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  • Thursday 6 May - GRIP Leadership Conference - Year 6 @ Lismore City Hall

  • Friday 7 May - Whole School Assembly - 2:15 pm. All welcome to attend

  • Monday 10 May - Orders close for Issue # 3 Book Club

  • Tuesday 11 May - NAPLAN, Yr 3 & Yr 5 - Writing Assessment

  • Wednesday 12 May - NAPLAN, Yr 3 & Yr 5 - Reading Assessment

  • Thursday 13 May - NAPLAN, Yr 3 & Yr 5 - Conventions of Language Assessment

  • Friday 14 May - Walk Safely To School Day

  • Monday 17 May - Scholastic Book Fair begins this week

  • Monday 17 May - NAPLAN, Yr 3 & Yr 5 - Numeracy Assessment

  • Wednesday 19 May - National Simultaneous Storytime, Iluka Town Library (note to go home at later date)

  • Friday 21 May - NAPLAN - final assessments

  • Friday 21 May - NR PSSA Cross Country Carnival - Corndale. (qualifying students only - note has gone home)

  • Friday 21 May - Whole School Assembly - 2:15 pm. All welcome to attend

  • Monday 24 May - P & C Meeting in the Library @ 3:15pm. Everyone welcome to attend

  • Friday 28 May - Kindergarten/Year 1/Year 2 Macadamia Castle Excursion (note home)

  • Monday 31 May - Iluka Public School’s Spelling Bee - Early Stage 1 (Kindy) & Stage 1 (Yr 1 & 2)

  • Tuesday 1 June - Iluka Public School’s Spelling Bee - Stage 2 (Yr 3 & 4)

  • Tuesday 2 June - Iluka Public School’s Spelling Bee - Stage 3 (Yr 5 & 6)

  • Friday 4 June - Whole School Assembly - 2:15 pm. All welcome to attend

  • Tuesday 8 June - School Photo Day

  • Monday 14 June - Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday - No School Attendance

  • Wednesday 16 June - Year 6 Transition Day @ MHS

  • Friday 18 June - Whole School Assembly - 2:15 pm. All welcome to attend

  • Friday 25 June - Last Day of Term 2



Welcome back to another engaging and exciting week at Iluka Public School. It’s been great to see our students so eager and already settled across our five classrooms enjoying their learning. Thank you to all parents and carers who support our students. The students look fabulous in their full school uniforms. Thank you also to the large majority of families who are now using our new School Stream App, helping to reduce our paper use at school and making the communication between home and school seamless.


The Iluka Public School tuckshop is under threat, as our coordinator Karla says she is struggling to operate because of a lack of volunteers. Therefore as of next week, the Tuckshop will open Fridays only.

There just are not enough volunteers to sustain a regular service and it has become a burden on a small pool to try and keep it running. I wish to thank Karla for her efforts, time and commitment given to the students of Iluka Public School.


The sun was not to be seen, but the IPS students were smiling when the 2021 Small Schools Cross Country was held last Friday at the Iluka Golf Club. Although the running conditions were not ideal, our superstar students huffed and puffed their way along the new and challenging Cross Country course! I was so proud of the bravery, effort and sportsmanship shown by all of our small group of runners on the day. Pleasingly, Iluka Public School were also crowned the overall champion school, which is something we often do not achieve. It made it all the more special. I would like to personally thank all of the parents who were able to attend and support their children. THANK YOU! The first 4 places from each race have been given their permission notes to attend the PSSA Zone carnival, which will be held on Friday 21 May at Corndale Public School. We wish our runner the best of luck and know you will do Iluka Public School proud!


8/9 Years Boys - Shaun 1st, Charlie 2nd, Reed 3rd

8/9 Years Girls - Frankie 2nd,

10 Years Boys - Fraser 1st, Zade 3rd, Alby 5th

10 Years Girls - Paige 3rd

11 Years Boys - Jonah 2nd, Beau 3rd

11 Years Girls - Tessah 1st, Kira 2nd, Taya 4th

12/13 Years Boys - Phoenix 2nd, Noah 4th

12/13 Years Girls - Jade 1st, Sariah 5th, Lilly 6th


This time last year with the pandemic, Mother’s Day celebrations at IPS were very different, as we were recognising this special day during a time of learning from home. This morning it was fantastic to be able to return to our newer tradition of holding a special breakfast celebration for our mums and those who so lovingly fulfill the role of mums for our students. This breakfast celebration was held at the school and I thank you for your attendance. I hope you enjoyed your breakfast and that you are spoilt this Sunday.

