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Wednesday 6th - AFL Clinic, Guitar lessons begin with Gracie
Thursday 7th - PSSA Cricket - Alstonville, Music with Anne continues
Monday 11th - P&C Meeting - 7pm
Wednesday 13th -AFL Clinic Friday 15th - Whole School Assembly -2.15pm
Wednesday 20th - Netball Clinic, Yr 6 High School Transition
Thursday 21st - Harmony Day
Wednesday 27th - Netball Clinic
Friday 29th - Visiting Performance


Welcome to Week 6

Lots of information has been added to the Website under Notes, Calendar and Newsletter. Check it out at

Morning Assemblies This Week

This week I shall be talking briefly to the students about Wellbeing. Each day will have a new focus.

Mon; developing an understanding that others have different ideas and interests, how to communicate with others and respect each other’s personal space.

Tues; we will discuss practising behaviours that protect both themselves and others from bullying.

Wed; we will discuss with students the need to understand that there are usually three groups of people who are involved in bullying: those who are bullied, those who bully others, and those who watch (witnesses). Students will discuss the importance of respecting others as one of our school’s core values.

Thurs; we will be focusing on eating fruit and vegetables and having lots of water each day. We will discuss the importance of daily exercise each day and reminding students that they need at least 10 hours sleep every night.

Fri; we definitely do not underestimate the role we play as educators in guiding our students to cope with ups and downs, and to bounce back from the challenges they experience during their childhood. Resilience is vital for children’s mental health. On a daily basis, we are educating our students to build inner resilience to manage stress, which is a common response to difficult events.

The Breakfast Program

Iluka Public School staff have identified a core group of students arriving at school having had little or no breakfast while some other students just require a quick top up of energy. While the reasons for this vary greatly,the Iluka Public School Breakfast Program ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to receive a wholesome, nutritious breakfast every day. Products purchased may also be sometimes used to provide 'emergency meals', such as recess and lunch, during the school day. The program is open to all students and will run Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8.30 am. The school appreciates the time Miss Essery gives up to operate the breakfast.

Clean Up Australia Day

Last week nearly all students participated in Clean Up Australia Day. We proudly show cased our best behaviour and manners while out in the community. The school students returned with enough rubbish to fill our red council pick up rubbish bin.

Safety - School Crossing Flags

Safety is a very important for all teachers and staff at Iluka PS. Therefore, I was thrilled this week when the Clarence Valley Council provided new school crossing flags as part of the upgrade to the Charles Street entrance. This much welcomed addition will deliver a safer choice for our students when crossing the road. Please note that when the flags are being displayed motorists are expected to stop and wait for all pedestrians to cross the road.

Safety – Car parking Spenser Street

Lately we have noticed a number of cars parked across the pavement outside the tennis court or have double parked behind cars that do not belong to staff. Please do not park in these areas. There are expected standards of parental behaviour in and around schools. I thank you for your cooperation.

Term Accounts

A friendly reminder that the student accounts are due by Friday, 22 March. Thank you to all the parents who have promptly paid their accounts.The Book Pack cost is $30 per student.

Sport News 1

Congratulations to Jade, Ky, Hudson, Eddie, Tulloch, Phoenix, Malaki, Noah, Finn who all swam their hearts out at last Thursday’s NR PSSA Swimming Carnival held in Alstonville. We are all very proud of you.

Sport News 2

Congratulations to Mia, Tulloch, Reef, Edie, Decoda, Malaki, Fraser, Emma, Krystal, Bryson Maddison and Shannoah for making the Boys PSSA Cricket team. We will be playing Alstonville PS on Thursday.

Sport News 3

Daily PE has begun in preparation for the Iluka Public School Cross Country. Each day we will be trying to improve on our fitness. We will try to increase the distances covered in around 12 minutes remembering that on the cross country day, students turning 11,12 or 13 will be completing 3 kms, while our 8, 9 and 10 year olds will be competing in the 2 km race.


Last week, Year 6 went to a Debating Workshop in Alstonville. The students did lots of challenging activities with a specific focus on stepping outside our comfort zone and working as a team. Of course, the main activity was public speaking. Topics included Homework, Daily exercise and School Uniforms. Thank you to Mrs Cunningham for her organisation and to Miss Lisa who helped with the transportation.

Have a great week.


Premier’s Reading Challenge

The PRC provides a wonderful opportunity for students to read a vast range of quality literature and recognises students for their commitment to reading. I encourage all students to participate in the 2019 challenge. The Premier’s Reading Challenge is a great way to encourage and develop a love of reading. Over the period of the challenge, students simply have to read a number of books that can be selected from a recommended reading list and record their book list either on the paper reading log supplied yesterday or record it online using their school login. Students in K-2 will complete the challenge with Mr Jones in the library, while Years 3-6 will need to read and record 20 books independently. Many of the books on the list may already be in your home. However, the school library and town library have the majority of the listed books available for students to borrow. Children will need to start reading as the challenge commenced on the 4th March and ends on 10th August.

Over the years Iluka Public School continues to support the Premier’s Reading Challenge and we have had numerous students awarded beautiful gold embossed certificates from the Premier, recognising continuous participation in the Challenge over a number of years. We have also had a number of students go on to high school and continue the challenge, receiving a medal for their dedication. For further information, please see Mrs Gardner or visit:

Harmony Day

Our school will continue its long-held tradition of serving a multicultural lunch to celebrate Harmony Day again this year. This will take place on Thursday 21st March. Families are kindly asked to send along a plate of food to share. Some ideas of plates to share include; sushi from Japan, spaghetti from Italy, hot dogs from the USA, goulash from Hungary, lamb koftas from Greece and tacos from Mexico. Food can be savoury or sweet, as dessert will follow lunch. We are also looking for volunteers to coordinate the warming and serving of food on the day. If you are able to assist, please leave your name at the office.


