• Wednesday 12 - Yr 5/6 Class Meeting @ 4:00 - 4:30pm

  • Thursday 13 - Tennis with Alan Jurd to recommence @ IPS. 1 pm, school tennis courts.

  • Thursday 13 - Yr 3/4 Class Meeting 4:00 - 4:30 pm

  • Thursday 13 - Yr 1/2 Class Meeting 7:00 - 8:00 pm

  • Friday 14 - Whole School Assembly, IPS COLA. Starting at 2:15 pm

  • Monday 17 - Final day to order Book Club


  • Friday 20 - Harmony Day


  • Friday 3 - IPS Cross Country

  • Friday 10 - Good Friday and end of Term 1 / start of school holidays.


Dear Parents and Carers,


Congratulations to all our staff and students on a fantastic first two weeks at our wonderful school. Our students have settled extremely quickly and I know our teachers have been very impressed with their classes. Our students have responded to changes in teachers and classmates like ducks to water! A special welcome to Grace and Malachi who joined us last week from England. The staff again thank you for your patience throughout the process of establishing their new classes and also acknowledge your support with students who may have been anxious or overwhelmed. Parent information sessions will take place in the next few weeks and we look forward to meeting you all and answering any questions you may have about the year ahead. It’s going to be busy, exciting and full of terrific learning opportunities.


Unfortunately, due to consistent rainfall and in the interests of all students’ health and wellbeing it was decided to postpone the swimming carnivals set down for last week. The 8yr and above carnival remained scheduled for today, Tuesday 11 February. Apologies for any inconvenience. I understand that families need to be contacted as soon as possible and that some families do not have Facebook. As a result, we have now organised an SMS message to be delivered to families when urgent matters arise. Please ensure we have your correct phone details and notify the Office if an update is required.


This year, we are concentrating on reading and comprehension. Reading and comprehension have many different elements to ensure students can capably read a text appropriate for their age. It is also important to distinguish these as two different skill sets. Reading is the ability to decode words in a text. Comprehension is the ability to process and make connections with the text, therefore understanding the meaning in the text. While we primarily focus on teaching reading strategies to students in the earlier years, the goal at the end of primary school is for students to understand text on multiple levels. The focus of professional learning in this area will be to give teachers a broader array of strategies that can be taught to students.


Student achievement is rewarded, recognised and celebrated within our school community by students working towards receiving a Certificate of Merit during Whole School Assemblies. To achieve each new level students must collect five Certificate of Merit cards. Once a student has received five cards they then hand these into the office and their next Award will be handed out to them at the next whole school assembly, which is usually held fortnightly on Friday afternoons from 2.15pm.


Thank you to the many parents who have sent their child/children to school in our beautiful school uniform. The uniform policy was established by the school and the school community. Just a few reminders regarding uniform:

1. Necklaces are not to be worn;

2. Studs or sleepers are permissible in your child’s ear. Any earrings that dangle are not permitted;

3. Rub on tattoos are not permitted as this is not part of the school’s uniform;

4. Nail polish is not permitted. Clear gloss is acceptable;

5. Any lipstick or eye shadow is also against the school’s uniform policy; and

6. Any long hair should be securely tied back (or in ponytails). This is not only for safety but minimises the risk of head lice.


Just a reminder to all our families that it is not appropriate to share photos, taken at school, of any children other than your own on Facebook or any form of social media. The school has individual permission from parents/carers to share the photos we upload onto our school online platforms.


Parents please be very vigilant when dropping and picking up your children to school. The start of the year is an extremely busy time and we still have instances where parents call their children across busy Charles Street and this may be very dangerous. Please escort your child across the road to ensure the safety of all our students.


Due to the bit of rain, we have experienced, the mosquitos are very friendly and in larger numbers. Please apply insect repellent to your child before leaving for school each day if you deem this necessary.


Last Friday Miss Leeann entertained our school with a beautiful concert showcasing singing and playing a variety of instruments. This year Miss Leeann will be giving students in Years K-6 the opportunity to learn guitar, bass and keyboard on a Thursday. A note was sent home last Friday to students who expressed an interest. Notes and payments are due back before lessons commence next Thursday 13th February.

P&C 2020

The P&C meeting and AGM were postponed. The new date is set down for Wednesday 19 February. Note the new start time of 3.15 pm, meeting in the library. Everyone welcome.


The Iluka IGA Healthy Breakfast Program has started back again. The program runs every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, at the brown tables, from 8.30 am. The program is available for free to all students. This is one of the most important wellbeing programs that we provide to students. Studies show that eating a healthy breakfast:

  • can help you manage your weight

  • can help you meet your daily nutrition needs

  • can help with concentration

  • can boost your metabolism.


  • For the outstanding efforts of the Year 5 and 6 student volunteers, who