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  • Thursday 7 November - Preschool Transition 9:00am to 1:30pm

  • Monday 11 November - Swim School Scheme starts Kindergarten to Year 4

  • Remembrance Day ceremony at Iluka Cenotaph, from 10:30am.

  • Thursday 14 November - Yr 6 Bushfire Excursion

  • Friday 15 November - Yr 5 and 6 Kayak adventure

  • Friday 29 November - Yr 5 Prefect Speeches

  • Tuesday 10 December - Presentation Day at 11am & School Disco at 6pm Iluka Bowling Club

  • Wednesday 11 December - Iluka Christmas Carols (school performance)

  • Thursday 12 December - 200 nights Reading Rewards - waterslide adventure

  • Tuesday 17 December - Yr 6 Graduation Dinner

  • Wednesday 18 December - Students last day of school for 2019

As of Term 1 2020 Iluka Public School will be going paperless with our newsletter. Our weekly news will be delivered in digital form via a weekly email (when you sign-up on the school’s web page) or by visiting the web page


Welcome to our Week 4 Term 4 newsletter.

Feedback received through our communication survey is showing that parents, carers and community members are preferring to see and read the newsletter in a digital format. Perhaps because it includes colourful photos and videos of our students. Please email the school at with your thoughts.

Google Chrome

We are continuing our busy schedule at school with our students jumping straight into learning. Mrs Cunningham and Mrs Roberts are taking full advantage of a class set of computer notebooks.

Carols in the Park

We have lots of opportunities for our families and community to join us here at school; this year Christmas Carols in the Park will be held at the school due to the closure of the town oval. I feel very proud that this tradition and calendar highlight will be able to return with assistance by the school. It is such an honour.

Remembrance Day

The school will be conducting Remembrance Day commemorations at the town cenotaph. We welcome all parents, carers and community members to join with us at the Iluka Cenotaph on Monday 11 November from 10.30 am. We thank the RSL for the privilege of present this very special ceremony.

Transition Day

Our transition to school program is in full swing. Last Thursday we welcomed a number of new students and parents to our second Kindergarten orientation of the term. It was great to meet new parents and have the opportunity to explain our teaching and learning programs and our beliefs on how kids learn and develop. We can’t wait for your child to be a part of the Iluka Public School crew!

Kindy 2020 students using Robotics

Meanwhile our Kindy 2020 students had a wonderful time playing literacy and numeracy games whilst getting to know their teacher(s), their Year 5 Buddy and all the Year 1 students at big school. Miss Essery our dedicated Kindergarten teacher and Mr Jones, the librarian introduced the students to a new Robotics Program. Students programmed the Dash robots. The class were very clever. I am looking forward to seeing you all again this Thursday. We are so lucky to have great teachers who all have unique skills and talents to share with our students.

Year 5 Class Buddies

Each year, Year 5 students are selected to be Class Buddies for the next year Kinder class. Our buddies always do a wonderful job. They help students to show individual and school values, build relationships and improve the new kinder’s decision-making skills. Buddies develop and strengthen positive relationships across the school through a series of engaging activities. Thank you so much Year 5.

Class Structures for 2020

We are currently working on class structures for 2020. I have heard on the grapevine that a number of students will not be returning, but this has not been confirmed as yet for many by their parents. Thank you to those parents who have taken the time to drop me a short line. The new enrolment policy has affected overall school numbers, resulting in a possible reduction of one class.

School Maintenance

The school is having painting completed in a number of external areas. The painters will be finishing off over the next week or so. The walls look bright and fresh. We are still waiting on a few other jobs to be completed although as yet, I have not been informed of completion dates. I will keep you informed as I know more.

Swim School

Year 2 to Year 4 students will commence their swimming program on Monday 11 November. Notes have been sent home with details. Students will be swimming at the Maclean Olympic Pool. They will travel by bus. Students of all capabilities will have a fantastic time. If there are any problems feel free to contact me.

Student Leaders 2020

Iluka Public School have been very fortunate to have such capable and enthusiastic school leaders this year and we will be sad to see them leave. Commencing soon Year 5 students will have the opportunity to stand for the four leadership positions for 2020. It will be important that the new leaders live up to the high standards expected at this school. Students will prepare and deliver a speech on Friday 29 November before the student body votes for their 2020 leaders! Parents and carers are welcome to attend.

Attendance Rates

Our school attendance rate currently sits at 90.49%. It is important to send students to school every day that it is open for instruction. 2020 will see a renewed focus from the Department of Education to improve attendance rates. At our school family holidays which are taken outside of allocated term breaks have the largest impact on our attendance rates. Whilst it may not seem like a lot, a 10 day holiday taken during a term once a year will mean a student misses 6 months of learning. Key concepts can be missed and teachers may not be able to go back and teach new concepts once a class has moved on.

The Breakfast and Lunch Program

Having breakfast and lunch helps learning and concentration. Thank you IGA and St Vincents De Paul for providing students with this opportunity.

