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Updated: Feb 25


  • Thursday 25 February - Intensive Swimming Scheme start. Yrs 2/3, 4 + selected Yr 5 students. NB: The program will operate for 5 weeks, each Thursday.

  • Thursday 25 February - Zone Swimming Carnival - Alstonville Aquatic Centre

  • Friday 26 February - Whole School Tennis + Extracurricular tennis

  • Friday 26 February - Whole School Assembly @ 2:15pm. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this assembly will be for students only until further notice.

  • Wednesday 3 March - Wizard of Oz performance @ 10 am. Maclean Civic Hall. Participating students only

  • Thursday 4 March - Intensive Swimming Scheme. Yrs 2/3, 4 + selected Yr 5 students.

  • Friday 5 March - Whole School Tennis + Extracurricular tennis

  • Friday 5 March - Clean Up Australia Day activities.

  • Monday 8 March - P & C Meeting at the IPS Library. 3:15 pm

  • Tuesday 9 March - Soccer Gala Day for Stage 3 - South Grafton

  • Thursday 11 March - Intensive Swimming Scheme. Yrs 2/3, 4 + selected Yr 5 students.

  • Friday 12 March - PSSA Cricket in Maclean. Participating students only. Wherret Park, Maclean

  • Wednesday 17 March - Year 6 Transition Day @ Maclean High School

  • Thursday 18 March - Intensive Swimming Scheme. Yrs 2/3, 4 + selected Yr 5 students.

  • Friday 19 March - Harmony Day celebrations

  • Thursday 25 March - Intensive Swimming Scheme. Yrs 2/3, 4 + selected Yr 5 students.

  • Friday 26 March - IPS Cross Country carnival @ Iluka Public School grounds

  • Monday 29 March - Parent/Teacher Meeting Week

  • Thursday 1 April - Easter Hat Parade & Last Day of Term 1

  • Monday 19 April - Staff Development Day

  • Tuesday 20 April - All students return for Term 2

  • Friday 30 April - Small Schools Cross Country Carnival - Iluka


Welcome to Week 5

It has been so wonderful to visit and talk to students in the five classrooms again this week. I have also been collecting and looking at the work students have been doing in their new workbooks. All students from Years K-6 have been working very hard.

Importantly, our 2021 Kindergarten students seem to be going so well. A big thanks must go to our kindergarten parents for the positivity, support and trust they have shown us as we navigated a very different transition to school this year. I appreciate how difficult it has been saying goodbye from the school gates.

Finally, as I’ve mentioned in previous newsletters already, I am really excited and energised for the year ahead. We are moving into the start of our next four-year planning cycle and over the next term, I look forward to sharing our vision for the school and how we intend on making it all happen. Stay tuned!


At the beginning of each school year, all roles on the P&C Committee are made vacant. At the February AGM (yesterday), positions on the committee can be voted on by those present on the day. Unfortunately, due to a lack of numbers, the minimum quorum of 5 was unable to be reached at the February AGM and the meeting could not proceed.

Therefore, it is so important that if you wish to have a say in how the school is organised and to have a say in the operation of the P&C, please attend the next meeting. It will be held on Monday 8 March commencing at 3.15 pm in the school library.

The P&C roles for 2021 will include:

  • President

  • Vice - President

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Fundraising Coordinator

  • Canteen Manager

  • Grants Coordinator


Our first assembly for the year was held on Friday. It led off with the introduction of our 2021 student leaders. Our newly elected House Captains also took their Sport’s pledge as part of the ceremony. Assemblies will continue to be held on a Friday every fortnight with a starting time of 2.15 pm. Merit awards and the newly recognised Spirit of Iluka Public School Award will also be presented at assemblies. Due to COVID regulations assemblies will be by invitation only.


Why must I send my child to school?

Education is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 17

Once enrolled a child is required by law to attend school every day the school is open

Why is regular attendance so important?

