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Yesterday afternoon I received an email from the Deputy Secretary for NSW Public Education in regards to school and teaching arrangements for the beginning of Term Two.

The information was again confirmed this morning by my Director, Educational Learning, Mr John Baker.

It appears likely that schools will continue to remain open for children of essential workers and vulnerable families.

Knowing that we will commence Term 2 in a similar fashion to these last few weeks our staff have been working hard to develop a continuation of learning plans.

Individual teachers have been in contact with you and again work packs have been produced ready for collection from Day 1, Term 2.

I will give further details on Term 2 arrangements when they become available to me.

Dear Parents and Carers,

First and foremost,

I hope you, your families, extended families and friends are staying well at this time. It is important that we continue to do all that we can to support each other and maintain a sense of social contact, even if this is not in person. A phone call, a FaceTime, Adobe classroom meeting, these interactions are important for everyone – students, parents, families. We all need to look after each other’s wellbeing and this is an easy way to do so. As I said last week please contact the school if we can help in any way with the wellbeing of your child or your family. We are here to help.


In line with the NSW Government’s announcement last month, Iluka Public School has now transitioned to online learning so that all children are accessing the same unit of work. If you do not have access to a digital device at home please contact us. Non-digital, off-line strategies will also be made available if students do not have access to a device. Iluka Public School will remain open, however in line with the NSW Government announcement parents are encouraged to keep their children at home if possible. Parents and families in K-2 are now able to use Reading Eggs and Mathseeds online. Years 3-6 have access to Google Classroom. Please contact the school if you have been unable to access the class in Google Classroom. These online classrooms will become the place that students can view lessons, complete activities and receive feedback from their teacher while working from home. Each day, the digital classrooms will be structured into 3 sessions: a morning literacy session, a middle numeracy session, and an afternoon mixed Key Learning Areas session (HSIE, Science, Creative Arts and PDHPE). Work will be uploaded daily and teachers will continue to provide feedback on the learning of their students. The Department of Education has advice for parents and carers on online learning which can be found here and more detailed information about digital citizenship here. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the school. We remain committed to providing the best education for our community and thank you for your continued support and flexibility. I wish you and your families’ health and happiness over this period and if there’s any way that the school can support you please let us know.



Staff have been planning and learning together to ensure that the learning from school to a home environment has been as smooth as possible. An incredible amount of work has gone into this process and I would like to acknowledge the enormous effort of all staff at Iluka PS to ensure learning was maintained as soon as the NSW Government announcement was made.

We continue to learn together, continue to improve and continue to be excited about the possibilities moving forward. We don't know exactly how the school will look moving into next term but what I do know is that we have teachers who are adaptable and committed to providing the best for their students.


I am also incredibly proud of our students’ commitment to learning. In the newsletter, you will see a snapshot of some of the innovative, engaging activities that students have been completing at school or at home.


We are committed to providing support for all families at this time. Please make sure you contact the school office if we can be of assistance in any way. We have been able to loan devices out to families, provide hard copy learning activities and troubleshoot technical difficulties. We will do everything we can to ensure that your child is set up for success and able to learn at home.


Our communication channels at Iluka PS remain the same. You can call the school office, email the school or contact us through the website or school Facebook. If you need to contact a teacher please use these channels rather than coming to the school office in person because, like other workforces, many of our teachers are working from home each day. The correspondence will be passed on to the teacher and they will get into contact with you.

I will continue to communicate daily with you as necessary through the School Facebook. This is a vital communication channel for the school so please make sure that this is downloaded onto your device.

This is our last newsletter of what has been an extraordinary term. I would like to thank the entire community for your unwavering support this term. As a school, we are proud of the way we have been able to pivot and adjust in these circumstances but your support throughout this process has been invaluable.

May you, your families and friends stay safe over the holidays.



Birthday Wishes-Happy Birthday to Amelia and Ilah, who celebrated their birthdays on Sunday.

A big thank you to all my parents and carers for your patience, support and hard work in teaching your children over the last few weeks. You have all done an amazing job! I have been busy planning, developing, creating lessons and resources for Kindergarten Online Learning (Non-Digital) for Term Two. These resource learning kits will be made available to parents and carers for pick up on Monday 27th April at 8:30 am. The school has purchased the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds programs to supplement the K-2 class programs. Access passwords have been included in your child’s learning pack for Term Two.

I wish you all the very best for Easter. Take care and stay safe.


