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Updated: Jul 21, 2020


  • 2020 Kindergarten Class - Preschool Transition Wednesday 31 July

  • Open Day - Thursday 1 August 2019 From 11.00am

  • Small Schools Athletics Carnival - Friday 2 August

  • Premiers Debating Challenge @ Iluka PS against Gulmarrad - Monday 5 August


This week if you visited the school you may have heard the buzzing sound of drones. We are thankful that Mr Jones has secured ten drones from Lawrence Public School to integrate into his STEM / Science lessons. Iluka Public School is beginning to feel its way around a bit in this area. We will be using the drones with coding to program them to fly where we want them to go. Our students are given a purpose for the drones and for them to have a hands on, immersive experience. Students will work in pairs to teach valuable team working and communication skills. Keep your eyes peeled.


On Thursday, our school will celebrate Education Week for 2019. We will be holding our annual Open Day. The theme for Education Week in 2019 is ‘Every Student Every Voice’. Our celebrations will commence at 11.00am with parents joining students and sharing recess together. Following recess, the school will host classroom visits, a book fair, a dance performance and a special whole school assembly. We look forward to showcasing the wonderful learning opportunities on offer to our students throughout this week.

I hope to see you there.


Last Friday the Athletics Carnival aimed at maximising participation and active involvement of all children K-6. Children were organised according to ages and gender and rotated through a series of 7 events. These events include 50m/100m, 200m, 400/800m, Relays, Parent/Teacher races, Long Jump, High Jump and Shot Putt. We also had a ball games break. By the end of the day you could see huge smiles and tired legs! Congratulations on the winning Hickey team, our Age Champions; Shaun and Elayna, Phoenix, Emma/Jade, Travis and Krystal and Eddie, Amelie/Maddy. Congratulations to Emma who broke several long standing school records in Discus, Shot Put and Long Jump!

Thank you to Sandy, Mark, Karla and the volunteers in the canteen. Thank you to parents who donated goods to our tuckshop. Thank you to the parents who helped teachers to record, or rake, or assist at an event.

Thank you to our wonderful staff who assisted down on the oval well before school to set up for the day.



A friendly reminder that the date for the Small Schools Athletics Carnival is being held this coming Friday 2 August. Attending students have been given their permission notes with more details. All Iluka PS competitors will be training at school during the afternoon sessions (from 1:45pm). If any parents would like to assist with this training, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know.


Attendance at school is one of the most important factors that contribute to students engaging and improving in their learning. It is imperative that students attend school every single day they can so that they are accessing their lessons on a daily basis. Attendance will give your child a sense of connectedness to school, which sets them up for a successful future. Please make a daily effort to ensure children are in attendance at school. Illnesses of more than three days need to be accompanied with a medical certificate. All absences should be notified to the classroom teacher.

This week’s results;

Kindy/Year 1 = 91%, Year 2/3= 92%, Year 3/4 =91%, Year 4/5 = 86%, Year 6 = 94%


Our first preschool Transition Day is set to begin on Wednesday 31 July. Miss Essery is looking forward to welcoming our new students to Iluka Public School for the commencement of their primary education.


The school currently has a website which contains more information about certain programs and events. The address is


Miss Linda will be again taking Long Service Leave for Semester 2. Miss Leah will take on the role of Acting Senior Administration Officer Monday and Tuesday for the remainder of the year.

I would like to thank Aleisha and her family for all the time and effort they put in over the holidays to rejuvenate our schools cubby house. The new paint work, kitchen and utensils added to the cubby has already been a very popular attraction for the little ones during recess and lunch.


Mrs Cunningham is currently preparing for the next round of the Premier’s Debating Challenge. We look forward to our debate against the Gulmarrad Public School next Monday 5 August. Good luck to all participants.


English- This term our English theme relates to weather and the text type we will be focusing on is poetry. The students will be learning to recite poems about different types of weather in our speaking and listening lessons and learning to write their own weather poems in writing time.

Mathematics- Our Kindergarten and Year One class will be showcasing all things related to mathematics at our open day class visit this Thursday. There will be Early Stage One (Kindergarten) and Stage One (Year One) parent information sheets handed out explaining what students learn in each of these stages and students will show/talk about their mathematics work. There will be an opportunity for classroom visitors to participate in shared learning experiences with the children and to learn about our Quicksmart program. There will be a Quicksmart challenge for those parents and visitors wishing to test their skills.

Athletics Carnival- It was pleasing to see the students so willing and keen to participate in all the events on offer at the athletics carnival on Friday. Congratulations to our minor athletic champions Elayna (Kindergarten) and Shaun (Year One) for their great achievements. I would like to personally thank all the parents and community members who gave up their time to assist me at the long jump pit. Your assistance in raking the pit and measuring student jumps ensured that the long jump event ran efficiently.


*If your child is participating in the Small Schools Athletics Carnival, please return their permission note before Friday.



Hello everyone,

We have made a very positive start to Term 3. Working routines are being established.

