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Updated: Jul 21, 2020


  • Parent/Carer and Teacher interviews continue this week

  • CWA Project Presentation and Afternoon Tea - this Friday 1:45pm, CWA/Iluka Museum Hall

  • Final school day of Term 2 - Friday 5 July.

  • Term 3 recommences (for students) Tuesday 23 July.

  • Iluka Public School Athletics Carnival Thursday 25 and Friday 26 July.

  • Education Week 29 July to August 2.

  • Iluka Public School Open Day Thursday August 1.

  • Iluka Public School 1st Preschool Transition Day - July 31.

  • Canberra Excursion Stage 3 (Year 5 and 6) - August 12 - 16.

STOP THE PRESS To celebrate 100 days of Kindergarten Iluka Public School would like to invite all Kinder/Year 1 parents and carers to a morning tea event, this coming Friday 5th July at 10:30am. Please join us in the Computer Room for coffee and cake and a visual presentation from the students. We look forward to welcoming you and celebrating this special milestone.


Have you noticed a small change to our newsletter procedures? The online version containing galleries, video clips and photos are coming out (thank you Mr Jones!) as usual on Tuesday afternoon. The abbreviated newspaper version will be sent home Wednesday afternoon.

School Reports

I hope all parents took the time to discuss your child’s report. Over the past term teachers have been working hard, writing reports, to give parents an accurate depiction of student achievement in relation to syllabus outcomes. The reports give a 'point in time' judgement of student ability, aiming to describe the learning that has taken place as well as explaining areas for development. Please phone the school if you wish to make an appointment with your class teacher.

Whole School Assembly

Last Friday the school held its last whole school assembly for the term. We were led by the school captains Izzy and Decoda. The assembly presented certificates to those children who had read for 100 nights of home reading. Congratulations to all students who received an award! Thank you to the many parents for your attendance.

School Dance for Open day.

Girls and boys, you looked sensational in your last whole school rehearsal. Once again the tuition given to our dancers by Mrs Cooper has been second-to-none. That, along with the dedicated support of teachers, has given our students the opportunity to learn, grow and experience much success. They’re extremely lucky.

School Gardens

Thank you strong Mark for your continued commitment to making our school grounds look so neat and beautiful. Your hard work and vision is paying off! Congratulations students for doing your best to follow the school rules by always walking on the paths and placing your rubbish in the appropriate bins.


Please check out the online version of the newsletter showing a beautiful photo of our Year 6 student Tylah Huxley meeting the Governor General of NSW at the Interrelate Say No to Bullying poster competition awards function held earlier this term in Sydney.

CWA Projects

Congratulations to all those students who completed a CWA project on Papua New Guinea. You have now received an invitation to share afternoon tea with your parents, teachers and your friends. Please make sure you return your permission note.

CWA Projects Performance

After weeks of practice, eight talented Year 6 students will perform a traditionally inspired dance item from Papua New Guinea. Their performance is an amazing routine. Dance teacher Mrs Cooper has devised the routine and the costumes. All parents and carers are invited to attend this Friday at 1.45pm, down at the CWA/Iluka Museum hall.

Road Safety

Just a friendly reminder for your child’s safety. Please use the Kiss and Drop area in the morning. Please ask your child to use the crossing as they walk to your vehicle and not to walk out from behind the bus. Also staff have noticed cars parked over the footpath in Spenser Street. It is extremely dangerous for driver’s to do this as we have a number of kindergarten children using this path to walk home. Please park further down the hill and park nose-in on the grass.

Unpaid Canberra Excursion Invoices

Unfortunately I am being informed that there are still people who have not paid their Canberra excursion invoices or have not contacted me to discuss payment plans. This Friday final payments for the trip are due unless arrangements have been made. Please call to discuss urgently.

Happy holidays

As this is the last Newsletter for the term, I would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday. Thank you, as always, for your support this term in many varied ways. We shall see all students back safe and refreshed for the start of Term 3 on Tuesday 23 July.


Communication Folders- The Kindergarten and Year One communication folders are used so that teachers and parents can communicate to one another through written text. The folders are sent home on a daily basis, even though there may not be any notes for parents and carers to view, and then returned to school the next day. ALL notes - permission notes, absentee notes, variation to home travel notes etc-are to be returned in your child’s communication folder. Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Free Tickets- The Iluka Bowls Club has kindly donated two tickets for a free pony ride at their Family Fun Day. On Wednesday, our class will have a special win bin draw and the free pony ride tickets will be sent home in their communication folder. Good luck, everyone!

Assembly Awards- Congratulations to the following students who received Merit Certificates at our whole school assembly on Friday: Kindergarten - Elayna, Pala, Ilya and Year One - Zoe, Charlie. Well done, Kindergarten and Year One! We have again received the Uniform Award.


*Please return the CWA award ceremony attendance and athletics carnival permission notes before Friday.

*Printed newsletters now go home on Wednesday.

Hope you have a relaxing and safe holiday. See you all next term. Lynne


Hello everyone,

Well we had a true taste of what winter is all about last week.

Reports: went home last Friday. If you would like to request an interview please see me to arrange a time or send a note in with your child.