Regular school attendance will help your child succeed in later life

Regular attendance makes learning easier for your child

Learning time lost from Kindergarten to Year 10

I day absent from school each week = 440 days = 2 years and 1 term

2 days absent per week = 880 days = 4 years and 2 terms

3 days absent from school each week = 1320 days = 6 years and 1 term

5 days per term = 220 days = 1 year and 1.5 terms

10 days per term = 440 days = 2 years and 3 terms

Whose responsibility is it?

Parents are legally responsible for explaining their child’s absences to the school within 7 days of the absence/s

Principals are legally responsible for accurate roll marking at school and contacting parents if a child’s absences remain unexplained by the parent.

Explanations for absences

Absences from school may be justified if your child;

has to go to a religious ceremony

is required to attend a serious or urgent family situation

is too sick to go to school or has an infectious illness

Do I have to let the school know my child is absent?

By law, parents are required to supply the school with a justified reason for their child’s absence

The explanation can be written, verbal or relayed to front office staff or electronic mail to the school

What if my child is late to school or needs to leave early?

As with whole day absences, there needs to be a reason supplied to the school for the ‘partial’ absence

If arriving late please escort your child to the front office and sign them in

If leaving early please come to the front office to sign your child out

What if my child is going on holiday during school time?

Inform the principal in advance and request leave/exemption from school for your child

The school may be able to provide tasks your child needs to complete while they are absent from class

Do not keep children away from school for -



Minding other children


Minor family events

Tips for success

Have set bedtimes and wake up times

Organise uniform and school bag the night before

Make lunches the night before

Breakfast is important!

Set time for homework – routine is important

Turn the TV on only AFTER the jobs are done

BE FIRM – children must go to school

BE FIRM – a birthday is not a holiday

BE POSITIVE – and provide lots of encouragement

Time your arrival at school and leave quickly

Please see your child’s teacher or myself if you have any concerns regarding your child’s attendance.


The school counselling service can assist with referrals to other agencies, advocacy to teachers and other professionals, as well as providing case management for your child. The school counsellor can provide individual counselling to students and support for parents. The counsellor is an integral member of the school’s Learning Support Team and regularly receives referrals from them. To discuss your child’s needs please contact your class teacher or Miss Dobbin (the Learning Support Coordinator) or with myself to discuss your child’s needs.


Thank you parents for your efforts to ensure that the children have returned to school in full school uniform. We have an expectation that all children will wear the school hats which will soon be available at the office. School hats are also required for all excursions and Friday sport. School shoes should be black and joggers may be worn for Friday sport. Please note that girls also have the option of wearing shorts for their uniform.


For all students in Years 2/3 and Year 4 and for selected students in Year 5 who require stroke correction (or cannot swim 50 metres) are invited and strongly encouraged to participate in our Term 1 Intensive Swimming Scheme, which will commence on Thursday 25 February 2021. This scheme will run every Thursday for five weeks.

  • Venue: Maclean Swimming Pool

  • Date: Thursdays 25 February, 4 March, 11 March, 18 March and 25 March

  • Transport: Bus

  • Times: Leaving school at 11.30 am. We will be leaving the venue at 1.30 pm

  • Cost: $3.00 pool entry (payable direct to the pool)

  • Please send all permission notes to the office by Wednesday 24 February (tomorrow)

Equipment: School Uniform to wear to and from the pool

Suitable sun protection including hat, rashie and sunscreen

A bag to carry everything in (plastic bags for wet gear)

Towel, goggles and swimming cap (if needed)


The voluntary classroom pack invoice for 2021 will be forwarded home to each family shortly. Your assistance with these payments is appreciated. Our Classroom pack is set at 1 child $30.00 and for two or more children families $50. Included in each pack will be all textbooks and online subscriptions students will use. It also covers the costs of exercise books, pens, paper, folders and art equipment. All that parents/carers will need to do is supply a pencil case. Classroom packs can now be paid for at the office with cash or card or online by visiting our web page, Please see myself or the office if you have any queries or require financial assistance.


The school has the following ways of communicating with parents:

School Website - with the website providing all the relevant information, calendar and notes plus the links for POP



The school’s newsletter is published every Tuesday. It is one of the school’s most important methods of communication with parents. It contains useful information about current and upcoming activities and events at school, school photos and relevant community news.

