• Iluka Public School


Updated: Mar 3, 2020



  • Friday 28 - IPS Clean Up Australia Day activities - around school area / Iluka Bay


  • Monday 2 - Premiers Reading Challenge Opens

  • Friday 6 - Whole School Assembly - 2:15pm

  • Thursday 12 - Get Hooked Fishing Program, Yr 5/6 - Iluka Bay

  • Wednesday 18 - First Maclean High School Transition Day, Yr 6

  • Friday 20 - Harmony Day

  • Friday 20 - Whole School Assembly - 2:15pm

  • Monday 23 - NAPLAN Practice - Yr 3 & 5


  • Friday 3 - IPS Cross CountryWhole School Assembly - 2:15pm

  • Thursday 9 - ANZAC Day service at Iluka Public School - 11am

  • Thursday 9 - Last day of Term 1

  • Friday 10 - Good Friday and start of school holidays

  • Tuesday 28 - Students return to school for Term 2


Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had another fantastic week at our wonderful school. Students have been working hard to be safe, responsible, respectful learners and the classes are reflecting their efforts, well done!

Whole School Assembly

A very successful Whole School Assembly was held last Friday in our library. Our students were very proud receiving their awards and I know the large number of families who attended were also extremely proud of their children. Our thanks to the school leaders, Hudson and Amy-Leigh for their organisation and being MC’s for this assembly. Special thanks to Kiani for her Welcome to Country. Also, thanks to our staff for their excellent support with our Student Leadership Program which is a very important component of our whole school ethos.


The school welcomes back for 2020 our three SLSOs. Leah, Lisa and Aleisha will again be re-commencing their most important work inside all our classes. The three SLSOs will be assisting all students with their reading, numeracy and word lists.

Major Excursions

This important information about excursions at Iluka Public School is for the attention of all parents and carers. We have two major overnight excursions: Year 5/6 to Lake Ainsworth in September and Year 3/4 to Coffs Harbour in October. To help with the family budgets, the cost of each excursion at this early stage is yet to be advised for Year 3/4 and $370 for Year 5/ 6. The school, with contributions from the P & C will pay for bus transportation. If you are intending for your child to attend one of these major excursions and wish to start budgeting and paying it off now, this is not a problem and is encouraged. All excursions must be paid in full at least a fortnight prior to departure or the student may not be allowed to attend. If a family is experiencing financial difficulty, it is important that you speak to us early as the above prepaid rule will be strictly adhered to. With regards to behaviour, any students on behaviour levels at the time will not be allowed to attend an excursion. This is due to safety concerns. If a student is not following school rules within our school grounds and not complying with instructions, it is unsafe for that student, staff and fellow students to take him/her to an unfamiliar environment. Parents need to be aware that if their child's behaviour is not up to IPS expectations just prior to a special excursion and or performance, which is not directly related to the syllabus, they will not be able to attend.

Online Technologies - Instagram

The internet can be great fun and a powerful research tool for your child. However, please make sure you help your child manage the associated risks. Parental controls are software tools that allow you to monitor and limit what your child sees and does online. Be honest and open with your children about why and how you want to use these technologies. There are also apps to measure online time as well as set time limits on device use or internet access. It is so important to set boundaries for digital device use in your home: For example, your family plan could include rules like this:

  • no devices in the bedroom for younger children

  • all screens off in bedrooms after a certain time for older children

  • all screens off at least one hour before planned bedtime

  • all family members switch off at dinner time

  • devices charged overnight in a place your child cannot access.

New playground equipment

Iluka Public School prides itself on providing not only a safe and respectful learning environment but also a visually appealing one. To this end late last year the Year 6 class of 2019 as their parting gift presented the school with new playground equipment. This week installation commenced and soon we look forward to using the equipment. The new playground site is located under the trees down towards the back oval.

Tree Audit

Pleasingly, a recent tree inspection by the Department has deemed our playground safe. It again means no trees have to be removed.

Extreme weather

Thanks to all families for their support during the recent periods of extreme weather. Living in Iluka means that our students are generally able to play outside during hot and or wet days. However, teachers will use their discretion to close ovals if needed with the safety of all the students the main priority. Cool water and sunscreen is always available.


Looking to escape to another world, learn about rainforests or find out if piranhas really do eat bananas? Then look no further than our library. Each class has a time where they visit the library. All students are welcome to come to the library when it is open Monday to Thursday from 8:40 and at lunch time to read, play chess and other quiet games. Students must bring a library bag to borrow books. Our library also has robotics on loan this term so all students will get the chance each week to do robotics and coding lessons.

Big W Donation

Thank you so much to the Big W Grafton store for your most generous donation of $2,000. Yes $2,000. The school will be purchasing a wide range of resources and supplies. We appreciate their generosity.

Clean Up Australia Day

Iluka Public School has participated in Clean Up Australia Day for over 20 years. We promote sustainability and encourage programs that promote caring for our environment. All students will participate in this event. More details and permission notes will be sent home shortly.


There has been a reported case of one student with Chickenpox. In children it usually causes a relatively mild illness. For more information visit the NSW Health website at or follow this link for details about the issue.

This weekend

What memories are your family planning on making this weekend? Try something new like: Building and flying a kite, Catch and release some bugs or tadpoles, Hold a handball competition, Take a family walk somewhere new. The recommendations are that children should spend at least 60 minutes per day undertaking huff and puff physical activity and spend no more than 2 hours per day watching screens.


Have a great week, Phil