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  • Wednesday 5 August - Pre School Parents Tour (by appointment only - call 6646 6149)

  • Wednesday 5 August - IPS Debating Team, debating South Grafton PS at South Grafton

  • Thursday 6 August - Kevin Hogan visit/book presentation

  • Friday 7 August - Whole School Assembly (students and staff only)

  • Wednesday 12 August - Kinder Transition Program (Preschoolers/Preschool staff only)

  • Wednesday 19 August - Yr 6 Transition Day at Maclean High School

  • Pre School Parents Tour (by appointment only)

  • Friday 21 August - Whole School Assembly (students and staff only)

  • Wednesday 26 August - Kinder Transition Program (Preschoolers/Preschool staff only)

  • Friday 28 August - School Maths Bee

  • Semester 1 reports go home

  • Tuesday September 15 - Friday September 18 - School Spelling Bee



This week we are celebrating the 50th year of ‘Education Week’. Education Week will be a little different this year. We are disappointed that we cannot invite you into our classrooms, but we are living in unpredictable times, as you are well aware. The theme for Education Week this year is ‘Learning Together’.

To bring you into our classrooms we will be releasing on Facebook a short video on Tuesday evening during Education Week, of our students learning together. Your child will also be bringing home an artwork, to represent a little piece of their classroom, Wednesday afternoon. On Friday 7 August we are celebrating with ‘Colours of Your Country’. We encourage children to come dressed in mufti (casual clothes) and ready to ‘Learn Together’. This may be colours of Australia, colours of your heritage, colours of your team...completely your choice! You may wear sports shoes and be sure to bring a hat/cap, as physical activity will be happening on the day. The sport’s activities will be focusing on cooperation. To conclude, our Year 6 leaders will be hosting a Whole School Assembly. It will be our first for Term 3. Class Awards will be handed out. We are looking forward to a great day and another busy week!


On behalf of Mr Jones our librarian, we thank you for supporting the Scholastic Book Fair. We hope you enjoy the books purchased by your child. We now wish Mr and Mrs Jones all the best, and eagerly await the arrival of their new baby. Mr Jones will be on leave for four weeks. Mrs Leseberg will take on the role of Librarian in the meantime.


On Wednesday 29 July Iluka Public School held its annual athletics carnival on the back oval. We began the day by proudly marching on to the oval in our two sporting teams. What followed was a wonderful day for competitors. I thought having it on the school oval was a big success. Thank you to our very encouraging and supportive parents for watching at a respectful distance too. School House spirit was alive and well and I thank the House Captains for their efforts in this area. The school students continued the tradition of dressing up for the day in sports colours. We congratulate our Age Champions for 2020. Minor Girls; Frankie, Minor Boys; Jy, Junior Girls; Tessah, Junior Boys; Fraser, 11 Years Girl(s) Jade and Emma (tied) , 11 Years Boy; Phoenix, Senior Girls; Amy-Leigh and Senior Boys; Travis. Well done to the Rush House who were the overall winners on the day. Once again, thank you so much staff for your efforts on the day. Follow this link to view the full gallery of photos taken on the day.



Iluka Public School is enrolling for Kindergarten 2021. Please visit, ring or email our school office for an enrolment form. Pleasingly, our P.R.A.W.N.S Kindergarten Transition Program dates have now been re-established. They are being held on Wednesdays, commencing August 12, August 26, September 9 and September 23, between 9.00 am and 12.00 noon. Parents will not be able to attend due to the current COVID-19 restrictions.

However, I am also inviting prospective new parents to arrange for a personal tour of our beautiful school. The dates for tours are Wednesday August 5, August 19 and September 2. Please contact the school office on 6646 6149 if interested.


Last week I chased up parents with regard to permission to publish, relating to a special project we were doing for Education Week. For future activities we will not be doing this. As per legal advice, the school is to withdraw any child, without publishing permission, from an activity that may be published in the school newsletter or school website. If you would like to get further information regarding publishing permission or change your current permission status, please contact the office.


Selected students in Years 5 and 6 have been given the opportunity to form debating teams and compete in The Premier’s Debating Challenge Competition. Tomorrow (Wednesday) Iluka Public School will compete against South Grafton Public School. The school thanks Mrs Cunningham for her efforts to improve our Public Speaking capabilities. Mr Speirs was also happy to accompany the students on this activity. The involvement in this competition has been a serious commitment for Mrs Cunningham and our students. We wish them all the best and thank them for their efforts.