An email can be sent to parents each week notifying them of when the publication has released. Please apply through the school website if you wish to have this notification service.

If you are unable to access the newsletter online, please notify the school office so we can provide you with a paper copy. Please note, this copy does not provide the community noticeboard, community news or school photos and visuals.


To all our swimmers across Years 2 to 6 who will attend the Northern Rivers Zone Swimming Carnival on Thursday, we wish you all the very best of luck. I look forward to catching up on the events of the day and will post results in next week’s newsletter.

Class Tuckshop donations for next week: Year 6

Have a great week. Phil


Bus Safety Week reminds all road users to ‘Be Bus Aware’. Our school bus operator Busways is reminding all road users, parents, and students to ‘be bus aware’ as part of Transport for NSW’s Bus Safety Week campaign, running February 22 - 28.

Bus Safety Week, part of the ‘Be Bus Aware’ campaign, sees Governments, bus operators, and emergency services raise awareness about the importance of being safe in and around buses and spread the message to ‘Be Bus Aware’. The initiative provides a timely reminder to parents to have a talk with their children about bus safety; to motorists when giving way to buses; to pedestrians to make sure they are alert of their surroundings, and to cyclists to ensure they can see where buses are. We all have a part to play in bus safety.

For more information on bus safety or to learn about Transport for NSW’s ‘Be Bus Aware’ campaign, visit or visit the Busways website



Library - Wow! What a great start to our library book borrowing program. The students enjoy showing and talking to me about the books they have chosen to take home. It is great to see how excited they are about books! Thank you parents/carers for ensuring that your child is prepared for library lessons on Wednesday.


Special Religious Education (SRE) - Scripture lessons for Kindergarten and Year One students started today on Tuesday 23rd February. Please note that scripture arrangements for Year One students remain the same as last year unless otherwise advised. Lessons are of a 30 minute duration and commence at 1:50 pm. Our scripture teacher will be Mr Lew Kollmorgen.


Daily Examiner - This Thursday 25th February, the Daily Examiner photographer will be coming to our school to take a photograph of our 2021 Kindergarten class and has asked to interview three students about their thoughts on different topics. The class photograph/student interviews will all be published online.

Assembly Awards - Congratulations to the following students who received Merit Certificates at our whole school assembly on Friday: Kindergarten - Tully, Jake and Year One - Belinda, Ilah, Jy.



Hello Everyone,

Great to see some good rain over the last week. The lawns around town are looking very ‘perky’.

Well Done - to the girls and boys that got awards last Friday.

Swimming - starts this Thursday. What a wonderful opportunity for the girls and boys in our class to be able to improve their confidence in the water as well as increase their skills.

Handwriting Texts - have been commenced. It is very important that children learn correct letter formations and practise their presentation in writing. This period of concentration also really helps to calm and centre them for further focus throughout the day.

Writing - involves looking at the format and structure for presenting a strong argument. Last week we looked at whether students preferred a dog or cat as a pet. Next week we will be debating the question: ‘Should children have to eat vegetables?’

Maths Texts - are proving to be really appreciated. The children have been working well on concepts.

Have an enjoyable week, Di.


Swimming lessons - Swimming lessons commence this Thursday for a 5 week program. It is important for students to attend to increase their swimming skills and confidence around water. Please ensure your child has returned their permission note and has all the necessary swimming gear this Thursday.

Homework - Homework has been consistently completed and handed in by the majority of students. It went home on Monday and is due back on Friday. I am also pleased that students are continuing to read at home. Keep up the great work!

Bounceback - Students are enjoying our weekly Bounceback lessons. These lessons target social emotional learning and equip students with strategies to build resilience, improve social skills and wellbeing along with many other things. Over the past few lessons, students have been discussing the importance of fair play and honesty, while also learning to be tactful in the way they interact with others.

Maths - Students are really enjoying the variety of maths activities in our daily lessons. We commence with Mentals, which are usually 15 quick facts. We then move onto our lesson focus and after some discussion and interactive activities on the big screen, students complete a page in their textbook. This is then further supported with relevant online tasks using our laptops and the Mangahigh website. Occasionally, we also play some hands on maths games too.

