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  • Friday 3 July - Last day of Term 2


  • Monday 20 July - Pupil Free Day

  • Tuesday 21 July - Students return



As Term 2 draws to a close I look back with pride (and a little exhaustion!) at an extraordinary period for the Iluka Public School Community. With the support of our magnificent parents and carers, we organised to get laptops, set work and loaned all types of equipment out to our students across our community. At the same time, we kept the school open to those that needed to attend. I am delighted and so proud. Thank you for your support. Together we worked really hard to make an impact on the lives of your impressive and wonderful children.


This week sees our parent/teacher interviews continuing at the school. Thank you for attending. We believe it is very important to attend and show your child that you are interested in their schooling and learning and want to be a part of it. Please ring to make a booking if you have not done so already.

While here, we hope you notice the work our groundsman Mark has been doing with the gardens at the front of the school and in and around our stage area. Excellent effort Mark!

Student reports will be available in Term 3. Please understand that this is a one off abbreviated report being provided in line with advice from the Department of Education and ACARA. Assessment and comments are based on the teachers' observations of working from school and home as well as more recent assessments carried out in class.

Teachers have reported back to me that students' results have been variable but all are settled and working steadily. Teachers are addressing student needs, taking into account any slippage or acceleration. Everyone appreciates how difficult learning from home may have been for some students and should not be a cause of anxiety. Children are resilient and will make up the progress if we have confidence in them.


Due to safety concerns of the Iluka town oval (Ken Leeson Oval) a modified athletics carnival will now be held on Tuesday afternoon 28 July 2020 and Wednesday 29 July 2020 at the Iluka Public School. At this stage, parents will NOT BE ABLE to attend the event. The program can be found on the digital version of the school newsletter at Pending council’s permission, a seating arrangement may be in place on the outside of the school fence to allow for spectators. (Please note this is yet to be confirmed.)

Athletics Carnival Program 2020
Download PDF • 195KB


As parents cannot enter the school grounds for our annual Open Day, Iluka Public School students will be holding a parade. We will be marching down Charles Street, (under the permission of a police escort) to our local shopping centre. At the shops we will sing, perform a dance, display some of our art, recite some poetry and complete some public speaking. More details on this will follow.


Next term our students will take part in two inner school competitions; A Times Table Challenge in Week 6 and the Spelling Bee in Week 9. It will be wonderful to see once again our students’ high level of spelling and for the first time, our students’ will display their time table and number plus knowledge. The Spelling words are attached below.

Spelling Bee Words - Stage 1
Download PDF • 79KB
Spelling Bee Words - Stage 2
Download PDF • 171KB
Spelling Bee Words - Stage 3
Download PDF • 178KB

STAGE 3 LAKE AINSWORTH CAMP (Still to be confirmed) - Week 10

Year 5 and 6 students who have displayed a positive attitude, and who have not had Level 2 Timeouts will be eligible to attend the Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Camp at Lennox Head during Week 10. This excursion is still to be confirmed. The price as previously stated will be $370. Here's what they will be getting up to at Lake Ainsworth.

STAGE 2 COFFS HARBOUR CAMP (Still to be confirmed) - Week 3, Term 4

Year 3 and 4 students who have displayed a positive attitude and who have not had Level 2 Timeouts will be eligible to attend the Coffs Harbour Camp, during Week 3, Term 4. This excursion is still to be confirmed. The price as previously stated will be $250. Here's what they will be getting up to at Coffs Harbour.

P.R.A.W.N.S (Pre Readiness Around Word Number Skills) Kindergarten Transition Program

Weeks 4,6,8 and 10

  • Now enrolling for Kindergarten 2021

  • If you have a child/neighbour/friend turning 5 years of age before 31st July 2021 they may be eligible for enrolling in 2021.

  • Please check enrolment procedures on our website;

  • At this stage, we are anticipating starting the P.R.A.W.N.S Transition Program on Wednesday 12 August 2020 (Week 4, Term 3). In our planning, we are working through the requirements the Department of Education has put in place for COVID-19. The morning sessions will be from 9:00am-12.00 noon.

  • Due to the current COVID 19 we also anticipate creating a virtual tour for parents. We will also implement further transition sessions in Term 4.

  • We look forward to welcoming local enrolments and siblings to our school.

Keep up the home reading!



Music Tuition – Iluka Public School Term 3

Miss Leeann Flynn, StringSong Music and Singing Teacher will again be returning in Term 3. Miss Leeann loves teaching music at Iluka Public School and is again looking forward to getting to know everyone (again). Miss Leeann will be attending lessons at school on Wednesdays this term, commencing 22 July. She can teach guitar, bass, keyboard, ukulele and singing on these days. The individual lessons will be 20 minutes in duration each week and will cost $220 for ten weeks ($22 per lesson).

If you would like your child to participate in these lessons in Term 3 please contact Miss Leeann on 0418 973 212. Term Payment ($220) will be required in advance of lessons beginning. Payments for lessons are to be made directly with Miss Leeann and can be made with Cash, Cheque or Credit Card (Additional Fees apply to Credit Card payments).


Mathematics - Maybe you heard that our class bear, Ted, celebrated his birthday last Friday. We sang “Happy Birthday” and he got some cards/presents from the students. During ‘Crunch and Sip’, Ted mysteriously disappeared, with only a letter left in his place. The letter wasn’t signed but it did have a handprint. The Kindergarten students put on their detective hats to solve the mystery. We made our own handprints and superimposed them on the mysterious handprint. The handprint took up more space (area) than ours. No one in our class took Ted! We checked the handprints of other teachers and soon located Ted. He was in Mrs Gardner’s classroom having some party time with Year Four. So Ted was safely returned to us. We learnt about the maths concept of area while having lots of fun.

