2020 NSW Premier's Reading Challenge rule updates

We hope you are all doing well in the current COVID-19 situation. This information is to inform you of the changes that have been made to the 2020 PRC rules to help support students to participate in and complete the Challenge whilst their access to books at school and local libraries may be restricted. 

What is happening with the Challenge in 2020? The Challenge is well equipped to support student participation from home. The Challenge will continue with the same closing dates for validation of entries, and the same number of books to be read for all challenge levels. We have introduced some adjustments to support students who may be learning from home, and have reduced access to suitable reading material to complete the Challenge.  What changes have been made to the PRC rules for 2020?

The main changes to the Challenge rules are as follows:

  • Students on all Challenge levels are able to read 10 choice books - an increase from five. Please see the support article about adding these additional choice books to a student reading record. 

  • Students on all Challenge levels will be able to include books on their reading records that they read collaboratively as a class, in person or online with their teacher or at home with their parents/carers. 

  • Students who complete the Challenge in 2020 will be able to count this towards cumulative awards.

  • Students who do not participate in the Challenge in 2020 will not be disadvantaged in the receipt of cumulative awards. 

  • The Challenge will include Year 10 students in 2021 to allow all students the opportunity to meet the gold and platinum certificate and Challenge medal requirements. 

How do students add these bonus choice books to their reading records?

Students will need to add their first 5 choice books the same way they always have for the Challenge. Their bonus choice books will need to be entered using the following PRCID's:

PRCID 68597 2020 Bonus Choice Book 1

PRCID 68598 2020 Bonus Choice Book 2

PRCID 68599 2020 Bonus Choice Book 3

PRCID 68560 2020 Bonus Choice Book 4

PRCID 68561 2020 Bonus Choice Book 5

To add these choice books on the Student Site, students can simply enter "2020 bonus" either on the search screen or under "add choice books",  and the Bonus Choice Book records will be the first ones to appear.

We have prepared a support article for adding Bonus Choice Books to a student reading record, which can be shared with parents and students to help with this process. 

How do I add bonus choice books for 2020?

How can I support students in accessing books to read from home?

We value the role that PRC coordinators have in helping students discover books to read for leisure and pleasure, both for the Challenge and for life. We understand there is a lot of information out there about ebooks, digital books and audiobooks that are freely available, so we have prepared a support article for Coordinators with some suggestions for helping your school community get access to books in these difficult times:

How can students access books whilst learning from home?

Please note, this is not a complete list of what might be available to your schools, and you should use your professional judgement and consult with your school executive before making any decisions about sharing or recommending the use of these platforms to your school community. 

We have also provided some suggestions for parents/ carers and students to help them find books to read from home:

Where can I find books to read from home?

I have more questions - what should I do?

We understand this is a difficult time for all teachers, and we appreciate your ongoing support in helping students develop a love of reading for leisure and pleasure. If you have any more questions about how the Challenge is running in 2020, or any other coordination task that you need some advice on, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Monday March 2: Challenge opens for student entries

Friday August 28: Final date for entry of Student Reading Records by students

Friday September 11: Final date for validation of Student Reading Reading records by coordinators

PRC Student Site

The PRC student site is available again this year! Students can search for books to read, add books to their reading logs, and track their progress throughout the challenge. The website is currently being updated and will be available for students when the challenge opens on March 2. You can find the site at and there is a useful help video available to demonstrate how the site works. 

PRC Support site

Have you visited the PRC Support site lately?  It provides searchable information about the PRC and you can also contact the PRC team.

Below are links to articles you may find helpful throughout the Challenge.

New Books

The second update of new books on the PRC booklist will be going live at the beginning of term 2, and an email will be sent when this is available. You can find new booklist updates on the BOOKLISTS page.We are constantly reviewing and evaluating new books for inclusion on the lists, and would love to hear your suggestions!  

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