Thank you to Jessica and Carla from our P&C team, who were able to organise and deliver a Mothers’ Day Stall and raffle, following the breakfast.


The school community sincerely thanks Mrs Carla Davis who volunteered to be our Treasurer for this year. It really is very much appreciated. During the last meeting, many important topics were brought up for discussion. This included the 2020 Annual School Report, 2021 school improvements, Technology, Attendance, the Spelling Bee and major excursions. Our next P&C Meeting is Monday 24 May, at 3.15 pm in the school library. Everyone is welcome.


Parents/Caregivers are reminded that children must attend school on every school day unless they have a reasonable excuse for being away, such as illness. Visiting family, being tired, and staying home on birthdays are not acceptable reasons to be away from school.


It is the responsibility of parents to notify the school of their child’s absence as soon as possible after the absence has occurred. Prompt notification by parents of their child’s absence will circumvent the automatic generation of an unjustified absence. Absences can be notified by the School Stream app, phone (66466149), note to the teacher or an email to the school ( Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


Students in Years 3 and 5 will sit the online NAPLAN assessments during Week 4, with opportunities for catch-up sessions also being provided in Week 5. Whilst we don’t encourage over-preparing for these tests, it can be helpful for students to be familiar with the online platform they will use and the types of questions they may encounter in each of the tests. Students can use the public demonstration site ( to familiarise themselves with the types of questions and tools available in the NAPLAN Online tests. Parents can also access previous paper versions of the tests here.


  • Tuesday 11 May - Writing

  • Wednesday 12 May - Reading

  • Thursday 13 May - Conventions of Language

  • Monday 17 May - Numeracy


In Week 6, our infant students will travel up the highway to the Macadamia Castle for a day of adventure, with also the opportunity to enhance and develop their peer support skills. Miss Essery and Mrs Howard will lead the activities and excursion. Please ensure you have returned all notes and money.


The Iluka Public School Spelling Bee was introduced in 2017 as a fun and educational way for our students to engage in spelling and is open to all students. The Spelling Bee encourages students to improve their vocabulary and spelling and to promote literacy skills in combination with the English K-6 Syllabus. All students will receive a copy of their applicable spelling words from their classroom teacher, so as practice can be managed and encouraged from home.

The Iluka Public School Spelling Bee contest will take place during Week 7, May 31 – June 2.

The Junior (Stage 2 - Yrs 3 & 4) and Senior (Stage 3 - Yrs 5 & 6) Champions of our event will be offered the opportunity to participate in the NSW Premier’s Spelling Bee Competition, which will be held later this year. Stage 2 and Stage 3 students will be using in our school spelling bee the spelling words for this year’s NSW PSB competition. They can be found at this link: The Password is Spell21


Parents/carers and special guests are now allowed once again to attend our Whole School Assembly. All visitors will need to enter the school via the office, where they will be required to check-in via the Service NSW QR code and sign into the school sign-in book. Our next assembly will be on this Friday 7 May, commencing at 2.15 pm.


Please do not drop items to school that children have forgotten (drink bottles, hats, jumpers, library books, etc). Children need to learn valuable life skills to be responsible and independent. Pack bags together before school and have timetables and lists to teach children how to do this. If they go without these things for one day, they can tell teachers and we will help think of solutions to minimise this. Likewise, the office cannot be interrupting children during class time to come and pick up items nor do they have time to be dropping items to classrooms.


It’s that time of year when students transition to Winter School Uniform. Please encourage your child to dress warmly and appropriately. Please ensure all clothing (particularly jumpers and jackets) is clearly labelled. The days do warm up after the chilly mornings, leading to layers being discarded as the day goes on. Whilst our teachers monitor and take responsibility for left or lost property, we strongly encourage students to be responsible for their own belongings, in line with our Positive Behaviour expectations. And it is impossible to find the owner of an unlabeled item!


