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Updated: Jul 21, 2020


  • IPS Athletics Carnival - Thursday 25th (from approx. 12pm) & Friday 26th.

  • 2020 Kindergarten Orientation - Transition Day Wednesday July 31.

  • Iluka Public School Open Day - Thursday 1 August.

  • 11.00 am picnic recess with parents

  • 11.30 classroom visits

  • 12.00 school and library visits, including Scholastic Book Fair.

  • 12.15 whole school assembly.


Welcome to Term 3

Yesterday the staff of Iluka Public School participated in a range of activities for our Staff Development Day. We began the day with a walk around the school as practice for a quick look around ensuring the school was again safe for our students.This was a great chance for everyone to catch up on holiday stories while enjoying the fresh air and sun on such a beautiful morning. Being active is a terrific way to start the day. We noticed that the infants cubby house has been repainted in bright colours and we thank Miss Aleisha for spending time to do this over her break.

The highlight of the day was listening to Mr John Stewart. John’s role with the Department is as a Teacher Quality adviser. His inspiring presentation focused on making the school and classroom a vibrant, motivating and inspiring place. His talk supported the work our teachers already do. It was a powerful morning.

After morning tea we focused as a team looking at our rosters, timetables, the Term 3 calendar, our Wellbeing Program and the role of the LaST teacher. We look forward to many exciting activities over the next ten weeks.

Just before lunch we were joined by the staff from Chatsworth Island Public School. Together we completed mandatory CPR and Anaphylaxis training.

This was a terrific and valuable day of learning. The staff looked refreshed, positive and keen to once again give their very best to ensure our beautiful students make the most of every day this term.

Athletics Carnival

Thank you to our groundsman ‘Strong Mark and parent volunteer ‘Strong Oliver’ who generously gave up their time during the holidays to help me mark out the Athletics track. The day was very cold and particularly difficult to set out due to the strong westerly breeze. I appreciate your efforts and the support you give to our school.

We now are set for this Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. Teachers and myself are expecting ALL students to come to school on the days of the carnival.

  • Families are welcome to attend - bring a folding chair and/or a blanket to sit on.

  • Students may wear a T-Shirt or clothing in their house colour (Green or Yellow) on Friday.

  • Events will commence at approximately 9.30am.

  • A canteen will operate on Friday.

  • Please make sure your child’s permission note has been returned to school.


2020 Kindergarten Orientation Day

Learning - Laughing - Playing

  • Wednesday July 31 - 9.00am - 12.00pm

  • Wednesday August 14 - 9.00am - 12.00pm

  • Wednesday August 28 - 9.00am -12.00pm

Year 6 Excursion to Canberra and Selwyn Snowfields

Our biannual Years 5 and 6 excursion to Canberra and the Snowy Mountains is fast approaching. Mr Jones, Mrs Cunningham, Mrs Gardner and myself will be taking the students this year. Please ensure that all permission, medical information and money is returned as soon as possible. We have a great trip and adventure planned for Years 5 and 6 and one I am personally looking forward to with a great group of students this year.

CWA Projects

Hopefully, many parents took the opportunity over the holidays to visit the CWA Hall to look at the wonderful display of PNG projects. I take this opportunity to thank our beautiful dancers who opened the show with a traditional PNG dance. Angela, Amelia, Izzy, Josie, Maddy, Caitlyn and Bonnie did an amazing routine by our wonderful dance teacher, Mrs Anna Cooper. Thank you Anna.

Canteen Kids

One of the success stories for this year has been the wonderful work from our Year 6 Canteen Kids. While learning many valuable life skills our students are also being treated with hearty, delicious meals. The Spaghetti Bolognese was beautiful. Thank you so much to Mrs Cunningham and Leah for organising this luncheon.

Year 5 Visit to Maclean High School

It was just great to see the enthusiasm demonstrated by our Year 5 class during their recent visit to Maclean High School. Our Year 5 class took the opportunity to participate in a range of Indigenous games whilst also meeting perhaps for the first time and establishing relationships with fellow Year 5 students from across the Clarence Valley. Thank you to Mrs Milne and Aleisha for attending the day.

Thank you

On behalf of Iluka Public School can I please thank the Corston, Speirs and Warne-Shield families for looking after the chickens over the holidays. We very much appreciate your time and energy and commitment in supporting our school.

I look forward to a positive Term 3 and seeing everyone back at school today. I hope you enjoyed your well deserved holiday break. As always, I commend the hard work of our teachers, office staff, SLSOs and GA for their work and commitment to the students of Iluka Public School.

Have a wonderful week.



Kindergarten Celebration - Thank you parents and family members for coming to our celebration of 100 days of schooling for our Kindergarten students. Hope you enjoyed our videos and your family photo shoot.

CWA Projects - Congratulations to all the students for their excellent Papua New Guinea projects. The following students were presented with a certificate at the CWA presentation ceremony - Kindergarten… 1st prize - Scarlett, 2nd prize - Makenna, 3rd prize - Zayden and Year One … 1st prize - Charlie, 2nd prize - Rex, 3rd prize - Zoe.