Big River Film Festival

Lights, Camera, Action! Iluka Public School students have been invited to participate in the 2019 Big River Film Festival. Students were asked to create a short film between 1 - 5 minutes long in any of the following categories: Animation, Documentary, Drama, Comedy or Experimental. The Year 3/4, Year 4/5 and Year 6 students have submitted films and have been asked to attend a Red Carpet presentation on Wednesday 27 November at South Grafton High School Hall commencing at 10.00 am. Good luck!

The Wizard of Oz

The school congratulates Jessica Hinde, Tessah Speirs, Kiani and Nikirri Thwaites on their selection as major cast performers for the upcoming Wizard of Oz musical. The girls will soon start rehearsing to ensure that they will be entertaining audience members with spectacular performances. Congratulations students. Each of you show creative expression, unbelievable talent and enormous courage to perform. We cannot wait to see the show, which will be on in March 2020.

Have a good week, Phil.


Remembrance Day - Next Monday, 11th November, Kindergarten and Year One students will be attending the Remembrance Day ceremony at the local cenotaph. Please ensure your child is wearing their correct school uniform for this special occasion.

Swimming Program - Just a reminder that Kindergarten and Year One students will be attending swimming lessons next week on Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th and Friday 15th November. The students will need to bring to school - swimmers, shirt/rash vest to go over swimmers, a jumper, a towel, sunscreen and a plastic bag for wet items. The students will get changed into their swimming costumes after the morning assembly. The students will travel to and from the pool by bus. We will leave at 9:30am and return to school by 10:45am. There is no cost for Kindergarten and Year One students.

Assembly Awards - Congratulations to the following students who received Merit Certificates at our whole school assembly last Friday: Kindergarten - Pala and Year One - Zoe, Charlie and Bailey.


*Attendance - Please provide a written explanation on your child’s return to school after an absence.

*Nits/Headlice - Please check your child’s hair for nits and headlice.



Hello all,

Swimming Scheme: commences next week. This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn/improve their swimming skills.

Homework: is a weekly exercise. Please support and encourage this minimal task to be completed and returned to school on Friday.

Home Readers: are checked each fortnight. The 200 night recipients will be rewarded with the water slide at the end of the year.

Assessments: will be undertaken in class over the next couple of weeks. Yes, reports will be worked on over the next few weeks and will come home later in the term.

Have a great week. Di


Hi everyone. Swim School begins on Monday. Please return the blue note and money now. We do not get in the pool until 12 noon each day so do not wear your swimmers under your school uniform, we will all get changed at the pool.

Assessments have begun in earnest. The students are trying their best and have been very settled in the morning sessions, well done.

Home Reading continues and those who reach 200 nights will reap the rewards of their effort at the end of year waterslide. Homework is due on Friday.

Term 4 is a special time of year as you can see how much the children have developed over another year, academically and socially.

Cheers, Chris.


Swim School - Swim School commences for Year 4 students next Monday. Please return notes and money for the bus to secure a spot in this worthwhile program.

Remembrance Day - Next Monday, 11th November, Year 5 students will be attending the Remembrance Day ceremony at the local cenotaph. Please ensure your child is wearing their correct school uniform to mark this special occasion.

State Athletics - Best wishes to Emma as she competes at the State Athletics Carnival in Sydney this week. We know you train very hard to reach your goals and are so proud of your outstanding achievements!

Assessments - Assessments have commenced to assist with writing end of year reports. This will continue over the coming weeks as units of work are completed.

Enjoy the week.



Hello everyone,

All students have received Bushfire excursion notes, these need to be returned with $5 as soon as possible please. Students have been practicing for the Remembrance Day ceremony next Monday and those students speaking on the day will need to keep practicing at home.

Google Classroom: The students have been working well on their laptops and most have been completing all set tasks through the online platform which is fantastic to see!

Homework: Spelling was sent home yesterday and the students online task has been posted. All home work needs to be submitted on Friday.

Home Readers need to be submitted on Thursdays.

Have a great week. Krystal


Since the introduction of the collection section in the library, they have become very popular amongst the students. These collections are each in their own separate little container in a designated area, which makes it easy for students to find specific books. The libraries vast array of collections is growing meaning I will have to create more collections tubs. I have just ordered 30 more tubs to create 30 more collections, making it easier for students to find books that interest them.

Over the next two weeks my goal is to complete all of the videos for the BRFF film festival. Today the year 3/4 video will be completed and Thursday and Friday will see the Year 4/5 and 6 videos get a good chunk of filming done.

The evolution of the school library continues. There will be a few changes to the library occurring by the end of the year so I will keep you all updated on what is happening and the progress.

I hope everyone has a great week. Matt.


This week Iluka Public School’s Year 4 student Emma K is in Sydney competing at NSW State Athletics. Emma is competing in 2 events, discus and shot put, which is a wonderful achievement at this high level of sport. Good luck Emma. We wish you the very best for your events and look forward to hearing of your experiences upon your return.


  • Volunteers for Friday 8 November - Sandy and Mark

  • NOTE: Tuckshop will be CLOSED for the 2 weeks of swimming 11 - 22 November