Homework: has been combined for the first 2 weeks because of the athletic carnivals. Homework will be due this Friday.

Home Reading Journals: need to be at school on Wednesday so I can check to see how children are going. The target for this term is 150 nights. Once children reach their 50 and 100 night milestones they will also be given their certificates.

Athletics Carnival: was a fabulous day of friendly competition between individual students as well as the Rush and Hickey houses. Well done if you made it onto the Small Schools Carnival.

Quicksmart: maths program continues and to progress successfully each child needs to practise at home. It doesn’t take very long to go through the number facts. Time and accuracy being the key!

Groups: working with Mrs Leseberg also got off to a great start.

We are so fortunate to live where we do. The golden days of July (the middle of our winter) have been glorious. Take the time to enjoy basking in a little sunshine. Di


Hello everyone. Library is on Tuesday. Mr Jones has a fantastic collection of junior and senior novel series. Please encourage your child to make use of the school library. For homework this week the students will be conducting an interview with a family member or friend about their life and memories at the time of the Moon Landing way back in 1969!

Well done to everyone who participated in the Athletics Carnival. It was a great day and best of luck to those students from our class who made it to the Small Schools Carnival this Friday.

Dance with Mrs Cooper has been continuing brilliantly. The students will perform this Thursday at approximately 12 noon. Our focus on Sports Training continues with Basketball beginning this week.

Have a great week, Chris.


Welcome to Week 2,

Athletics Carnival - Congratulations to students on their level of participation and sportsmanship displayed on Friday at the athletics carnival. Good luck to students attending the Small Schools Carnival this Friday.

Class Routines - Year 4/5 have demonstrated a mature and responsible attitude recently when taken by casual teachers. I would like to congratulate them on their ability to follow regular routines and maintain a high standard of behaviour in my absence. Both Miss Ross and Mrs Cooper spoke highly of the class and I thank them for their work too.

Canberra Excursion - Staff and students are beginning to feel the excitement with Canberra a less than a fortnight away now. In order for the students to be organised and well prepared for camp, I am encouraging the students to commence packing this weekend to ensure they have all the essentials.

See you on Thursday for Open Day.



Hello everyone,

Athletics carnival- I was very proud of the effort and encouragement at the Athletic Carnival last Friday. Well done to all the students for doing your best. Congratulations to all the students representing us at the Small Schools Athletics carnival this Friday.

Canteen Kids- This week the students are making yummy pancakes. We have had a great response with Canteen Kids and would like to thank everyone for their support. So far we have raised $401 and are confident in reaching our goal of raising $1000 this year. Please make sure all orders for canteen kids are received by Tuesdays. All orders for the week are finalised and accounted for on this day.

Homework- sheets went home yesterday. The sheets need to be completed and returned on Friday.

Canberra Excursion- There is excitement in the air! In order for the students to be organised and well prepared for camp I am encouraging students to commence packing this weekend to ensure they have all the essentials.

Debating- Next Monday we welcome students from Gulmarrad Public School who will join us at school to complete two rounds of the Premier’s Debating Challenge. The first round will commence at approximately 9:45am. I am sure that there will be two great debates. Good luck and go Iluka!

Have a great week, Bek.


Welcome to week 2. We have a jam packed week this week as Education Open Day fast approaches. During Open Day the library will be open if you would like to come down and read a book with your child.


The Book Fair is due to arrive on Thursday of Open Day. If it arrives in time I will be opening it up during lunchtime for you to have a look with your child and to make a purchase if you like. Fingers crossed that it arrives in the morning.


The Year 3/4, 4/5 and year 6 students have been loving the use of the drones that Lawrence Public School has so kindly lent us for this term. Last week they managed to receive their drone license and this week will be moving into coding the drones using Javascript language with the Swift Playgrounds app on the iPads. They will type their commands into the laptop and tell the drone what to do. It will be challenging but a challenge I believe the students are ready for.


The galleries section of the school website has lots of new photos in it from our 2019 events. Head over to the galleries tab and check out the images caught at the fantastic events that have already occurred this year.

See you all at Open Day on Thursday. Matt.


Today saw the start of our 4 week basketball skills program. It was great to see the students out on the court having a go and learning new skills. We thank Steve for his time and encouragement this week and look forward to the next session.

Dance with Mrs Cooper is in full swing. Last rehersals for our whole school dance performance at Open Day have been on today. The routine looks fantastic, full of joy and style. Thank you Mrs Cooper for your energy and we look forward to seeing it in action on Thursday.

The AFL goal posts have had installation completed and are now proud sentinals awaiting use in the bottom oval. We look forward to future opportunities to use this new equipment!


Volunteers for Friday 2 August - Sandy and Mark / Volunteers Monday 5 August - To Be Advised

Class donations this week are Year 6.

** There are a number of plastic containers in the Office from Friday’s carnival. If you are missing yours please check. Thank you to those families who donated goods. We appreciate your help!

For eligible families the NSW Government offer up to 70 rebates to help ease the cost of living. You can browse NSW Government rebates and savings at the following link: