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Updated: Jul 21, 2020



Wednesday 10th - Netball Clinics

Friday 12th - Easter Hat Parade.

Friday 12th - Students last day of Term 1


Tuesday 30th - Students return from holidays


Friday 3rd - PSSA Soccer Boys/Girls at Iluka

Tuesday 7th - Mother’s Day Breakfast 7.30am -9am

Tuesday 7th - Mother’s Day Stall 9.15am -10.30am

Tuesday 7th - PSSA Netball at Iluka 10.30am

Wednesday 8th - Maclean Show - half day holiday from 12 noon

Thursday 9th - GRIP Leadership -Yr 6 students

Thursday 9th - Book Fair Arrives

Friday 10th - Small Schools Cross Country at Iluka

Easter Hat Parade / Whole School Assembly

Our next whole school assembly will be held on Friday commencing before the Easter Hat Parade. The assembly is due to start at 11:35am. At our assembly the prefects conduct the assembly while the teachers present awards. During our assemblies the students are expected to sit, listen to and follow our expectations. At the conclusion of the assembly, the Easter Hat Parade will begin.

All parents, grandparents and family welcome. Don’t forget to wear an Easter hat!

ANZAC Eve BBQ Meet/Greet

Thank you to the many parents/carers who have already returned their notes indicating their attendance. The response so far has been very positive.

Just one further reminder and one last chance before we break for holidays that;

On the eve of ANZAC Day, Wednesday 24 April at 5:00pm a family get together / barbeque has been organised. (This is in the second week of the school holidays. The evening will be attended by five military personnel (including a current day jet pilot) from the Amberley Air Base, Brisbane. After something to eat, the air force personnel wish to present a small talk followed by a question and answer segment. All students and all families are most welcome.

Look for the attached note to reply with sausage orders at the end of this newsletter. Notes have to be back by Friday.


ANZAC Day 2019 will take place on Thursday, 25 April. It will be a time for the Iluka Public School community to come together and pay tribute to the first ANZACs and to all the brave servicemen and women who have since followed in their footsteps. The march to the cenotaph will take place at 10.45am. All students (K-6) are invited to attend and participate in the march in full school uniform. Please arrive by 10.30am.

Look for the attached note to complete and return to the school to give us an idea of numbers attending. Thank you to those families who returned their notes last week.


End of Term 1

The end of term one has arrived. I would like to thank all those parents who have assisted our school organisation and events this term. We have completed a very busy term. Our students have enjoyed a very full calendar of events during Term 1 which included a very high standard of academic performance, creative arts performance, sports activities and excursions.

This has been a very successful term for our school. Teachers and students deserve a well-earned rest.

Home Reading Journals

Congratulations to those students who have achieved 50 nights of Home Reading this term. On Friday’s Whole School Assembly you will be receive your award for the effort you have applied consistently over the eleven weeks.


Congratulations to all the K-6 students who participated in the Iluka PS Cross –Country Carnival last Friday. This year the event was held at the Ken Leeson Oval. Students who placed in their races received their awards at school at the conclusion of the event.

Over 50 students will have the opportunity to represent Iluka in the Small School’s Cross Country Carnival next term. A separate permission note has been sent out to those students involved.

Safety Drills

Our school evacuation safety drills are held twice each year. Last week we held our first planned evacuation drill. It is important students are aware of procedures in an emergency.

Renovation Update

The workers are making great use of the continuing dry weather. Our roof tiles have started being replaced with colour bond metal and our classroom annexe is now in lockup stage. On Monday 8th April work begun on B Block. - Please note that B Block is now closed and the office has temporarily moved into the Staff Room.

Chicken Roster

Thank you so much to the families who will look after the chickens over the school holidays. It is very much appreciated. A roster has been sent home to the families who are helping out. If the times that have been allocated to you are not suitable please contact the school this week.

Canberra/ Selwyn Snowfields Excursion

The major excursion for Years 5 and 6 students for 2019 is to Canberra. Our excursion has been planned for the third week of Term 3 from 12th August to 16th August. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to confirm your child’s participation in the excursion. The deposit payment is due by Friday 12th April. Any parent, who foresees difficulty with finance, including payment of the deposit, is invited to ring Mr Bradmore as soon as possible. No late deposits will be accepted.

For Your Diary;

Maclean Show - half day public holiday event.

Clarence Valley Council will have a half day public holiday event from 12 midday Wednesday,

8 May 2019.

Schools in the Maclean Valley including Iluka Public School will adhere to the gazetted 2019 Local Public Holidays Act by ministerial order and published on the NSW legislation website.

We have been advised that local bus companies will be completing their normal schedules for this day i.e. picking up at the school as normal from 3.10 pm onwards.

There will be NO midday pick up by the bus company.

Iluka Public School will operate as usual until 12.00 pm, where all staff will commence the local public holiday. From this time onwards, students are required to leave the school due to no supervision. Students will be unable to stay until our normal 3.00 pm finish time.

Please contact myself or the main office, if you have any further questions.


NAPLAN assesses literacy and numeracy – important skills that each child needs to succeed in school and life. The NAPLAN tests are designed to help us make sure students are on track with their literacy and numeracy development. Students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 participate in NAPLAN tests for Reading, Writing, Conventions of Language (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and Numeracy.

In Weeks 3 and 4 next term, our school will participate in NAPLAN Online. Students do not need to be computer experts to take the NAPLAN test online. Making sure students have computer skills is part of our school curriculum, and our teachers will ensure your child is familiar with the online format. To see the types of questions and interactive features of NAPLAN Online, visit the public demonstration site.

