• Iluka Public School



  • Wednesday 30 October - Year 6 Maclean High School Transition

  • Thursday 31 October - Preschool Transition 9:00am to 1:30pm

  • Friday 1 November - Whole School Assembly 2:15 - 3:00pm

  • Monday 4 November - Kindergarten and Year 2 Dental Check up 9.30 - 11.00 am

  • Thursday 7 November - Preschool Transition 9:00am to 1:30pm

  • Monday 11 November - Swim School Scheme starts Kindergarten to Year 4

  • Friday 29 November - Yr 5 Prefect Speeches

  • Tuesday 10 December - Presentation Day at 11am & School Disco at 6pm Iluka Bowling Club

  • Wednesday 11 December - Iluka Christmas Carols (school performance)

  • Thursday 12 December - 200 nights Reading Rewards - waterslide adventure

  • Tuesday 17 December - Yr 6 Graduation Dinner

  • Wednesday 18 December - Students last day of school for 2019

As of Term 1 2020 Iluka Public School will be going paperless with our newsletter. Our weekly news will be delivered in digital form via a weekly email (when you sign-up on the school’s web page) or by visiting the web page



I am always available to meet with parents and family members so please feel free to pop in and see me to have a chat. I value suggestions and feedback from students, parents and families so we can keep providing the best educational opportunities for our children. I am keen to build on our strengths and ensure that Iluka PS continues to offer high quality education in a nurturing environment. Please come and see me if you are around the school, I would love to meet with you so we can work together to best support your child.

School Maintenance

A few things are currently happening in regards to school maintenance:

1. The old BBQ COLA down the back oval has been fully stripped, strengthened, re-built and repainted

2. The Year 3/4 classroom has had external walls replaced

3. Fascia boards were replaced and repainted on the school’s main building

4. Water filters to our bubblers outside of the students toilet block will be replaced.

Iluka Woombah Rotary Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have earned Iluka Woombah Rotary Awards last Sunday. To Amelie for her Creative Arts, Malaki and Cameron for their Environmental work, Ky for his STEM challenges and to Josie for her Creative Writing. I am delighted to share our students’ achievements in their commitment to learning, successful work habits, leadership, creativity, collaboration, attitude and cooperation.

Maclean High School Transition

Families with students in Years 6 are advised that Maclean High School will be having their final Year 7, 2020 Orientation Day on Wednesday 30 October 2019.


The school’s NAPLAN results have arrived and have all been distributed to parents. Overall, the school is performing better than schools that are similar to Iluka Public School in reading, writing, grammar and punctuation and numeracy for students in Year 3 and Year 5. 47% of our Year 3 students are in the top two bands for numeracy and 53% of our Year 3 students are in the top two bands for reading and grammar and punctuation. One of the most pleasing aspects of our NAPLAN results was our learning growth between Year 3 and Year 5. In numeracy, 58% of students achieved equal to or greater than expected growth, 66% in grammar and punctuation and 66% in reading.

Preparations for Next Year

As we look towards 2020, we are starting to make preparations for the year. It is important that we know our projected enrolments so that decisions can be made on the formation of classes and the staff allocations that we will require. If you are aware that your children will not be attending Iluka Public School in 2020, please let the school know as soon as possible. Also, if parents of the 2020 Kinder students could make their intentions known to Miss Essery or myself regarding the attendance of their child in Kindergarten next year, that would be much appreciated. We understand that some students may not be starting due to their age or that parents may choose another school for their child to attend. It is important that you communicate your intentions as soon as possible.

On saying this, over the next few weeks we will be welcoming many new families to the school as part of our Kindergarten Orientation program. It is always exciting to meet these new families and I encourage you to give a warm, welcoming smile as you see new people visiting. I welcome all our new families and we look forward to getting to know you.