ICT - Iluka Public School purchased the Reading Eggs and MathSeeds apps for Kindergarten students to use both at home and at school. Lots of students are using the Reading Eggs app at home, but I would encourage everyone to also download the MathSeeds app. Both apps work off the same password and login codes given to your child during the schooling at home phase. If you would like another copy of your child’s details, please let me know.

Parent-Teacher Meetings - Thank you parents and carers for taking the time to meet with me. It was great to be able to speak with you in person about your child. Take care over the holidays. Enjoy the break!



Hello Everyone,

Reading groups are going really well. Every child gets to read orally each day with constructive advice and positive reinforcement given from us. It is wonderful to see the improvement that students are making. It is also evident that the children that are borrowing home readers regularly are making the greatest leaps forward than those that aren’t practicing. Please try to listen to your child read each day for at least 5 minutes over the holidays so that when we come back next term we have a lot of enthusiastic borrowers. This will also help your child maintain the reading level they are currently at.

Welcome: back to Reed. We are very happy that you have returned to our class and school. Enjoy your time with your buddies and also make some new friends.

Interviews: have been very successful over the past two weeks. Thank you for taking the time to discuss how your child is progressing. When we work together great things can happen to benefit your child.

How Can I Help ??: is a frequently asked question by parents and seems to arise predominantly around interview time. Being consistent with the completion of home reading and homework from the start of the year, right throughout the year is vital and will support what is happening in the classroom. Good basic home routines is also another positive that children seem to respond to well.

Enjoy the cool weather over the two week holiday break. Stay active and healthy. Di


Hello everyone,

Paint shirts - Students love participating in arts and crafts but it can be messy. It would be much appreciated if students could bring in an old, oversized shirt to wear over their school uniform when painting. If you don’t have anything suitable at home, perhaps try the op shop.

Save your lids - Could you please save plastic lids (of any shape or colour) during the school holiday period, for an art project in Term 3? Thank you!

Quicksmart, Spelling Bee and home reading - Please encourage your child to keep up these three important jobs over the holidays. Holidays are a great opportunity to catch up and will help students to build their confidence.

Interviews - Thank you to parents and carers for attending interviews recently. Enjoy the holidays and I work forward to working with you again next term.



Hello everyone,

Athletics Practice - The students' technique and skills have really improved during our whole school Athletics practice. After lunch, this Friday, all the students will be racing around the track for the last time this term. Keep the training up at home, during the holidays as there will be a modified Athletics Carnival next term in week two.

Parent-Teacher Meetings -Thank you to the parents and carers that have taken the time to meet with me over the past few weeks. I still have a few appointments available for Wednesday and Thursday afternoon this week. I believe that by working together we truly can make a difference.

Geography/Literacy/Personal Development - Everyone loves group work! The students have worked extremely hard to complete the builds on their Sustainable Cities. They are now in the process of completing written and oral presentations. The students will be presenting their Sustainable Cities to other classes on Friday.

Competitions - Next term, there will be a Spelling Bee, Times Tables and Debating competition. Words for the Spelling Bee will be sent home on Friday.

Build confidence and self-esteem and practice.

Fine motor, Gross motor, Times tables and Reading are essential skills that are required in the classroom daily. Please take the time to revise during the school holidays.

Have a safe and happy break!




Welcome, everyone to the last week of term 2 and the halfway mark for the year. This has been such an up and down term and the first half of the year. I would like to thank everyone that has reminded their child to return their books week after week.

BOOK FAIR IS COMING!!! Yes that right, Book Fair is back. In week 2 of next term, I will be holding a Book Fair in the library for two weeks. So it’s time to get your little ones doing jobs around the house over the holidays to earn some pocket money to spend at the fair. Our largest amount we have raised previously is $1800 so I am hoping to beat this amount for our first Book Fair for the year. Please remember that 30% of the earnings go back to the school to buy new books and resources for the school.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday, Matt.


This week we wish good luck to all students competing in the Discus event. (Subject to weather)

  • Tuesday - Junior Boys

  • Wednesday - Junior Girls

  • Thursday - 11’s and Seniors - Boys and Girls

Athletics practice has been a huge success. The students are loving the whole school rotations they get to be involved in each Friday as their weekly sport. View some of the action shots in the gallery below.


  • Volunteers for Friday 3 July - Sandy and Mark

  • FIRST TUCKSHOP IN TERM 3 IS ON FRIDAY (None on Monday as Staff Development Day)

  • Volunteers for Friday 24 July - Sandy and Mark

Class donations this week: Year 1/2 Class

As Term 2 comes to a close, we would like to thank Karla, Sandy and Mark and the small but very reliable band of tuckshop volunteers for your efforts each week. It is also wonderful to see some new faces in the tuckshop. If you would like to offer some time assisting in the tuckshop, please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you


Great news, the School Banking program can recommence from the start of Term 3. As Tuesday is our banking day, our first day of banking will coincide with the first day students return for Term 3, July 21. Please remember to complete all the details in your bank books. Looking forward to assisting young people to learn healthy savings habits. Rewards can be claimed after collecting 10 tokens. If you are unsure of rewards, ask your child to speak with the School Banking Coordinator, Mrs Speirs.