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  • Monday 1 to Thursday 4 February - Best Start Assessments to commence for Kindergarten

  • Monday 1 to 12 February - Classroom Assessments on various days for Yr 2 - Yr 6

  • Tuesday 2 February - School Banking will resume.

  • Thursday 4 February - IPS Swimming Carnival - Students 8yrs and over. Bus leaving school 9:10 am sharp. Maclean Olympic Pool.

  • Friday 5 February - IPS Infants (K/1) Swimming Carnival 9:00 am to 11:00 am. Meet at Anchorage Holiday Park.

  • Monday 8 February - Class Meetings Week. Today is Kindergarten @ 3:15 - 4:15 pm

  • Monday 8 February - P & C School Tuckshop will resume today.

  • Tuesday 9 February - Class Meeting - Year 1 @ 3:15 - 4:15 pm + Year 6 @ 4:30 pm

  • Thursday 11 February - Class Meetings - Year 4 @ 4:00 - 4:30 pm + Year 2/3 @ 7:00 - 8:00 pm + Yr 5 @ 5:00 pm

  • Thursday 11 February - 4 Week Sporting Schools Program - Whole School Tennis starts today.

  • Friday 12 February - Small Schools Swimming Carnival, Maclean Olympic Pool.

  • Friday 12 February - Whole School Assembly @ 2:15 pm. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this assembly will be for students only until further notice.



We hope you have had a relaxing, wonderful summer holiday. As a staff, we are very excited for the New Year and to welcome back our beautiful, talented students of Iluka Public School. I hope you are all recharged and ready to start a new school year. I would also like to welcome the many new families to Iluka Public School.


Latest information; Parents and carers can enter the school to:

  • meet with school staff with an appointment (including meetings for prospective students)

  • drop off students to their classes for Kindergarten and Years 1 and 2 for the first few days of school (finishes tomorrow Wednesday 3 February 2021) provided they follow physical distancing and hygiene measures implemented by the school and the Department.

  • All parents may attend parent orientation meetings to ‘meet the teacher’ with school staff for all year/stage groups. Meetings will be limited to 1 hour. Please check the Upcoming Events for your child’s meeting date.

  • For more information, details and advice please use the following link


If you drove past the school over the holidays you would have seen the numerous maintenance and construction projects that have occurred. Firstly, our new cricket pitch has been installed. Thanks to local Shane Batinovic and his crew and to Amanda from Enduro Turf Wickets for completing the work. The pitch has been relocated away from the soccer field. The pitch now has a green artificial turf laid with a bright yellow turf cricket crease over the new turf. As well, we are pleased with the new classroom blinds that have been installed throughout many classrooms and the Administration block. Thank you to Lyn for organising this.


A great deal of time, effort and thought has gone into the process of student placements for the 2021 school year. Students have now been placed in their 2021 classes. Careful consideration was given to input from staff as well as student learning styles. Classrooms have been balanced academically and socially. Our class lists are structured to provide equitable class sizes at each grade level. Moving students is difficult without causing imbalances and inequities. Thank you so much for being positive with your child and helping him or her understand that it is impossible to place all students with a preferred teacher. Our staff works hard to make school a positive experience for all students.

Our classroom organisation for 2021 will be: K/1 – Miss Lynne Essery. Year 2/3 – Mrs Di Howard, Mrs Cath Leseberg. Year 4 – Mrs Kristy Gardner. Year 5 - Mrs Rebecca Cunningham. Year 6 – Mr Chris Speirs. Learning and Support Team teacher - Ms Amanda Dobbin (4 days), RFF/Technology/Library - Mr Matt Jones.


Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education. Students learn new things at school every day – missing school puts them behind. A reminder about attendance - we are asking parents and carers to please ensure that their child is attending school regularly. We monitor attendance closely as per the NSW DoE policy. Principals are instructed to phone home if an absence is unexplained after two days and they must record the act of phoning or contacting the parent/carer. Lateness and absence can have a significant impact on learning and some of our most important learning experiences happen at the beginning of the day.

In the event your child is sick can you please contact the school to let us know. If your child needs to have an appointment, please try to make your appointment after the lunch break from 2:00 pm.


You can now purchase your ‘classroom’ pack. Setting up our classrooms as quality learning environments, with efficient access to technology and contemporary teaching resources is vital in ensuring that our students achieve the outcomes set for them. In order to ensure quality teaching, it is important that we set a ‘classroom’ pack for our school. Our Classroom pack is set at: 1 child $30.00 and for two or more children families $50. Included in each pack will be all textbooks and online subscriptions students will use. It also covers the costs of exercise books, pens, paper, folders and art equipment. All that parents/carers will need to do is supply a pencil case. Classroom packs can now be paid for at the office with cash or card or online by visiting our web page,


If you have any concerns regarding your child’s educational, emotional or social wellbeing please contact our school to organise a meeting with your child’s classroom teacher. Most concerns should be resolved at the local level by the classroom teacher. If you can't resolve your concerns after speaking to your child's teacher, please come and raise your continued concerns with myself. You can reach the school on 6646 6149 or


If your child’s medical requirements have changed or you have a new Asthma or Anaphylaxis plan, could you please ensure all information is updated ASAP with the school office, to ensure the safety of your child and help us to abide by the Department of Education Work Health and Safety requirements.


