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  • Thursday 8 August – Open Day Morning Tea: Seeking baked goods donations for morning tea to serve to our families attending Open Day.

  • Wednesday 28 August - Father’s Day Stall : Presents will range from $1 to $5.

  • Friday 30 August - Father’s Day Breakfast: From 7:30 am. Please join us for the morning


We have certainly hit the ground running in what is again turning out to be a busy term, filled with lots of great events and learning activities for our students;

Open Day Invitation

We will again be hoping for better weather this Thursday to hold our IPS Open Day. The theme for the day is, “Every Student, Every Voice”. Please join in celebrating our students’ achievements and the value of public education. There will be coffee and biscuits, open classrooms, displays, performances and a special Whole School Assembly. The day will begin from 11.00am. I extend a warm welcome to all our families and members of the community to join with us to make the day a big success.


Iluka PS students, Josie, Akaysha, Eddie and Amelie participated in two debates against Gulmarrad Public School on Monday 5 August. Both debates were very close and entertaining to watch. Gulmarrad won a very even first debate and Iluka were able to compose themselves and come away with the win in their second debate. I would like to congratulate our team on their performances and it has been great to see them gain more confidence every time they participate. Thank you Mrs Cunningham for organising the debate and providing further opportunities for our school students.


It was great to see so many excited faces enjoying the opportunity to work with our flying drones in STEM workshops last week. We hope this inspires students to investigate, collaborate and explore, so that they’ll be ready for careers in a world myself as an ‘oldie’ probably cannot even imagine.

P&C Meeting Information

The P&C held a meeting last Monday in the staff room. The agenda focussed on financial support for impending school works (shade sails) and relevant school updates. We welcome any new faces to our meetings and are eager to hear ideas and opinions about what we can do as a P&C for our school. If you’d like something added to the agenda, you can contact the P&C President, Lisa Waters at the school on 66466149. The next meeting is being held on Monday 9 September.

Education Week - Open Day and Book Fair

  • Book Fair 8:30 - 8:55, 11:15 - 12:00, 1:00 - 1:45. Families have an opportunity to purchase quality reading material for students which in turn helps purchase books for the Library. If parent/carers are unable to attend, students may still purchase books. Place money in an envelope marked with the child's name and class and they will be able to purchase books during the day.

  • Morning Tea 11:00 – 11:30 am. Families may enjoy Morning Tea with their child. The school will have a variety of biscuits, as well as tea, coffee and water.

  • Classroom Visits 11:30 – 12:10 pm. Families have the time set aside to visit your child’s classroom. It is a chance to look at the work being completed.

  • Concert 12:15 – 12:30. Performances from the various Music Schools, Choir, K-6 Dance Group and the Year 6 P.N.G Dance troupe.

  • Whole School Assembly 12:30 -1:00 pm. We will be holding our usual assembly for everyone to sample! Students will be placed in their K-6 classes and you are encouraged to join in with your child/ren.

  • Normal Classes Resume 1:15 pm. Students say goodbye and thank their parents for attending.

Term 3 Lunchtime activities

Here are some fun library lunchtime activity ideas for the students of Iluka Public School!





Small Schools Athletics Carnival

Around 40 students participated in the Small Schools Athletic Carnival last Friday. They joined around another 100 students from three other local schools who attended the event. Our school set up for the event and I would like to thank the teaching staff who arrived very early Friday to set up. It turned out to be a fine day. Congratulations to Jade who was named the Junior Girl Champion. Well done to all the students who did their very best. A super proud day for our school. I wish all our representatives the best of luck at the Zone Championships, being held in Lismore on Thursday 22 August 2019.

Sporting Schools

Our Term 3 Sporting Schools Program commenced last week. The program will run for four weeks. This term students are learning the fun and skills associated with the game of basketball. Steve from the Raymond Laurie Sports Centre is our coach. He was impressed with our students’ attitude and wanting to learn more about the game. All students K-6 are participating. All students are participating free of charge.


Stage 3 are going to Canberra and the Selwyn Snowfields on Monday 12th August!

Students need to arrive at school no later than 4.40am. Students need to check in with their classroom teacher and must give their teacher any medication and money. Students should pack a backpack with a water bottle and morning tea + lunch for the trip. No electronics are to be taken on the excursion. If in an emergency parents need to contact us, my mobile number has been sent home on a separate sheet. Expected return time at school is 1am Saturday morning, however, if anything changes Mr Jones will post a notice on Facebook as the need arises. For an easy list on what to bring/what not to bring plus extra information, see attachment to this note.


Have fun, stage 3!

Woolworths Earn & Learn 2019

A big Thank You to all the parents, students and staff who contributed stickers towards the recent Woolworths Earn & Learn promotion. Iluka Public School collected 5640 stickers in total which is an absolutely amazing effort and allows the teaching staff to select a wide range of items for the students to use in the playground and the classroom.


We will have our usual P & C supported Fathers’ Day Stall. It will be on Wednesday 28 August and commences with our Kindy/Year One class after the morning assembly. Gifts have been ordered. We need at least two parent/carer volunteers to assist with the stall. If you are available to assist please see Miss Lisa or leave your details at the Office. Gifts start at $1. All classes will be invited to participate.

Have a great week.



