• Iluka Public School



  • Wednesday 27 October - MHS Year 6 Transition Day (note yet to go home)

  • Wednesday 27 October - 2022 Kindergarten Transition Program (Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this program will be for students & Preschool staff only until further notice)

  • Tuesday 9 November - 2021 5 Week Intensive Swimming program to begin (Tuesdays only. Further details to come)

  • Wednesday 10 November - 2022 Kindergarten Transition Program (Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this program will be for students & Preschool staff only until further notice)

  • Wednesday 24 November - 2022 Kindergarten Transition Program (Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this program will be for students & Preschool staff only until further notice)

  • Thursday 28 October - Scholastic Book Fair arrives. Final day Wednesday November 10.

  • Thursday 9 December - IPS 2021 Presentation Day

  • Thursday 9 December - IPS End of Year Disco

  • Wednesday 15 December - Iluka Community Carols, held on the Iluka PS Bottom Oval (further details to come)

  • Thursday 16 December - Last day of Term 4 and 2021 for all students

  • Friday 17 December - Staff Development Day (no students to attend)


Dear Parents and Carers


It has been great to have everyone back together at school this week. Its obvious students are pleased to be back with their friends, their teachers, and their routines. The school welcomes two new students, Rahni in Year 3 and Tilly in Year 1.


The school is still operating under Level 3 restrictions….so, a big thank you to our wonderful parents for not entering the school grounds and to kiss and drop the students off outside the school gate. The same applies at the 3.00 pm pick up time. We appreciate your support. If you are collecting your child/ren in the afternoon, students will only be able to leave the school grounds if you are in line of sight. Please make sure that your child/ren know which gate you will be collecting them from. I will let you know when parents are allowed back on site and update you on any other changes that may occur.

As part of Level 3 restrictions, during class breaks students are sitting together and playing only with their classroom cohorts, in specific designated areas. These play areas rotate each day. For example,

  • Coloured balls - (Kindergarten / Year 1)

  • Handball courts - (Year 2 and 3)

  • Ninja Warrior Course / Library- (Year 4)

  • Tennis / Basketball courts - (Year 5)

  • Back Oval - (Year 6)


Formal Friday Whole School Assemblies will be discontinued until further notice. We are holding a small morning assembly on Monday’s, in classroom groups, outside only under the shade sails.


We are regularly reminding students about hand washing and sanitation. Our cleaning staff are doing additional daily sanitisation of high touch areas such as desks. We are also reminding students of the need to cover coughs and sneezes. While imperative for Covid-19, these small processes are standard good hygiene practice anyway.

As well, please be aware that our water bubblers have been turned off to reduce the risk of cross infections. Iced cool water is always available from our serviced water fountain in front of the Tuckshop. To use this it does mean that all students are required to bring their own water bottle each day. Please assist students to make this a part of their daily morning organisation.


As previously advised (and in accordance with current rules), the following planned events are now cancelled:

  • Stage 2 and 3 Camps

  • All NSWPSSA Sporting Completions, Carnivals and Gala Days


Australia’s own native honey bees, Tetragonula and Austroplebeia, are tiny (3 - 5 mm), black and stingless and have made a lovely hive inside one of our Cypress Pine trees on the back oval. While I seek further advice from the Department I have placed a small area out-of-bounds from the students. While the school does not have any reported students who are anaphylactic, we need to be vigilant and aware. Please let the office know if this may affect your child.


Let’s change the way we talk to our kids when they get home. Instead of “How was your day?”, or “How was school?” try asking something else! Here are some suggestions:

  • What was the best part of your morning session?

  • What was the best part of your play time today?

  • Who did you sit next to while you ate your lunch?

  • What was something kind that you did for someone today?

  • What work are you most proud of that you did today?


We are now accepting enrolments for Kindergarten 2022. If you have child ready to begin school, you are welcome to collect an enrolment from the school office or alternatively you can apply online at

School tours can be organised through the office on 6646 6149. We have had to adjust our Kindergarten Transition Program due to current restrictions. Please see the attached flyer for amended dates. Students must be enrolled to take part in our Transition to school program. We are looking forward to seeing everyone for our first transition on Wednesday 27 October, from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm.


It is now increasingly important that families seek to secure enrolments for the coming year. School planning is already underway for 2022 in the background of our operations. To be able to best prepare for our students, their classes, and the allocation of school resources, it is most beneficial to have a firm understanding of student numbers for the new year. If your child will not be returning next year please either advise myself or their classroom teacher.


Even with Covid restrictions, all students and staff are expected to be at school unless they are unwell. Every day counts. Getting to school on time and regular attendance helps students to:

  • develop a sense of belonging

  • develop and maintain friendship

  • be more engaged at school

  • progress with their learning

  • be more aware of career and life options

What small thing could you do to improve your child’s attendance from last term?