Hello everyone,

It was really good to catch up with families last week (at an appropriate distance of course). It was a good opportunity for children to hand in some of their work completed at home and exchange readers. The children liked looking at their classroom and seeing that everything is in its place, including Mrs Howard. I have been working hard on collating learning packages that connect to what we were doing in class and the routines that we had established. These packages will be ready in the middle of week 1 next term. I will arrange a time for you and your child to pop up to school for a chat and I can explain what I have organised.

The children have also organised a log in for two online literacy and numeracy programs. Mr Jones has these logins for Reading Eggs and Mathseeds.

I am very proud of my students and how they are approaching this different form of education. Keep it up! You will have 2 weeks off shortly.

Well done to parents. From talking to you I can tell that being forced into a slower time frame you are realising that there are some benefits and positives evolving. I like your creative ideas and the great time that you are getting to spend with your children. Some of the important old values, skills and crafts are being reinvented and I’m all for that. The simple things in life are the most satisfying and rewarding. Some of you are gardeners and it's a great opportunity to share ideas and swap seeds and seedlings. Having veggies growing in the backyard is a huge plus at present.

Have a safe and happy Easter and creative break, Di.


Hello everyone,

Firstly, can I just say what an amazing school community we have! Thank you so much students, parents and families for the way you have adapted to our current online learning model. I appreciate your positive feedback and willingness to assist your children in engaging with their work. We have created, and continue to use on a daily basis, a Google Classroom, where students are undertaking lessons and engaging in meaningful learning activities. Almost every student has now logged on to Google Classroom, but I encourage everyone to go on daily. There are three main ‘assignments’ in the stream each day, including the class roll, class chat at 9:00 am and the daily activities, which can be completed at any time throughout the day.

Please enjoy a very well-earned Easter break. May you have a special time connecting with your family, relaxing and enjoying some chocolate over this period. Stay safe.



Hello everyone!

Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm, patience and commitment during these very difficult and uncertain times. The students have taken their laptops home and are beginning to adapt to our current model of online Learning. We are using Google Classroom, where the students have a weekly overview of the content covered. They are encouraged to check in daily and work through the set tasks at a pace that suits them and their family. I strongly encourage the students to experiment with the functions on their laptops. We connect daily at 11:30 am with Adobe Connect and the feedback suggests that this is by far their favourite part of the day.

I wanted to share with you some well-being ideas. The ideas focus on ‘this time’ that we will be having in our homes - now, over the holiday period and potentially beyond. I know there are many, many anxieties and stresses now and possibly to come, and there are no simple answers or solutions, but one of the most compelling things I have come across is the idea of what is within our control and actioning what we can. This is very empowering. The idea comes from adding the words “so I will …” to our thoughts and statements which involve some kind of action. For example:

  • I am missing my friends so I will … call them on the phone or send them a message.

  • We are worried about our grandparents … so we will make them a card and give it to them when we drop off the food to their home.

  • I am bored so I will ... do some craft or get out my Lego or construction and create something amazing.

  • I am looping some thoughts so I will … do some grounding or mindfulness activities (involving the senses and in the present moment).

  • We are feeling frustrated with one another so we will … create ‘me time’ and ‘we time’ in our home.

  • I am feeling overwhelmed so I will ... do some deep breathing and something calming for myself.

  • I am getting really anxious listening to all of this news so I will … turn off the tv and choose to do something else that will make me smile.

Wishing you all a very safe and happy Easter break.



Hello everyone. I hope everyone in your family is fit and healthy and following safe hygiene practices. I can’t remember a time where I have washed my hands so many times in one day.

I am currently trying my best to get reading eggs logins to parents and carers leading up to the holidays. If you have WiFi at your home but your child does not have a device please message the school and we can arrange a device for you to loan from us.

The Lego challenges are going well. Please make sure you send in your photos of your creations. Friday night I will create a photo album on our website for everyone to view your creations.

Don’t forget to try and create an Easter hat for the digital parade I am going to put together in a movie form. Once you have created your hat make sure you take a picture and send it into the school either via email or the Facebook page. Facebook will probably be the easiest and quickest method for you.

Please keep checking back on our Facebook page, website and YouTube channel for important updates and new activities for your child to participate in.

I hope everyone has a great break inside your houses. I know it's going to be tough for me to stay indoors, however, it is something that needs to be done in this current situation.

Mr Jones.


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