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Good afternoon!

Finally, we received the welcomed advice from the Department of Education that indicated schools are now once again safe for us.

The staff at Iluka Public School welcomed students on Monday, as we returned to full time teaching. I would like to take this opportunity one more final time to thank the staff (teaching and non-teaching) at IPS for the thorough, professional and compassionate way in which they dealt with everything that happened during the COVID-19 lockdown. Similarly, I would also like to thank the parents and carers who stepped up and became facilitators of learning for their children whilst they were confined to their homes. I appreciate that, at times, this was very difficult for some families, so again I thank you.


Since we have been in lockdown a number of new students have joined us at Iluka PS. We welcome Callum in Kindergarten, Angelica in Year 2, Bowie in Year 3, Ace in Year 5 and Layla in Year 6. Great families and great students. May your time in Iluka offer you a wonderful experience.


Iluka PS will see some changes and structures to our normal routines this term. Mr Speirs is now employed 5 days per week, to take literacy lessons with smaller groups of students from Stage 2 and Stage 3. He will coordinate his work with Mrs Gardner and Mrs Cunningham and work from the demountable. Similarly, Mrs Leseberg has been invited to work with Mrs Howard with the Year 1/2 students in a similar capacity.


We encourage parents, carers and visitors of our school to continue to abide by the State Government’s recommendations for social distancing. These protocols include minimising the time you are at the school drop off sites, not to enter the school grounds without prior arrangement and communicating with the school via phone and/or email where possible, rather than in person. Thank you for your continued consideration.


All laptops and other resources (workbooks, readers, library books and handwriting workbooks) are now required back at school. Please assist your child to bring them back, as they are used by the students during lesson time at school.


When you are dropping off students in the morning, please aim to do so quickly and as close as possible to the 8.55am bell. However, any students arriving from 8.30am onwards will be supervised in the top playground as usual. Students are encouraged to drop their bags on the hooks in front of their room. In the afternoon, please also arrive as close as possible to the 2.55 pm (Kindy and Year 1/2) and 3.00 pm bell (Year 3/4 and 5/6) and exit the school as quickly as possible. Please maintain social distancing protocols of 1.5 m with others. All our exit gates are now able to be used and I recommend parents and carers collect from the back and side gates as well.


Students are now expected to return to school. In order for our staff to accurately monitor student attendance, we ask that parents inform the school if their child is unable to attend school due to sickness. Parents play a huge factor in assisting us to accurately monitor attendance. If verbal notification has not be provided, then a note explaining the absence is required as soon as the student returns to school.


We request that students come supplied to school with their own stationery equipment, which helps to minimise sharing of equipment. As usual, students should bring each day their hat, Crunch N Sip (fruit or vege snack), recess, lunch and water bottle each day.


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We asked students to share photos of what they’ve been doing while social distancing. I’d like to see a few of these shared in future newsletter editions. For example, thank you to the students that shared their lego inspirations. Future Lego Masters!


For all you David Walliams fans, or those who just like reading and writing, I have just enjoyed watching an author talk recently recorded with him at the Sydney Opera House. Here is the link if you would like to see it too.

Meanwhile, Mr Jones, our hard working librarian has been very busy. He continually looks at reorganising the library to make it fun, easier to find books and an exciting place to be. There are many new books being added to the library collection; many new releases, and some new on the Premier’s Reading Challenge too. Check out the Oliver student portal, to view them. Remember you can reserve books there too, and when available, they will be delivered to the students.


We will soon be reopening the school canteen. The big day is Monday 1 June. Thanks Karla and our small band of volunteers for all your preparation and help.


Students may continue to wear their normal school uniform. However, with the cooler weather, students may wish to wear warmer clothes. Our uniform policy states that students may wear plain red or grey track pants and/or plain red or grey jackets. Beanies and gloves may be used coming to school but only to the school gates. Black is not a colour of our uniform. We wear our specific sports uniform on Fridays. Please ensure all jackets, jumpers and school hats are clearly labelled with your child’s name.


Face-to-face Special Religious Education (SRE) will not be available until schools resume full normal operation. We will endeavour to advise you when this service will be operational again.


This is the latest correspondence from the Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre:

“At this stage, we are hopeful to be able to facilitate your event at Lake Ainsworth in September. Currently, our centres are closed until the end of Term 2, with this decision to be reviewed in June, in line with any new advice from the relevant governing bodies as the situation progresses. Should any further closures ensue, rest assured we will be in contact to advise you of this with as much notice as possible.”