Class Donations for Tuckshop next week will be: Year 2/3

The school tuckshop will begin on Monday 8 February 2021. Our tuckshop operates on a Monday and Friday only. Please find our 2021 menu attached at the end of the newsletter. Don’t forget to check out each week our Tuckshop section below to find out more information regarding this positive service for the school.

As always, we are looking for volunteers for the 2021 school year. Last year we operated with a small, cheerful and productive group of parents, carers and community members. The Tuckshop service we offer to the school can not happen without this band of merry workers. If you could offer some time assisting in the tuckshop, please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. The students gain a lot of social, economical and practical life skills by utilising the Tuckshop and absolutely love to see a familiar face in there.

I eagerly look forward to seeing all students and families again. It remains an honour and privilege to be the School Principal. Please stop by and say hello. Together, I know we will make this school year one of growth and achievement for all children.

Have a great week. Phil


Kinder - I would like to extend a big, warm welcome to our new Kindergarten students and families. The Kindergarten students have all settled well and are currently learning class routines, as well as expected classroom behaviours. Thank you, parents and carers for your support in getting the Kindergarten students off to such a great start at ‘big school’.

Year One - To our Year One students and families I extend a warm welcome back and hope you had a wonderful break over the holidays. The Year One students are excited about being leaders this year and are keen to assume extra responsibilities within the classroom.

Classroom Organisation

Communication Folders - Every student in Kindergarten and Year One will be given a communication folder this week. The purpose of these folders are to assist with the relaying of written information between school to home and home to school. It is important to note that all forms/notes sent home in the communication folders are to be returned to the classroom for processing rather than returned to the office.

Library Day - Our class library day is Wednesday (tomorrow). Please ensure your child has a library bag ready for borrowing library books this Wednesday and that their library bag is clearly labelled with their name.

Classroom Events

Best Start - Kindergarten students commence their Best Start assessment tasks this week. On Monday and Tuesday the focus is on Numeracy and on Wednesday and Thursday the focus is on Literacy.

Infants Swimming Carnival - Our annual Infants Swimming Carnival is this Friday 5th February and is being held at the Anchorage Holiday Park here in Iluka. Please go straight to the pool in the morning of the carnival and I will be waiting to greet you there at 9:00 am. Please ensure your child’s permission note has been returned to school before Friday.



Hello Everyone, I trust your summer break with your children was a lovely time. It’s good to leave routines for a while and recharge the batteries. Great to see everyone back and with enthusiastic smiles on their faces. It is nice to be able to pick up where we left off.

Homework - will come home this week. There is some spelling, reading and maths work. It can be returned to school on Friday to be marked.

Library Day - will be on a Thursday this year. Children are encouraged to borrow regularly from our school library with Mr Jones. Please remember a library bag to borrow with.

Home Readers - were sent home on Friday. The children have the chance to change their reader each morning when they arrive at school.

Banking - is as normal on a Tuesday.

Swimming Carnival - is this week on Thursday.

Class Meeting - is next Thursday evening (11th Feb) at 7 pm here in the classroom. We would like one adult member from each family to attend. It will only go for an hour.

This week will involve some diagnostic assessments taking place to see where the children are up to with their learning. We are looking forward to a positive and productive 2021. We look forward to working constructively with you. Di


Welcome to 2021! Year 4 students are off to a fantastic start and I very much look forward to the year ahead with them.

Homework - Homework will commence next week. Worksheets will be sent home on Monday and need to be returned to school on Friday to be marked as a class. If students experience any difficulties with sections on the sheet, please send it in and I will assist them.

Library Day - Year 4 attend the library on Tuesday this year. Students are encouraged to bring in a library bag and borrow regularly from our school library with Mr Jones.

Banking - School banking resumes today and will be every Tuesday.

Swimming Carnival - Please return permission notes and money (bus only) for the swimming carnival which is being held this Thursday.

Class Meeting - My class meeting is next Thursday afternoon at 4 pm in the Year 4 classroom (now down near the Staff Room - turn left after the office).

Home Reading - Students are encouraged to read books of their choice at home daily. When homework commences next week, you will notice a section on their homework sheets that allows them to share what they are reading each week.

Have a great week!



Hi everyone and welcome back! It has been an awesome start. The students are super engaged and ready to learn. I look forward to working with you and your child, in what I hope is a very productive and successful year. This week I am working on assessing and understanding individual learning styles.

Library - is with Mr Jones on Wednesday. Please ensure they bring a bag or old pillowcase to protect the books that they borrow from the library. Let’s maximise the use of school resources, get a passion for reading and gain some knowledge.

Homework - Homework is sent home on Monday and needs to be returned on Friday. We will be marking this together to consolidate learning.