Now in its 22nd year, National Walk Safely to School Day (WSTSD) is an annual event when all Primary School children are encouraged to walk and commute safely to school. It is a Community Event, seeking to promote Road Safety, Health, Public Transport and the Environment. Iluka Public School will encourage all students to Walk Safely To School on Friday 14 May 2021.

Class donations for Tuckshop next week: Kindergarten/Year 1

Have a great week. Phil


Organisation - Library Day Change

Next week only, our library day will change from Wednesday to Monday.

Curriculum - Spelling

Tomorrow I will be sending home the Spelling Bee word lists for Kindergarten and Year One. We have commenced learning to orally spell the words from the Round One list in class. Students will need to practice the remaining lists at home. When practicing at home, please ensure that your child says the word to be spelt, spells the word using letter names, then says the word again. This process forms part of the rules for the Spelling Bee competition. The Kindergarten and Year One students will participate in their Spelling Bee competition on Monday 31st May.

Events - K-2 Excursion

Preparations are well underway for our K-2 excursion to the Macadamia Castle Animal Park at Knockrow on Friday 28th, 2021. Information sheets and permission forms have been sent home. The cost per student is $25. Return the permission note and money in the payment envelope provided (if not paying electronically) and return in your child’s communication folder.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our wonderful mum’s. Hope the day is full of lots of lovely surprises!



Hello everyone,

Here we are with glorious mellow May weather. The days are golden and make for great working days at school.

Routines - mean a great deal to children. They love being familiar with regular patterns in their life. We establish our week so that the children know what is coming up, what they have to accomplish and how to achieve success. Similarly, I would like to thank you for establishing routines at home for the completion of homework and home reading.

Maths - is scheduled each day. The class is broken into two groups. The Year 2 students work with Mrs Leseburg and the Year 3 children work with me. This allows for a smaller student/teacher ratio and thus more help and support given to individual students.

Library - day is Thursday and Mr Jones has many wonderful books that the children may borrow each week.

I hope you enjoyed the delicious breakfast today and are remembered fondly this Sunday. All mums are special and have a treasured place in our hearts. Di


Hello everyone,

Cross Country - Congratulations to the team of students who competed in the Small Schools Cross Country last Friday. Mr Bradmore especially commented on the courage shown by many Year 4 students who had to dig deep to tackle the course and were successful in doing so. Well done!! Special thanks to Mrs Howard for taking the remaining students back at school in my absence.

Bounce Back - We are currently working on a unit about ‘Courage’. Students are learning that everyone experiences being scared or worried at times and that they need to face their fears and show bravery to overcome these obstacles. One example is public speaking - the more we practice a skill, the more confident we become.

Library - Year 4 attends the library every Tuesday. Please ensure your child has a bag to enable them to borrow. We truly do have an awesome library with current books covering the interests of all students and without a doubt, there is something there to suit everyone.

Spelling Bee - Spelling Bee word lists were sent home last Tuesday. Please encourage your child to practise regularly in preparation for the competition in Week 7.

Homework - Last week’s homework was collected today and the new sheet was issued. It is due next Tuesday. Thank you to the students/families who consistently undertake homework every week.

Happy Mother’s Day - I wish all the mothers, stepmums, grandmothers, nannas and special female figures in the lives of the students a very Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday!

Enjoy the week.



Hi everyone

Cross Country Well done Team Iluka! Congratulations to all the students that participated in the Small School’s Cross Country last Friday. It was so wonderful to see the excitement and surprise on their faces when they returned to school with the news of their placings. It really emphasised that you can achieve anything if you put the effort in! Proving that you just have to TRY!

Homework sheets were sent home today and need to be completed and returned on Friday. Spelling lists were sent home last week. All students are encouraged to continue reading aloud at home. You can tell the difference between the ones that are reading and the ones that aren’t. Ten minutes a day is the key.

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful mums out there! I hope Sunday brings you joy and happiness!

Library Day is Wednesday with Mr Jones. Please ensure that you bring your Library bags with you. I strongly encourage the students to borrow two books from the Library. One for home reading and one for in class during silent reading. It is extremely important to read books that interests YOU!

