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  • Tuesday 9 February - Class Meeting - Year 1 @ 3:15 - 4:15pm + Year 6 @ 4:30pm

  • Thursday 11 February - Class Meetings - Year 4 @ 4:00 - 4:30pm + Year 2/3 @ 7:00 - 8:00pm + Yr 5 @ 5:00pm

  • Thursday 11 February - 4 Week Sporting Schools Program - Whole School Tennis starts today.

  • Thursday 11 February - Tennis with Mr Jurd (private group lesson) starts today. 1 pm on school courts

  • Friday 12 February - Small Schools Swimming Carnival, Maclean Olympic Pool.

  • Tuesday 16 February - SRE (Special Religious Education) program to resume

  • Thursday 18 February - Final Day for Orders for Issue 1 Scholastic Book Club.

  • Friday 19 February - Whole School Assembly @ 2:15pm. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this assembly will be for students only until further notice.

  • Monday 22 February - P & C Meeting @ Club Iluka - 1pm. All Welcome

  • Thursday 25 February - Zone Swimming Carnival (invitation only) - Alstonville Aquatic Centre



Over the last two weeks, I have really enjoyed talking to our parents and carers about their children and about the way school has started for them. It has allowed me to get to know our wonderful new families and learn how I can better serve all families at Iluka Public School. If you have a question, issue, complaint, feedback or compliment about Iluka Public School I would like to know. The best education happens when students, parents and schools work together. Call me at school or on my mobile anytime. Here is my card.


This week we welcome you and invite you to meet your child’s teacher. The afternoon/evening meetings will be an informal gathering where the teachers will meet parents in the classroom, explain routines and answer any questions parents may have about the year ahead.

Even if you don’t have any particular concerns, parent-teacher meetings early in the year give you a great opportunity to get to know your child’s teacher and to gain an understanding of how you can support your child’s learning.

Please remember, parents, carers and teachers are on the same team when it comes to helping students achieve. Students are welcome to come along.

Times are;

  • Kindy - Monday 3:15 pm

  • Year 1 - Tuesday 3:15 pm

  • Year 2/3 - Thursday 7:00 pm

  • Year 4 - Thursday 4:00 pm

  • Year 5 - Thursday 5:00 pm

  • Year 6 - Tuesday 4:30 pm

If parents require a more formal interview to discuss individual needs, then parents should phone the office on 6646 6149 to make an interview time.

Formal Interviews will take place for all classes at the end of Term 1, 2021. Details of how parents can access the teacher’s availability will be sent home in the coming weeks.


To get the most out of education, children need to go to school every day. School attendance has a major influence on educational outcomes. Students who attend school regularly are more likely to achieve better results at school and are more likely to complete their schooling.

Parents can encourage their children to attend school by having a positive attitude to learning and education.

Poor school attendance patterns can start as early as Kindergarten. It is important that from the first day of school parents set an expectation that their children will be at school every day. Missing an average of ten days of school per term adds up to missing two full years of schooling by the end of Year 10.

Please explain any absences within 2 days in writing (note to the teacher), email (, or verbally on 6646 6149.

Schools are required to contact parents by the second day of unexplained absences.

Our school target is to have all classes attending over 90% of the time.

This week;

Year K/1 - 99.14%

Year 2/3 - 89.57%

Year 4 - 92.86%

Year 5 - 90.59%

Year 6 - 97.5 %


The first P&C meeting for Term 1 in 2021 will be held on Monday 22 February (Week 5) at 1.00 pm. The meeting will be an AGM meeting. Currently, the meetings are being held at Club Iluka.


Tuckshop has recommenced for 2021, opening yesterday, Monday 8 February. Thank you to Karla and Tracey for providing a wonderful, nutritious start to the year. During Term 1 the tuckshop will open two days per week on Monday and Friday. However, in saying that we are in DESPERATE need of volunteers to keep our Tuckshop open for two days.

Our tuckshop is managed by a parent volunteer, Karla Morrison and staffed entirely by VOLUNTEERS from the school community - parents and grandparents. Net proceeds from tuckshop go towards supporting the school with purchasing educational resources, offsetting the cost of some school activities and contributing to a better school environment for our children.

If you can help out, please contact the school office on 6646 6149. No experience is needed, it’s a great way to meet other school parents, and your children will love to see you being involved at school. A canteen roster for Term 1 will be sent to our current team of volunteers shortly.