World Teachers’ Day

World Teachers’ Day is an annual event celebrated on different dates across the globe. This year it was celebrated on 25 October 2019 in NSW. World Teachers’ Day is an opportunity to celebrate the 160,000+ hardworking and dedicated primary, secondary and early childhood teachers in NSW. It’s a day to reflect, recognise and appreciate teachers and the important role they play in shaping future generations. This year, the school congratulates Mrs Gardner and Mrs Cunningham as worthy recipients to receive World Teachers’ Day Awards. Both teachers should be congratulated for this award. They have the opportunity to accept their award in Coffs Harbour next week.

Thank you to Mary and Paul Mitchell for the beautiful cake and to Leah for your delicious scones. It was very much appreciated.

School Swimming Program

A reminder that our annual school swimming program will run in Week 5 and 6 of this term (11 November to 22 November). Children in Years 2-4 should come to school dressed in their school uniform. Children should bring their swimming costume, towel and hairbrush in a plastic bag so they can change in and out of their swimmers after the lesson. Children are permitted to wear sandals/thongs to and from the pool during the weeks of swim school. Whilst at school they must wear school shoes. The school will supply sunscreen each session, however if you have a particular sunscreen your child can only use please supply your child with this for the duration of the program.

Children in the Kinder / Year 1 class have had a separate information sheet go home in regards to their swimming program.


This term we have had an extra focus on technology, including an extended session on Monday afternoon where our staff investigated coding and robotics. This was an engaging hands-on session where we experimented with the tools and hardware we have at our school. It is exciting to see where this attention to the computational thinking part of our science syllabus, will take us in the future. Thank you to Mr Jones and the teachers involved in these activities – we really are building the future!

Stage 2 Excursion Dorroughby

Last week, from Wednesday to Friday, 29 students in Stage 2 travelled to the Dorroughby Environmental Education Centre and explored the surrounding unique rainforest environment. Stage 2 learnt about the natural features, sustainability and Dreamtime stories as part of their Geography unit. While at the excursion they explored Minyon Falls, time travelled back to school in 1890, made damper, butter and collected information about the platypus and how different groups and communities sustain and protect their environment. Students had an exciting time while participating in all activities. For some it was their first time away from home. Well done. A big effort! Stage 2 displayed excellent behaviour and were engaged during the rainforest walk asking great questions to their teachers. Well done Stage 2- fantastic for all! Thank you to Mr Jones who kept us up-to-date on Facebook and Mrs Howard and Mr Speirs who gave up valuable family time away from home. I appreciate your efforts and am very grateful. If you haven’t already you can view the complete gallery of photos on our website

Breakfast Club

Research indicates that children are more able to learn and concentrate when they have had breakfast. For this reason the school has Breakfast Club on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. There are many reasons why children come to school without breakfast. Sometimes they are in a rush and forget. Sometimes they don’t feel hungry until they get to school and in other circumstances families can run out of food and money for the week and need a helping hand. So whatever the reason, we encourage children to grab breakfast from the club on the available mornings. Thank you to IGA, St Vincent De Paul and to Miss Essery for organising and maintaining this wonderful activity.

Whole School Assembly

All parents, carers and community are invited to attend this Friday’s Whole School Assembly commencing at 2.15 pm.

Have a great week.



Home Reading- As we are steadily moving towards the end of the year, students should be getting closer to reaching our class and school target of 200 nights of reading. Those students that achieve this milestone will be invited to participate in the school waterslide activity towards the end of this term. There is still time to catch up. Consistent reading each night is the key to success. It is important to note that students need to return their journal and reader daily, as new readers are not issued until the previous book has been returned and journals sighted.

Physical Education- There was great excitement in our class last Friday, when Mr Bradmore presented each child in Kindergarten with a free tennis racquet and tennis ball. We thank Mr Bradmore for arranging this gift and Mr Jurd for his kind donation.

Transition Day- What a wonderful day we had last Thursday with our Preschool friends. A big thank you to the Kindergarten and Year One students for helping the children settle into ‘big school’ life so successfully. We look forward to their next visit this Thursday 31st October, from 8:45am/9:00am until 1:30pm.


  • Library books are due back at school on Wednesday.

  • Year One students are to return their Maths Mentals homework on Friday.

