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Get To Know Your Class Teacher Information Session

A big reminder for next Week - Week 3

A ‘Getting to Know Your Teacher’ Information Session will be held during Week 3 for all classrooms. All returning parents and new families are welcome to attend and have a chat with the teachers. The Information Sessions are as follows;

- Kindergarten / Year 1 - Monday February 11 3.15 pm - 4.15 pm

- Year 6 Tuesday February 12 3.15 pm - 4.15 pm.

- Year 2/3 Wednesday February 13 7pm -8 pm. (Note; Preschoolers and students will be catered for in the computer room with Mr Bradmore supervising.)

- Year 4/5 Thursday 14 February 4 pm - 4.30 pm.

- Year 3/4 Thursday 14 February 4.30 - 5.00pm.

Tea and coffee will be available 20 minutes before all meetings if you would like a chat with the Principal.


P&C AGM Meeting Monday February 18@7pm in the staff room

Welcome back to the start of another great school year at Iluka Public. It was wonderful to see all the students return last week with much enthusiasm and anticipation for the year ahead. Students had many great adventures to tell from their break and I was impressed with our school as the students quickly returned to routine with our values of being safe, responsible and respectful.

Also thanks to all the staff for their dedication and commitment in taking time before the commencement of school to ensure each class and the office was ready to begin their work on Day 1. Staff have worked hard over the break and the last few weeks to plan many fantastic learning opportunities for the term.

The 2019 Kindergarten students started their first day of school on Thursday with excitement and eagerness as parents and carers waved them off. The smiles of the students certainly told a positive story of their first day at Iluka Public as I visited each class. We warmly welcome all our new students and all the new families across the school into Iluka Public and look forward to working with you over the coming years.

“Pick Ups” at the Charles Street gates near the school crossing is an important area for our school community. It is vital that this is a safe and structured area due to the number of cars pulling up at the kiss and drop zone, the number of parents collecting students and the need for students to cross the road on exiting our school. Students must assemble in various areas (before leaving the school) including those on bikes, buses, walkers and those individuals being collected. Parents and Carers are asked to arrive not before 2.50pm and to wait near the brown tables for their child. If you are arriving in a car please make sure you are parked or stopped in the correct area for safety reasons.

The staff car park area is also an important area that needs to be kept clear. Please ensure that you are not dropping students off in this car park or accessing the driveway.

Our Primary Swimming Carnival is on this Thursday and we thank in advance those adults who can assist with the time keeping of the carnival on the day. On the following day students in Kindy / Year 1 will compete in their carnival at the Anchorage Caravan Park, Iluka. A separate permission note has been sent home.

We are looking forward to another outstanding year at Iluka Public School!


Change of Routine

If your child has a change of routine a note must be sent to the class teacher that morning. Sometimes changes are unavoidable and parents need to ring the office. All messages should be phoned in by 2.00pm to ensure your child receives the message.


Money that is sent to school for visiting shows, sport, excursions etc. needs to be in a sealed envelope with child’s name, class and what it is for. Visiting shows must be paid as early as possible to avoid your child missing out.

Book Fees

The 2019 book fees remain at $30 for each child.

Visitors to the School and Appointments

All parents visiting the school must enter through the front office and sign in. Parents wishing to speak to teachers must make an appointment at the office. Teachers are not available during class time.


Please label all clothing and property with your child’s name. The school endeavours to return all lost property to its rightful owner. Toys and valued items are not the responsibility of the school and are not encouraged.

Late Arrivals

Students arriving late to school must enter through the front office and receive a late note. Parents need to send a note with their child explaining their lateness.


Health Care Plans, Medical Information and Change of Personal Details are currently being updated by the office. Student invoices and contact details will be sent home in the coming weeks. It is important to check all the information we have on file and return these forms even if there are no changes as soon as possible.

School Uniform

Thank you parents for your efforts to ensure that the children have returned to school in full school uniform. We have an expectation that all children will wear the school hat which are available at the office. School hats are also required for all excursions and Friday sport. Our school shoes are black and joggers may be worn for Friday sport.

Absence from School

Please ensure if your child is away from school a note is sent through as soon as possible to explain the leave day. The departmental Home School Liaison Officers are regularly examining our school rolls for attendance. During the school year if you need to take additional holiday time, The Department of Education requires students to complete an application for extended leave. These forms are held in the office and need to be completed and returned to school for approval. Please ensure you contact the office if you need one.

Internal Bell Times

Start School 8.55 am

Session One 8.55 – 11.00 am (120 min)

Recess 11.00 – 11.30 am

Session Two 11.30 – 1.00 pm (90 min)

Lunch 1.00 – 1.45 pm

Session Three 1.45 – 3.00pm (75 min)

Finish School 3.00 pm

School Assemblies

School Assemblies are every fortnightly Friday: (commencing) Week 3

K-6 – 1.45pm – 3.00pm

2019 Staff Teaching

Kindy/ Year 1 - Miss Lynne Essery

Year 2/3 - Mrs Di Howard

Year 3/4- Mr Chris Speirs

Year 4/5- Mrs Kristy Gardner

Year 6 – Mrs Rebecca Cunningham


Ms Lyn Rankin – Monday to Friday

Mrs Linda Meyers- Monday/Tuesday

School Learning Support Officers