Have a great week



Hi everyone. The Homework focus at present is Reading for Understanding. Please encourage your child to take their time, re-read, refer back to the text constantly, ask questions and be patient.

Grip Leadership Conference is this Thursday. Please be at school by 7:15 am at the latest. We are aiming to be home at approximately 4 pm.

Thank you and congratulations to the Year 6 students who attended the Small Schools Cross Country Carnival last week. It was a wonderful day and for the first time in a very long time IPS won the whole day! Good luck to those students off to PSSA Zone at Corndale - Noah, Jade and Phoenix.

Library Day is Monday. Borrowing has dropped off a little. I suspect reading at home may also be down. Let’s all keep encouraging our students to read, read, read. Spelling Bee - Spelling Bee word lists have been given out. Please encourage your child to practise regularly in preparation for the competition in Week 7.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful women in our lives. Thank you, Chris.



All student’s library days are still the same day as last term. There are a number of students who seem to keep forgetting their library bags on these days. If you could please remind them that would be appreciated. If you have forgotten, these are the days.

  • MONDAY - Year 6

  • TUESDAY - Year 4

  • WEDNESDAY - Kindy/1 & Year 5

  • THURSDAY - Year 2/3


Last term the whole school studied Julia Donaldson and her range of books. This term we will be looking at Australian author, Aaron Blabey. We will be reading a range of his books and learning a bit more about this author via some interviews online and other online resources. Aaron is the author and illustrator of the Pig the Pug series, Bad Guys and Thelma the Unicorn.


Our first Book Fair for the year will be arriving in week 5. Now that parents and carers are allowed on site, you will be given the opportunity to make purchases before school starts and also half an hour after school. We will also have an Eftpos terminal set up so you can make card payments within the library.


Issue #3 of Book Club is now in circulation. There is a range of new and affordable books for students to purchase through this issue, including a number of popular graphic novels. You can order via the LOOP online platform or by returning the filled in form at the back of the catalogue with the money to myself or the office. The final order for this issue will be placed on 10/05/2021. Please have all your cash or LOOP orders to me before then. Thank you.

Have a good week, Matt.



On the first day back at school this term, Emma attended the PSSA Coffs Harbour trials for AFL. She was successful in making the North Coast team and will this week be playing at Blacktown (Sydney) for the State trials. This is the first time that these trials have been held, and Emma had to compete against students from Public, Catholic and Independent schools to be chosen. Well done Emma and good luck in Sydney!


A huge congratulations to our PSSA cricket team. Last Wednesday Iluka defeated Maclean Public School. We are proud of the attending students for working hard for each other as a team. Our next game is against Gulmarrad Public School at a date yet to be confirmed. More details to come!


Yesterday Iluka Public School had students represent at the NRPSSA Netball Trials in Yamba. Congratulations to Tandia and Jade for digging deep and playing great netball in some stiff competition. Jade will now go on to play at the NCPSSA Regional trials in Yamba later this month. Good luck Jade.


Congratulations to our Year 5 student, Olivia, who attended the North Coast PSSA Girls Regional soccer trials in South Grafton yesterday. Olivia contended the position of Goalie, which is a tough position to fill. We are very proud of her efforts, on a soggy field amongst an enormous number of girls. Olivia reports she had fun and enjoyed the experience. Well done Olivia!


This week both boys and girls have been trialing to be selected in the IPS school soccer teams. The turn up, during their own lunchtime play, has been amazing. Those students, from Yr 3 to 6, should be proud of their conduct and the sportsmanship displayed. Team selection will be notified shortly (with a note home to selected students).

The boy's team will be playing next Tuesday 11 May in a playoff against Chatsworth Island PS, here in Iluka.

The girls will have their first game later this month (date yet to be nominated).


We wish Tandia and Jade all the best for the upcoming Zone Touch Football trials, happening in Yamba this Friday 7 May. Good luck girls.


Due to the lack of volunteers available for Tuckshop duty, the IPS Tuckshop will now be closed on Mondays. A number of parents/carers advised they were able to offer some time on a Friday. If you are still able to volunteer, please contact Karla on 0405638768, so she can try and organise a schedule.

  • Volunteers for Friday 7 May - Sandy and Mark

Class donations for Tuckshop next week: Kindergarten/Year 1


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