Well done: to the students that will reach the 100 nights reading milestone this term. If your child hasn’t reached it they can read in the holidays and gain the merit certificate early next term.

Papua New Guinea: projects were well done. The students will attend the presentation at the CWA hall this Friday.

Finishing off: class tasks is the main priority this week. We want everything up to date so we can relax and enjoy the holidays.

Enjoy: the two week break. You must all be really looking forward to spending some quality time with your children. Stay warm, well and enjoy those books. Di


Thank you to all the students for working hard and well for Miss Ross in my absence. Congratulations to those students who completed their CWA Papua New Guinea project and will be able to attend the presentation and delicious afternoon tea. Congratulations also to those students who received their 100 nights of home reading certificate at last week’s assembly. Great effort kids! Remember to keep reading throughout the school holidays. Don’t forget our local town library if you’re looking for a book, magazine (they have a great surfing collection!) or board game to play. Enjoy the two week break. Stay safe and don’t forget to get outside into the great outdoors. See you next term. Chris


Home reading - Congratulations to all students who reached 100 nights of reading this term. If your child hasn’t quite reached this milestone yet, the holidays are a great opportunity to close the gap. Think outside the box and read something a little different, such as a recipe, newspaper, board game instructions or any other activity that involves reading. These can all count towards home reading.

Reports - Semester One Reports were sent home last Friday. If you would like an interview, please see me to arrange a suitable time.

Papua New Guinea Projects - Well done to all the students who completed a project on Papua New Guinea. Everyone did a fantastic job and the projects look amazing! All students who completed a project have been invited to the presentation and afternoon tea at the CWA hall on Friday. Permission notes were sent home Monday.

Canberra Excursion - Excitement is really starting to build with our excursion to Canberra early next term. However, some payments have not been received. Please contact Mr Bradmore to discuss payment, otherwise all money must be paid in full by this Friday.

Have a wonderful and relaxing holiday. See you all next term.



Reports went home on Friday and interviews are being held this week. I am available for interviews after school for all families. If you would like to have an interview with me, please contact the office for an appointment.

CWA Excursion is this Friday. Please ensure you have returned the permission note that was sent home.

Home reading journals are to be submitted on Thursday. Awards for 100 nights will be given out on Friday. It is important that students continue to read out of school time.

Canberra Excursion- All money must be paid in full by this Friday. Some payments have not been received. Please contact Mr Bradmore to discuss payment.

Overall the students have worked well in class this semester and are improving their skills and work practices. I look forward to working with you all next term.

Have a safe and happy holiday. Bek


Welcome to the final week of term 2. We have had a fantastic term in the library. STEM throughout this term has brought so much excitement and enjoyment to the students. Hoping for this to continue into next term.


3/4 STEM - Last week in STEM the year 3/4 class took on the roller coaster challenge head on. What they created was very impressive. You can view the video below.

2/3 STEM - The year 2/3 students continued on from last week with their racing car creations. They were required to then make a ramp for their car to travel down. Below you will find some images from this low cost STEM activity.

4/5 STEM - The Year 4/5 class were faced with the challenge of recreating the entire school in Minecraft. They had to use scale, measurement and visualization to work as a team in Minecraft to recreate the entire school. This task was a lot more challenging than they anticipated.

YEAR 6 STEM - The Year 6 students have been studying a specific faous landmark of their choice with Mrs Cunningham. There task this week was to recreate this famous landmark in Minecraft and as a class create a poster that demonstrates their creations.

K/1 STEM - The K/1 students were presented with a challenge that required them to create the tallest tower that could hold a tennis ball. That were given 20 paddle pop sticks and an equal amount of playdough. They could only use the amount of materials they were given. below you can see some images of there creations.


All book club orders have arrived and were handed out today. If your child was away please remind them to come down to the library to pick up their book club order by Friday.


The new books that arrived last week are now covered, accessioned and in circulation. Majority of them have already gone off the shelves.

I hope everyone has a great two weeks off. Matt.



For the past few weeks, weather permitting, we have taken a whole school approach to athletics practice in preparation of next terms carnival. Working in class groups students have rotated through stations which target specific events at the carnivals, such as shot put, long jump, high jump and team relay. Students have taken to the practice with gusto. Well done everyone for getting in and having a good go.


Today saw the final dance lesson for the term with the impressive Mrs Cooper. Wow, what energy, expressive faces and great rhythm the students displayed during the whole school practice this morning. Everyone’s effort was impressive. This dance routine will be performed at various events during terms 3 and 4 so if you can keep up the practice during the holidays kids, so that it will be fresh in your minds when we return term 3, that would be fantastic. You can see a sneak peak of the dance in the below gallery.


Today saw the commencement of the discus event of the Iluka Public Schools Athletics Carnival. This event is held over the next few days, here on the back oval of the school. Discus is applicable to Juniors (8/9/10 year olds), 11 year olds and Seniors (12/13 yr olds). We wish all our students the good luck and are proud of you for having a go.


Volunteers for Friday 5th July - Sandy and Mark

Tuckshop Friday 26th July will be at the Athletics Carnival - volunteers needed please.

Class donations this week are Year 4/5.

If you are available to offer some time assisting in the Tuckshop please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you