Play takes on many different forms. Structured play has the means to help children learn how to do things. Structured play activities can benefit children’s confidence and perseverance. Structured play can improve communication and cooperation. Along with soccer, sand play, the ninja warrior course and the library activities, Iluka Public School is introducing two more choices for students.

1. Non-digital games

Beau and Eli from Year 4 have nearly finished a 300 piece jigsaw in the library. Large communal jigsaws hopefully will become very popular. Students will work on large piece puzzles during recess and lunchtimes. Jigsaws require a good memory and an eye for detail and encourages social interactions between students of all years. The jigsaws are left on the tables until they are completed and any student (and some staff also) are able to have a go. When they are finished we will take photos then they are broken up ready to go again.

2. Friday Lunchtime Music Performances

Every Friday lunchtime there will be musical performances on the stage. This will showcase the talent we have at Iluka Public and give our musical students a chance to improve their performance skills. Interested students can speak to myself to put their names on the performance list. A microphone will be available for use and an iPhone connection is available. All are welcome to come along and support their musical friends.

Have a great week.



We are all aware that we are living in a time where guidelines and rules change almost daily to combat the impact of COVID19. Our school is no exception and I have definitely tried to keep our community aware of these changes. I thought this might be an opportunity to just revise the current situation.

From my understanding, the Department is still very clear that they do not want non-essential adults on school grounds. This means we have the following guidelines;

  • Parents must not enter the school grounds at any time, with the exception of pick up time. They cannot enter the grounds until 10 minutes before pick up time and must leave immediately, once they have collected their children. Whilst on the grounds they must maintain social distancing. (1.5 metres)

  • If a parent has business with the school it should be done over the phone if possible. If it is essential that they do it in person they must come to the office. At no time is a parent to enter the school grounds where the children are.

  • If a parent needs to give something to their child or collect their child early, they must go to the office. The admin staff will bring the child to you or pass on the article to the child.

  • No child should come to school if they are feeling unwell. Prior to COVID, children would be sent to school if they were feeling only a little unwell. This is no longer acceptable, students in this case must remain at home.

  • If a child becomes unwell at school, parents will be contacted and they will be requested to come and collect their child as soon as possible.

  • No parent should come onto school premises if they are feeling unwell. This includes coming into the office.

  • The library will operate as per normal.

  • Outside programs of an educational nature can now take place. This means our ‘Sport in Schools Program’ can now recommence.

  • Sporting and debating events with other schools can start again. Though parents will not be allowed to attend.


Shared Reading - Our class has commenced a new literacy unit called ‘Fantasy’. Each new book introduced is read three times over three consecutive days, with each day focusing on a different teaching aspect. On the first reading, the students get to listen to the story without interruptions, allowing them to get into the world of the story. On the second reading, the students learn how to think about the text. On the third reading, the students are involved in conversations about the text to expand their vocabulary and develop comprehension skills. After the last reading, students engage in a variety of literacy activities. Our current book being read is called Pog by Lyn Lee.

Athletics Carnival - Well done to all the Kinders for their ‘have a go’ attitude and for performing at their personal best in all events. Congratulations to Jy for his outstanding achievements in the running and field events. Throughout the day, Jy accumulated the most points in the 5,6,7 age division and was named Minor Boy Athletic Champion for 2020.


*Please ensure that home reading logs and readers are returned to school on a daily basis.



Hello everyone,

Firstly, happy Education Week. This is a special week where we acknowledge and recognise the value that education has in all of our lives. We are so fortunate to live in a country where education is provided for all children, as there are some children in our world that are denied this valuable opportunity. Education enables many more pathways in life to be accessed. Thus, it should be valued by all and gratefully appreciated for the varied opportunities it will open up in later years.

We hope you enjoy ‘something from the classroom’ that we have done over the last couple of weeks.

Have a great week, Di.


Hello everyone,

Laptops - This week saw the arrival of a whole class set of laptops for the Year 3/4 room. We have been very busy getting acquainted with our new equipment and incorporating technology into some areas of our learning.

