• Iluka Public School


Updated: May 13, 2020


  • Families who need to send their children to school every day may continue to do so.

  • All other students will be rostered to attend at least one day of school per week.

  • Monday - Kindergarten and Year 6

  • Tuesday Year 3 and Year 2

  • Wednesday Year 1 and Year 5 girls

  • Thursday Year 5 boys and Year 4.



This week, we moved into ‘Phase 1’. Students have started to return to school for their allocated one day a week. It has been terrific and so exciting at the drop off to see everyone once again and to welcome and personally say hello to students, parents and carers. Teachers and myself have been looking forward to seeing their students.

Thank you to all our Iluka and Woombah community for the wonderful support demonstrated towards our school. I appreciate the positive attitude and efforts in these most unusual times. Your patience and willingness to work with us is helping students continue to make progress (as permitted under government advice).

Teachers and myself are really encouraging you to send your child for their one day per week if they are currently not attending at all. It will be a way to ease them back into the school environment, make contact with their teachers and friends and gradually overcome any anxieties that may have arisen through this unusual period.

One of the challenges of the pandemic is that we are still in uncharted waters. Flexibility, calmness and adaptability are the key skills during this situation. All that the school can do is plan and keep you up to date with any changes.

Please be advised that there is increased cleaning occurring at our school and sanitiser is available both in the classrooms, playground and in the office areas. Teachers will promote cleaning of hands on a regular basis, to reduce the risk of spreading viruses of any kind.

It is critical that any student who feels unwell does not attend school until they are better. This is for the safety of all students and to minimise the spread of any virus. If a student is noticeably unwell at school, the department’s current health care procedures apply including contacting the student’s parent or carer to attend the school to collect the student. If the parent or carer is not available, contact will be made with the student’s emergency contact who will be asked to collect the child. Students should not return to school until they are well and symptom free.

Children have experienced a lot of sudden change over the past few months, and may experience difficulty returning back to normality. This Parent Guide includes information to support your child with their gradual transition back to school.

Managing appropriate social distancing at Pick-Up and Drop Off Each Day (from 11 May)

Children who walk or ride to and from school may continue to do so.

School Crossing flags will be displayed each morning and afternoon for safe passage of children and their families across the Charles Street crossing. Parents are asked to ensure their children use the crossings appropriately each day.

As our numbers swell from 11 May, we need to ensure safe entry and exit from the school continues with appropriate distancing. We plan to have staggered exits over time for our Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 students.

In the interests of maintaining a safe environment, parents are advised they will not be permitted on the premises to drop children off or to pick them up in the afternoon. Instead, teachers will escort students to the exit gate.


It is advised that entry into the school grounds will only be via the school office. A staff member will walk your child to or from class.


At this point in time as children begin to return to school, it is important to understand that borrowed laptop devices will again be used in the school environment and will need to be returned for the day. We have requested additional devices from the department and internet dongles but there is no timeline on if or when these may be provided.


Students who have been learning from their Home Packs are now encouraged to return to school all work completed from home.


Until all students have returned to school full time, there will not be a school tuckshop operating.

All families are reminded that we all need to work together to enable an effective return to school for all students at the earliest opportunity.




We welcome Callum to our class and extend a big, warm welcome to his family to our school community. It was fantastic to finally have my students back together again yesterday. All the students have settled back into school life extremely well. We got to share personal experiences, spent some time catching up and socialising with our friends, started some new learning and we got to paint. A great day was had by all. Writing - On Monday we commenced learning about sea animals and throughout the term we will be learning how to gather, organise and write information reports. Home Travel - Due to the implementation of staggered face to face teaching this week, it is necessary to introduce a new arrangement for the afternoon collection of Kindergarten students from school. Kindergarten students will be ready for pick up by parents/carers at 2:55pm. This will ease the congestion of students leaving the school grounds in the afternoon and ensure that social distancing practices are maintained.


  • Kindergarten timetable/explanation of lessons can be found on our Iluka Public School website

  • Library day for Kindergarten students is Monday.

See you all next Monday! Lynne


Hello all,

What beautiful May weather we are having. Get out and enjoy that sunshine!

Today I will have my Year 2 students returning. It will be great to see them all. Remember they need to bring their work packs from home as well as their library books to exchange. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will have my Year 1 children reunite for a day of face to face teaching. The children will be let out at 2:55 on these days to help with a decrease in numbers exiting the school gates around this busy time.

We are living in unusual times and it is at times like this we should try to show that little bit of extra kindness and understanding to those around us. Di


Hello parents and carers,

It was lovely to see the Year 3 return to school today (Tuesday) for their first staggered return day. I am looking forward to catching up with Year 4 students on Thursday. Thank you so much for the support you have provided since online learning commenced. It certainly was a steep learning curve for all involved but seeing how much the students have accomplished in this difficult time is a credit to both themselves and your parental support at home. Thank you!

Please ensure students are equipped with their work pack and laptop when returning to school as these will be used in the classroom. Students will also be given additional work to see them through the following week and this will be placed in their clear folder.