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Maclean Show half day public holiday tomorrow, Wednesday 8th May, commencing at 12:00pm. NOTE; THERE IS NO BUS PICK UP AT 12.OO NOON. PLEASE ARRANGE WITH YOUR CHILD HOW THEY WILL BE LEAVING THE SCHOOL.


Mothers' Day Breakfast

Today was a beautiful morning, perfectly fitting for a Mothers' Day Breakfast to thank and acknowledge Mothers, Grandmothers and all significant ladies in the lives of Iluka Public School students. The IPS community really came together to make this event happen. Thanks to a number of Dads who volunteered, especially Oliver on the bbq and of course thanks to the Mums who helped out too! What a great way to start the day! The school provided a delicious supply of breakfast goodies - fruit, muesli and egg and bacon sandwich that were too good to ignore! And let's not forget the delicious tea and coffee as well. A special thank you to Grace Donsworth (former IPS student) who played guitar while everyone mingled. It added the perfect touch to a lovely morning. We wish all our Mothers and female carers a very happy day this Sunday. For more photos from the morning please follow the link

Thank you

A huge thank you to all the teachers for getting all classes settled and learning so quickly into Term 2. Home readers, sight words and homework tasks have started going home. I have said hello to all the classes and am amazed by how mature and settled they are so early in the term. Great job!


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities are now under way for students. STEM allows students to work together and problem solve a variety of real world issues. These hands on activities are taking place in the library. The work is fostering an inclusive and collaborative learning approach where students can work cohesively in an environment that facilitates future learning activities.


Over the past twelve months our Teacher Librarian, Mr Jones along with teaching staff have reorganized and refurbished the library with great new furniture and cushions to make our Library an inviting and stimulating learning space. We have also disposed of old and damaged books and purchased hundreds of new books for the library. The students are loving the new books. Please ensure your child has a Library bag on their Library day to protect the books they are borrowing and returning so that lots of children can enjoy the books for a long time. The library is also open during lunchtime and is a very popular learning space for the children looking even more impressive with the new furniture.


As you are aware, the school will be conducting the National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) commencing in week 3. As in previous years, students will be completing the tests online. The students have already completed a NAPLAN Online Practice test in March. Students from Year 3 and 5 will sit these tests each morning beginning Tuesday 14 May and concluding on Friday 24 May. Catch up sessions will be available during this test window. The school receives a lot of important diagnostic data which we as a team analyse to celebrate our successes and improve on any weaknesses.

Although these tests are important for the school as well as students and parents, it is vital that we do not place any additional pressure on the students to perform well. For the Year 3 students, it will be their first formal test in closely moderated conditions and this can be uncomfortable for some students. It is also important to remember that this assessment is only a snap-shot and that the school conducts regular on-going assessments and observations that can paint a true picture of your child unlike the formal pen and paper / online tests. The product of our school-based assessments is our Semester 1 reports which will be issued later this term. The school’s advice is to reassure your child, ensure they get a good nights sleep and they eat well in the morning before the assessments.

Every student in Year 3 and Year 5 have the opportunity to trial types of test questions and understand the interactive test format and specific NAPLAN Online tools by visiting ACARA’s public demonstration site. Students are encouraged to complete only the appropriate tests for their year level. You can visit this site at:

Strong Mark

A massive thank you to our wonderful and hardworking General Assistant Mr Mark Goodwin for his feats of heroism each and every week. Strong Mark has the task of not only keeping our grounds and gardens looking good, but performing miracles of maintenance as he keeps our school functioning smoothly. We are not sure how he has managed to keep things green given the crazily warm temperatures of this summer. If you see him around each week on a Monday, Thursday or Friday please pat him on the back and say a big ‘thank you’ from us all. And yes …… he gets this all done in eleven hours per week!

50 Per Cent

Unlike the private school sector where you are required to part with thousands of dollars each Semester in order to have your child attend school, in NSW Public Schools a massive portion of your child’s education is funded by the Government. However, every Public School has a voluntary contribution scheme whereby parents are asked to contribute $7.50 per term which is usually a one off $30 payment made in Term 1. This year we have had 50% of Iluka families respond to this contribution - which using my higher order mathematical skills equates to 50% not having responded as yet. These payments will allow for the acquisition of further resources for our classrooms so we thank those that have been part of the contributions thus far. If the voluntary contribution has simply slipped your mind, please send that through to the office or pay online using our POP Payment Program.

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Walk Safely to School

The school will be involved in the Walk Safely to School Day on Friday 17 May. For those students who normally come by car it would be a great idea to be dropped off further away from school and walk the rest of the way. Walking is a great exercise for all ages and strongly encouraged with both students and parents alike.

Simultaneous Storytime

On Wednesday 22 May the Kindy and Year 1 class will be participating in an exciting event. It is the National Simultaneous Storytime, where students around NSW listen to the reading of the same book at the same time. This year it is the every popular alpaca Macca in Alpaca’s with Maracas! This event will take place at the Iluka Town Library. A separate note will go home for those involved.

Change of details

If any families have changed their address or emergency contact numbers, please advise the office in writing. This enables us to keep your details up to date, in case of an emergency.


Spelling Bee-Today I have sent home the Spelling Bee word lists for Kindergarten and Year One. We have been learning to orally spell the words from the Round One list in class. Students will need to practice the remaining lists at home. When practicing at home, please ensure that your child says the word to be spelt, spells the word using letter names, then says the word again. This process forms part of the rules for the Spelling Bee competition.The Kindergarten and Year One students will participate in their Spelling Bee competition on Monday 27th May, after our morning assembly.


*Maclean Show half day public holiday tomorrow, Wednesday 8th May, commencing at 12:00 pm. There will be no staff supervision for students after 12:00 pm.



Hello everyone,

We are very happy to be back in our classroom. We are just about unpacked and getting back into our routines. We will have a withdrawal room once all the building has been completed.

Maths: work has included revising our friends of ten. These are number sentences that add up to ten and can be useful for addition calculations. Year 3s have been also looking at division and the jump strategy. Year 2s have had some time work.

Reading: groups continue in class and this is a positive time for oral reading strategies to be reinforced. Follow up comprehension activities are undertaken to consolidate an understanding of the text.

Bounce Back: is continually talked about within the school environment. We are revising what the letters stand for in “BOUNCE”. In PD this term we will be looking at useful strategies to help develop courage within us.