Class donations for next week: Year 4


Our two annual Swimming Carnivals took place on Thursday and Friday 4 and 5 February 2021. Students who were turning 8 years of age or over attended the Maclean Olympic Pool. Our Kindy / Year 1 and some younger Year 2 students attended the Anchorage Holiday Park pool.

Both carnivals were supported by a large group of parents and carers and attended by enthusiastic students. Congratulations to the Rush House and to our 2021 Swimming Champions;

Jnr Girls: Paige and Lahna, Jnr Boy: Reed. 11 Yrs Boy: Jonah & 11 Yrs Girl: Macy. Snr Boys: Tulloch and Snr Girl: Jade.

Thank you Ms Essery for your organisation of the Infant's Carnival.

To view the full photo gallery from the carnivals follow the link


This week we opened our brand new cricket pitch up for students to use. This pitch will become an excellent resource for the school. Thank you Gary Collis for providing a net to be used as a safety backdrop.


On Thursday, Mr Alan Jurd will be commencing a four week tennis unit. This will be for all students K-6. This program will be completed during normal class instruction time as part of the class's PE program.

Mr Jurd will also be commencing his extracurricular lunchtime tennis coaching at the School for Term 1 on Thursday 11th Feb. The lessons are held at lunchtime. They are not individual lessons. The cost for the term is $80 (paid directly to Alan). Students can bring their own racquets or racquets will be provided for at school. New players welcome please call Alan on mob. 0416016775 to enrol.

Have a great week




Spare Clothes - Please ensure that your Kindergarten or Year One child brings in their spare clothing this week for collection. I will be collecting and storing your child’s spare clothing in the classroom. Should your child need to be changed, the clothing will be on hand for all staff members to access.

CURRICULUM - Homework...Reading

Kinder - This week Kindergarten students commence their Home Reading and Sight Word homework.

Year 1 - The Year One students will, for the first few weeks, be re-reading books that were read at the end of last year. The familiarity of these books will assist your child in getting back into the habit of reading without causing any anxieties. Spelling and Maths homework commences next week.


Infants Swimming Carnival - Thank you parents, carers, family members and friends for taking the time to attend our Infants Swimming Carnival last Friday. Your support of this school event was greatly appreciated. I was so proud of our Kindergarten, Year One and Year Two students for their positive attitude, exemplar behaviour and most importantly their willingness to ‘have a go’ in the different events.


Kinder - Could you please return your child’s Special Religious Education (SRE) form this week.



Hello Everyone,

I trust this newsletter finds all well in your homes. The children have settled in really well. The past week we have completed some diagnostic testing as well as commenced classwork.

Maths Texts - have arrived and we look forward to starting to work from them. This term Mrs Leseberg will be working with the Year 2 students for maths and I will be working with the Yr 3 children. I know last week the Yr 3s did a great job.

Handwriting Texts - have also arrived and we look forward to concentrating on improving our handwriting.

Home Reading - continues...we just don't have the journals. Instead, there is a reading log to be filled out. I will collect these next week to look at. Children have to come into the classroom before school to change their readers.

Homework - commenced last week. It is handed out on a Monday and comes back to school on a Friday.

Class Meeting - is this Thursday at 7 pm in our room. It will only be about an hour. One adult from each family is to attend, please.

Library Day - is Thursday.

See you Thursday evening, Di.


Hello everyone,

Swimming Carnival - What a fantastic effort and team spirit displayed by students at the swimming carnival last week. Congratulations to Alby, Nikirri, Mikayla, Fraser and Dylan who have been selected to compete at the Small Schools Swimming Carnival on Friday. Thank you for returning notes so promptly!

Absences - Please send in a note or call the office to explain any absences. It is a departmental requirement for all absences to be explained within 7 days.

Homework - Homework sheets were sent home on Monday. There are two levels and students chose the level they felt was most appropriate for them. Perhaps discuss with your child which they selected and why. These are due back on Friday for marking. If there are activities your child is unfamiliar with, please send in the sheet and I will help them.

Home Reading - Home reading is still considered an important aspect of students’ homework. While there are no home reading journals this year, students are still encouraged to read a little every day. There is a section on the homework sheet to record their reading log and this will be checked and recorded when students return their weekly homework sheet.

Have a lovely week.



