursion will be held during Week 4 of Term 3. I’ll share more details in February, but please contact me if you’d like to learn more about it now.

Still To Come;

Roaring Rapid River Water Slide Visit

We were thrilled to welcome the return of the Rapid River Water Slide. Thank you to the parents and the teachers, who have been working with our students to ensure they did their best to reach in reading for 200 nights. We look forward to seeing this program continue again next year!

Have a great week. Phil



Screens are used for a wide variety of purposes including communication, entertainment and homework. When we refer to screen-time we are talking about recreational screen-use, outside of school hours, for the purposes of entertainment. Screen-time refers to:

•Watching TV / DVD’s

•Playing video games on a console (e.g. Xbox), computer or portable device (e.g. PSP)

•Using the computer for internet surfing or social media (e.g. Facebook/Twitter)

•Using a smartphone or tablet device (e.g. iPhone/ iPad)

Screen-time is like junk food. A little bit isn’t going to do too much harm. It’s when it is done to excess that it becomes a problem. When considering the screen-time of your children think about whether there is a balance between physical activity, schoolwork, socialising and screen-time.

National guidelines recommend that young people spend no more than 2hrs per day using screen-based entertainment.

Did you know?

•Research has linked high screen-use during childhood and adolescence to poor academic performance.

•According to one scientific study, high screen-users during childhood and adolescence (i.e.>3hrs/day) were significantly less likely to get a post-school qualification (e.g. university degree) by age 26 than low screen-users.


We extend a big, warm welcome to our two new students, Noah (Kinder) and Lillie (Year One), who come to us from South Bathurst Public School.

Library-Congratulations Kindergarten and Year One students on consistently borrowing books from our library. Your collective efforts have been rewarded, with our class winning the Iluka Public School Library Award for 2018. Mr Jones is busy organising a special prize for our class.

Swimming Program-Our annual swimming program for Kindergarten and Year One students will finish this Thursday. A big thank you to Mr Bradmore and Mrs Speirs for their assistance. As our summer holidays are just around the corner, it is a perfect time of the year for the students to keep on practicing their swimming skills.

Lost And Found-Did your child take home their correct sized school shirt last Tuesday? I have a size 6 Iluka Public School shirt that was mistakenly worn home and a student is missing their size 12 shirt. Also I have a green pair of undies, that no-one wants to claim.

Iluka Community Christmas Carols-Next Wednesday, 12th December, the students of Iluka Public School will be performing two Christmas carols, Feliz Navidad and Jingle Bell Rock, at the Iluka Community Christmas Carol event. It would be great to have all students in Kindergarten and Year One participating in this event.


*Home reading will cease on Monday 10th December. Water slide activity is Wednesday 12th December.



Swim School - Students are making immense progress with their swimming. Please remember swimmers, towel, sunscreen, $3 and thongs again all this week. It is essential that all girls, and even some boys, have their hair tied back for swimming.

Home Reading - Keep up the daily reading. Students have until Monday 10th December to submit their journal. The ‘Roaring Rapids’ water slide event will take place on Wednesday 12th December.

Library - All library books must be returned as soon as possible. Overdue notices have been sent home and Mr Jones has commenced the library stocktake.

Christmas Carols - Next Wednesday, 12th December, the students will be performing two Christmas carols, Feliz Navidad and Jingle Bell Rock, at the Iluka Community Christmas Carol event. It would be wonderful to see all students in attendance.


* Swimming gear every day

* Home reading journals are due for the final time on Monday.

* Banking is on Tuesday



Hi everyone! It is great to see the students organised and ready for their swimming lessons. I am so surprised how quickly their confidence and techniques are improving. It is a really good example that if you repeatedly do something, you definitely get better at it. Keep up the good work!

Keep up the daily reading. Students have until Monday 10th December to submit their journal. The ‘Roaring Rapids’ water slide event will take place on Wednesday 12th December.

Final assessments have been completed and reports are now being finalised. Parents will receive report cards next Friday.

Next Wednesday, 12th December, the students will be performing two Christmas carols, Feliz Navidad and Jingle Bell Rock, at the Iluka Community Christmas Carol event. It would be great to see all the students there.

Please note: There is no Library for the next two weeks. However the students can still return their books

Have a great week. Bek


Hi everyone. Firstly well done to our Year 5 future leaders who delivered their heartfelt speeches last week. You are all winners for having a go. Remember kids - you will all have extra roles and responsibilities next year. Best of luck too in regards to the elections of Prefects and Captains. This major announcement will occur at the presentation day next week.

Well done also to our swimmers who are showing increased strength and skill in the water. Keep it up for the rest of the week!

Next Wednesday, 12th December, the students will be performing two Christmas carols, Feliz Navidad and Jingle Bell Rock, at the Iluka Community Christmas Carol event. It would be great to see all the students there. Library borrowing has now ceased. Please return overdue books asap.

Congratulations to those class member who have achieved 200 nights reading - and enjoy the waterslide - you deserve it. Bounce Back revision for all of us…try not to over-catastrophise the small setbacks. Cheers for now, Chris.


Hello and welcome to Week 8. It is such a busy time in our classroom at the moment. All students are involved in many activities.

Thank You: I would like to thank Melissa Stanford for coming into our class yesterday in order to finish an art project with the students. We look forward to seeing the end result. Thanks Melissa!

Mini Markets: The students are currently organising a mini market which is scheduled for the 14th of December. The money raised will go towards the Year 6 gift to the school. We will require donations of second hand items such as toys and books, baked goods such as cakes, slices and biscuits, lollies, chocolates and jelly beans, small items to use as prizes such as stationary items, party favours, small toys, etc. Please assist your child in making this market a success. All donations will be greatly appreciated!

‘Get Hooked’ Fishing Program: Today the students travelled to Yamba to participate in the ‘Get Hooked’ fishing program. They were involved in various activities that equipped them with the basic skills necessary for recreational fishing and were introduced to the concept of sustaining quality aquatic habitats by practicing safe and responsible fishing.

Home Reading: Certificates were handed out last Friday to the students who have already reached 200 nights. Students have until Monday the 10th of December to hand their journals in so that they can go on the ‘Roaring Rapids’ water slide on Wednesday the 12th of December.

Carols in the Park: The students will be performing two Christmas songs at the Carols in the Park next Wednesday. The songs are ‘Feliz Navidad’ and ‘Jingle Bell Rock’. The Year 6 students have been asked to stand on the stage to lead the rest of the school in the singing. I would like to see all students in my class in attendance on the night.

Have a great week



As you may all be aware now, I have begun the mammoth task of our school’s library stocktake. It has been several years since the school has performed a library stocktake and it is going to help me tidy, organise and find missing, damaged or unused books.

In total, there will be 12890 books that need to be accounted for that are appearing in our Oliver library system. I spent all day Monday scanning the Junior Fiction books for a total scan tally of 1720 books. My system is showing that the library is around about 200 short for the junior fiction section. These may be misplaced in the school, mixed in amongst other categories or stolen.

The stocktake will continue on Wednesday and Friday of this week.