If you have any questions about NAPLAN Online, please contact your child’s teacher.

GRIP Leadership

The GRIP Leadership Day is a unique opportunity for our Year 6 students. Next term, they will have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills as they attend this program. They will take part in a full day of interactive learning, listening to keynote speakers and watching multimedia presentations. We wish them well as they aspire to lead themselves and others. Notes have gone home and be advised that there is a closing date.

I hope everyone enjoys a great Easter holiday over the next two weeks. The school year will recommence for all classes on Tuesday 30 April 2019.



This week we bid a sad farewell to Annabella and her family. We wish them all the best. Cross Country Carnival - Each student trained so hard before the carnival and performed their personal best at the carnival. A big thank you to Amber, Indigo’s mum, for making banana bread as a special treat for the students. Sight Words - All students will be given this week a list of sight words to practice over the holidays. A daily practice of these words will ensure a smooth transition back into reading next term. Reading Certificates - On Friday I will be handing out reading certificates for 50 nights of reading. Congratulations to the students who have reached this milestone already. An amazing effort by both students and parents to keep up the consistent reading each night. Well done!

ANZAC Day - It would be great to have as many students as possible turn up for our annual ANZAC Day march. Students are asked to wear their school uniform for this event.

Have a safe and happy Easter holiday. See you all next term! Lynne


Hello all,

There is a little taste of Autumn in the air!

Interviews: were very productive. When we put our heads together and work in unison great things can happen.

Homework: will not be given this week as a reward for the consistent efforts by most children during the term.

Home Reading: has been completed by some of the students. Thank you to those parents that support their child with this regular routine. 50 night certificates will be handed out at Friday’s assembly. Keep the reading going through the holidays.

Stationary Requirements: have been depleted. Lead pencils and erasers have been used and need to be replaced for next term. Please check to see if your child needs any other equipment.

Enjoy: the holiday break. It is a time to slow down and recharge the batteries. Stay safe and happy.



G’day. 50 night Home Reading Certificates will be given out at Friday’s Assembly. I must see student's reading journals this week please. Well done to all students who are climbing the ladder of success! Easter Hat Parade is also on Friday at 11:30am - all welcome. There is no homework this week or over the holidays however it is important to keep on reading. X Country last week was a big day. Well done to all participants and congratulations to the winners of their divisions, Phoenix and Tessah.

On a sad note we say goodbye to Lilly-Rose. We wish you all the best in the future.

It would be great to have as many students as possible turn up for our annual ANZAC Day march.

Have a safe and happy Easter holiday, Chris.


Cross Country - Congratulations to all of the students who participated in the Cross Country last Friday. While it was a tough race to contend, the sense of achievement the students felt at the end made it worth the effort. Well done!

Easter Hat Parade - Students are encouraged to create an Easter hat at home. These will be showcased at the Easter Hat Parade on Friday 12th April.

Homework and home reading - There is no homework this week. Students are expected to continue their home reading, especially those still working towards the term goal of 50 nights of reading. Please ensure journals are returned on Thursday so I can check who is eligible for their 50 nights certificate as these will be handed out on Friday at the assembly.

I wish you all a safe and happy Easter break and look forward to another busy term after the holidays.




This week in Maths the Year 6 class have been revising subtraction and equivalent fractions.

In Literacy we have finished reading Storm Boy and now we get to watch and compare the movie.

Easter Hat Parade: The Easter hat parade will be held on Friday. Work hard on your hats and remember it’s all about having fun.

ANZAC Day: On ANZAC Day eve the school will be having a barbeque. Five soldiers are coming in to talk to us so make sure you bring back the note if you are attending, also on Anzac Day, the school will be marching down the road to attend the Anzac Day ceremony. Be at school in full uniform at 10:30am. Some students who have written poems will read them out at the ceremony.

Cross Country: We congratulate everyone on their great efforts during our Cross Country and those that made it to the small schools carnivals have received their notes.

Other Reminders: The final Netball clinic is on Wednesday.

Library is on Thursday and also remember Ms Cunningham would like you to bring in your diaries every Monday, starting on the first day back at school.

We say goodbye to Matilda as today is her last day.

Thank you and have a great restful holiday.

By Eddie


And just like that it is the end of Term 1. I am very much looking forward to Term 2 as there is a lot of exciting things happening in the library. Here are a few things that everyone can look forward to:

  • Library days will go back to normal with the students being able to utilize the entire library during their library days

  • The library will reopen during lunch next term

  • Book Fair will arrive in Week 3 and will run for 2 weeks

  • The library transformation will re-commence with some more new seating options being ordered

  • New books will be added to the library at the end of the Book Fair

  • More outdated and unused books will be weeded from the library collection

  • Extra collections tubs will be added to make choosing a book easier for students

  • Each class will move onto STEM lessons for the term with the integration of filming

Until then I hope everyone has a great holiday. Happy Easter, Matt.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Ugly Truth

Diary of a Wimpy Kid -The Ugly Truth is a great book, it starts off with Greg saying that he is having a fight with his best friend. He thought his ex-best friends would come running back to him.

Now Greg and Rowley are both looking for a best friend and can’t manage to find one!

You can tell in this book that Greg really doesn't like having an ex-best friend and really wants Riley to come back. They both think that life sucks now because they live across the road from each other. Although Rowley’s parents don't like Greg much they still are best friends later on.

By Mythias