Home Reading - The students are encouraged to read at home daily. There is a section on their homework sheets that allow them to share what they are reading each week.

Class meeting - is next Thursday at 5:00 pm. I look forward to meeting with you and sharing expectations and ideas.

Swimming Carnival - is on this Thursday. Please ensure you return the permission note and bus money ASAP.

Have a great week Bek


Hi everyone and welcome back to school for 2021. The students have settled in well and seem pleased to be back together in one class for Year 6. I hope all students have an awesome year!

Library is on Monday. Mr Jones has the students for Library and STEM from 12:15 - 3 pm.

Every student must keep a novel at school to read on a daily basis, thank you.

There is no home reading journal this year, however, all students are encouraged to read for a minimum of 15mins each night.

Homework is given out on Monday and is due back by Friday. All students are expected to complete homework in an efficient and timely manner. If it is too onerous please let me know. Homework is marked as a whole class activity on Friday.

Class Meeting is next Tuesday at 4:30 pm.

Swimming Carnival is this week on Thursday. All students are expected to attend and participate. It is always a great day. Please come along and join us if you can.

Jobs for this week are as follows: Flags - Shanoah and Noah. Assembly - Tulloch and Lilly. Sports Shed - Phoenix and Emma.

Have a great week, Chris Speirs.


Well, well, well here we all are…back into it again. I am sure you all had a fantastic break over the summer. I hope you all enjoyed plenty of beach and outdoor time with your loved ones, I know I certainly did. I am looking forward to getting back to work and into routines again.

We have a big year ahead and I have some big plans for the library that I did not get to fully achieve last year. I will be at school 4 days a week again this year from Monday to Thursday. On these days I will be team teaching with Mrs Cunningham on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I will be taking classes for Science and Library in the afternoons throughout the week and K/1 on Wednesday morning.


For the first 8 weeks of this term, Iluka Public School will have the use of the STEMShare Robotics Kits so students from K to 6 will be using these resources to further their knowledge on coding and problem solving using technology.


The following library days will not change for the year unless told otherwise in newsletters or on our Facebook page.

MONDAY - Year 6

TUESDAY - Year 4

WEDNESDAY - Kindy/1 & Year 5

THURSDAY - Year 2/3

I will be sending home a print out for each student that tells parents their child's library day. Please stick this to the fridge or somewhere that will be seen every day so your child does not forget their library bag each week. If your child does not have a library bag I have water-resistant ones for $2 that your child can purchase from me down in the library.

I hope everyone has a great week at school. Matt.


On Thursday and Friday this week we are holding our swimming carnivals. Those turning 8 years and up will be having the carnival at the Maclean Olympic Pool. For our infants, the swimming carnival is on Friday at the Anchorage Holiday Park. The permission notes have been sent home.

The school congratulates the following students who were selected to be Sports House Captains and Vice Captains for 2021.

Hickey Girls Captain - Oceane Hickey Girls Vice Captain - Lilly

Hickey Boys Captain - Phoenix Hickey Boys Vice Captain - Jay

Rush Girls Captain - Emma Rush Girls Vice Captain - Jade

Rush Boys Captain - Noah Rush Boys Vice Captains - Kobe & Ashton

The school also wishes to congratulate two of our senior students, Emma and Jade, who recently competed in the Little Athletics Zone Carnival in Tamworth. The girls had magnificent performances and we are really proud of their achievements. Both girls will now compete at the State Little Athletics Championships in Sydney in March. Well done girls and good luck.


1st - High Jump

1st - Triple Jump

2nd - Long Jump


1st - Shot putt

1st - Discus

2nd - High Jump

2nd - Triple Jump


  • Volunteers for Monday 8 February - Tanika and Karla

  • Volunteers for Friday 12 February - Sandy and Mark

Class donations for next week: Year 2/3

Our school tuckshop operates on a Monday and Friday only.

We have a revised menu for Tuckshop 2021. It is attached at the end of this newsletter. If you would like a hardcopy of this menu for the fridge, copies can be collected from the school office.

As always, we are looking for volunteers for the 2021 school year. Last year we operated with a small, cheerful and productive group of parents, carers and community members. The Tuckshop service we offer to the school can not happen without this band of merry workers. If you could offer some time assisting in the tuckshop, please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. The students gain a lot of social, economical and practical life skills by utilising the Tuckshop and absolutely love to see a familiar face in there. Thank you


Welcome Back to School Banking 2021.

Any new students to the school who wish to participate in Commonwealth Bank’s School Banking program will need to open a Youthsaver Account. This can be done the following ways:

A few reminders -

  • School Banking day is Tuesday.

  • Deposit slips must be fully completed. Thank you to all the students and parents who complete these each week. If you are unsure or would like a sample to keep handy at home, let me know and I’ll arrange to have one sent home for you.

  • If you have misplaced a Deposit book, please don’t worry. The School Banking Co-ordinator can be contacted via the school office on a Tuesday and can arrange a replacement for you.

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