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Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope that everyone has had an enjoyable Easter and we look forward to the beginning of Term 2..

I start off by saying how grateful I am to all families who kept their children home from school at the end of Term 1 and to the Iluka staff who worked tirelessly to deliver education into homes. I understand that for many it has been a tough month, juggling work, home schooling and caring for children. However,I thank you all for supporting the school and wider community. It is important that we all continue to remain positive and focused on ensuring that we are doing our best to keep ourselves, our families and our community safe.

Facebook Morning Check In, Daily PE and Story Time reading

I am hoping to stay connected with families by providing regular updates, messages and fun learning activities. Please join us on our Facebook site each day. I will be sharing the latest news from the Department of Education with all students and their families.

Students to transition back to the Classroom in Term 2

The staff and I have been very busy too during our Professional Learning Days preparing and considering ways how students will return. The staged approach to manage a return to full face-to-face teaching sees students being reintroduced to some face-to-face learning in line with available health advice, the need to maintain smaller class sizes and the number of learning spaces. The plan is phased and flexible, allowing us to slowly bring schools back to normal. Students will attend school one day a week and learn from home on the other days.

Importantly, all students who have borrowed laptop equipment over the last month will need to return these back to school on their identified day.

Monday 11 May, From Week 3:

  • Mondays – Kindergarten and Year 6

  • Tuesdays – Year 3 and Year 2

  • Wednesdays - Year 1 and Year 5 (GIRLS)

  • Thursdays - Year 5 (BOYS) and Year 4

Health Advice

Want to stay up-to-date with the health advice for schools? 👩‍⚕️

Join Dr Jan Fizzel from NSW Health as she answers parent and student questions about how we'll ensure that schools will remain a safe place for all as a staggered return to school commences in Week 3.

Find out more about the transition to the classroom:

Home Learning Packs

Our Home Learning Packs for the coming weeks are now available for collection outside the classrooms. Hard copies may be collected by parents. Social distancing will apply. These units when completed may be returned to school for marking.

Iluka PS ANZAC Day Tribute

This year our ANZAC Day march was one of the many casualties of the coronavirus pandemic. 2020 will be the first time ANZAC services have been cancelled since 1919, when another virus (The Spanish Flu) had a global impact. However, well done to the many boys and girls who showed their respects for our servicemen and women supporting the ‘Light up the dawn campaign’.

Moving into Year 7 2021

We need to let High Schools know if Year 6 students will require placement in 2021.

If you haven't returned the form (either manual or digital) please do so immediately to secure a spot in 2021 at Maclean High or other High School.

For a digital copy of the EOI for High School - please see:

If there are any concerns or issues please do not hesitate to call me.