Communication Folders-Please place all absentee, permission and variation to home notes in your child’s communication folder, rather than handing them into the office, as it is the classroom teacher who is responsible for roll marking, collecting and processing all notes associated with their class.

Home Transport - Thank you for completing our class home travel form. I now have a clear idea of how your child will be travelling home each day and can ensure that your child is in the right place for home travel at the end of each day. Just a reminder, should you need to vary the way your child travels home, please complete a ‘Variation To Home Travel’ note and place it in your child’s communication folder.

Birthday Cake-Sometimes parents and carers bring a cake to school for their child to share with their peers. If you do not wish your child to have cake, please write a note informing me of your wishes.

Assembly Awards-Congratulations to the following students who received Merit Certificates at our whole school assembly on Friday: Kindergarten - Annabella, Makenna, Willie and Year One - Shaun, Abel. Once again our class won the Uniform Award. Well done!


*Year One students need to bring their pencil cases to school on Monday. Pencil cases are sent home on Friday, so that pencils can be sharpened and ready for use on Monday.



Hello to all,

Isn’t it nice to have had some rain and the nights are finally getting a little cooler.

Clean Up Day: was done extremely well. What an enthusiastic group of students. This is a good deed we can do for our beautiful town.

Homework: is going along quite well. Great work 2/3. Keep up the fine effort.

Home: reading could improve somewhat for some students. Congratulations to the children that are doing it correctly with help from the home and approaching 25 nights.

Routines: are being established and as we all know children love to know the predictability of life. Just as you have routines at home which your children respond to well.

Art: is going along nicely. What a creative little bunch I have this year. We are doing some great work in art and it is starting to go up onto our walls so it looks lived in...our classroom that is.

Speaking: task for this week is sharing a special book with the class. Newt week is free speaking.

We have reached the halfway milestone of the term and Billy (our class mascot) is starting to have some fun with the girls and boys. The year has gotten off to a positive start. So, thank you for working with me in a harmonious manner. Di


Hello everyone. The term is flying by and the children are set in their daily class routine. This is very pleasing. Narrative writing finishes (for a while) this week with an assessment on Thursday. Maths continues with addition and subtraction. We will also introduce angles and work on problem solving around money. The students have been enjoying science lessons with Mr Jones this term - their topic is Night and Day. AFL clinics are on Wednesday. Whole School PE has started with a focus on middle distance running leading up to the cross country carnival. Clean Up Australia Day last Friday was a huge success - well done kids. We have started our class novel for the term - The Gizmo by Paul Jennings.

A big reminder Home Reading Journals are checked on Monday. Have a great week, Chris.



This week marks the halfway point in Term 1. The days are really passing by quickly, but a lot has been achieved during this time. The class is settled and have established good routines.

Clean Up - Thank you to the many students who participated in the clean up of Iluka Oval last Friday.

Home reading journals - I will be checking these on Thursday when students attend the library. Congratulations to those students who have achieved 25 nights. You are right on track! I am concerned that a few students are neglecting this important task.

Homework - Homework went home yesterday and is due on Friday. Last week saw no improvement on our 70% return rate but I thank those students for their consistency and effort.

Class novel - Year 4/5 are currently reading ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. We are really enjoying this text and the activities based around the book. Students are also reading aloud beautifully when called upon.

Have a lovely week.



Good afternoon everyone.As you already know we have been doing AFL with Laura and Georgia which has been a lot of fun. This week the whole school will be participating in cross country practice on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The class has been working really hard.

Just a reminder library is on Thursday. Remember to bring your library bag and books so you can sit on the new couches. Homework is due on Friday, home reading journals are due back on Thursday. KEEP ON READING!!! Premiers reading challenge sheets went out on Monday and hopefully lots of kids will participate in that. High school transition notes will be handed out today.

Have a wonderful day.

By Izzy and Decoda.



Yesterday my new computer stand arrived which has allowed me to set up a computer kiosk in the library so students can search for their own books when they are borrowing. During the library days the computer will be on and ready for students to search books they may be interested in.


Yesterday saw the the arrival of four new 65” touch panel displays that will replace our current Interactive Whiteboards in Years 6, 4/5, 3/4 and K/1. The award-winning ActivPanel is the premium interactive display for immersive learning, providing a tablet-like experience at the front of the classroom. Innovative InGlass technology delivers the industry’s most natural writing experience for teachers and students to collaborate with ease. All old IWBs will be removed this Friday in preparation for the install on either Monday or Thursday of next week.


Students should have collected there Issue #1 order from me by now. If they have not please remind them to see me at lunch in the library. I have just received Issue #2 and this is an exciting issue because leading up to the National Simultaneous Storytime on the 22nd of May it is featuring the story time title “Alpacas with Maracas” and it comes with its very own maracas! Check it out on page 2.


The Island - By John Heffernan & Peter Sheehan

This is a beautiful story about a blind urchin who lives on an island where everyone is miserable because they are so wrapped up in their work except the urchin who has the time to slow life down and take a look at his surroundings. One day when the boy is at the seashore he finds a creature, the boy instantly falls in love with the creature and when the tribe find out they soon love it to. But the tribe love to much and think what if it runs away so they capture it and put it in a pool so it stays with them forever. Slowly the creature starts to sadden and die but the boy saves it and they go out to sea together. When the tribe find out they look for it everywhere but they can not find it or the boy.

“Overall I think that it was a really good book and definitely a good read” By Amelie

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