Independence - It is fantastic seeing the Kindergarten and Year One students confidently walking through the school gates of a morning and independently organising their belongings (communication folder and home reading journals) before going off to play with their friends. Being able to independently do things aids the development of independent thinking skills, which underpins all learning.

Quicksmart - The Year One students have commenced their time trials in Quicksmart and already students have progressed to the next strand. The students are approaching this learning with a positive attitude and are keen to improve on their scores. Keep up the extra practice at home! The students are keen to challenge mums and dads at our open day on Thursday.


*Year One students please bring your pencil cases to school on Monday.

*Looking for a Christmas present or a stocking filler? Then come along to our book fair and get a head start on your Christmas shopping. There are lots of books, posters and stationery to suit all ages and interests.



Hello all,

We had some lovely rain last week...and back to good cold winter weather.

Sickness: is prominent this time of year. If your child is sick/unwell please keep them home because it will only spread among us all in the classroom.

Home Reading: is a year long project. I collect journals every 2 weeks to see how children are going. Last week I only got 8 out of a class of 21. Does your child know where their journal is? Is your child using their journal correctly? Is it being filled out nightly or each morning? Are you helping your child fill out their journal? Are you listening to your child read frequently? Are you encouraging your child to be consistent with home reading? Your input is vital to assist your child succeed in this very important whole school initiative. Reading is the background of all learning and it is extremely important that it is practised at home every day.

Homework: is due on Friday. Please help/assist your child with their homework and support them with the completion and handing in of it.

Good things happen in education when parents, students and teachers all work together. Food for thought!


Hi everyone. Class Supplies have dwindled. Please help organise your child with lead pencils, red and blue pens, erasers and a sturdy ruler - thank you in advance. Homework last week went well, thank you to all the interviewees! We had an interesting discussion about where you lived and what you were doing at the time of the Moon Landing way back in 1969. Homework this week will be another interview the children are designing on Wednesday. Reading every night too please.

Thursday is Open Day. Please come and visit our room from 11:30 and stay on for the dance if you can. Basketball is very popular. So too is QuikSmart and our class novel Dragon Rider. Mr Jones reports Tuesday’s Library borrowing has increased and the Drone Pilots are deep in training. Awesome! I was really pleased to see some of our class members volunteer to give up most of their lunch play to watch the debating competition on Monday against Gulmarrad. Legends! Cheers for now - Chris.


Canberra Excursion - The Year 5 students are very excited about the excursion and this time next week, will no doubt be having the time of their lives! I thank Mrs Milne in advance for taking the Year 4 students and those in Year 5 not attending the excursion next week. I am certain you will also have a wonderful time and will continue with many of our regular classroom routines, in addition to some fun activities.

Debating - Thank you to Mrs Cunningham and the Year 6 debating team for inviting our class along to witness two debates against Gulmarrad on Monday. It was a great insight into how teams prepare for and deliver a debate and we look forward to having a little go at debating in our own class later this term.

Homework - Homework was sent home yesterday and needs to be returned on Friday.

Home reading - Please bring in home reading journals on Thursday for me to check.

Small Schools Athletics - It was wonderful to be involved in the carnival at Iluka Oval last Friday. I was very proud to be a part of IPS due to the sportsmanship, effort and team spirit of our school. Congratulations to all who attended and did their very best. We have quite a few representatives going on to Zone Athletics in Lismore later this month. Special mention to Jade, who was announced as Junior Girl Champion.


* Students attending the Canberra excursion, don’t forget to return the Questacon note that went home today.

See you on Thursday at Open Day!



Hi everyone,

Canberra Excursion is the hot topic. Students are looking forward to their excursion. I am hoping that they have gone over their packing list to ensure they are well equipped. It is essential that they are organised for a very early start on Monday morning. Don’t forget to return Questacon notes that were sent home today.

Maclean Highschool Parental Orientation Night notes were also sent home today.

The Debating team are really gaining confidence and performed well in front of their peers yesterday. They had two very interesting debates against Gulmarrad Public School, narrowly loosing the first debate. The team came back stronger in the second and managed to come away with a win. I am so very proud of all your efforts and achievements.

Homework was sent home today and needs to be returned on Friday.

Canteen Kids are looking forward to making Pesto pasta this week and are happy to announce that they have raised $436.00 in total so far. Enjoy your week, Bek.


And as quick as that, two weeks are down and we are a week away from the trek down to Canberra to learn about our parliamentary system and lay some fresh tracks on the slopes. Over the weekend I pulled out my snowboard gear and began packing, so I don’t miss the bus.


As you may have read earlier in the newsletter, I will be running our second Book Fair for the year this week. It will only be available this week as it will be picked up while I am at camp. Thursday afternoon after school I will be packing it up. So if you wish to buy a book for your child or yourself, please come down to the library before 4:00pm on Thursday afternoon. I am really hoping for a great book fair over this week so I can purchase some new and exciting books for our library with the 30% commission earned from each book sale. One last thing...WE ACCEPT CARD!


I was so impressed with how quickly the students picked up the skill of coding the drones to do their commands. The students managed to code the drones to do flips, rolls, turns, create horizontal and vertical squares in the air and also code their drone to race at its top speed for a specific amount of time. This is just the tip of the iceberg and over the term the students will code the drones to do multiple commands in one single take off. Using the drones has also furthered my coding knowledge.

I hope everyone has a great week and keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for excursion images throughout next week.