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WEEK 2 SCHOOL NEWS - Lets save the trees

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

P and C Meeting - AGM - Monday 18 February at 7.00pm in the staff room.

LETS SAVE THE TREES - Everyone can make a difference

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Busy Start to 2019

I can’t believe that we are in Week 3 already and I am hoping that all of the kindergarten students are beginning to find their way around the school more easily. We have had 14 kindergarten students and four others enrol in other years and I trust that they are feeling welcome and beginning to settle in to the routine. The morning uninterrupted lesson time is running smoothly and helping the school remain calm, positive and with high expectations of students.

The beginning of each year can sometimes be disrupted but this year has been exceptional. On behalf of the school I thank all parents, carers and grandparents for your support.

Swimming Carnivals

The two swimming carnivals last week were two of the best carnivals in recent years. We had more swimmers competing in many more events and trying to push themselves in all strokes and longer distances than ever before. Everyone that I have spoken to has told me that they had great days. Congratulations to the Rush House team, to all of the Age Champions and well done to everyone who turned up and just had fun on the days. Thank you also to the staff who did sensational work on the Thursday and Friday. Thank you to the parents and grandparents for your continued support. It was enjoyable catching up and meeting with you.

The Small Schools Swimming Carnival is on this Thursday. All students participating have been sent home a permission note and program containing all the details, times and costs. No bus will be running so private transport will be necessary. The school wishes all the teams the very best against our other local schools.

Meet the Teacher Week

On Monday 11th February, (yesterday) we commenced our Meet The Teacher Week. We welcome all families to attend. This will be a great opportunity for families to introduce themselves and meet their teachers.The teachers will be outlining their routines and classroom organisation. This is an important time that will further help form a bond and relationship to help your child continue to progress.

This afternoon, Year 6 - 3.15pm - 4.15pm, Wednesday, Year 2/3 -7.00pm - 8.00pm and Thursday, Year 4/5 4.00 – 4.30 and Year 3/4 ,4.30pm – 5.00pm.

Staff Meetings

Iluka Public School staff meet regularly to discuss, plan and organise teaching and learning programs and events and also to participate in professional learning.

Our staff meet each week at the following times:

Monday - 3.15 – 4.15pm Whole Staff Meeting

Tuesday - 9.15- 10.15am Learning Support Team Meeting

Wednesday 9.15 – 10.15 Staff Administration Meeting

Thursday 11.30-12.15 – Executive Team Meeting

Book Packs

Our Book Pack prices will remain at $30.00 per child per year. These funds are used to assist the school to purchase items used in teaching and student wellbeing. Such items include expenses relating to each of the learning areas such as art supplies, sports equipment, library books, take home readers, cost of photocopying and text books. Payments of these fees would be very much appreciated.

If you wish to make an online payment visit our website at and select the make a payment tab. Only the sections with an asterisk need to be completed. The reference you should use is “bookpack”.

Have a great week,



Infants Swimming Carnival-Thank you parents, carers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, family members, friends and community members for such an overwhelming turn out to our Infants Swimming Carnival. Your support of this school event, was greatly appreciated. I was so proud of your children for their positive participation, excellent behaviour and most importantly their willingness to ‘have a go’ even though a little bit hesitant.

Class Meeting-The Kindergarten and Year One class meeting was held yesterday afternoon.

It was wonderful to have so many parents and carers in attendance. For those parents and carers unable to attend, your child has taken home today the information sheets that were handed out at the class meeting.

Home Reading-Year One students commenced home reading last week. Kindergarten students will start taking home readers next Monday, after the completion of the Best Start Literacy assessments.


*Library day for Kindergarten and Year One is Wednesday.

*Kindergarten parents please return the Best Start meeting form before this Friday. A letter confirming the day and time for our meeting will be sent home on Monday 18th February.

*Save the Date, Friday 22nd February, for our ‘Rhyme In Time’ Cafe.



Hello all,

Over the last two weeks we have been very busy working on our diagnostic benchmarking tests and colouring title pages in our work books as well as making some creative covers to protect them and show we are going to do our best work in them.

This week we have started to try and establish some class routines.

Homework: went out on Monday and it will come back on Friday.

Home Readers: can be changed daily or kept a couple of days if it is a longer book.

Scripture: started today.

Speaking Days: Monday- Olivia Fraser Claire Alby, Tuesday- Navara Tyrone Indigo Kira, Wednesday- Isaiah Lacey Nikirri, Thursday- Flynn Taya Lucas Lexi, Friday- Bryson Kirra Leigh Mikayla Jaylen.

