• Iluka Public School



  • Wednesday 23 September - P & C Meeting @ 1:30 to 3:00 pm - Club Iluka.

  • Friday 25 September - Tuckshop will be closed - Last day of Term 3

  • Monday 12 October - First Day of Term 4 for both students and staff

  • Friday 16 October - School Photos



I would like to thank the Iluka Public School community; staff, students and parents/carers for everything that has been done to make this term a successful learning one. I am very proud of the way our school community has managed to navigate our way through the three terms this year.

Term 4 will begin in much the same way as we finish this term. I am hopeful that more restrictions will be relaxed for school activities in regards to what we are allowed to do. I wish students, staff and parents a well-earned, safe and relaxing holiday.

Students return on Monday 12 October 2020.


Parents, please make note in your diary that school photos will take place Friday 16 October 2020. Information and envelopes have already been sent home. Photos will include; Year 5/6 and Year 6 class photos, leadership team, house sports photos and a whole school photo.


The Iluka Public School Spelling Bee was introduced in 2017, as a fun and educational way for our students to engage with spelling. The Spelling Bee aims to encourage all students to actively participate with spelling and to promote improved literacy in combination with the English K-6 Syllabus. The competition was open to all students K-6 and I am so proud of all the students who were brave enough to compete. The competition was held last week and we congratulate our winning students. If you haven’t been there already, head on over to our photo gallery on the school webpage to see everyone in action.

Early Stage 1 - Cody, Runner up - Aryk

Stage 1 - Bailey, Runner up - Frankie

Stage 2 - Scott, Runner up - Beau

Stage 3 - Oceane, Runner up - Jack Mc


This term, our school will be participating in the Partners in Learning parent survey, another part of the Tell Them From Me suite of surveys (student, teacher and parent surveys) on student engagement. The survey asks parents and carers questions about different factors that are known to impact on student wellbeing and engagement.

Running this survey will help our school understand parents’ and carers’ perspectives on their child’s experience at school. These include communication between parents/carers and staff, activities and practices at home and parent/carer views on the school's support of learning and behaviour. This valuable feedback will help our school make practical improvements.

The survey is conducted entirely online on smartphones, iPads, tablets, laptops or computers. The survey will typically take 15 minutes or less to complete and is completely confidential.

Although participating in the survey is entirely voluntary, we encourage maximum participation and your responses are very much appreciated.

Please click on the following link to complete the survey


Our next P&C meeting is set down for this Wednesday 21st October starting at 1:30 pm-3.00 pm at Club Iluka (formerly Iluka Bowls Club). We look forward to seeing you there.


Enrolments for Kindergarten 2021 are now being accepted. Children born between 1st August 2015 and 31st July 2016 are eligible to enrol. Parents wishing to enrol a child for school next year should come to the office and speak to Ms Lyn or myself. Please note that due to adult social distancing rules we can only attend to one family at a time. You may wish to make an appointment first on 6646 6149.

When placing an Application for Enrolment there are a number of document requirements, outlined in the Enrolment package that parents/carers are required to supply. Hard copies of the following original documents must be provided - child’s birth certificate for proof of age, passports and visas for parents if the student was born overseas, and proof of residence (current council rate notice or lease agreement, with a copy of Rental Bond Board deposit receipt and 3 (three) utility bills e.g. gas or electricity account, water bill, mobile or landline telephone account).

You will also be required to submit your child’s up to date immunisation certificate. If your child suffers from asthma or an allergy, Iluka Public School will support your child’s needs with an Individual Health Care plan, established in conjunction with your doctor who must provide us with information regarding the diagnosis.


May I please ask that you ensure you drop off your child safely and park appropriately. If you are walking across Charles Street, then please use the crossing with your child. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure our students are safe.


The thought of an argument with children to get them to school is too great to bear for some parents. Too many students miss school through parent-condoned absences. Every day a student is away they are missing a learning experience.

If a child misses school for around 1 day a week, by the end of the year they will have missed almost 1 whole term of school. Over the primary school years they would miss almost 3 years of school.

What is a Justified Absence from school?

1. For an unavoidable medical or dental appointment. (best made for after school or in the holidays).

2. To attend a recognised religious holiday.

3. To attend an exceptional or urgent family circumstance (e.g. a funeral).

4. While sick or with an infectious disease.

If you require support to get your child to attend school or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.

All absences must be explained within 7 days or earlier is even better.

We can all work together to make a difference in your child's future!

Be on time. Be at school. That’s the rule!