Year One Homework - This term the Year One students commence their Maths Mentals homework. Students will take home their Maths Mental book at the start of the week. It is important that the students do a section each night, not all in one night. Books, with their completed work, is to be returned on Friday.

Library Day - Our class library day for this term is Wednesday. It is important that every student participates in our class library lesson and borrows/returns books on this day.


*If you haven’t returned your child’s athletic carnival permission note yet, could you do so before Thursday. Please return notes in your child’s communication folder.



Welcome back to term 3.

I trust your holiday time was a great chance for special family occasions together.

Routines: have now resumed. PLEASE CHECK that your child has all necessary classroom materials.

Homework: has been given out for the week. It comes back to school on Friday so that it can be marked.

Home Reading: is an ongoing part of weekly homework. Well done to those families that kept the home reading going in the holidays.

Dancing: continues and is coming along very well. The girls and boys are trying their very best.

Cold mornings: often require a jumper, cardigan or coat. Some children are coming to school without any warm clothing.

Athletics Carnival: is this Thursday and Friday. Should be a great permitting.

Looking forward to a positive term.



Welcome back everyone! I hope this finds you well and the children had a safe and enjoyable holiday. A big thank you to Miss Ross for taking our class while I was on leave.

Firstly, a reminder our Stage 2 Camp is in the second week of Term 4, from October 23 - 25. The time will fly so please confirm camp notes and payments are in, also consider having conversations with your child in preparation for camp now. Library this term is on Tuesday. Homework is due on Friday. There is no homework this week. I often get asked by parents how they can help their child at home? This is a real easy one - home reading, home reading, home reading. You can support them in many ways such as regularly showing interest in their home reading, asking questions about what they have been reading, helping them to source books and suitable magazines or joining the local library.

The Athletics Carnival is on this week - a half day Thursday and all day Friday. The children may wear green for Hickey or yellow for Rush on FRIDAY if they wish.

Special congratulations to all students who completed the CWA Project. Well done to two lucky winners from our class - Tessah, 1st and Eli, 2nd in Year 3. Thank you and I hope to see you at the Carnival if you can make it.



We had a lovely afternoon at the CWA hall on the last Friday of term. Congratulations to all students who completed a project. Special mention to our award winners - Year 4: 1st Jade, 2nd Tandia, Equal 3rd Jay and Kiani, Highly Commended Jack. Year 5 - 1st Harlem, 2nd Kelani and 3rd Krystal.


Hi Everyone.

I would like to welcome a new addition to the class Femke. We are excited that you are a part of our team and are looking forward to working with you.

It is great to see all the students settling quickly into their class routines.

Canteen kids will commence next Wednesday. Notes will be sent home this Thursday.

This term we will explore the topic of sustainability and how it impacts our world. A key focus in this unit will be explanations.


· Library is on Thursday with Mr Jones.

· Home Readers are due on Thursday.

· Homework is due on Friday

· Athletics carnival on this Thursday and Friday

Have a great week Bek


Welcome back to school and welcome to term 3. I hope you all had a great two week break and got out amongst all those sunny days we had. We are looking at another very busy term. Here is a short overview of what will be happening in the library during the first 5 weeks of term.


Our second book fair for the year will be arriving in week 2 and will run till the end of week 3. It is scheduled to arrive on Thursday of week 2 just in time for our school’s open day. If it arrives before lunchtime it will be open for students to bring their family down and make a purchase if you like. I am hoping to raise a good amount of money for the school again so I can purchase some more new and exciting books for our library.


This term the Year 3/4s, 4/5s and 6 students will be learning how to code drones. They will be required to command the drones to perform tasks by typing computer coding language using the swift app and the mini Mambo Parrot drones. We have obtained these drones for the term from Lawrence Public School who have been so kind to loan them to the school for the term. They will be creating algorithms to make the drone rise, move forward, turn, drop, turn, spin etc. All using coding language. However, before they can do any of these activities they will be required to obtain there drone license to demonstrate they are sensible and can follow the drone flying rules and guidelines.


During week 4 I will be away all of the week as I will be attending the Canberra excursion with the 5/6 students. I am super excited about this camp (my wife is not) and I can’t wait to be involved in all of the fun and exciting activities that have been organised by the school.

I hope everyone has a smooth and pain free week settling back into school life. Matt.


During the last week of Term 2 we commenced the carnival with the discuss events. It was a terrific competition and all students tried to do their very best. We congratulate Emma who threw a new Iluka Public School record for the Junior Girls with a throw of 22.50m. WOW!

Discus results:

Junior Girl = 1st Emma , 2nd Shanoah , 3rd Tandia

11 Years Girl = 1st Mia , 2nd Krystal , 3rd Amy-Leigh

Senior Girl = 1st Tylah , 2nd Angela , 3rd Akaysha

Junior Boy = 1st Phoenix , 2nd Jay , 3rd Tulloch

11 Years Boy = 1st Reef , 2nd Travis , 3rd Chaise

Senior Boy = 1st Eddie , 2nd Decoda, 3rd Mythias