Swimming Carnival; was a great success. Well done to all the boys and girls that attended the carnival.

Class Meeting: is tomorrow evening (WEDNESDAY) at 7pm in 2/3 room. I hope that you all can make it. I’d really like to meet you and get to know you so we can work well together with the best interest of your child in mind.

Library: will be Friday this week as Mr Jones will be absent on Wednesday.

See you tomorrow evening, Di.


Hello everyone. Firstly, congratulations to all students who participated at the swimming carnival. It was a fabulous day. One of the mottos for our class this year is: “It is not important how fast you go - just as long as you go.” Well done to everyone. For those who did go a bit faster however your reward for that speed will be to represent the school at the small schools carnival this Thursday. We wish you good luck!

Our Class Meeting is also on Thursday beginning at 4:45pm. I hope to see you there but I do understand that not everyone can make it. If you can’t make it and would like to catch up before the end of term parent/teacher meetings please contact me to organise a convenient time.

Scripture begins today. If your child is not attending scripture class please send in a note to confirm.

Home Reading is off to a flying start - well done. Homework goes home Monday and comes back on Friday. Library on a Monday. Mr Jones takes our class on Monday afternoon for Library and Science/Tech and also has the class all day every Tuesday.

Lastly, from the outset we are trying to establish good routines and boundaries in our room. In support of this our class rules are as follows: Enter the room quietly, Stay in your seat, Put up your hand, Complete your work, Respect each other and You don’t have to be first. A calm classroom benefits all.

Cheers, Chris.


Home reading - Students are off to a great start with home reading. They are welcome to choose books from the boxes in the classroom or read books from home, the town library and the school library. Home reading journals are checked every Thursday (or on Friday for those attending the carnival this week).

Library - Students attend library and science and tech lessons every Thursday with Mr Jones. Homework - Homework is sent home every Monday and is due each Friday. We briefly go over the sheets in class to assist students in understanding the tasks. However, they are more than welcome to see me for further assistance if necessary.

Swimming Carnival - Congratulations to all of the students who attended the IPS Swimming Carnival last Thursday. It was wonderful to see so many seniors participating and cheering on their peers to create a team atmosphere. Best of luck to those competing at the small schools carnival this Thursday. Please remember to return permission notes tomorrow.

Scripture - Sister Lynne commenced scripture lessons today.

Class meeting - I will be holding my class meeting on Thursday 14th February from 4pm-4.30pm in the Year 4/5 room. While I do encourage parents to attend, a handout will be available to those who are unable to make the meeting.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call in and see me.

Kristy Gardner


Hi it’s Charlie and Ky,

This week has been going well. On Thursday it is the Small Schools Swimming Carnival. We hope all students have been going well in class. We have been writing narratives within in a time limit. We have been using base words and learning to add prefixes and suffixes. Don’t forget there is a class meeting today at 3:15pm. Mrs Cunningham has an important sheet available for those parents who are unable to attend. Homework is sent out on Mondays and needs to be returned on Fridays.

Goodbye for now!

Library: will be Friday this week as Mrs Cunningham will be at the Smalls Schools Swimming Carnival on Thursday.


The library is buzzing at the moment during lunch. Due the extremely hot weather it has been a very popular and a cool option for students to spend their lunch time. Each day will be different in the library. The following are what will be happening during lunchtime:

Minecraft Monday | Tinker Tuesday | Wego Wednesday | Techy Thursday


Issue number 1 of bookclub is out now and you may be seeing catalogues coming home with your child. The order cutoffs will be the end of week 4. The easiest way to order is through the loop system as explained on the catalogue.


Minecraft club will be starting up every Monday at lunchtime in the computer room. There were over 45 students that signed up to the Monday Minecraft Club. Unfortunately there are only 28 computers in the computer room, so this means there will be students that miss out. In previous years I have given preference to the older students and then work my way down the grade levels. This will continue for this year as well. So Year 6 will get preference and then I will work my way down the list grade by grade.


Unfortunately last week I had to change Year 2/3 library day to Friday due to my absence to look after my daughter Lucy.The same will have to happen again unfortunately due to the fact that Lucy’s daycare provider is waiting for papers to come through and cannot take her until these are processed. This being said I will not be at school on Wednesday, however will be at school Friday to do Year 2/3 library and Year 6. I hope parents, carers and students understand and I apologise for the inconvenience.

I hope everyone has a great week. Matt.