IPS has received a similar notification from the Coffs Harbour facility and our activity providers for the Stage 2 excursion.

We encourage parents to continue making your excursion payments, as we are anticipating attending both excursions. We understand that for many families financial stress as a ramification of the pandemic is a reality and I encourage you to speak with myself if you require assistance regarding payment.


Once again I would like to sincerely thank our school community for your patience, flexibility and ongoing support. Thank you to all of our parents and carers for supporting your child’s learning at home - we acknowledge the challenges you are experiencing in juggling your work commitments, your family and your own worries during this difficult time. Thank you also to the many parents and carers who have passed on wishes of thanks to our staff for their ongoing hard work and support - you may not realise what the power of a simple thank you can do.

As your Principal, I remain so proud of our entire school community.

Wishing everyone a positive week.



Welcome back to school! This week is all about us coming together, re-establishing routines and procedures that were introduced before we began ‘learning from home’. Thank you parents and carers for all your time and effort given to schooling your child at home, before and after the Easter holidays.


  • To ensure that good hygiene practices are maintained, students are required to bring their own water bottle to school on a daily basis.

  • With students beginning to rug up for the winter weather, please take the time to ensure that your child’s name has been clearly written on their school jumper or jacket.

  • Please return all learning packs and readers this week.



Hello everyone,

It is so good to have the majority of the class back. We are working on re-establishing classroom routines. The children have been asked to find their Home Reading Journal and bring it to school. They have been given a home reader to get back on track. Also, the students have been asked to give their pencil cases a good clean out, throw out any old textas and sharpen all their coloured pencils.

Welcome: to Mrs Leseberg, who will be working in the 1/2 room. We will be endeavouring to consolidate some very important Stage One skills over the next few months. Having an extra teacher in the room will also enable us to really concentrate on reading and help develop vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Looking forward to working together with you. Di


Welcome back students, parents and carers,

We are quickly settling back into old routines and in some cases, starting some new routines too. I extend a special welcome to our new student Bowie and his family and hope you enjoy your time in our wonderful little community.

With the cooler weather upon us and with windows open in the classroom to provide good ventilation, students may require some warmer clothes. Please ensure all jumpers, jackets and long pants are labelled with names to prevent them from being lost.

Students will require their library bag and books on Wednesday. I would also love to check their Home Reading Journals on Wednesday too.



Welcome back everyone! I would especially like to welcome two new students and their families to our class Layla and Ace. It was great to see you both settle so well into your new class routines. All the students appeared happy and eager to return to school. So well done parents!

The Ninja Warrior Course was a real hit yesterday, as too was the Timestable battle between the boys and the girls yesterday afternoon. Very competitive.

Diagnostic assessments are almost complete and the data will be used for programming. Next week we will start Literacy groups. Mr Speirs and Mr Jones will be working with small groups to target reading and writing.

There is no set homework this week. However, it is essential that the students read nightly. Home Reading Journals and library bags are due on Thursday.

I would like to have interviews with parents before the end of the Term. I will be making myself available every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon after school for the rest of this Term. Please call the school office on 6646 6149 to make an appointment. I look forward to working with you all.

Have a great week,



It is full steam ahead now. The excitement on the students' faces on their first day back just showed how much they missed being at school. There have been some changes in the library over the last few weeks and I must send out a special thank you to Leah and Lisa for their help and support with the genrefication of the library. The students have already been commenting on how much they prefer to locate books by genre, rather than in author order. It has also allowed me to recognise what genre of books our library is lacking in and overcrowded in. This will help me with future book purchases to keep our school library up-to-date and relevant moving forward.


Book club is back and the kids are buzzing. You may see a catalogue coming home in your child's bag, so if you wanted to order something from this issue of Book Club you can return the completed form with your details and money to the school or go through the online LOOP system.


The bank of 32 computers that were set up in the demountable has now been minimised, as the school has ordered another 30 laptops for students to use at school. This will allow flexibility of use of the demountable for future teaching and also flexibility with how our online collaboration can take place.

I hope everyone has a great week, Matt.


  • Volunteers for Monday 1 June - Karla & Erin

  • Volunteers for Friday’s - Sandy & Mark

Class donations this week are Kindergarten

If you are available to offer some time assisting in the Tuckshop please see the Office Staff or contact Karla on 0405638768. Thank you

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