Hi everyone,

The Swimming Carnival last Thursday was a great success. Well done! I was most impressed with everyone's efforts. The students looked fantastic in their green and yellow. It was great to see the spectators so passionate and supportive! Congratulations and best wishes to Macy, Jonah, Taya, Tessah, Paige and Lahna in your events, progressing to the Small Schools Swimming Carnival this Friday.

Homework - Sheets were sent home on Monday. All homework sheets are to be completed and returned to school on Friday.

Home Reading - Please note there are no reading journals this year. However, there is a section on the homework sheet that allows the students to share what they are reading at home. I strongly encourage the students to read aloud on a daily basis.

Class Meeting - I am looking forward to our class meeting this Thursday afternoon at 5:00 pm.

Cyber Safety - The students have commenced work on their Laptops in class. Cyber Safety lessons will commence today.

Have a great week Bek


Hi everyone. The Year 6 students have settled in well and are executing their jobs and responsibilities to a high standard.

Cyber Safety lessons began today and tie in perfectly to our English studies around author purpose and perspective. Before reading anything in-depth, (especially on the internet), the students are learning to question the text first. What actually is the purpose of this? Is it credible? Who wrote it? Is it true? Helpful? Thoughtful? Respectful? Is it current? What do good readers do in these situations?

Swimming Carnival was totally awesome! Year 6 were standouts in all areas and are to be congratulated for their leadership - role modeling respect, showing kindness to others, being good sports, helping out, using initiative - fantastic!

Extra cool things starting this week include Wednesday afternoon hand-crafts with Mrs Leseberg, Thursday whole class tennis with Mr Jurd and Friday team sports beginning for Year 6. Chris Speirs.



All classes this term will be involved in author studies during library time. This will involve lessons and readings based around a specific author, so students learn more about the books they write and the actual person behind the words.


All classes will begin using the Stem Share Robotics this week. There is a variety of robotics that students will be using across the stages. All use of these robotics will involve the learning of basic computing coding to make things move with specific basic commands such as forward, backward, left, right. The upper years will look at the use of loops, repeats and timers.


The first issue for the year is out now and all orders for this issue will be placed on Thursday afternoon of Week 4, 18 February. If you would like to order please follow the instructions in the catalogue for online LOOP orders or fill in the order form and return it to me, with the cash, so I can place the order for you. All LOOP and paper orders will be placed on the 18th. So our newest families are aware, every time you order books through Book Club via the school you will be helping our school. 30% of sales go towards new books and resources we can purchase for our school library.


Over the next few weeks, I will be asking students what new books they would like to see be added to the library. I love getting the student's feedback and input, rather than ordering what I think is good. If you could have conversations with your child/ren about books, something you read at home together, or perhaps a book you read back in your day, please do. This will encourage them to search and suggest the books we can purchase for the library.

I hope everyone has a great week. Matt.


This coming Friday Iluka Public School will be sending a team of 22 swimmers off to the Small School Swimming Carnival at Maclean Olympic Pool. We have 8 Stage 2 swimmers and 14 Stage 3 swimmers. We wish all our students the very best for the day's events.


  • Volunteers for Monday 15 February - TBA

  • Volunteers for Friday 19 February - Sandy and Mark

Class donations for next week: Year 4

If you could offer some time to assist in the tuckshop, please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you


Iluka Public School is pleased to offer the Commonwealth Bank School Banking program to all students for 2021. School Banking is a fun, interactive and engaging way to help teach your child the importance of saving. Children who deposit money into their Youthsaver account through School Banking earn Dollarmites tokens, which they can save up and redeem for exciting rewards.

This year there is a selection of rewards available from previous years to make sure you don’t miss out on the ones you wanted!

The rewards available during 2021 are:

  • Terry Denton’s Activity Book

  • Mini Soccer Ball (size 2)

  • Treetop Stationery Set

  • Treetop Handball

  • Tomato Seed Kit

  • Emoji Wallet

  • Snakes & Ladders Game

  • Scented Stackable Highlighters

  • Icicle Slapband Ruler

  • Snowy Origami Set

  • Water Skimming Bounce Ball

  • Polar Pencils & Pencil Toppers

  • Scratch Art Cards

School Banking is also a great fundraiser for our school. Our school receives a Regular Savers Contribution of $5 for every 10 deposits processed per student as well as an Annual Contribution which is based on the number of students who made at least one School Banking deposit in the prior year. For more information about contribution payments, visit

School Banking day is Tuesday.

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