Times Tables Challenge - We are now in Week 2 of our Times Tables Challenge. In our maths lessons, many activities, games and technology time is being devoted to learning times tables over the next few weeks. It is hoped that students will achieve their ‘Times Table Licence’ by the end of the challenge. Students have been given a second login card to take home if they wish to practise at home also.

Writing - Currently students in Year 4 are undertaking research of an unusual animal for an information report. They will also present a speech about this animal on Friday for the whole class. Perhaps you could ask your child about the obscure animals we are currently researching.

Homework - Homework is due back on Friday. It is important that students remember to bring it in on the appropriate day as we mark it in class - Year 3 with Mr Speirs and Year 4 with myself. This not only assists students in areas that they had trouble with, but also provides instant feedback and a sense of achievement.

Happy Education Week!



Happy Education Week everybody!

Athletics Carnival: Last week the students participated in a modified whole school athletics competition.

What a beautiful day it was! Outstanding effort, sportsmanship, and leadership shown by all students. The atmosphere was fantastic. Thank you to all the parents for being such a motivating and supportive crowd.

Highschool Transition Day: The 19th of August is the confirmed day for the Year 6 Maclean High School Transition Day. Permission notes were sent home last week and need to be returned ASAP.

Debating squad: Congratulations to all the students in my class for their efforts in trying out for the debating team. I was truly impressed with the amount of people with the desire and skills. Eight students have been chosen to prepare for the first round of the Premier's Debating Challenge - Oceane, Jack, Ace, Reef, Jade, Kiani, Amy-Leigh and Hudson. Only four students will be debating on the day. We will be travelling to South Grafton Public School on Wednesday (tomorrow) to compete and I would like to wish them all the very best of luck.

The term “Homework” shall now be referred to as “Home Benefits” from now on in our classroom. I am hoping that the students become more automatic in their studies at home. Students are encouraged each night to revise their tables, spelling words and practise reading aloud. There are many different ways to learn these essential skills. Cards, dice and sheets have been sent home.

Here are some benefits in revising and knowing Times Tables:

  • Help with mental arithmetic. ...

  • Help children understand other concepts. ...

  • Can be used in real life. ...

  • Increase confidence!

Here are some benefits of practising for a spelling bee:

  • Builds vocabulary and grammar. Your child's range of words grows with every spelling bee they take part in. ...

  • Builds on knowledge. Spelling looks into more than just the arrangement of letters. ...

  • Boosts memory. They say a good mind needs exercise. ...

  • Boosts confidence. ...

  • Creates healthy competitive spirit. ...

  • Enhances cognitive skills.

Home Reading: In particular, reading aloud is the best exercise you can do to improve your own writing and speaking. Here is how reading can provide benefits:

  • Reading makes you more empathetic. Reading is a way to escape your own life, and can take you to faraway lands, other times, and put you in other people's shoes. ...

  • Reading keeps your brain healthy....

  • Reading reduces stress....

  • Reading helps you sleep better.

Have a great week




Every student in Year 3,4,5 and 6 all have a personal laptop that will be utilised during class hours. These devices will remain at school and allow students to learn computer skills, specific researching techniques and to publish and submit work digitally.

BOOK FAIR Thank you to every family who purchased something from the Book Fair. Together, we managed to raise over $500 to be used towards new books for the library. I will be running another Book Fair next term in the lead up to Christmas.

See you all in Week 8, Matt.


August marks the final opportunity to complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge and it will close on the 28th August. Students in Kindergarten to Year 2 continue to participate in the challenge when attending the library with Mr Jones. Congratulations to the following students who have already completed the challenge for 2020: Amy-Leigh, Tessah, Taya, Paige, Lexi, Jessica and Fraser. Quite a few students in Year 3-6 have already started their reading log and it would be a shame to not see it through. Please note a very important change to rules for this year due to COVID 19 - students may read 10 own choice books rather than the usual 5. This means only 10 books from the PRC Book List need to be read along with 10 books of the students’ own choice. The school library has a large stock of PRC books to help students achieve their quota. Please pass on paper reading logs to Mrs Gardner or use the online system at

Happy reading!


  • Volunteers for Friday 7 August - Sandy and Mark

  • Volunteers for Monday 10 August - Mary and Leonie

Class donations for next week : Kindergarten

If you could offer some time assisting in the tuckshop, please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you


Just a reminder that School Banking day is Tuesday’s. Bank books are returned through the classroom, usually by Thursday.


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