Assembly - Last week, Year 6 led our first Whole School Assembly for the year. Congratulations to the students who received awards.

Have a lovely week.



Hi Everyone

It’s great to see the students are very enthusiastic about learning. Individuals are starting to reach their goals and begin to set new ones. Yay!

Homework - sheets were sent home yesterday and need to be returned on Friday. Please note spelling sheets were also sent home this week.

History - We are looking back at important dates, using timelines.

Whole School Sport - The whole class is aiming at trying to improve our endurance. We are aiming to complete our school cross country at the end of this term.

Scripture - classes commence this week. If your child is not partaking in Scripture please provide a note to excuse them from attending the lessons.

Have a great week Bek


Hi everyone. The students are very settled and working hard. They are treating each other with respect and have come together as a united group quickly. Our first Whole School Assembly was a great success. Well done to all of Year 6. There are various new jobs and responsibilities, such as running the assembly, flags, announcements, awards, music/tech, Acknowledgement of Country, power monitors, uniform monitors, buddies, sports shed and the list goes on. Year 6 has set a high standard for the whole school.

Best of luck to our Zone Swimming athletes on Thursday. It is a big commitment and we thank you for your representation.

Daily fitness has started. The goals are personal and at present include how many laps of the oval can you jog without stopping. This is also a good pre-season training opportunity for our winter sportspeople. Our Inter-Class Sporting Challenge is off to a great start. The Snickers team won a nail biter in tennis from the Pugzillas and The Kids. Round 2 is on Friday. Tennis continues for everyone with Mr Jurd, cricket team trials are happening and we are gearing up for the soccer gala day and basketball in early March. Chris.



We have been continuing to read Julia Donaldson’s picture books across the classes. I am surprised at how many students have never read Zog in Year 6. It was also pointed out to me by another student that the illustrator, Axel Scheffler, often hides characters through these books regularly. The Gruffalo is secretly hidden in the illustrations of a variety of books like The Scarecrows Wedding, Zog, Superworm and also Tiddler. Further research into Julia Donaldson will take place throughout this term.


Issue 1 of Book Club for 2021 has been ordered and should be arriving this week. I would like to thank everyone who ordered from the first issue. Your purchases have contributed to the school earning around $100 in points, to purchase new books for the library. For anyone that missed out on issue one, Issue two will be just around the corner.


Dance battles with Dash the Robot have taken place across all classes. Students have been required to create a dance routine using blocks of code. The routine must go for a minimum of 30 seconds and not over 1 minute. There are 3 rounds where all robots get 3 chances to prove themselves. At the end of each round, the students peer assess each other and vote for their favourite dance routine. The robot is required to dance to Micheal Jackson’s “Beat it”. The level of teamwork and collaborative learning occurring during these activities has been very impressive. The students are learning to solve problems on the fly and because they get 3 turns at impressing their peers they are improving the algorithms they started with during Round 1.

I hope everyone has a great week. Matt.


This week begins our whole school approach towards increasing our cardiovascular fitness in preparation for the upcoming IPS Cross Country Carnival. Students are encouraged to start off slowly, with achievable goals and work towards their individual cross country distances.


  • Volunteers for Monday 1 March - Leonie and TBA

  • Volunteers for Friday 5 March - Sandy and Mark

Class Tuckshop donations for next week: Year 6

If you could offer some time to assist in the tuckshop, please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you


School Banking tokens - What you need to know about tokens

  • One Dollarmites token will be issued for every School Banking deposit made (maximum of one per week).

  • You need to have made 10 School Banking deposits to redeem a reward.

  • Tokens do not expire. If you don’t have enough tokens at the end of any year, you can save them for the next year until you have 10 tokens to redeem for a reward item.

  • Tokens cannot be pooled between or given to, siblings or friends to get rewards faster. The School Banking rewards program is designed to reward individual savings.

  • All rewards are available to order from the term listed, and are offered only while stocks last.

  • Your deposit/token count is electronically tracked by School Banking so it doesn’t matter if you lose your Dollarmites tokens.