  • Please return Kindergarten Dental Assessment Consent Forms to school before this Friday 1st November.

  • Permission notes for Kindergarten/Year One swimming are due back at school by Friday 8th November.



Hello everyone,

What a great few days we had at camp. A wonderful experience for the Stage 2 students. It was really nice to get to know some children better too. I know the Year 2 students were in good hands, too.

Homework: routines recommence. It was given out yesterday and is due back on Friday.

Spelling: words have been given for the week with associated activities and will be tested on Friday.

Home Reading: journals can come into school tomorrow so that I can check them.

Dental: notes for the Year 2 children were given out last week and need to come back to school.

Swim Scheme: notes with information and cost were handed out last week. These need to be returned. Swim Scheme starts in week 5.

Have a super week everyone! Di


Hi everyone. Welcome back after a fantastic camp experience! The students had a wonderful trip and great fun together. I was particularly impressed with their organisation skills, their resilience during a challenging hike and the respect they showed toward the environmental educators at Dorroughby. Well done.

Reminders: Home Reading should be occurring every night.

Homework due on Friday. Library on Tuesday.

Swim School is coming up in Week 5 and 6, the 11/11 to 22/11 at Maclean Pool. Please return the blue note, thank you. Whole School Assembly this Friday afternoon. Next Basketball event in Yamba is Saturday 14th December at 2pm. Boardriders on this Sunday 9am, all welcome.

Have a great week, Chris.



Dorroughby - What an amazing experience the students had at Dorroughby. There have been so many interesting stories coming back from camp. Thank you Mrs Howard, Mr Speirs and Mr Jones for ensuring the students had a fantastic time and returned safely. Thank you also to Miss Lyn in the office for her organisation.

Homework - Homework sheets have gone home and are due back by Friday please.

Home reading journals - These are due on Thursday. I check journals, write a comment and update any stickers while students attend library.

Swimming Scheme - Year 4 students need to return their permission notes and $40 for travel for the intensive swimming scheme. This will commence in Week 5.

Have a great week.



Hello everyone,

Tomorrow the class is off for their final transition at Maclean High School. We will be leaving school at 9:30am and returning at approximately 3:00pm.

Google Classroom: The class has new laptops which are being implemented in all the Key Learning Areas. It is great to see them working hard and engaged in their learning. Thank you Mr Jones for organising this for us.

Homework: Spelling was sent home yesterday and the students online task has been posted. All home work needs to be submitted on Friday,

Home Readers need to be submitted on Thursdays.

Have a great week. Bek



Everything is going so fast this term already. All of the new laptops for the Year 6 classroom have now been rebuilt and added to the class. These will be a fantastic resource for the students to get comfortable using in preparation for high school next year.


New book resources have arrived for our teacher resource room and they will soon be accessioned and added to our collection. I have to say a huge thank you to Leah who has been doing the majority of the covering of these new resource room books.

ROBOTICS The kids are loving the tablet robotics and I have been lucky enough to secure these items for all of Term 1 for next year. The self paced activities and experiences that these resources offer the students is extremely valuable to all students learning.


Big River Film Festival is fast approaching and this year we will be submitting 3 videos. The classes attending this year will be Year 3/4 , Year 4/5 and Year 6. Year 3/4 will be submitting a fitness video and Year 6 will be creating a video called “So you think you can dance”. Year 4/5 is still undecided at this point.


You may have already seen on Facebook that I was reminded by students that I did not make a Coffs Harbour camp video. I had started it and then put it aside to spend more time with my own child thinking I would go back to it. Well I completed it and you can now view it below or visit our YouTube channel. The Dorroughby video is also currently under construction.

I hope everyone has a great week. Matt.

Canteen News

  • Volunteers for Friday 1 November - Sandy and Mark

  • Volunteers for Monday 4 November -

  • Class donations this week are Year 6.


If you are able to offer some time assisting in the Tuckshop please contact Karla on 0405638768 or see the Office staff. Thank you. You’ll get more out of it than you have to put in!